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Will Obama Defend Free Speech?

There are a lot of little tidbits emerging about President Obama’s upcoming speech at the United Nations this morning at 10:10 am ET.

According to reports, he’ll denounce violence, saying it is contrary to the ideals of the United Nations. Okay . . .

He will say a nuclear Iran is intolerable. Been there, done that . . . this will be good only if it is very strongly worded. And even then, who knows what he’ll really do.

The only thing I’m not seeing is a robust defense of free speech. If we want to get people to stop protesting our speech, we need to let them know that there is no compromise on this, not try to appease everyone and apologize for the egregious speech that is inevitably expressed.

In this country, we lampoon Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, and Confucius if we want to. We don’t necessarily like the people who do so, but we like even less the idea of limiting speech. Obama should make that clear, and then maybe the less civilized places in the world will understand that we’re not budging on this one.

14 Responses to Will Obama Defend Free Speech?

  1. Expecting this sorry excuse for a President to defend free speech after the questioning of the maker of an anti-Muslim movie, the intimidation of Pastor Jones by the leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of our military, and the unconstitutional refusal by certain elected officials to allow certain business entities to exist because of their anti-gay marriage beliefs is asking a lot.

  2. But Keith, don’t you understand that no one else needs to understand and be tolerant of OUR culture? I imagine The Post Testicular President will say something along the lines of “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death MY right to more lobster!!!!!”.

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