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Michelle Plays the Race Card

Addressing the Congressional Black Caucus Gala Sunday evening, Michelle Obama had some moving things to say about civil rights.

She also played the race card. Subtly, quietly, but unmistakably. And everyone there knew what she was talking about:

So we cannot let anyone discourage us from casting our ballots. We cannot let anyone make us feel unwelcome in the voting booth. It is up to us to make sure that in every election, every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

And that means making sure our laws preserve that right. It means monitoring the polls to ensure that every eligible voter can exercise that right.

She’s talking about voter ID laws.

I think there’s room to disagree about whether we need photo ID laws. But I also think that when the first lady of the United States suggests that those who want to require identification to vote are racist, it’s pretty frightening.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support voter ID laws. This is a close election. It could easily be decided by a few votes on a few states. Some people want to ensure the integrity of the process. That doesn’t make them racists.

In her remarks, Michelle also offered a little preview of how government-centered President Obama’s second term will be.

What about the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes?

What court case do we bring on their behalf?  What laws can be passed to end those wrongs?

You see, today, the connection between our laws and our lives isn’t always as obvious as it was 50 or 150 years ago.  And as a result, it’s sometimes easy to assume that the battles in our courts and our legislatures have all been won.  It’s tempting to turn our focus solely to what’s going on in our own lives and our own families, and just leave it at that.

Wow. Are we going to outlaw Twinkies? Stay tuned.

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  1. Mrs. Obama does not want anyone to focus on what is “going on” with their familieis because if they did, they would realize her husband has been a disaster for their families.

    I also wish Mrs. Obama would try to remember some of the grammatical lessons she learned at Princeton and Harvard. She could be a role model for children on this issue. Why she chooses not to be bewilders me.

    • I don’t think she was playing the race card.
      Mrs. Obama was warning everyone about the Black Panthers and their attempts to intimidate voters at the polls.

      I think that she and her husband will also attempt to make people get married if they get pregnant.

    • mo should just stfu. her and bo’s words are dishonest and destructive to the American people they despise. hate ooooozes out of her no matter how she tries to appear soft & caring. we feel her insincerity and hate. she is directed by her communist boss valerie j. & they have no good intentions for America whatsoever. mo has to go.

  2. She wants to sue me for being the parent of an overweight kid? How about suing for having a kid with freckles who can’t tan and is at risk for skin cancer later in life? Or suing for a kid who chews gum with his braces? I got all three. I am a very bad parent.

  3. The Obamas the gift that keeps on giving. Michelle, forever playing the race card, is always frightening.

    And, of course, they are going to outlaw Twinkies. Although there will be hoarding in the cupboards of the private residence of the WH.

  4. “What about the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes?
    What court case do we bring on their behalf? What laws can be passed to end those wrongs?”

    And yet not a word nor question about the 72% of single black mothers. So much easier to cast aspersions, blame, bad menus and tie the bundle of woes on evil white people.

  5. I say that we should give her and her hubby the greatest gift that a country could bestow on the great couple.How about a nice flight to the colorful country of Kenya.Also to show how great a country we are we will even let them spend the rest of their lives among his people and maybe we could kick in a little money to fix up his brothers hut so that the new first citizen would have a place to stay that is up to their standards.Maybe he could run for the president job in Kenya and try to play the race card there if they don’t elect him.

  6. Recently in Maryland, it came to the attention of the news media that a woman running for Congress was not only registered to vote in both Maryland & Florida, but voted in both places in 2008 and 2010. When I show my drivers license at the voting place, I am told that it’s against the law in the Peoples Republic of Maryland for a poll watcher to even look at the ID. On voting day in 2008, I heard anecdotal stories from a man calling a Baltimore station saying he’d voted 6 times that day, for dead relatives and friends who were in jail. Photo ID’s needed? Hell, yes!

  7. I like the part of her speech about remembering “…..riding on that underground railroad”. Do you suppose she thought that was a real railroad? Just never sure with her. As read off a teleprompter: YAY ME. It was a campaign event in MAINE.

    Not sure what the fuss is about Voter ID. I just got my new card and was told this is my Voter ID. With a list of many other acceptable forms of id they’ll accept. Basically it seems they want to see something with your name and address on it, no biggie.

    For those so destitute (do the homeless vote?) I would certainly donate to an organization that provides citizens too stupid to have an ID to vote. Why isn’t Michelle addressing that ?

    • Gov. Nikki Haley (R – South Carolina) set up a program to help the elderly, down-trodden, poor, etc., get a photo ID. The State would pay for the ID, and for someone to pick up the person at their home/apartment and take them to where they could get the photo ID and take them home. All expenses were covered….the person only had to make arrangements with the agency handling this. They had 14 people take advantage of this. I have to show my photo ID when I cash a check at the bank where I’ve done business for the past 27 years.

  8. The left simply cannot win without lying, cheating and stealing.
    Openness and honesty gets them “shellacked” every time. Voter ID will set them back a cycle or two but then they’ll figure out how to hack the E-machines and have enough doc shops for fake ID’s it’ll just be back to business as usual.
    30 years ago, I debated the left civily and respectfully naively thinking we all wanted the same thing (american success) and through compromise and working together things would get done.
    I saw the first episode of This Week w/ David Brinkly, looked up to Dole and Moynihan. How little did I know that all I was doing was allowing a cancer to spread. A cancer of dependency, class warfare, sloth and gluttony.
    I could care less what skin color Michelle and Obama have on the outside, it is the anti-Americanism that lives on the inside that I despise.

    • Well said, Geoff. The leftists have been plotting their revolution for the past 50 years. They have had a taste of imperial power. They won’t give it up without a fight.

  9. Ok so the voter id law is racist against those who can’t get one, but its not racist when the same people that get public assistances are required an ID? Still trying to figure that one out….
    Parents who has children who loves food are bad, but its ok for our “wonderful” first parents to send their daughters to a dangerous country without them, and use them for photo ops?

  10. If the sitting President was a White person, voter ID would not be a controversial subject. If the sitting President was a White person, no supporter of any Dem candidate would suggest that Repubs want to put Black people back in chains as slaves.

    MrsObama isn’t just playing the race card, she’s joined the chorus of radical Dems who wish to foster racial conflict with unproven, hysterical claims of overt and covert racism against Black people.

  11. We all know from The Amateur that it is Mooch and Valjar who are running the show. He’s just the eye candy for the “folks”. I have not doubt she’ll be in charge of the food rationing for us all should Mr. Eye Candy get re-elected. Maybe we can build our own Underground Railroad to hitch a ride to the free states that won’t put up with their totalitarian crap.

  12. The DNC website:

    Lie Number One: Check the “Our History” section, found here of the DNC’s website. See it? The history section — now written to reflect the history of the Obama administration — begins with this breathtakingly bold lie:
    For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights…..
    Lie Number Two: Then check here to see the DNC’s “Issues” section on civil rights. That section begins with a second bold lie. This one:
    Democrats have a long and proud history of defending Civil Rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans.
    The DNC website in both its history and issues sections is literally wiped clean of any reference that this is the party that spent platform after platform after platform building a culture of racism.
    Playing the race card, as it is politely called today.
    There is zero indication on the revamped DNC website that not only are those first lines in each section blatant untruths, but that in those “more than 200 years” the party was a ferocious supporter of every race-judging idea imaginable, including slavery, segregation, and lynching.

    They think we’re all stupid.

  13. Wow, there is so much material and the opportunity to make a poor joke…but it is Michelle so here goes: They are not over weight they are pregnant…statistily speaking. Oh MOOchelle, the connections between our laws and our lives isn’t as obvious as it was 50 or 150 years ago because the GOVERNMENT LEFT US ALONE…you sanctimonious .

    Though I have tried, I cannot explain why one man would cast another into slavery. There is also the enigma of man’s immense capacity to inflict harm on others. Then we have people like MOOchelle and the mysteries abound. The last thing I want is her telling me what to eat and probably what is next is direction on what to wear. I’m a WINTER for crying out loud can you imagine what she would pick for me to wear? Not too worry, we’ll all be eating gruel and wearing state grey if these two get another four years.

    • That is too funny — what about the black kids who are fat because they are pregnant! Yes, indeed — where is “Meesh” on that issue? She is a coward.

  14. That is one bitter nasty woman with a very big ego problem. She’s worse than
    Evita Peron. If she’s ruined so much in 4 years just imagine should she do in 4
    more we’ll all be given ration cards as to what we are allowed to eat.
    You’ve got to wonder how many cards are in that deck of comtempt she drags around on her shoulder.

    • “So we cannot let anyone discourage us from casting our ballots. We cannot let anyone make us feel unwelcome in the voting booth. It is up to us to make sure that in every election, every voice is heard and every vote is counted.”

      Let’s look at her use of the word, “us”, in this paragraph. The context is that she is a Black woman, speaking to the racially exclusive Congressional Black caucus, apparently about laws they have made it clear they believe will reduce the Black vote. Clearly, Michelle Antonette wasn’t thinking of “us” as being “all Americans”.

      Wasn’t her husband just lecturing, um, “us” all about how he is the President of the entire U.S., and not just for parts of it?

      SALT LAKE CITY — President Barack Obama declared Tuesday night the occupant of the Oval Office must “work for everyone, not just for some,”

      Intellectual inconsistency, thy name is Democrat.

      • I love the idea of “feeling unwelcome in the voting booth.” Does she think that people are so weak — that they need to have everyone grinning and applauding and yelling, “Welcome! Hope you enjoy voting! So glad you’re here!”

        And, yes, you’re right — she’s being racist, thinking only of “her people” and worrying only about them.

  15. I had to show my ID twice just to vote in the primaries here on this little speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
    See ya soon here MO and BO you wacko frauds.

  16. If only “every eligible voter” could cast a ballot we would have fewer Liberal Democrat politicians.
    Without the ‘cemetary vote’, the registration fraud, absentee ballot fraud and repression of the military vote (see Wisconsin – misinformation on when to return ballots), Dems would be hard pressed to win anywhere.

    • As far as military supression, they’re suing to make that happen in Ohio this cycle;

      “In a move that could have an impact on the final result of the presidential election, Barack Obama’s campaign has sued Ohio to block a measure which extends early voting for members of the military. ”


      “Republicans traditionally have had the lock on the military vote, and with Ohio being a key battleground state especially this year — Obama leads GOP challenger Mitt Romney there by only 6 points in the latest Quinnipiac University poll — these military votes could swing the Nov. 6 election to either candidate.

      And as the Buckeye State is considered one of the key marginals, a victory for either candidate there could end up being the difference between taking the White House and losing it.”

      “The military vote has traditionally gone Republican. In 2008, Obama lost among veterans to Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam War hero, 55 to 45 percent. Four years earlier, GOP President George W. Bush outdistanced Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry, another Vietnam veteran, among former service personnel by 57 to 41 percent.

      In addition, military members and their families generally tend to vote in higher percentages than the general public, according to federal election data.”

      But the military personnel are OK with this, right?

      “Separately, the National Guard Association of the United States and more than a dozen other fraternal military groups asked a U.S. judge for permission to intervene and oppose the Democrats’ lawsuit.”

      Well! I can’t IMAGINE why the military wouldn’t vote for Obama!

      “If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities. Don’t kick your feet up on a table, for instance, and never ask to see a picture of their wives and kids. “There’s a percentage [of attacks] which are cultural affronts,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in a recent interview.

      Dempsey echoes the concerns of Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, the Afghan National Army’s chief of staff, who earlier this month argued both sides need to do more to “teach” foreign troops Islamic traditions and values to reduce the chance of violent reactions to cultural slights.

      “It is our duty to teach this to them. Our indifference about these issues causes the incident,” he said.”

      Your fault, troops. Offending Muslims is a capital offence, according to the U.S. Goverment. Understandable rage. You’d better hope no one posts another YouTube video, or we’ll have to surrender some more, and maybe take you guys’ bullets away so you’re easier targets and won’t be able to vote Romey. Like they’ll count your votes anyway.

      And Michelle Antonette wants to lecture US about vote supression. Well, it’s apparently a topic she’s very practiced in…

      • I read the theory that muslims were killing U.S. soldiers because of the stress of fasting during Ramadamadingdong. Well, that holiday is over — what’s the excuse now? The after-effects of the fasting? The stress of anticipating next year’s fasting?

  17. pull the race card, huh? well, they didn’t pull that to get the vote into the white house. they will do anything to get another 4 years. i can’t wait till they move to hollywood where they belong and hopefully romney will do something to help the middle class.

  18. Michelle is and has been obviously racist. She needs to realize that this country is not just about black people, children, or anything black. We as white people have issues and problems, need assistance in many cases, are homeless in many cases, and can’t afford health care. Whereas, it is a fact that black people are receiving the most freebies, handouts, etc., from the government. I see them every day driving to McDonald’s for greasy hamburgers and fries, bought with government food stamps. It is also a fact that the majority serving time in prisons are black…but that issue is never mentioned. Freedom applies to all of us, and the race card is worn out. She needs to stop crying victim for what happened years and years ago. The more they get, the more they want. She is as greedy and arrogant as her husband, and certainly no better or superior to anyone. Yet, she is allowed to say anything, and dares us and the rest of the world to challenge it. I am very very tired of the worn out race card. I did not vote for him in 2008 and certainly won’t in 2012. I was not fooled by the fancy words and the empty promises that have not and will not be filled.

  19. The election will be as crooked as the last one, with foreign donations and unnamed voters…it will be rigged in Obama’s favor one way or the other…it’s a joke…I will vote for Romney, but many of his votes will no doubt be lost, not counted, or ignored. It’s the same deals and scams that paid Obama’s way in 2008. It means disaster for the country, and more golf and vacations for him and family, friends, relatives….black of course. Yet, the sheeple are fooled once again…I believe it is called stupidity…or fear of the other crooks that work for Barry. Let’s hope that everyone is not so easily intimidated or caught up in the black hysteria….that he promotes and encourages.