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Video || Michelle – We’ll Take Hunger Over Broccoli

Given a choice between Michelle’s new mandated healthy lunch and nothing, some students are choosing the latter.

H/T Drudge Report.

44 thoughts on “Video || Michelle – We’ll Take Hunger Over Broccoli”

  1. ♪ Food, glorious food!
    What wouldn’t we give for
    That extra bit more –That’s all that we live for
    Why should we be fated to
    Do nothing but brood On food, ♪
    Magical food,
    Wonderful food,
    Marvellous food,
    ♪ Fabulous food…

    “Pull off the band aid. Eat our peas.” BHO
    Michelle nods in agreement, because nothing says nutrition like a starch.

  2. “…whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right.” – Thomas Jefferson

    This video gives me hope our youth will help set things right. They recognize tyranny when they see it…

  3. Found a lunch menu from Sidwell Friends:

    Lower School
    Snack: Herb de Provence Pita
    Lentil Soup
    Chili Mac Casserole
    Vegetarian Pasta Bake
    Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    Fresh Bartlett Pears

    Middle/Upper School
    Carrot Celeriac Soup
    Cucumber, Mango & Red Onion Salad
    Field Salad
    Fusilli Pasta with
    Carbonara Sauce
    Fusilli Pesto Pasta
    Garlic Green Beans
    Fresh Bartlett Pears

    1. At the tuition rate, shouldn’t Sidwell be serving Beef Wellington and fries.

      Lower School
      $33,268 (includes hot lunch and textbooks)

      Middle and Upper Schools
      $34,268 (includes hot lunch)

      1. No, that smell is just Obama’s failures. Because his daughters share the White House, it clings to them like the stench of a mouldering corpse, like a fetid swamp, like dry, dead grapes that did not live well.

        An honest fart would be ambrosia in comparison.

  4. I agree that the new lunches are bad, the kids in our school are complaining about not getting enough to eat. But, maybe this is the incentive to get more parents to actually take responsibility for their own kids and help them pack a lunch every day. I know there are some kids who have useless parents, and for those kids I feel bad. But most moms or dads could come up with something for them to bring, even if it’s in addition to the provided lunch. Maybe if enough kids stop buying the schools will rethink their acceptance of this nonsense.

    1. The school system works a lot like the Feds – clueless. Many moons ago when school systems finally noticed they were spending well beyond their means, they invited the ‘cola’ companies to come in, set up the vending machines, snack machines – fat machines. The so-called free advertising was an accident waiting to happen. A litigious society ended playgrounds and gym with pummel horses, ropes, rings. Couple the above with a single parent households that jumped from 25% in the mid-60’s to 75% currently and we have more than two generations that are just as clueless as the government that “rewarded” single mothers with benefits. I am not talking of widows, or a one-time lack of judgment but specifically to those that made it a career.

      The school menu is the least of our problems.

      1. It’s not the least of our problems, it’s the most obvious symptom of the bribery that the federal government does. Any school that wants to can serve whatever they want for lunch, only they’ll lose their federal dollars. Just like the welfare moms, they’ve become dependant on the government to fill their revenue holes.

    2. Robin, the problem is in some schools they have food monitors. If a child brings in their lunch, it is pawed through and dissected for “health value”. If the lunch is found lacking by said food monitor, the child isn’t allowed to it and is given a tray of the cafeteria food, and the parents get billed for it. Considering how they distribute money, it’s in the school’s interest to find most all sack lunches “inappropriate”. I wish to heaven I was kidding. Unfortunately, I’m not.

    3. Robin, the problem is in some schools they have food monitors. If a child brings in their lunch, it is pawed through and dissected for “health value”. If the lunch is found lacking by said food monitor, the child isn’t allowed to eat it and is given a tray of the cafeteria food instead, and the parents get billed for it. Considering how they distribute money, it’s in the school’s interest to find most all sack lunches “inappropriate”. I wish to heaven I was kidding. Unfortunately, I’m not.

  5. I never had kids but I can tell you this nobody least of all a untrained woman
    trying to impose her ideas on all children would dictate what my child ate! If
    she wants to to do that start at home but you do not rule my child! Also MO
    is not a nutritionist and you can’t put one rule for all kids some have different
    needs. The video is wonderful and true.

    1. That’s the one that set me back. Your kid can barely get an aspirin but a morning after pill — why not. Morality aside, these things have to be carefully administered and they can have possible side effects. And of course, there could be long term effects. But then again, absolutely no one is looking to the future. It’s sort of like Obama said about the debt. Not a problem now, might be a problem in the future, but not now. It’s kind of surreal. But I have to admit that I am rather enjoying the fact that even kids know something is off. But there will always be that one poor kid in a bad neighborhood with inadequate parental love and supervision who will form the basis of national policy in the Obama Administration.

      1. It’s unbelievable. A few years back, when my son was in third grade, I got a very stern call from the school nurse. Apparently, I was the worst parent in the world because I allowed my son to pack over the counter eye drops in his backpack for mild hay fever. His eyes get itchy and watery when he goes outside certain times in the spring and fall. In addition to the call, he came home with a letter from the nurse regarding the school policy and the drops in a sealed plastic bag with a warning not to let it happen again. So effing stupid!

        Oh, he was allowed to use the drops in the future, but only if I sent them to school with a letter, which would go to the nurse’s office. The eye drops were to be kept in the nurse’s office for him. Then, if he needed the drops, he’d have to ask to go to the office, where she would administer them. Screw that. The kid is pretty smart, so I just told him to keep the drops in his backpack and when he needs them to ask to go to the bathroom, grab the drops from his bag, and just take care of it himself (like he does at home).

        Well, I guess they needed something for the nurse to do in order to justify her $88,000+ salary for a small elementary school (K-4).

      2. Never mind that issuing it to juveniles is in contradiction to FDA regulations due to age restrictions;

        “There are restrictions as to who can use this medical method of abortion. It is only intended for women to use up to nine weeks after their last menstruation period. Women who are under 18 or over 35…”

        And if you didn’t know about it, what would you think if your 14 year old developed one of these side effects?

        “The FDA has determined that taking Mifepristone does cause various degrees of pain. Short term physical effects can be pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue ”

        Never mind that your 17 year old may die because someone wants to make a political point;
        ‘“The medical abortion method approved by the FDA is the method used in France – and highly monitored there,” Patterson said. “Here, once the FDA approves a drug, any drug, doctors have latitude in using the drugs the way they feel it’s best for their patients. About 96 percent of clinics and abortion providers in the United States use ‘alternative, off-label’ practices never approved by the FDA.”
        “I wanted to know exactly what kind of infection killed Holly,” said Patterson. The FDA obtained samples of Holly’s tissues, and Patterson learned that a rare bacterium called Clostridium sordelli killed Holly. Her death was the first case of Clostridium sordelli linked to RU-486 reported in the United States.

        Patterson said that since her death, “I learned of 10 reported deaths from sepsis (serious infection involving the blood) following medical abortions, and nine of these were from Clostridium sordelli and all involved these alternative, off-label treatments.”’

        Yep, safer than soda. Yay Government!

  6. Welcome to big government kids, now eat your broccoli! It’s a sad statement of the times when kids are smuggling chocolate syrup into schools to flavor their milk and charging friends 50 cents a squirt.

    Here’s some interesting info about the origin of the parody – note the teacher’s lunch!

    >Linda O’Connor, an English teacher at Wallace County High School, penned the “We Are Hungry” parody after a colleague, Brenda Kirkham, posted a photo of her school lunch on Facebook and sparked dozens of outraged comments.

    The lunch included one cheese-stuffed bread stick, a small dollop of marinara sauce, three apple slices and some raw spinach. Kirkham supplemented the lunch with items from a salad bar, including cubes of ham, bacon bits and dressing, which were available only to teachers.

    “I asked why the sauce had no meat and I was informed that due to the breadsticks containing cheese, the meat would put us over the guidelines for protein,” Kirkham wrote.<

    1. It’s a sad statement of the times when kids are smuggling chocolate syrup into schools to flavor their milk and charging friends 50 cents a squirt.

      That nasty capitalism!

  7. These grifters are the most offensive hypocrites in memory. When she uses official rooms in the White House for tug of war, as an exercise gym with show hosts…and now soccer, she tells us again and again how much she despises our culture and history. She can never admit how she and her family, race have benefitted from living here. Disgusting woman. I can’t wait for them to be thrown out.

  8. We have really had it with this woman (this administration as well for that matter) constantly interfering in our lives!!!

    Why is it the business of the federal govt what our children eat in school (or learn for that matter–eliminate the Education Dept and leave it to the states/local municipalities).

    What our children eat/learn in school should only be a matter for the community in which you live/send your children to school. We moved to the community we live in primarily because of the schools (which have a great working relationship between the city govt/parents/teachers). If we had wanted to have every aspect of our children’s education dictated to us, we would have moved to a large city like, Chicago/DC. . .how’s that govt run schooling workin out for you folks in those communities. . .like everything else the govt touches/interferes with–horrible!

    Leave our children alone. . .stop trying to indoctrinate them; stop dictating to us how to raise our children. . .we are their parents and we will have the final say on what they do,eat,learn,wear,go,etc.!

  9. My girls are both in sports in high school. They both have complained that there is not enough to eat. I told them if that doesn’t motivate them to be Republicans, then get ready for even more government intrusion.

  10. The video is great, but they producers of it better watch out, back in the day burning your draft card could get you arrested. Then next step will be burning the food policy will get you arrested.

    Free speech? You don’t need no stinkin’ free speech!

    1. You’re free to talk about how much you love Obama and hate Bush.

      You’re free to call Republican women C*nts and wh#res, and African American Republicans Uncle Toms and house ni$%ers.

      You’re free to publish the addresses of people who have the same names as people you hate because of a news story, as long as it advances Obama’s cause.

      You’re free to insult the Christian religion of your choice, There may even be taxpayer funds available for your religiously insulting “art project”, as long as the religion it insults is not Islam.

      You’re free to be as anti-Semetic as you like, anywhere you like.Anti-Semetism is welcome, indeed expected, at the UN or any Occupy site.

      You’re also free to vote for Obama as many times as you like, as early as you like, and (at least in Ohio), even organize absentee votes for Obama complete with help filling out the ballot for Obama by African American churches of many demoninations without worrying about that pesky tax code.

      What other free speech do you need?

  11. This is off the thread, but I think you guys might be interested in checking this out.
    We all assume that the polls they give us are skewed as far as the sampling rates are concerned, dem vs. rep.
    This site purports to take some of the skew out of them.
    See what you think:

  12. I did some work on this today with my (now) homeschooled children. Going by the government guidelines laid out, using the average calorie intake of both teen boys and girls (between high end and low end activity), there was a not so shocking conclusion. An average teen boy will be lacking appx. 468 calories by our estimation. That’s roughly equivalent to the breakfast we’d figured. The girl side faired better: she was only lacking 11 calories. But what about the athletic kids who need from 300 to 500 calories more than average? Figuring that in, if a boy ate the “average” diet, he would be missing two meals; the girl would be missing one. As a note, we used the (healthy) food my children normally eat, but cut the portions and tried to keep the calories within specified guidelines. What really got me were the portions. I thought our portions were tiny when we were in school, now I know better. In some schools you aren’t allowed seconds, even if you pay.

    If we, as adults, were told by our boss that we could only eat 850 calories for lunch, and we couldn’t bring it in, we had to eat what they served, and we couldn’t supplement what was given to us, we would all be hitting the drive thru on the way home, stuffing our mouths with burgers, and going home to binge eat because our bodies were hungry. Of course, there would be mass riots once we’d curbed our hunger pains.

    1. Listen, screwball, those kids on their way to obesity have, or at least should have, parents who can and should be the caretakers of what they ram down their throats. Mooooshelle should keep her nose out of our food choices as well as everything else.

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  14. What would one expect from a woman who had to surrender her law license and be “GIVEN” a $325,000+/per year job that had to be specially created to suit her abilities, and which has not been filled since she quit. The Obamas are a joke foisted upon the U.S. by a bunch of feel good libtards.

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  17. Brilliant video! Well done! Meanwhile back at the ranch Mooch-hell could go on a hunger strike and have enough calories in reserve in her fat butt and thighs alone to keep her going for a few years.

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