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Obama Travels to New York to Tape “The View”

President Obama traveled to New York City today to tape an appearance on “The View,” the wildly popular yenta-fest that the Obamas have begun to regularly use as a tool for increasing their popularity with the electorate.

Michelle Obama will also participate in the taping, guaranteeing that a portion of the session focuses on eating vegetables.

While in New York to appear on The View, Obama will also stop by the United Nations to address the General Assembly. The speech will be delivered Tuesday.

Obama is not scheduled to hold any bilateral meetings with world leaders during his time in New York, an unprecedented snub and a huge missed opportunity to try to hash through thorny world problems in places like the Middle East and East Asia, where tensions between China and its neighbors are on the rise.

It’s unclear whether Obama will have bilateral meetings with members of The View following his session on the program.

“I think it’s insulting to Joy Behar to presume that she is any less capable than Hu Jintao of addressing the current Sino-Japanese territorial dispute,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today.

Obama may be avoiding meetings with world leaders because he’ll be completely exhausted  following his cross examination on The View. Here’s the group of crack journalists tearing to shreds Nicki Minaj, who dropped by the show today.

“The yenta style of interview is very effective,” said The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg. “I mean, if you can segue during an interview from the crisis in the Middle East to the price of potato salad at Zabar’s, you catch people off guard. And then you move in for the kill.”

Some world leaders professed to be unbothered by Obama’s failure to meet with them.

“We might be able to make progress on the European debt crisis, enhance our approach to Iran, and make improvements to the world economy,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Who would want that?”

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    • P Dufor,

      I am not a fan of the Obamas, but I do not hate them. I just recognize them for what they are.

      They are but tools of the Almighty as well, and they serve God’s purpose whether they intend to or not, whether they wish to or not. Do not disgrace yourself before God by allowing them to pull you down to their level of hatred. Look at them and know they are but sick and misguided, and that they only have prospered because it suits God.

      Saul was a plauge on Israel because they demanded a king, despite all warnings by God through Samuel against it. He cursed them by giving them exactly what they wanted, and Saul proceeded to do everything Samuel told them he would. Does this not ring any bells? Does this not sound like Obama’s ascent to power and the 2008 election?

      No, love the sinner, no matter how hard that may be, and hate the sin. Do this for YOUR sake, NOT theirs, and know well that God’s got this one. Perhaps God is testing OUR ability to control OUR OWN hatred? I know it’s not easy, but we MUST be better than them, or we have no room to complain about anything, and no claim on Heaven’s rewards.

      Obama is a small candle with a short wick, and he will be judged by God in the end and rewarded equal to his deeds. You may depend on that.

      God Bless You
      God Save The US
      God Protect Israel

  1. Glad to see he’s looking after the important stuff. Not sure which is worse – Ubama or the 47% (or more) who wouldn’t think of voting for Romney over this.

  2. There’s no pressing reason for the world leaders to meet with MrObama on any level. To them, he’s a paper tiger who can’t even control his own government and might not be around come January 2013,

    If he had met with PMNetanyahu, Iran might have taken that as a signal of alliance and upped the tension between the two countries. As for the European leaders, they don’t need someone whose country is falling deeper into debt telling them how to manage their economies.

    On the whole, MrObama is not much on the world stage anymore. They got his number, judged his political ecumen and he comes up wanting.

  3. I was wondering if BiBi Netanyahu had a daytime talk show perhaps he would have an easier time getting a meeting with obama. Either that or purchasing a $3 chance to dine with prezzy at fundraiser.

  4. Wow – what a leader. Geeze – the man is working really hard and here we are bashing him for going on The View. Life is tough. Why even Mrs. O says they (the Black Community) still have a long ways to go from where things were when the underground railroad was part of history. Why even she and Barack could never have gone to college if they didn’t have help from the government. I really feel for them – don’t ya all?

  5. I am disgusted by the way this Administration has handled the murder of a US Ambassador. And because I am disgusted I hope that Whoopi Goldberg asks Barack Obama to clarify for us all whether the reported rape of Ambassador Stevens was a “rape, rape” or “not a rape, rape”.

  6. Ready for this one …

    “Barbara Walters kidded Michelle Obama about bringing the president as her “date,” Obama quipped, “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”

    He can’t tell the difference between “eye candy” and an “eye-sore”.
    It’s early, but he’s truly a hollow-weenie.

  7. That Carney barker is such a card. He must be a real laugh a minute at funerals. Somehow I doubt President Kardashian could top his callous comment about the events resulting from his Arab Spring being “bumps in the road”, but maybe Mooch can top her faux pas to the CBC gala on Saturday…

    “Now, back when our great-grandparents were riding that Underground Railroad…”

    She knows about as much about the Underground Railroad as her husband knows about intercontinental railroads. Nobody rode the Underground Railroad. It consisted of a secret network of brave people, mostly white people I might add, who helped slaves find their way to freedom in the Northern states. Besides, just what involvement did her husband’s Kenyan ancestors have with the Underground Railroad or slavery in America? Zip, zero, zilch.

    • “just what involvement did her husband’s Kenyan ancestors have with the Underground Railroad or slavery in America?”

      Well, ah, they were kinda the same color as some folks that were around then, and, um, well, since some of the folks that were mean to folks that were that color were white, er, we need to take it out on white folks now for looking a little like someone who was mean to someone who was sorta the same hue as Obama 150 years ago!

      Yeah, THAT’s the ticket! He’s a victim by extension!

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