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Obama: Israel “One of Our Closest Allies in the Region”

In a CBS “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night, President Obama inadvertently suggested an approach to the Middle East that places Israel on a par with its Arab neighbors, calling Israel “one of our closest allies in the region.”

Actually, Israel is by far our closest ally in the region, the one nation in the Middle East that can provide significant and reliable military support in the event of war.

But Obama during his presidency has pursued a more “even-handed” approach with respect to the Arabs than his predecessors, maintaining a rocky relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and moving the starting point for negotiations with the Palestinians back to the pre-1967 borders.

In the interview, Obama also suggested his contempt for Netanyahu, referring to the Israeli prime minster’s pleas for a tougher line against Iran and its nuclear program as part of the “noise” he has to ignore when making national security decisions for the United States.

Below is an excerpt from the 60 Minutes interview in which Obama talks about the Middle East.

UPDATE: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today implied – though he did not acknowledge – that Obama misspoke, saying the president has repeated referred to Israel as American’s closest ally in the region.

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  1. The Jews in Israel and the US loved Obama in 2008 and fell over themselves to get him elected in spite of the fact he is an Islamic sympathizer and a fraud. Now we are supposed to feel bad for the Jews and spend our money and give our lives to save these ungrateful, self-serving people. If the Jews abandon Obama and flocked behind Romney and conservative values they may be worth saving.
    Until then, America should cut all aid and stop all commerce to the Middle East and let it burn. The entire region is a toilet. I guess you reap what you sew.

  2. Nooo… Israel is the ONLY nation in the ME that is an ally of the American people. YOU and your America hating friends here in the US are the only people who have any friends in the Middle East other than Israel, but YOUR friends are NOT OUR (true Americans) friends.

  3. I’d like to thank Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. We all know that politicians act on motives that are rarely in the people’s best interests, but we usually have to guess at the ulterior motives. Now, we don’t have to guess.

    1. You’re right there, GS. Obama has so much hatred for Israel that he visibly struggles to maintain the taqiyaa that he is a reasonable world leader whenever the subject comes up. From disrepecting the Prime Minister to publicly bidding the country back to its indefensible 1967 borders to suggesting they give up their capital and completely ignore their history and religion, Obama has made it perfectly clear he just wants Israel gone.

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  4. Hello? Israel is our only ally in the middle east unless you consider Arab Dictatorships run by Nazi inspired leaders, supported by murderous Islamic enforcers, funded by global money power players an ally.

  5. He grew up a Muslim in Indonesia and developed his disdain for all things white and Jewish from 20 years of mentoring with Rev Wright and other associates such as Bill Ayers. A shame because aside from these things he’s really a nice guy who won the noble prize for…(fill in the bank).

  6. LOL..gee you would have to be as soft as a grape to think Obama would come to Israel’s aid..Any jew that votes for this con man should have their head examined.

  7. ¨‘One of our closest allies’
    If this is all the praise he can give, he should keep his mouth shut. Actually , that would always be good advice.

  8. Hello? Israel is our only ally in the middle east unless you consider Arab Dictatorships run by Nazi inspired leaders, supported by murderous Islamic enforcers, funded by global money power players an ally.

  9. I honestly think that this administration are doing all they can to have Israel attack Iran, so Iran will try to destroy Israel. Satan is having his really swarm over there right now and we have part of the swarm, right in our midst, in this administration. In these the end days, let not your hearts be troubled, there are wars and rumors of war, but this is not yet the time. It is only when they start calling on PEACE< PEACE<PEACE in the middle east region and around the world, that God tells in prophecy to watch because then the sixth trump, sixth seal and the sixth vial and the anti-christ appears. But we as Christians have read our God's Holy and WE WIN!!!!!

  10. I honestly think that this administration are doing all they can to have Israel attack Iran, so Iran will try to destroy Israel. Satan is having his really swarm over there right now and we have part of the swarm, right in our midst, in this administration. In these the end days, let not your hearts be troubled, there are wars and rumors of war, but this is not yet the time. It is only when they start calling on PEACE< PEACE<PEACE in the middle east region and around the world, that God tells in prophecy to watch because then the sixth trump, sixth seal and the sixth vial and the anti-christ appears. But we as Christians have read our God's Holy Word and WE WIN!!!!!

  11. Some might suggest this reflects part of an obozo foreign policy for the middle east, and it’s possible. it’s equally possible this is just the petulant narcissist snubbing Israeli in favor of his new BFFs because Netanyahu intimates him.

  12. Nobody wants to help Israel more than Obama, why just the other day he sent them giant ovens and freight ship full of boxcars. Der ObaMeinFuhrer is committed to Israel in only a way Israel can appreciate.

  13. Oh come on, Obama’s just taking what he’s learned from recent history. In his mind those “other” allies have been quite even handed.
    So “even handed” they dosed out their terror quite “evenly”.
    One plane per tower, one for the Pentagon and one for the Capitol (that patriots far braver than our current dipshit in charge died in to protect others), yep pretty “even handed” indeed.
    In the end though it is entirely our fault. If we hadn’t sat by while the libs dumbed down K-12 and took over academia support for their subversion of America’s founding principles would be somewhere between that given to trial lawyers and the minion media.

  14. How can BHO make such outrageous and insulting comments about our closest allies (ie. Britain and Israel) and go w/o being held accountable by anyone? No wonder we no longer are respected in foreign policy, our “leader” has no sense of our standing in the global community, no concept of who our REAL allies are, and seemingly abandons our other allies (granted not all of them are/were perfect) while “leading from behind”. How this incompetent, empty-suit is even close to being re-elected is almost incomprehensible were it not for the lack of knowledge of the general public and MSM being completely in the tank for this guy. I only hope the electorate sees thru his facade and realizes the emperor has no clothes before Nov 6th.

    Live Free or Die!

  15. actually the zionists are complicit in 9/11. remember the mossad agents arrested with vans full of explosives on the GWB? and the others dancing and filming the WTC attacks with maps of the WTC in their van with areas highlighted later admitting to being there so they could “document” the event.


  16. Israel is a democracy just like the Old South here in America. Don`t make me puke with your love for a brutal, violent Theocracy lying right smack in the middle of a similar group of violent , brutal Theocracies. Ask the Negoes in Israel how kind she is when you are different. Ask the Christians in Jerusalem how kind the Jews are when they are literally spat on everyday. Cry me a river. Forget the Holocaust. When I was growing up, all people knew no more Jews were killed in the War than anyone else. They are not special, they are not “Chosen”. If you cry for Israel, move there.

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  18. I think it was P.J. O’Rourke that once wrote something to the affect that the US needs to keep Israel as an ally, where else are our troops going to get laid. Crude, I know, but true. In Muslim controlled countries, a US soldier dating a Muslim woman or man depending on things, would cause a massive incident, and probably get someone killed.

  19. “One of Our Closest Allies in the Region”
    What the socialist should of said is, ” due to my arrogance and disdain towards Israel I have managed to make Israel our former closest ally in the region.”

  20. I see that the Israel bashing trolls have escaped from their “Roach Motels”.

    Starve a roach and don’t feed the trolls with a response. If they can’t separate Israel from theocracies and mullahs – they’re no more capable of discerning facts from science fiction.

  21. We’re practically Israel’s only ally in the world. Enough of this crap already.

    We have lot’s of balls we’re juggling in the Middle East and some other close allies.

    Is Israel going to have hurt feeling because Obama said “one of our” instead of using just “our”.

    This is just a mind numbingly stupid converstion.

  22. To all who say obama is stupid, dumb, incompetent, etc…wake up. He is not. He is a man? who has a plan and is working his plan….the destruction of the U.S. as we know it, only to be “reinvented” as he, dear leader, wants….socialist, marxist, facist, whatever you want to call it…but totally foreign to the America we know.
    And to all his jewish american devout supporters…why do you support him?
    And to all his black supporters? Why? His skin color will make no difference to you if he implements his policies?
    And to all his “starry eyed” college/youth worshippers? Why? Look at his record (and not what you get from your professors, cbs, msnbc,etc.). He is destroying your future..wake up.

  23. CNN goes off of the Obama Plantation? Dogs and cats living together stuff, I do not buy this either. Stevens was a known international gun runner, he was there to buy back weapons, or so he thought. No security detail, two ex-Navy SEALS, middle of the night, once again the Obama dog don’t hunt. When will the administration be asked, “WHAT WAS STEVENS DOING THERE?”
    Only then will the junk-use American consumer of the Obama filtered media begin to understand just how corrupt their savior (Obama) is.

  24. Why or How anyone of the Jewish faith could ever vote for this guy is beyond me. He throws them under the bus during peaceful times, just wait when he has to choose sides, are you really sure which side of the fence his feet will land on????

  25. If this man has a brain, he keeps it well hidden. And apparently the media and “the folks” just adore him. To think that we, as well some very important allies, are at his mercy is just frightening, at the very least. Its like living through a very tense, violent movie, wondering if the “good guys” actually have a chance. I just hope we, as a country, can come out on the other side. If he wins again, we all better start thinking of ways to salvage our future.

  26. Yea ok……just like everything else Obama says. Israel is such a close alley now? Funny how he snuffed a requested meeting with Netanyahu ( the head of a nation ) a few weeks back because he was too busy campaigning to save his job. A 100 examples of what Obama says yet contradicts himself by what he does. This is one of the most obvious examples. Yet, libs love this guy. Low standards of accountability huh libs?

  27. Like Obama, and the whole USA, Israel is just a tool of the transnational criminals (aka the banksters) who really rule this world. Whenever these brutal global mobsters no longer have any use for any of their tools, then they destroy it and throw it in the trash. What else would you expect from such ruthless villains? Sentimentality?
    Why do sheeple think they can be ruled by murderers and be treated well?
    It is called ignorance because it is a personal choice and a product of ignoring known facts, but eventually the chickens come home to roost and peck intentional obliviousness and its bliss to pieces.

  28. One of our closest allies in the region? Based upon the latest events I’d say Israel is our only ally in the region. Well, after our presidents conduct towards Israel, it’s more like Israel is the only country in that region which kinda, sorta likes us.

  29. Israel is our ONLY friend in the whole region. What the heck is obama thinking we are, fools? Everyone except Israel hates us and wants us all dead and yet our president will not support them because it is election time!

  30. Israel did 9/11. w w w . b o l l y n . c o m. download the book “Solving 9/11: the Deception that Changed the World.” It’s also available at Also check out the USS Liberty, Jonathon Pollard, The Lavon Affair, The Sabra and Shatila massacres, 7/7: Ripple Effect, 9/11 Missing Links, David Irving, King David Hotel, the dual citizen gov. traitors who actually did okc/93′ wtc/ waco. There is no terrorism besides Israeli terroroism against the “goyim” (google that one), and Israel and its international “zionist” jewish sayanim and hasbara are guilty of a sustained, multi-decade (at least) holocaust against the bulk of the world’s population throught one or another means: Kosher tax, The “Sampson Option”, “holocaust” reparations, the atom bomb (OppenHEIMer, EinSTEIN, both avowed zionists) control and manipulation of world currencies and markets (thereby creating artificial scarcity and the conflict and profit that inevitably rises therefrom), false-flag terrorism, straight-up genocide (through American and Nato proxies… Jews don’t fight wars, goyim do.) against the arab (Christians and Muslims folks) people. I’ll end with a quote (by whom escapes me): When people tell me “Israel is our greatest and most stalwart ally in the middle-east, and it is our AMERICAN DUTY to protect her”; I can’t help but remember that before Israel was our ally we had no enemies in the middle east…

  31. It’s the same as his comment that Jesus was ‘a son of God.’. I think it was when he met with Chrisitian leaders in the WH for Easter. I’m sure his islamist friends were very pleased he twisted this definition of Jesus Christ making THE Son of God seem like one of many. Disgraceful.

  32. Seems that conservative republicans are either greatly misinformed, ignorant of history, or just plain stupid. The ONLY COUNTRY in the Middle East to ATTACK the US was ISRAEL. Have all of you forgotten the USS LIberty? and the lies that were told concerning the unprovoked attack and cover-up?
    Besides, the oil is in the Arab countries, and that is more important to this country.

  33. As many times as I have sworn off voting for Obama due to his NDAA support, continued drone strikes etc, if he keeps sticking it to Israel I might just have to poke a little hole next to his name on that voter card come November 6th.

    Of course he may just be trying to sucker me again…..


  34. Broadway Barry says that Israel is ONE of our closest allies in the region? Israel is, in spite of Barry’s non-stop efforts to denigrate Israel, our ONLY ally in the region.

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