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Obama Schedule || Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here are some details provided by the press pooler for the trip:

“President Obama will attend two fundraising events at the Milwaukee Theater ahead of the grassroots event. He will first deliver remarks at fundraising reception with approximately 550 people. Tickets for the event start at $250 per person. Then, he will participate in an event with approximately 20 people. Tickets for that event cost $25,000 per person. Hank Aaron will attend both events.”

12:10 pm || Departs White House
1:10 pm CT || Arrives Milwaukee
2:15 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser; Milwaukee Theater, Milwaukee
3:45 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser; Milwaukee Theater, Milwaukee
5:40 pm CT || Delivers remarks at a campaign rally; Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee
7:40 pm CT || Departs Milwaukee
10:35 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

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    • According to Mark Knoller tweet earlier this afternoon…
      “Today’s two events bring Pres Obama’s fundraiser count to 144 this year and 211 since filing for re-election.”

    • I think that was Shofar who was keeping excellent track of it all. But I think it started to get difficult when the WH began only referring to it as BHO “delivers remarks at a campaign event”, making it impossible to know whether it was a fundraiser or a campaign rally.

  1. IIRC, I heard Ann Compton say this morning that Carter, Jr. would be going to WI once a week between now and the election. Smacks of desperation!

    • It’s still playing in the theaters, so was probably a bootleg copy of the movie. It is coming out on DVD before the election from what I’ve heard. Haven’t seen a release date yet.

      While the fraud is at play, one of his dutiful Reuters stenographers wrote another hit piece on Romney disguised as news – “For Romney, another day, another donor event”. It’s like these drones are totally oblivious of all the campaigning their messiah has been doing…on our dime no less.

      • Susan, I saw the stink-link. I’ve come to the conclusion with such “off-the-wall” ledes, that they’re actually a plant to elicit a response. Very possibly trolling for a quick and cheap poll via reader comment/response. I am sure they’re expensive and certainly the polls are not done on a daily basis (not yet, anyway).

    • I saw the YouTube link at HillBuzz today in a post they did. Unfortunately, by the time I saw it and hit play to watch it, YouTube said the link was removed due to copyright claims by Lionsgate. I figured as much since, as Susan noted, it’s still playing in theaters so they wouldn’t want it online yet.

    • It wasn’t Obama who had it removed, it was the movie company. Copyright issues. Movie companies don’t like it when you get to see the movie they paid a lot to make for nothing. Anything but a trailer put out by them will be pulled as soon as they find out about it.

  2. Looks like there are no national security concerns this weekend with the POTUS not “receiving” his PDB today.

    Our “Commander-and Chief” is probably too busy playing Angry Birds on his iPad to be bothered by such things anyway.

        • Don’t complain! I would like him to “work” LESS! Every time he actually DOES something, my Country is damaged that much more, and my stocks go down AGAIN!

          So PLEASE! Let this chump take two 6 month or 4 3 month vacations a year! Pay him to do so! Even at the Michelle Antonette travel rates, its still MUCH cheaper than letting him diddle with the economy!

          Keeping Obama away from “working” is like keeping a bear away from eating your children! Don’t encourage him to put in a complete week EVER, it would be the ruin of us all!

  3. Next week’s schedule looks interesting, other than campaigning in poor Ohio again. Ordinarily, when they want to leave a day or two open (for resting up between campaigning), the weekly schedule simply states “the POTUS attends meetings at the White House”. Sometimes that’s filled in later with a meeting or two, or a quick fundraiser in DC, and many times, the day is left empty so he can rest. So, what’s on this week’s advance schedule for Thursday and Friday is something I have never seen before on his schedule:

    Details about the remainder of the week’s schedule will be released as they become available.

    Hmm, maybe they’re trying to schedule that meeting with Netanyahu after all. They had originally said BHO couldn’t meet with that Netanyahu because Bibi wasn’t scheduled to be in NYC at the UN until later in the week after BHO was there on Monday and Tuesday. Netanyahu reportedly offered to travel to DC from NYC to meet with BHO. I wonder if the WH is now leaving his schedule open because they want to arrange that meeting now.

    Schedule for the Week of September 24, 2012

    On Monday, the President will travel to New York City to participate in the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). While in New York City, the President and First Lady will also tape an appearance on “The View.”

    On Tuesday, the President will deliver remarks to the UN General Assembly; the First Lady will attend the event. The President will then speak at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. The President will return to the White House in the evening.

    On Wednesday, the President will travel to Bowling Green and Kent, Ohio for campaign events.

    Details about the remainder of the week’s schedule will be released as they become available.

  4. Regarding Obummer’s trip to Wisconsin today, I just saw an interesting tweet by Mark Knoller, quoting Jen Psaki from the BHO campaign:

    Though polls show Pres Obama 6points up in WI, @jrpsaki says “We’re going to run here…like we’re five points behind until Election Day.”

    Ha, very revealing, Jen. Something tells me that their internal polls for WI aren’t looking too good. All you have to do is watch where BHO goes to campaign, and how frequently he goes there, to realize what their internal poll numbers are telling them.

  5. Not one mention- not one question (now and perhaps never) about the attack on Camp Bastian that resulted in two marines killed and six (count them 6) marine jet fighters DESTROYED and two more damaged. Who is investigating this huge disaster? Who will ask Obama or jackass Jay about this?

  6. Also wondering how Hillary is sleeping at night after ordering no Marine protection at Libyan consulate and possibly no live ammo with contractors.

    • Same way she went to sleep on 9/11 after Ambassador Stevens went missing for several hours until his dead body was dragged through the streets by barbaric throwbacks to the 6th century. As an Alinskyite she follows his golden rule – the end justifies the means. The UN wants US to institute anti-blasphemy laws, so she and the boss call that Monty Python wannabe video “disgusting” and “hateful”, stirring more outrage and violence toward America and our system of government… just in time for the big UN meeting next week. I’m sure she and President Kardashian (fellow Alinskyite) sleep just fine.

    • Hillary’s only nighmares are about that skeevy guy she’s “married” to, or the bumbler she works for.

      One qualification for rank in the Democrat party is that you must have no conscious to be bothered. Jimmy Cricket is to be taken out immediately, by drone strike if necessary.

      But, if Hilz DOES start moaning in her sleep about the first two topics, she can count on Janet Reno to roll over and nudge her awake, and then give her a soothing back rub…

  7. “Tickets for that event cost $25,000 per person.”

    Nice to see Hopey has that feel for the common man that Mitt so obviously lacks. Always including the 99%, or 47%, or at least the folks who didn’t get Goverment jobs when they left Harvard, right, Prezzy?

  8. In MY schedule for today, Fox News Sunday–and although I try to stay away from the blatantly ad hom (except for the president), Chris Wallace is such a smirky, devious-seeming person and you just KNOW he is for the president. Do these people really think this is not apparent? His usual question pattern is, though not in these words, “Seriously, don’t you think what Romney (his people, his supporters) did was stupid?” He interviews himself when a guest won’t say what he wants. At least as Juan makes his usual, predictable, earnest little liberal remarks, it is not sneaky. and I don’t know what is up with Brit-I think he got O’Reilly disease and wants to blat on as some senior spokesman. Bah! My TV needs a parental control for me!

    • They are all in that DC NY bubble where they think this election is just another political game they go through every 4 years – R’s vs D’s. They don’t see or they don’t want to see that this is the end game for America. If Obama is re-elected, the Republic is lost. He has violated our Constitution and the Rule of Law without rebuke from the other two branches of government and it will get much, much worse if he is re-elected. I’ll never forget the words he asked Medvedev to pass on to Vlad…”This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

      • Dinesh d’Souza used it in the movie, and I’ve heard Romney quote it, but really, Romney and the GOP could make an ad on the hot mike. It borders on treason. “I’ll do whatever you want, but I have to hoodwink the American people first.”

  9. Pakistani islamists torch 82 year old Lutheran church — chirp chirp — Hillary-Barack-comments? CNN uses dead ambassador’s diary as source – outrage? Obama thanks Morsi for protecting embassy-yes send the MB more $$$ for their protection. Morsi now telling the U

  10. I am using alternate device – screws up a lot. Check out for. Some. Short informative comments on 60 Minutes visual manipulation to make MR look bad. Can’t wait for the debates. MSM lowlifes. Obama morally bankrupt.