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Gretchen Carlson Visited by Apparent Obamabot

I gotta hand it to the Obama campaign, they are creative.

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  1. I saw him, it was early morning. Carlson handled him politely and firmly. I guess an audition at SNL wasn’t on his dance card. He sounded like he was still stoned from an all-nighter. Must have been a Democrat fundraiser for low-end goof balls.

    He should have his face on a milk carton – he’s lost [pause]… in space. : )

  2. In case this got by anyone…

    Thieves stole three checks worth $50,000 from President Obama’s campaign headquarters Wednesday, according to NBC Chicago.
    The theft is not expected “to have an impact on the campaign,” team Obama told the station:
    Chicago Police confirmed the theft was reported around 10:46 a.m. from the 100 block of East Randolph Street.
    The Chicago Sun-Times reports the checks, totaling $50,000, originated from the president’s headquarters in the Prudential Building.
    A campaign spokesman told the paper the checks were sent to vendors and ended up in the wrong hands. He said the theft isn’t expected to have an impact on the campaign.

  3. I saw that on Fox and Friends the other morning and hte guy just came off as a dopey loser. Gretchen handled it well, as she immediately sensed something was up with this fool.

    This isn’t a source I normally read or would cite, but it does give an accurate account of what happened on the show, plus some statements from the moron kid:

    There’s more here on this loser who thinks he’s so intelligent:

    Including these two updates to the story (see link for all the info):

    Update (below): Fox’s ‘former Obama supporter’ actually an aspiring comedian who joked about raping children

    Second update (below): Max Rice tells Raw Story he wanted to prove that ‘Fox News is a fake news organization’

  4. Can we talk about the First Lady (someone should remind her) commenting on the “bromance” between Bill and Barack. Perhaps the quote can be framed for the Clinton and Obama presidential libraries.

  5. Can we talk about the First Lady (that would be Michelle Obama, someone should remind her) commenting on the “bromance” between Barack and Bill. Chapter in upcoming history books on the Obama Administration: The Bromance between W and Barack Hussein Obama.

      • I find more intelligent life on Morning Joe, lol……

        More intelligent life on Morning Joe? Gee, I think you forgot the sarc tag!

        Yeah ,there are some real brain children on that show!

        Like, Mika Bzezinski doing one of her “famous” morning reads of the White House talking points?

        Or, how about Lyin’ Mike Barnicle, whose multiple claims to journalistic infamy included cribbing George Carlin jokes (from Brain Droppings) to insert in his column, and then telling the Boston Globe that he never even read the book — even though he had “publicly” endorsed it!

          • Heh. You know, I thought Al was a little more “authentic” back in the days when he was wearing those strange medals objects around his neck. I didn’t agree with anything he had to say. He was lying in his teeth, right from the beginning with the Tawana Brawley scam. But he was at least “in character.”

            Now he just seems so much like a fish out of water since Phil Griffin recruited him to have his own MSNBC show and he began having to try to pull off the midtown media star role, what with with the pinstripe suits and the cuff links.

            Even with “six producers” he still regularly does a bad imitation of Mr. Bumble.

            Ah, yes . . . “but resist we much ….”

  6. After partying with the rich and famous, MrObama has offered to share some “grub” with me if I can find $5 or more to send to him.

    I don’t eat “grub”. I’m not really sure what kind of food is called “grub”, but I don’t remember ever ordering “grub” at any restaurant. So, no thanks.

    Your wife has asked me, personally, to give up my ‘pizza night’ and send her the money I would have given to the pizza house, but giving up a small pleasure in these tough times is something I’m not willing to do. Besides, I know the young man who earns his living delivering that pizza and I like him more than I do her.

    Now that MrRomney has disclosed his income tax returns, it looks like both you and he are multi-millionaires. On that note, I’m hoping that you could send me $5 or more for the opportunity to share a pizza with me in my home.
    I’ve already paid for your airfare on AF1, so don’t worry about that.
    a senior Dem.

    • Well done, srdem. Sharing grub with this fella doesn’t sound like a very appetizing prospect. The only kind of grub we have in this neck of the woods are grub worms. They are garden pests, but make good fish bait.

      • Thanks, Susan. I think I’m getting all burned out by the constant barrage of requests that I give up something so that I can give money to a candidate. The offer of “grub” and my BFF Michelle’s request are all aimed at people of limited income.

        I’m tired of reading in the MSM that this is MrRomney’s “worst week” when the truth is that MrObama and America are the ones who had a truly bad week. Unrest in the Middle East, a scathing report on Fast & Furious, unemployent still miserable, gas prices rising, QE 3 or 4 or 12, who knows? and there’s no relief in sight for any of it.
        MrRomney releases his tax return and the Dems are livid that he “paid too much”. Of course they are.

        Sorry, I’m just whining about things over which I have no control..

        • Isn’t that what this blog is FOR? Loved your letter. Using the word “grub” for the “folks” is just their endearing way of appearing to be “common” like us. Well, don’t forget–peasants take up torches.
          I am listening to (I miss decent eyesight) a book called FLASHBACK by Dan Simmons. It’s in the 2030s maybe, the world has blown into districts (Muslim, etc) ruled by the Japanese in green zones within the US–and people are addicted to a ddug called flashback, where they can relive past experiences. It’s outlawed and the penalty is death, but they take it. Anyhow, a retired professor from Boulder mentions at one point how Grant Park was a turning point where everything began to implode…just a thought.

  7. This is what my oldest son is like. It makes me crazy. I have two other kids and they are focused and respectful. I don’t know how they ever expect to get a job. My son joined the Navy due to his lack of focus. I am hoping they whip him into shape. So far, so good.

    This kid is not high, he is disrespectful and “entitled.” Trust me I know, I have one just like him. Arghhh!