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Is Obama Using SEX to Promote his Campaign?

The people marketing President Obama seem to be selling what everybody on Madison Avenue knows sells better than anything else: Sex.

The Obama campaign is being prominently represented by some of the nation’s hottest celebrities. That is, not just the hottest stars in the country, but the hottest looking stars in the country.

The old “Obama girl,” whose sexy video helped make Obama hip last election cycle, doesn’t even seem to know if she’s going to vote for him this time. But who needs her?

And who needs the dowdy Oprah Winfrey, with her incessant stuggles to lose weight? The Obama team, which relied on her so heavily in 2008, when she had the biggest show on the planet, has pretty much shunted her aside this year.

Meet the new Obama girls. They’re among the sexiest female celebrities on the planet, and they vote Democratic.

Guys, missed your coffee this morning? This will wake you up.

Topping the list is Scarlett Johansson, the sex bomb who nearly blew up the Democrat convention.

Then of course there’s Beyonce, who has practically joined the Obama family and is the woman Michelle Obama says she most wants to be if it wasn’t so incredibly awesome being Michelle Obama.

Eva Longoria has been helping the Obama campaign with its outreach to Hispanics. Oh, they must be thinking, if they could only reach back!

The most recent addition to the sex brigade is Jessica Alba, who last night sent out an email via the Obama campaign purring something about “getting involved.”

Other prominent Obama supporters include Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But no more pics, I don’t want to overwhelm you.

And of course, let’s not forget the ladies. George Clooney, who serves as Obama’s Special Adviser for Whatever He Wants to Advise Obama About, is a constant presence, dropping by the White House for urgent policy discussions and hosting an Obama fundraiser.

This crew of Obama “surrogates” is just too good looking for all of this to be a coincidence. Someone in the Obama camp decided to sex things up.

What can Republicans do? Trot out Bo Derek again? If there are some really hot Romney backers in Hollywood, they’re probably more worried about being blacklisted than showing their support.

86 thoughts on “Is Obama Using SEX to Promote his Campaign?”

    1. Agree Just2old, Clint beats them all. He is a real man with a real message.
      All these celebrities with nothing clever to say just cheapen Obamas campaign. And by the way, George Clooney fo the ladies ? No,no,no, not interesting, not masculine at all.

        1. Oh no, how terrible. But I haven´t heard of it here. I do hope that it doesn´t mean that such negligence is so prevalent in the Swedish healthcare so therefor no news. Lidköping is far away from where I live, I guess it´s the reason it´s not in the local news here. I can tell you one thing though, Obamacare will probably mean long waiting lists before you get hold of that healthcare.

  1. Mitt: “Ann, I want you to pose in a bikini”
    Ann: “I am not going down to that fool’s level, Mitt!”
    M: “Ann, flesh may just win this campaign! We’ll keep it tasteful!”
    A: (sound of vase being broken over Mitt’s head)

  2. Drudge has a story about actresses turning the Pledge of Allegiance into a Pledge for Obama including hands over hearts. Obama also has a poster of a sort of American flag with his big O where the stars should be. Everything his propagandist friends in the press say about Romney applies to him: he has contempt for the American people. We have to teach him in November that we are not as stupid as he thinks.

    1. Your right about Hollywood not influencing many votes. Most of those people can only say something if they have a script. Not all, there are some that are really smart. But then most of them are voting for Romney. They may not say much because they want to work again, but they will vote for Romney.

      I do think Clint Eastwood’s empty chair was the best political statement I have ever seen. This is what will influence votes. Beyonce might attract men to gawk, but won’t get me to vote for Obama.

  3. If you examine Obama’s online ads with Moochelle, he looks decidely unpresidential but the interaction/looks between the two has a sexual overtone, so he’s been selling sex for a long time…

    1. Posed photos are just that, posed. Just watching their body language speaks volumes that they’re just not that into each other.

      I’ve always seen more chemistry between Bill and Hillary.

  4. Somehow, this kind of pandering doesn’t appeal much to women.

    Men, on the other hand, do find it appealing, but aren’t thinking ‘gee, she’s really hot…..I must vote for Obama/Biden’ after staring at the sexy photos.

    Oprah wasted all her political capital that she spent years gathering to endorse Race over Gender in 2008. Her endorsement today wouldn’t be worth much, might even be counter-productive.

    1. My father always told me to treat others with respect while climbing the ladder of success; because you’re likely to meet them again on the way down. Can hardly wait for the tell-all exposes from the former supporters of these frauds once they are removed from positions of power.

    2. “Men, on the other hand, do find it appealing, but aren’t thinking ‘gee, she’s really hot…..I must vote for Obama/Biden’ after staring at the sexy photos.”

      The idea is to get the blood out of your brains to put you in an easily influenced state. Where it goes once it leaves the big head is beside the point. This has historically worked, with guys anyway. Guys became hippies because that’s where the easy chicks were. Guys will follow attractive women ANYWHERE, even to the gates of Hell, if they think they’ll get laid there.

      It’s a little murkier with women, but the evidence suggest it works there as well. If you remember Bill Clinton, you don’t really need to look much further for evidence supporting the theory that sex muddles thinking in women as well. And doesn’t that handsome Obama have a deep, manly voice!

      Unfortunately, this works. Democrats have mastered appealing to mankind’s base instints in a way that must make the Devil envious. It’s about their only talent.

      God help us all.

  5. Keith, I think you’re on to something – the not-so-subtle power of subliminal advertising. Free contraceptives for the women and hot women for the men. Brilliant! Everything is stagecraft with this chameleon. Now that he looks like a skeleton, we no longer see him emerging shirtless from the Hawaiian surf or removing his jacket on stage while screaming teeny-boppers go wild. He is reduced to surrogates. Even Oprah was thrown under the bus – Michelle doesn’t want fat people waddling around the WH. Meanwhile, the MOOCH has spent 4 years and tons of taxpayer $$$ in a futile attempt to look like Beyonce. Biden also had some work done.

    Hollywood is pulling out all of the stops but nothing can change the fact that MOO and BOO are the un-sexiest people on earth. The Kiss-Cam stunt has to be one of the most embarrassing moments in Presidential history – worse than Al and Tipper!

  6. Is Playgirl still around? Maybe Obama can do a center fold for them, à la Burt Reynolds, and bring in the female vote and the gay male vote. They could have him posing on a bicycle riding down some lush trail. The money he gets for it could help to pay for his new home in Hawaii ( oh, wait, Penny P. is raising the money for that.

    How about the RNC and Team R&R trot out some of their own “beautiful people” that have the brains to understand what the hell is happening. There are plenty of BLACK Republicans who need to speak out and point out how the Dems and Obama are the ones that have put the black middle class in chains. Here’s just a few notables in the black community ( They need to stand up and speak the truth and not worry about being called an “Uncle Tom” or being “white listed” (black listed would be considered racist).

    1. Shofar, I called a friend in the publishing industry. Obama’s centerfold will hit with the Nov. edition, on sale in mid Oct. Moo also has a centerfold in the works with “Dairy Farmer Monthly”, same time frame. Rumor has it she’ll wear multiple thongs.

      William Jefferson Clinton is going to be VERY upset if this house in Hawaii thing is fact. “All we got was a house in Chappequa NY that we had to pay for!!!”

          1. Why? Foul-smelling crap comes out of either end of THAT individual. I don’t think Revlon makes a shade that can withstand such a fetid stream of vileness, and that’s just at the FRONT end.

            Alas, poor lipstick, another victim of an Obamanation…

    2. Oh, that house, Shofar. How can a former community organizer and a hospital employee afford such a house ? During the campaign they have talked about how poor they were. I don´t think that the Presidents salary is big enough for that. They have a lot of expenses too, her dresses, the childrens private school and so on. Is it really possible that “his” books bring in that kind of money ?

      1. Swedishlady,

        First and foremost, How are you dear? I always love to read some common sense from across the pond.

        Little known fact, when Obama was a community rabble-rouser, he lived in Hyde Park, and not Altgeld Gardens where he “worked.” Hyde Park is bordered by Lake Michigan, and at one time was sort of a hell hole. But urban redevelopment made it a beautiful area, and due to the redevelopment a good portion of the black population was forced out.

        Altgeld was a war zone when I was growing up in Chicago, not as bad as Cabrini–Green, but bad none the less. Cabrini was the first place I was ever shot at, and I was 19 at the time and it scared the crap out of me. Cabrini was where they filmed the classic horror film, “Candyman.”

        But back to the point. Obama has never lived in a black “‘hood” and wouldn’t know what to do if some strung out hooker or banger came knocking on his door asking to use the phone. Where I live, that happens a couple times a month, and you deal with the real world. O has no clue, that’s why he needs a palace for retirement, so he doesn’t have to deal with the real people.

        1. Oh Shofar, always glad to read your interesting posts. This one was very much so. I am sure you can handle the “real world” where you live but it´s sad that it has to be that way.

  7. LCDs- Lowest Common Denominator.I wonder if the Obama children have the same taste in music as their parents.

    From Legal Insurrection -snip-

    Jay-Z is quite the role-model for America’s youth, what with his romantic classics “F*** All Nite”, N****, I’ll throw a Molotov cocktail through your momma’s momma’s house”, South Philly motherf***ers kill at will” and I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song”

    Oh, and who could forget “Is That Yo Bitch?

    1. Not to mention the fact that he said that Buoyance is a role model for his children…is that the booty shakin’ that he thinks is so attractive and wants his daughters to emulate?

  8. Obama is trash. With this stupid new flag thing they are selling and the vapid hand with messages written on it over heart pledge to vote for obama devalues our flag and our pledge. Jim Messina could not look creepier. This is nothing but the building of a cult of the personality and a move toward an authoritarian government. Just call it what it is. We become more and more stupid with each day of this ridiculous campaign. America should be embarrassed.

      1. Hah ha… Too funny. Another slows news day so we talk about sex selling. What a revelation! Know the other two methods / modes / means to sell? Sure we do – Humor and Fear.

        Today’s threads have a bit of humor in them, thanks. But, as a casual observer (read here as troll I am sure), FEAR is what is most prevalent. I set ignorance and hate aside since we were in a marketing lesson today…

        Back to work. Got to figure out more ways to get in on this government dole thing…

    1. Obama doesn’t really need to campaign in Cincinnati. He will carry it on the strength of the Section 8 vote alone, that’s all that’s allowed in the city limits. It’s been a Dem enclave for so long, they’ve all forgotten how to work…

  9. Here’s a list, some surprises, some headscratchers (didn’t Gloria Estevan throw Obama a fundraiser?)

    Like any business, I think it’s smart for celebrities to stay out of politics for fear you’re probably going to lose half your business. (I don’t think Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts has had a box office hit since aligning with the O’s). And yes, I do boycott movies, music and tv of the worst O slobberers.

    Methinks, the celebrities who have latched onto Obama are just looking for the PR or attracted to the Power. Wish they’d just use their high profiles for more worthy awareness causes like wiping out hunger, disease and saving orphaned kids and puppies. JMHO.

  10. Obama Campaign;

    “Well, it’s time to talk about the econom – OH, LOOK, BOOBS!”

    This is the same sleight of hand trick that magicians employ, getting you to look at the cakes spilling out of the top of their “assistant’s” costume while they pull a rabbit out of their pants. It’s just more misdirection, just more squirrels. He’ll use whatever he has to, and sex has a long history of working on getting people’s attention. The live ones, anyway. The dead will vote for him no matter what, and don’t need the distraction.

  11. “Mr. Obama went on to explain that Beyoncé “couldn’t be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise.”

    how sad :(

  12. Keith! Hey, you forgot fear and humor. Both campaigns use these tools also, just sometimes with unpredictable outcomes… These techniques, that is to garner favor / votes / position / power, are well grounder in recorded history.

    Ah, to think, what could Caesar have done with today’s technology? And what of Brutus? Would he have hooked up with those pesky Senators? Let’s not forget Mark and Cleo… Sex, Fear, Humor rock. Intimidation and doubt help too…

    I feel unwashed… Horace, here I come…

  13. This kind of sleaze does not make me buy anything because if this is being used to advertised, I know I am about to deal with a shyster, dishonest, lowlife. It makes me angry when low life think every man can be lured into some kind of deal by just showing some women’s flesh. First of all a woman that’s in this line of work is not my cup of tea, so why drool over her?

  14. who cares? personally I don’t take anything these celebrities have to say seriously..none of them are political science graduates or md s or even envirement scientists….they are all just faces…nothing more!

  15. Well, the girls only mean he’s just like any other man. It doesn’t prove a thing. I’m voting for a President who is suppose to support the constitution, PROTECT the country and represent us based on our heritage, values and who we really are. Educated adults. Many of us were EDUCATED before the unions made it a teachers (ha) pay check and labor leaders 5 star resort attendance. .

  16. That is all Obama has to offer, no substance, no achievement, just empty promises, useless hope and now sex? Give me a break!!!

    If anyone still has some brain cells working, go see the documentary movie “2016: Obama’s America” and may be some of your brain cells will wake up! How anyone can vote for this guy is beyond me.

  17. And, every single one of them are on my “LIST” to never go to anything they are involved in. They seem to forget there are more conservatives than democrats in this country. Did they not see what happened to Opra after slobbering all over him in 08, she is now a distant memory, and the Obamas dropped her like a hot potato when they used her up. Wait til these spoiled rich brats stop having box office success. The empty headed people they appeal to are already the Liar-in-chief’s sheeples.

  18. Great piece, thanks for reminding me of all those hot babes , I LIKE TO SPANK THEM WHERE IT HURTS, in their gucci bags, $$$$$ it ‘s all they think about , with the “actresses” really when’s the last time they did anything worthy of the art of filmmaking, for Scarlet it must have been that lesbo flick she did with Penelope, Hmmm wondering if she’s supporting BHO, don’t think her careers too stellar either.Jessica Alba really what has that woman done that would lead anyone to respect her opinions about something as improtant as the leader of the greatest country in the world. Let’s not even mention Clooney for crying out loud “The American”,if he were truly an American he would’nt be seen within 20 ft of Obama cause anyone who knows anything knows that Man wants to destroy America. Americans like the ones in the article don’t care for the nation or its citizens in general they only care about the cars they drive the booze they drink the clothes they where and the money they got, Nothing of value to the spirit, of themselves of their fellow citizens, and forget about the singers I wonder if Bon jovi and Bruce still have the same number of fans, I’ll here em free but I’ll be damn if I spend a penny for one of their songs and forrget about a concert even if i could afford it would do something of true value.

  19. YES 1 HE IS ! The suckers will eat it up. Take it in the end.Suck up his ploy like it was fact just like they did in the last election.Fool me twice shame on me. FOOL ME 3 TIMES ???? JUMP OFF A CLIFF ????

  20. Just a bunch of very good looking women that just proved they do not have a brain. As for the guys, their just idiotic morons. A vote for obama is a vote against America.

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