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What? Fire Eric? No Way!

It took Univision to do it, but President Obama today got asked some tough questions about Fast and Furious, namely, does the buck stop with Attorney General Eric Holder?

He didn’t know nothin’ about it, Obama said. Okay, WHY NOT?

Here was the question from Univision co-host Jorge Ramos:

You told me during an interview that you and Mr. Holder did not authorize the Fast and Furious operation that allowed 2,000 weapons from the United States into Mexico and they were in the drug trafficking [cartels’] hands. I think that up to 100 Mexicans might have died and also American agent Brian Terry. There’s a report that 14 agents were responsible for the operation but shouldn’t the attorney general, Eric Holder, he should have known about that and if he didn’t, should you fire him?

Notice, instead of blaming Holder, Obama rounds up the usual suspect: George W. Bush.

H/T to Matthew Boyle over at the Daily Caller.

32 Responses to What? Fire Eric? No Way!

  1. Now we know who has the dirt on the messiah!
    You gotta know who is Holder,
    how to be bolder;
    Know when to ‘nore the truth
    and when to lie;
    You never count your votes
    When Gallup is the pollster;
    You just try to steal the ‘lection
    Or kiss the White House good-bye!

    With apologies to Kenny Rogers!

  2. ¡Ay, caramba! NOT!

    Obama dug deep into his bag of boring and over-played tricks. The only “usual suspect” here is Keyser Söze Obama.

    (((UGH))) Does he have even the slightest clue that he sounds stupid? Mr. Ramos should have offered him a pair of tap shoes, since Obama is hell-bent on dancing around answers.

  3. Why did it take a foreign language network to ask Obama these questions? and have credible follow-up questions?!

    (Helllloooo…. “WH Press Corps”?)

  4. Finally, some tough questions, poor Barry. Thought he was in friendly territory, ha-ha. Clueless jerk also claimed to Letterman he did not know the national debt, he ‘guessed’ it was about 10 trillion. Pathetic liar.

  5. “First of all, I think it’s important for us to understand that Fast and Furious program was a field initiated program begun under the previous administration…”

    A field initiated program? Unless the “field” went rogue and started their own gun running operation, the State Department has to provide clearance for government employees to work with a foreign country.

    Begun under the previous administration? No, it wasn’t. That was Operation Wide Receiver and it was halted by Bush when the weapons couldn’t be traced. It was also done with the full cooperation of Mexico, unlike Fast and Furious.

    Liar, liar pants on fire…

  6. Shifty-eyed liar! Even his hand gestures are indicative of lying…
    After giving an illegal back-door amnesty to 2M ‘dreamers’, he probably thought the Mexican press would go easy on him but they’re holding out for the whole enchillada. He makes me sick!

  7. A stunning portrait of a liar.

    This administration is not responsible for anything.

    Obama and Holder didn’t know about that; somebody else knew about that.

  8. He missed the opportunity to express sympathy for those killed and their families.
    cold-hearted little mean man.

    The polls all show that the Hispanic community will vote for MrObama. Why they would support him is a mystery. Most Latinos are close to their church, don’t like any government intrusion, and are anti-gay, anti-abortion.
    Just like the Governor of NewMexico, they are really Repubs at heart.

    • OMGoodness…. A new high on a new low… at the same time in the same space….

      Let’s make sure we share this with “them” – inclusive as we are – the party with a “plan” – a working plan – a plan in progress – a plan to announce the plan after our party is elected plan – a plan that will include immigration reform…

      What is the acronym… ROTFLMAO.

    • Yes he is! He will tell you that, as President, he is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for killing Bin Laden AND saving GM!

      He also PERSONALLY saved this country from the brink of a depression, PERSONALLY gave heath care to millions, and PERSONALLY made the dreams of “undocumented” immigrants come true!

      Whether or not ANY of these statements is true or even a worthwhile goal is beside the point. The point is, he DOES take responsibility for THESE things!

      In short, YOU didn’t build that! HE did!

  9. I can hardly wait for the debates.
    The liberal moderators that are slated could possibly disallow Romney the time for an adequate response, seeing as how Obama tends to run at the mouth while saying nothing.
    When Obama begins to play the blame game, Romney should be willing to call him out on it.

  10. “Wide Receiver” was also made known to Congress, Fast and Furious was hidden.”Wide Receiver” was discontinued TWO years before Fast and Furious began. It was discontinued because they learned it was not possible to reliably track the sales. In Fast and Furious, NO effort was made to track them at all.

  11. at 38 sec obama says the strategy we prsued out of Arizona ! the key word is we not that was or they meaning that he knew!

    also gun walker was started and stopped under the bush presidency long before obama ever took office!! fast and Furious was started after obama took offace and the agents in Arizona did not like the way it was being run out of the .D.O.J.
    gun walker had tracking units in the guns and in most cases stopped the guns from entering Mexico also under gun walker the Mexican government was kept informed every step of the way!
    in obama and holders fast & Furious the mexican goverment was not informed at all till after no form of electronic trackers where used and the guns where let into Mexico even when they border patrol stopped the cars!
    oh and the cartel who got the guns from what i have read had a free pass to bring drugs into the u.s. that ended up in us citys funding the cartels drug trade !