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Barack, We Still Hardly Know Ye

This is a Fox News clip based on a ten-part Washington Examiner story that provides a little context for some of President Obama’s claims about his past.

Most pointedly, it debunks the assertion, made by Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention, that Obama was a poor kid growing up.

It’s the type of research the mainstream media, blinded by love, failed to do in 2008. Have a look.

46 thoughts on “Barack, We Still Hardly Know Ye”

  1. I hope the executives at the Washington Examiner realize how much ammunition, particularly .308 sniper rounds, Homeland Security has purchased recently.

    1. The .308 offers a lot of hydrostatic pressure on impact, disrupting the CNS, and often killing the target via a massive shut down to the CNS vs. blood loss. Though they do have a tendency to drop more than some other rounds. I know years ago we used to carry HydraShok .40 S&W rounds in our sidearms, and they will knock the crap out of someone.

      I still have to wonder why all these federal agencies are buying up literally tons of hollow point vs. FMJ rounds. The FMJ is not going to blow someone apart when they get hit with the round, and they have a better chance of survival. The HP rounds will tear you to shreds, and knock you into the next block. So why all the HP rounds?

          1. If you are or were a LEO, that explains a lot. Personally I spent the majority of my life in L/E and investigations for different agencies and departments. Makes you see the world in a different way.

      1. “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

        BHO- July 2008

      2. Shofar, you’re blowing your “horn” too hard and being too technical.
        I’m “old school”….still prefer my Henry “Big Boy .357Mag Lever action (10 round) rifle with Remington 180Gr “Cast Core” especially for Feral Hogs here in the Mts.

        1. Thanks for pulling me up short. My friend says that I get, as she puts it, “Sheldonesque.” Big Bang Theory reference. Spend too much time on explaining stuff and I don’t even realize it.

    2. Training purposes my arse. They bought enough .308 to quell the rebellion if the toadstool is re-elected. Good luck though, there is more of us than there are of them and I’d bet more than a few would never support another Obama term.

  2. To bad they didn’t do this in 2008…wonder why Hillary Clinton didn’t pounce on some of this. Just about everything he claims is now proven false or shady at best.

        1. Rick, I feel the same way. Progressives have a real knack for leaving a trail of destruction – just look at the inner-cities. I am convinced that the relationship between the D-voters and their political icons is sadomasochism.

          1. A sadist only enjoys it if their victim does not, so they are not really a good fit with a masochist. An old joke goes like this;

            Masochist – “hurt me, hurt me!”
            Sadist – “NO!”

            That’s why Democrats seem to enjoy it more when they stick it to people who actually WORK for a living. Their own supporters are NO FUN, they just roll over, take it, and ask for more. The struggle’s the FUN part for them, ESPECIALLY the dominance and forcing the submission from the rest of us.

            There’s not a lot of difference in temperment between Democrat leadership and gang leaders in prison. Democrats just have more punks.

          2. You may have hit the nail on the head, Sadie. The very people who preach to us about poverty, etc and the need to help others actually want or NEED these people to stay just where they are, economically. I’ve always been confused if its just to get a guaranteed vote or some hidden need to have a yoke on someone, COMPLETELY counter to Progressive thinking, if you take it for what they say. Progress wise, it becomes a circular firing squad, with nothing changing.

          3. My take on Monica based on many yrs on the Hill is that she was a consenting adult, this was a dalliance and it went out of control. She had to deal with the consequences–she never seemed suicidal to me.

          4. Yes, she was a “consenting adult,” but still young enough to imagine that the powerful older man liked her because she was special. She wasn’t old enough to realize that it was only because she was born much later than his wife. Billy Jeff took advantage of her naivety.

  3. I still have questions: why did both of the Obamas give up their right to practice law? the Social Security number, the college papers, when and why did his name change to Soreto and when and why did he reclaim the name Obama, why did his mother send him away from the family.

  4. Everytime I bring up ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ questionable/un-researched past to Obama supporters their eyes glaze over and they start calling me a “racist!” -LOL

    I had some troubles in my life (health-money) and because of that I can not get a basic US Govt. ‘security clearance’ to pursue my dream career… YET! a NO BODY like Obama is allowed to float into government and become the G-D D#MN “President of the US” WITHOUT EVER HAVING A ‘BACKGROUND’ CHECK???!!! THAT P%SSES ME OFF TO NO END!

    1. Spook,

      It used to be, if you’ve had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or any type of money woes, you were done as far as clearance. The thinking being that you could be bribed too easily due to the money problems.

      Also, if they even thought you were gay or had gay tendencies, you were done. Too much of a chance of blackmail. That’s changed due to the out reach to the gay community.

      Let’s look at Obama. Supposedly he grew up poor, and struggled moneywise. That’s one strike. There are now numerous allegations that he has had non-heterosexual relationships over the years. Strike two. He was known to have been involved with and friends with individuals that have advocated the overthrow of the US government by violence. STRIKE THREE!

      For whatever reason though, he’s still in the batters box. I guess he’s playing by pee-wee league rules.

      1. Shofar,
        You are correct on all those points (but I dont think the gay thing matters anymore…)
        When I was in the USN I had a ‘clearance’ (Secret) and I remember how important background checks where. If I re-enlisted (biggest mistake of my life not doing that…) they where going to give me a TS clearance to be a CTR.
        I just get ENRAGED!!! when I see these IDIOTS & MORONS in the US Congress & White House who can acces all types of classified material without EVER having a proper background check-clearance…

        1. Spook, It WAS the Navy after all. Transport for Marines.


          You are right about the other things. You have people in Congress, and the WH that no way in God’s green earth would they ever qualify for a secret let alone top secret clearance.

          1. Dont even get me started on why some “Congress-people/Senators” are allowed to see classified material that relates to critical life & death national security/foreign policy issues.

            HaHa. a USN-USMC joke. Hey, my boat (an LSD) carried Jarheads all over the Med… so I understand/respect that Marines are “different” -LOL
            (BTW, who signs a Marine’s paycheck? Its the Dept. of the Navy :-)

          2. LMAO!!!

            At least it’s not fly boys. I can deal with ground pounders, but, even though my cousin was career Air Farce, those guys always got on my nerves. Except the PJs, they’re nuts!

  5. With all you can hammer Obama on you pick this? It’s hollow, flimsy journalism manipulated into being a story. It lacks intelligence and integrity but what’s more it’s personal and not about the issues. At least what I saw, I couldn’t stomach it all. When you just hate on Obama it makes hard to know when your being credible.

    1. Yes–personal–and I wish I had known this when my instincts told me in 2008 that this guy was a wrong number–I kept thinking this guy is not right, something is wrong…No, that is not sourced journalism either…instinct. Then the halos and columns and logos and BS started and I voted McCain –first time EVER Republican.

  6. That is a fantastic report. Let’s see how many of their supporters will open their eyes to the lies these two have been telling them over the years. Probably won’t make a dent in the true believers. In my opinion, most of MSM could be categorized as true believers, so they won’t touch this report with a ten foot pole.

  7. AIn’t that the truth….Those of us (the ones who aren’t looking for “something for nothing”) hardly know him and Michelle is an outright lying cow. Trouble is, Romney is fast becoming the Republican version of Joe Biden because he can’t seem to keep his damned mouth shut and it’s going TENFOLD as hard on him as it would on “O’Biden” because of our Liberal mainstream media, pandering to their little “Tramp In Chief”

    Unless the Romney camp wakes up REAL soon and starts fighting instead of “apologizing” and taking the bait from the jerks at “fornications” like the NY Times & the Washington Post we’ll be in for 4 more years of “Gubment Cheese” on our “dime”

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