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White House: Romney is “Desperate”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today characterized the Romney campaign as “desperate” for fanning outrage over a video from 1998 that presents audio of President Obama expressing support for “redistribution” of wealth.

All of us . . . have seen circumstances like this where a campaign is having a very bad day or a very bad week and in circumstance like that, there are efforts made – sometimes desperate efforts made – to change the subject.

Asked whether he was terming the Romney campaign “desperate,” Carney doubled down.

I made an observation as a keen observer of the political scene that when a campaign is having a bad day or a bad week or, some might say, a bad month . . . you sometimes witness an effort that seems desperate to change the subject.

Carney argued that in the video, which has been widely cited after being featured on the Drudge Report, Obama was merely making “an argument for a more efficient and more effective government.”

The video appears below. You can judge for yourself.

50 thoughts on “White House: Romney is “Desperate””

  1. And MotherJones, dropping a Romney bomb from five months ago, to mask the criminal neglect of U.S. State Dept. security policy that got an Ambassador and his staff killed, isn’t changing the subject, Jay?

    1. It wasn’t even a bomb–but instantly it was pretzeled up to mean Romney hates half of America. This whole thing is disgusting. Sure, these people will try to fan the flames with the press heaving on the gasoline…

      1. Yesterday a publicist for NBC emailed me wanting a mention of an upcoming Brian Wms special on my health blog–and I was very happy to say…No, kissing up to Obama has consequences. That felt good.

        1. Star – good one you! They’re already trying to worm in storylines on the nutworks.
          AND NOW..for the daily math quiz: $80 million x $[fill in] = ??????
          A week after small businesses warned that Obamacare taxes will eat up to half of their profits, a new government report reveals that simply complying with the new tax rules in the health care act will cost American families and businesses nearly 80 million hours–essentially a whole new tax.
          Based on Internal Revenue Service figures, the House Committee on Ways and Means has compiled an estimate of the total amount of hours it will take to comply with the tax rules. The bottom line: 79,229,503 hours, most of which will fall on small businesses.

  2. Desperate? You mean unearthing Obama’s own words and Marxist ideology is desperate? It depends on what the meaning of ‘desperate’ is. ‘Desperate’, in my opinion, is when the Obama campaign accuses Romnney of causing the death of a woman who died of cancer due to Bain’s corporate ‘vulturism’….even though the woman had insurance and lived 7 years after the company was dissolved.

    1. (pant pant) Am I late? I heard someone say “Marxist”! Oh, Hi Girly! Let me just get a cuppa coffee and start parsing your comment. One sec.


      So, as always, I am surprised how quickly you guys play the “Marxist” card. I mean, I know this is an echo chamber, and that any slam against Obama is a good slam, but does it bother you on an intellectual level that you don’t really understand Marxism? I ask this only because it also means you really don’t understand capitalism. Therefor, how can you have a proper understanding of whether your candidate, Romney, is really a “capitalist” in the sense you are thinking of, or is in fact an aristocrat or a plutocrat and is at odds with your real values?

      Incidentally, if this is the best response Romney can offer to his suicide video at the fundraiser, he may as well just pull out of the campaign now. The Republicans were bringing out stronger attacks than this before Obama was elected.

      And BTW Girly, I love that you end you comment by pointing out that Bain did in fact dissolve this woman’s job. All hail the “Makers”!

  3. Of course MrRomney is desperate, so is MrObama. We’re all feeling a sense of desperation and urgency about the upcoming election.
    MrObama’s campaign has been stagnant, no matter what the polls say. All he promises is raising taxes on the rich, as if he had the power to do so. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.
    MrRomney needs to convince a bunch of voters that he can right the economy and restore our national esteem. His plans haven’t been explained or detailed either.

    We’ll have to wait for the debates to see who’s the most desperate.

    1. srdem65, I truly admire you. Your posts are always spot on, and your extreme courtesy in calling Barry MrObama is admirable. Sadly, I just can’t bring myself to emulate your civility.

    2. @srdem65 – Interesting and appropriate observation.

      The “Center / Right” tend to vote and some Center / Left Dems living the dream the dream may stay home to cash their welfare checks. Hard to capture this in the polls…

  4. Just more liberal spin with Carney attributing to Romney what the situation actually is for the Left–desperation. Like when Nancy Pelosi, for example, says that “president” Obama is all about job creation when the truth is that Barack Obama is all about job destruction. The Alinsky-loving liberals always project their failure onto whomever opposes them.

    1. If Obama wins (*throws up in mouth alittte*) in Nov. The Dear Leader will “keel haul” this once proud & strong nation…

      (being an ex-sailor I use my “salty” language everytime I have to talk about Obama -lol)

    2. Thars a fearce storm aport in the Western Atlantic sir, said his 1st mate. Aye Matey, the natives are restless indeed, sounded the Captain, “but their leader is adrift in his own grog and will give us a treasure trove of gold, which in turn shall allow us to plunder the village.

  5. Not like that OFA is having a grand month, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Syria, China v Japan. Let’s not forget 8.1% Unemployment, QE3, High gas and food prices, I better stop I’m making myself ill thinking about it all…

  6. Has there ever been one time that the POTUS has made comments that didn’t require his loyal followers to explain to “we of the little minds” that what he said is not really what he said? You didn’t build that actually means….., I’m for redistribution actually means….., the private sector is doing fine actually means…….. If he is so intelligent, why does he have such difficulty actually stating what he means? Oh yea, I forgot, we’re the idiots.

  7. They think we are idiots. Unfortunately, their base will believe anything they are told. Obama is what he says he is, a redistributor. For Little Goebbels to come out and say that Obama really meant he was for government efficency is an insult. There is no such thing anyway. Nothing but a bunch of G*#$!*&% liars and manipuators in that corrupt administration.

      1. @Cooper. Yep! You and yours against the ignorant, unwashed, mindless, leaches – i.e., the “they”.

        @Susan – Roger that. I suppose an argument can be made that the government is efficiently ineffective… and, conversely, effective at being inefficient… Too big and growing…

        1. Right again, Boogs! That they are… leeches, parasites, ticks, bottom dwellers, etc. I guess you’ll like living under socialism, it seems to fit you. You don’t have to think about much, Uncle Obammie will fill your kool-aid cup. Cheers!

  8. MSLSD/Pravda Announcement:

    On MSNBC moments ago, host Andrea Mitchell brought up the 1998 comments President Obama “allegedly” made at Loyola University signaling that he agreed with wealth redistribution.

    The audio file was released on YouTube earlier this week and featured on the Drudge Report.

    Mitchell brought on Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt to respond, but added that she would not air the clip.

    “I should point out that NBC and MSNBC, we have not verified the accuracy of that tape from Loyola so we are not playing it.” Mitchell said.

  9. You have to wonder if the Romney video was supposed to have been the Democrats’ October surprise and it was released early because of the heat on Obama’s Middle East troubles. Whatever, I think it bombed: I see far, far more people saying Romney is right, and not only that, it seems as if the Republicans had their own little October surprise waiting in the wings with Obama’s redistribution remarks.

  10. I’m sorry – is anyone surprised by what Ubama said? Is there someone who has been living under a rock for the last 4 years that, upon hearing our president believes in redistribution, is actually surprised that he said this?

    Laughable, of course, is the explanation that Ubama really wants “efficient government” – that’s just plain wishful thinking. I thought Carney’s skills at subterfuge were better than that.

  11. Pretty cocky little pup back then. He sounds all Alinskied up with that fancy talkin’ about redistributin’ my ill-gotten pirate booty.
    He’s off the map and here be monsters, Jack!

  12. Guess that means the Romney “secret” video was released because they were desperate to change the subject now that their Arab Spring appears to be turning the world back to the Dark Ages.

    That 1988 tape was not his last mention of redistribution, or spreading the wealth. Joe the Plumber can attest to that. What a blowhard President Kardashian is/was, filibustering on a simple question. Of course his true self comes out in the end.
    “…and right now everybody is so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.”

  13. I’m very much concerned what will happen if this man is reelected to the White House. Who’s going to stop him from a radical change? Now the EPA is clamping down on coal production. What else is going to happen to this country? Then I read the new NAFTA on the Pacific and how worse it is for this country once it’s approved. There are too many things on the plate that will radically change and very possibly degrade our lifestyle.

  14. I’ve been told that in the poorest, blackest neighborhoods of Dallas, the lawns have dozens of Obama signs stuck in their unmowed lawns. I figure they will get bused to the polls, given a sammie and a pint, and a pat on the head. (I, too, am a racist.)

    1. Don’t discount this turnout. There were several Black churches in this area alone that gathered their congregations together for “vote early for Obama” events, where they had a social and free feed, while getting encouragement and help filling out their early voting cards in ’08, and they are all making plans to do so again. The IRS is strangely silent on whether this will affect THEIR tax exempt status, but there are White churches that have already been warned about openly supporting “any candidate”…

      Oh, well.
      By Any Means Necessary. Right?

  15. Neither is desperate – yet, both are not happy with the competing videos. Carter Jr screwed the pooch by releasing the video early. Obama had it and was going to use it as an October Surprise.

    And Romney had the 98 tape as well, for the same purpose. So what carter Jr. did was just advance the time table for the release. Which pissed off some strategists, but that is about all.

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