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Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 20, 2012

9:30 am ||  Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Departs White House
1:20 pm || Arrives Miami
2:20 pm || Participates in a town hall hosted by Univision; University of Miami; Coral Gable, Florida
5:25 pm || Departs Miami
6:20 pm || Arrives Tampa
6:50 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; private residence, Tampa
9:05 pm || Departs Tampa
11:25 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

36 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 20, 2012”

  1. You could almost feel sorry for Carter, Jr. He’s going to have to get up extra early in time to head out to Andrews AFB to catch a ride on the big, expensive jet so he can go to yet another fund raiser. I expect he’ll be able to sleep in on Friday.

    1. I happened to catch some clips of MrObama’s visit to the Letterman show. I don’t think he wants to go back there soon; he had to defend the national debt. Apparently he’s not at all worried about the debt.

      He looked small sitting in his chair with MrLetterman looming above him.

        1. My goodness… Must be a slow day if all we can find to take issue with is the President’s schedule and a a quick duke / side step on the national debt…. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing we have well trained hounds hot on the trail. Hope the President can hold his blatter until Friday since bathroom breaks are not on the schedule… (leaving a gaping hole for an obvious retort).

          Interesting ongoing developments in China today. We’re going to feel a squeeze in the next decade as China spends some of their hard earned money… Maybe will need that extra 2T in the DB.

          1. Looks like those daily briefings are screwing with Obama’s mornings. In the office before 10 or noon these days. Those are the little things some of us notice on the schedule. Events in China…way over my pay grade. But good on you for noticing no bathroom breaks.

          2. Anyone know about the tension between Japan & Communist China? “War clouds” anyone…?
            I bet I know more about the Japan vs. China tension than “Pres.” Obama and his “Daily Brief”

        2. Oh, he knows how much our debt has grown. Like most things that have gone wrong, he pretends it’s not his fault.

          Just a late night musing; MrO looks and sounds tired and distracted. For a man who started his term believing that he was beloved around the world, who only had to wish something and it would happen, the reality of the last two years have taken a toll on him. I believe that he truly believed that America wanted a comprehensive healthcare system, that his trillion dollar stimulus would indeed revive the economy, and that his outreach to the world of Islam would insure peace between our peoples.

          I don’t feel sorry for him, but I do feel sorry for the voters who believed that he was going to change things for the better for them.
          The Black community that was so proud that one of their own would sit in the WhiteHouse now finds itself in worse shape than ever. Young people who thought MrO would change the world for them are now unemployed and facing an uncertain future.

          MrRomney isn’t a magician, he can’t make things right with the wave of a presidential wand. It will take years to undo that which is smothering the economy and the Ameican spirit, healthcare has to be addressed and our relations with other countries has to be on our terms again.

          1. Yes, you nailed it in a few words much better than I did. The last thing Americans want is a President who has lost his way and hopes to be re-elected by dividing us against each other.

          2. Now with some restorative sleep and a quick look around at the world, Obama’s response to it, and shaky poll numbers (I’m not big on polls) for Romney’s case, musing once again gives way to anger and sadness.

            If Obama is re elected the America I see a welfare nation with a foreign and domestic policy sympathetic to “working with” Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood and rights and privileges formerly tied to citizenship shared by all those who manage to enter this country one way or another. This has begun already and 4 more years of Obama will institutionalize it.

            The polls reflect an American electorate who does not seem concerned by this at all. Obama’s pathetic response to events in the Middle East,his refusal to acknowledge a War on Terror (the only war he seems unwilling to talk about — war on women, etc) his State of the Union Address at Letterman Hall reflecting either unconcern or ignorance regarding our nation’s debt, and the corrupt use of the DOJ to enforce or deny the law as Obama, Holder and Jarrett are accepted as much ado about nothing.

            It will be an America we don’t recognize and one where I will not live. I will fight hard to prevent another Obama term but I won’t live here and watch the aftermath should he and the leftists who are now the Democrat Party succeed in fundamentally transforming America.

            And as I write this I am listening to Andrea Saul in her high pitched whiny voice try and defend or explain Romney’s position. Romney should have gotten rid of her long ago and the fact that he did not is probably as responsible for Romney’s numbers as is the American electorate. A few bodies under the bus might have improved his chances.

            So, another day, another disgruntled rant from me. I am as tired of it as you probably are.

          3. Thanks for that. But I am moving into reality. Obama has popularized and thereby devalued the presidency and symbols of the republic. He issues forth from Letterman and Entertainment tonight, his campaign sells weird socialist art type stuff most recently some avant garde american flag and his supporters pledge to vote for obama (not the republic) with weird hand written messages over the top. Once you devalue the country’s long standing symbols and reduce them to popular culture you have infiltrated the public with your messaging

            The Oval Office and Rose Garden message -gone/the American flag — popularized and sold (not new) – the pledge of allegiance, a personal pledge to Obama.

            I have always had faith in the American people. And I still do. But I am not hopeful.

    2. Susan, there was another item conveniently left off his public schedule last Friday afternoon. According to Mark Knoller’s tweet, after the Transfer of Remains Ceremony at Joint Base Andrews BHO went to the Democratic National Committee HQ for campaign strategy talks.

      1. Tweets are how new media found out about this interview and photo shoot too. Nowhere for him to hide from us as long as there are people willing to brag about their interactions with the snake oil salesman.

  2. Poor Obummer. Now he has to squeeze in a PDB at 9:30 before he hits the road for more campaigning and fundraising, We all know from watching his schedule that he very rarely has a PDB before flying off somewhere.

    In fact, this is his fourth day in a row. Funny how a little criticism gets them to act. Good article at Breitbart (linked on Drudge):

  3. Univision, eh? Lets be optimistic, People. Maybe he is auditioning for them, with the little woman to follow. Screen tests go well, maybe the “Barry and Moo Show” will appear next Spring. He’s going to need SOMETHING to keep him self busy……..

  4. Here’s a picture of LBJ signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Not just a seminal act in Black Americans lives (caps intended) but all Americans.
    That’s the same room the flouts (lower case intended) exercised for the tv show BIGGEST LOSER and sack raced w/ Jimmy Fallon also for a tv show. I didn’t think they could disparage the White House more. Until I saw this:

    1. At first glance I thought it was a photoshop with a story from the ONION…..Maybe we’ll get a speech from Disney World today – in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

      1. Girly, how about an “EAR OFF” where Mickey and Barack are measured (with a laser, since POTUS enjoys focusing like one) to see which one has the bigger ears?

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