In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Fundamentally Transforming America, Part 2

President Obama Tuesday indicated he is on the “brink” of moving the United States in a new direction, a vow that recalled his 2008 pre-Election Day promise, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Obama, who spoke at a fundraiser in New York City hosted by entertainers Beyoncé and Jay-Z, suggested he will implement a redistributionist vision that ensures results for those at the bottom of the income scale.

We’re on the brink of an election, but more importantly, we’re on the brink of moving America in a direction in which we’re going to be more just, more fair, the economy is going to grow in a way that includes everybody — an America that’s respected around the world because we are putting forward our best values and our best ideals.

Obama signalled that the change he is contemplating will be far more than tinkering at the margins, placing it in the context of great social movements that have occurred throughout history. Obama even invoked the Divine, indicating the direction he is mapping out is an attempt to be in accordance with “God’s plan.”

And the second thing is an awareness of history and an understanding that change in this country has never been easy.  It’s never been easy.  Women getting the right to vote took decades of work.  The civil rights movement — we had a century of work.  The union movement, people having an opportunity to get a minimum wage — people were beaten and died for that.

So I’m always reminded and humbled by the fact that what we do at any given moment is just part of this bigger pattern, part of God’s plan, part of a process. And our job is just to make sure that we are pushing in the right direction — pushing the wheel of history in the right direction.

The president has in the past expressed an ambition to be a transformative figure, even speaking kindly of his ideological antagonist, Ronald Reagan, because Reagan instituted major change.

Tuesday’s remarks indicate that, freed from the constraint of having to face the electorate again, Obama will devote himself to remaking the country in his progressive vision.

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      1. I got a chill, too–the kind I get when a know-it-all with complete certitude states his intention to screw up my life. (I am in the lower lower–no thanks, Mr Pres, I can scrape a living–although these last four yrs, you have made iot darn hard.)

        1. I bet you a bowl of crawfish gumbo that you can’t actually demonstrate, in any real way, how your life has been made “harder” by Obama, and especially not in any way that is distinct from the eight years of Dubya. Have you lost a job? Has your 401K tanked?

          Seriously, if you can cite an Obama (or, let’s be fair, Democratic) policy that got the dominos falling until they reached your very home, I would love to hear it. Frankly, I think most of you are cranks who see Obama hiding behind every curtain but could make your complaints under any administration.

          Please do take me up on this, but if you are going to cite something like, sya, high gas prices, you should also prove that there is an Obama policy that increased them, and that your woe isn’t actually due to the commodities market and speculation.

          1. All of the above, plus my clients went out of business or are slow pay-no pay, my kid could not find a job despite looking, we lost all our savings, B of A lost a lot of my mother’s money, AND I have to follow all these sites thinking I can somehow in some small way influence getting a better and less irritating and scary president. I have no car–so gas prices are not my first concern.

          2. Thanks for the examples. Now let’s see what you gave us:

            B of A= Subprime bubble= pre-Obama
            401K= (see above)

            Gasoline: I don’t know if you recall, but prices began their moonshot under Dubya. Regardless, the “drill here/drill now myth has been debunked. Unless the oil is drilled and processed by a national company, the way many OPEC nations do it, the profits will simply go to Exxon or Gulf. But there has been an oil boom in Texas over the past few years, and the Texas economy is going gangbusters. Has that lowered your gas prices?

            Sorry about your job, but what exactly makes you think Romney is the man to bring it back? Romney is a believer in the “creative destruction” of capitalism, so he is just as likely to answer your woes with a shoulder shrug.

            But if you think he is Mr. Big Business, and will therefor know how to jumpstart the economy , remember: this guy is not a Henry Ford or a Steve Jobs. Helll, he’s not even a George Romney! Mitt has never built anything, never taken an idea from scratch and founded an empire around it. Mitt Romney is a finance man, not an industrialist. Bain Capital would sweep in, take over semi-productive businesses, and do whatever they could to squeeze money out of them for Bain’s investors and to pay Bain’s multi-million dollar management fees. If that meant growing the business (like Staples), swell! If that meant liquidating the business (like KB Toys and Ampad), also swell! The point is, Bain always got paid! That isn’t exactly heroic.

          3. So, the record numbers of long-term unemployed; record numbers of people on food stamps; average household income dropping while the value of the dollar slides; a large portion of young adults having to go back and live with their parents; people who were formerly middle class working at McDonald’s (if they’re lucky); stores standing empty for long periods where that never happened before — all that doesn’t matter to you because YOU are doing okay.

            I’ve heard business owners cite specific Obama or Democrat policies that have made it impossible for them to expand, or even to stay in business. The nation has plummeted dramatically on the scale of economic freedom, to 18th place. Less economic freedom = less economic growth.

            Obama disdains entrepreneurs — unless they are directly in his pocket. His only concern is redistributing wealth. How wealth is produced is of no interest to him. Nor does it bother him that Americans on average are now less well off than Canadians, since he favors global redistribution of wealth — meaning less for us.

          4. Sounds like you are describing a depression to me, Rade. I’ll be the first to admit that that’s what we’re in, and will happily concede that Obama has not exactly dug us out. But have you seriously forgotten how we got into this mess? 2008 was not that long ago. We oughta commemorate it like 9/11 (FYI, that means we had TWO doomsdays on Dubya’s watch).

            The problem with trying to compare today’s economy to what Reagan inherited (as conservatives are wont to) is that tax rates are already pretty low. Trickledown won’t fix anything. Moreover, what we are all slowly realizing is that our prosperity before the Crash of ’08 was a shell game played on the Middle Class, keeping our wages stagnant while buying us off with cheap credit and the Wal-Mart economy.

            But it is THAT economic model that has just imploded! Consumerism for the last generation was built on a house of cards made up of cheap credit and sub-prime loans. Now the credit is gone and businesses have to deal with a customer base that is broke!

            As for the rich, those tht are thriving in this economy, well of course they can’t find investment opportunities! They have squeezed the lemon dry! That’s what sub-prime was! And with T-bills paying record low returns (like they were before mortgage backed securities became the Next Big Thing), we are back at square one.

            The answer? FUCK THE RICH. They are not the solution for this crisis. The products that are booming in sales are being manufactured overseas. Unless someone reinvents the Internet, the solution will have to be low tech. Good old fashioned blue collar jobs are what the unemployed need. And that means another stimulus, one where the Republicans cooperate this time.

          5. Filled up the Ford Expedition on Saturday, Death Ray. The cost of the warning light to a full tank? $95.59!
            Under Dubya the cost about 45.00. Boy, I sure miss those days!

          6. Have’nt you heard of obamacare? Enough destruction for the past four years and decades ahead for the middle class! And dont try to tell me that its good! I’ve read the bill and the horrors have’nt even begun yet! So if you want to work your butt off and give obamas people,”the welfare cases” and BTW some are welfare due to his policies,most of your income, go ahead, I’ll pass! obama hates small business and he hates individual achievement so enjoy your communism if ,god forbid, he gets in again!

      1. Think for a second, DR–how could a president do that? “Include everybody” how?–equal income, equal opportunity, from each acc to ability to those who can’t work..or dont feel like it. It’s word salad… He would have to try to take over even more levers of power than he has–maybe all jobs, all pay…

        1. How could an economy “grow”? Are you seriously asking that? Isn’t the power to grow our economy what every president claims? Isn’t Romney promising to do just that?

          (I can understand your confusion, BTW. Romney has promised to “grow” the economy, but has put zero meat on those bones. Except for cutting taxes on the rich, what’s the plan?)

          But are you also saying that a growing economy wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, include everybody? Are you frightened by what that word “include” means? I know that conservatives think that every letter in the Obama alphabet has hidden meaning, put I’m pretty sure that the axiom “a rising tide lifts all boats” is what is implied here.

          1. I see the straw man store has another sale going on–I did not ask how does an economy grow–but since you bring it up, why doesn’t your guy know? I askjed how does a PRESIDENT include everyone–by fiat, how? I still want to know.

  1. This should scare the crap out of every American who loves this country. If this neo-socialist get reelected, our country as we have known it, is finished. God help us.

  2. Demagogue Marxist claptrap.

    Americans are lucky, for the long term health of America, to witness upclose a lying conniving demagogue in action, and then to utterly reject him, and all his enablers, and to never look back. Let this demagogue go down in history, and let it be written, that this is a path that America will NEVER follow, now and forever. Amen.

    1. Man, you said a mouthful! “Civil rights”, “minimum wages”… if Blue Collar American would stop demanding bathroom breaks our iPad sweatshops could be here, in Pennsylvania and Ohio, not in capitalist China!!

      1. It’s what the demagogue doesn’t say that is what his followers are oblivious to. This is what indoctrination does: it erases the part of the brain used for critical thinking and replaces it with a collective mind that mindlessly follows. Independent intelligent thought is like kryptonite to the demagogue.

        1. You have a computer-like brain, Jeff, able to interpret the words Obama doesn’t speak like some sort of political jazz critic! I’d rather live in Romney’s affluent 50.1% of America than Obama’s brainwashed 47%!

          1. Thanks for the overly kind words Death Ray, but I think you were describing yourself. I’m just a pissed off citizen doing the best I can.

            Living in Massachusetts, where I’m like the original missing link, it’s great to be able to come to Keith’s excellent site and commiserate with other Patriots. Thanks for the support.

  3. Your last paragraph says it all, Keith. We need to be scared, very scared. A few weeks ago the Messiah said he wanted to try a little bartisanship but, if that doesn’t work, he will take things into his own hands. When he speaks of ‘his’ hands – we all know he’s referring to himself as the Creator. I truly hope that part of God’s plan is to see to it that this devil is banished from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on Jan. 20. 2013.

    1. You said what we’re all thinking, Girly! Meanwhile, the Left is trying to scare us by saying Mitt Romney’s religion is all about Mormons becoming gods of their own planets! At least Romney isn’t trying to be master of the entire Universe! Overreach much, comrade Karl Engels Obama??!!??!

  4. I would bet that it just frustrates the hell out of Obama that he can’t just come out and say EXACTLY what he means by all of these catch-phrases and campaign style quotes such as:

    “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America…Yes sir! In five days this country will no longer be a free democratic republic! With Allahs divine guidance, we will soon be guided by shariah law!!!!… OR

    “America will be the kind of place that is respected around the world…especially because we will allow everyone, mostly my brothers, the Muslim Brotherhood, to allow us to join them on their glorious path to domination!!…. OR

    “The future America will be more just, more equal, …Because remember this, ALL slaves are equal!! “….

    And of course, all of this will be accepted gratefully by the 47% who listen to every word uttered by the “Divine One” with a tear glistening in their eye, just thankful that they are going to be looked after and treated fairly on a level playing field by “Him”.

    Excuse me, I think I need to go and vomit now….

    1. F-YEAH! It all makes sense now! Why else would he ask YouTube to remove that Mohammed movie if he wasn’t revealing his secret identity as the 12th Imam?? And yet, waitaminit… surely seeing our embassies burn was his plan all along. The two don’t fit…

      Ah, wheels within wheels! Can we ever hope to outthink this rascally moor?

  5. H/T Why are we ordering even more ammunition for “domestic unrest”? The Army is seemingly being trained to put down “civil disobedience” Is some forward thinking bureaucrat preparing for either an Obama loss, where the “47%” will revolt or an Obama win, where the rest of us will be protesting? Maybe the old “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck!” saying applies here.

  6. And people are appalled by Gov. Romney’s comments? This is disturbing and reinforces why the comments Gov. Romney made while rough are generally correct. I doubt very seriously that most seniors on Social Security who lived through the depression, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, September 11 and what followed, raised their families, made huge sacrifices to support their families are concerned about Gov. Romney’s comments, but if they heard these would be terrified. I’m 60 and it terrifies me. When most media is in the tank to get this man re-elected – I’m one of those that doesn’t believe there is a whole lot Gov. Romney can do but plug away at those in the middle who we hope are rational to slowly win this election. Can you imagine the uproar if Gov. Romney was saying this is God’s plan? We know what they thought of George Bush and his Christianity. It is alarming.

    1. WMP, can’t you see Moochelle wearing a crown calling out from the White House entrance “Let them eat arugula!”? Excuse me I’m off to find my copy of Les Miserables. I think it will be helpful…….

      1. In 24 hrs, this comment about not using donor money to woo people who would never vote for him has been twisted into: People on Social Security and those who claim the mortgage deduction are losers who think of themselves as victims and I don’t have to bother with them. Amazing!

        1. Lets not forget the elderly who will be lined up and shot, the disabled vets who will be kicked out of the VA, etc etc. Oh yes, I forgot the handicapped children who’s wheelchairs will be reposessed by Bain Capital.

  7. I just want to know will he be providing the Maoist hats and caps along with a copy of ‘Audacity of Hope’ for The People to carry around and quote from when challenged?

  8. The Republicans made a spoof about 10 things Obama should be doing instead of appearing on the Letterman show (attend intelligence briefings, meet with Netanyahu etc.). Why can’t they make an ad out of this so as many people see it as watch Letterman? They’re too mild and milky with the TV ads. Dick Morris posted a series after the convention which were made for swing states, and someone correctly described them as ‘gauzy’.

  9. “…an America that’s respected around the world because we are putting forward our best values and our best ideals.”

    Do these “entertainers” and their worshipers ever actually hear what this false prophet is saying? Are they not aware the Middle East is in flames and our embassies have been stormed and pillaged as he is telling them these lies?

    “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15

  10. this is the REAL barry hussein behind the mask. the mask he wore back in the 2008 campiagn. all he needed then was to get his hoof thru the door.
    I can see the likes of chairman mao, mussilini ,even today’s putin standing with fists raised in honor of their commrade.
    in fact, it was mussilini who said ” democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy, truth is that men are tired of liberty”.

  11. If Barack Obama is considering himself the Creator, it is going to get him one thing and one thing only – hellfire.
    Wasn’t he supposed to be transforming America for the past 3.5 years? I guess he was just smacking us around a little with a ball peen hammer. Now he is going to get out the sledge hammer and give us the TKO.

  12. Should MrObama win re-election, he will not be able to make his dreams of a utopian society come true. Even if the Dems manage to reclaim a majority in Congress, and keeps a majority in the Senate, there are too many patriots to allow him to do whatever harm he plans. If not from patriotic ideals, those elected will fear the wrath of the voters in the next election if they allow MrObama to change what we hold dear.

    If he wins re-election but loses the Dem majority in the Senate and Congress remains a Repub majority, MrObama will be a lame duck President from the day he takes his oath of office.

    1. (pant, pant) Senor Dem, leave it to you to be the voice of reason. Of course Chancellor Obama can’t do all these things he’s talking about! (“Pushing the wheel of history in the right direction.” FEH! Now this guy thinks he invented the wheel!). Not as long as our 2nd Amendment obtains, and our guns are kept fully loaded with expanding Black Talon cop killer bullets and we are reminded daily by patriots like Keith to be suspicious of every syllable that falls out of Obama’s half-white mouth!

      God Bless the Guns and Gods of Godmerica!!

    2. Normally I agree with your good reasoning about checks and balances and rule of law. In Obama 2.0 I fear those will be fodder for the history books.

        1. Ah…..thats the DR I know. You had me scared for a while with your initial comments today. I thought you either had an intervention or someone had stolen your ID.

        2. Off your meds today, dr? Of course, we do have a Constitional “scholar” in the WH, who has no problem with Gitmo. Maybe you’d like to flagellate the current POTUS with the last one.

        3. Don’t be naive, MrRay. Intense interrogation brought us the whereabouts of bin Laden. We’re not playing chess with the radical Islamists, it’s life or death all the way.

          Everyone is quiet about the use of drones to kill unsuspecting terrorists in other countries. No one said much when MrO ordered the death of an American citizen who was suspected of being a terrorist.
          All Presidents have had to make horrible decisions and we must stand by them.

    3. Wish that would be the result srdem, but in my opinion it won’t. Even if the Republicans take both houses of Congress, they won’t have enough votes to override his veto power. He has already been allowed to bypass Congress by issuing illegal Executive Orders with hardly a peep from Republican leadership. He shreds our Constitution on a daily basis without rebuke from our lawmakers.

      Should President Kardashian be re-elected, about the only thing we can hope for is that the House will tighten the purse strings on his spending. That is highly unlikely with Boehner in charge. As we’ve seen from Boehner’s performance as House Majority Leader, he is too cowardly to stop the spending.

  13. Soooo, what exactly is he going to do that is so different from what he has already done (which has done nothing but hinder the free market from recovering naturally after the dems incessant meddling)? I’m hoping some of the 2008 Kool-Aid drinkers can see through this crap this time around.

    What ARE you going to do owebama? What are you working on? What bills? Programs? International work? Anything? Anything at all???

    Ahhh, let me guess. He’s going to split California, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Arizona (just for spite), Texas, and Alaska each into two states, then we’ll have 57 states (making him a prophet, obviously). THAT’S transforming America. These new states will be called Obama, Obama2, Obama3… And these states will be utopias, nobody ever has to lift a finger, or risk anything, and they get tons of free $hit from the government. “The Rich” will be taxed at 480% and they will be happy to pay.

  14. If Obummer stays on for another 4 years we will be further transformed into a closer model of the socialist states that have already, or are in the process, of failing. He is right that change is hard and it is time for America to change the expansion of it’s dependency and entitlement movement back to integrity and ingenuity.

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  16. I am so glad he showed his true color (no pun intended) to the “haves” of this society. Now they will either worry like the dickens or be dumb and breathe a sigh of relief. They need to worry because if Obama succeeds…these OWS will cause havoc on a scale we have never seen before and they will go after the “haves”. Obama will put into their brains they are “entitled” to it all. Life will end as they know it.

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