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SNL’s New Obama Impersonator

Saturday Night Live has a new Obama impersonator, Jay Pharoah. Thought you might want to take a look at his debut from last Saturday.

28 Responses to SNL’s New Obama Impersonator

  1. He actually did a pretty good imitation. But, it’s no surprise they spun Romney in a worse light. You didn’t expect them to have someone playing scary uncle Biden saying all the stupid crap he does, did you??? “They gonna put ya’ll back in chains!!!”

  2. Is this impersonator supposed to be funny? Maybe I’m tired (or too old tonight!) but I failed to see much humor in his skit. But then, there’s not much humor in DC these days with BO & MO hunkered down in the WH.

  3. Sure…look at the funny little “clowns” on TV….the’re all a bunch of Liberals as are most of our movie “stars”…they donate thousands to Obama but nothing to their “causes” ( so-called)

    In Medieval times, they would have been nothing but Court Jesters and they should be treated the same now. HEY WHOOPI, ALEC AND SEAN….what about LEADING???

  4. They lost me playing Hillary as a mean bitch and Sarah as stupid. Nothing funny when they got sexist. Maybe if they bring in Tracy Morgan to play Michelle, I’ll tune in. (He played Whitney Houston’s daughter for heaven’s sake). Also mean was John Goodman playing Linda Trip and Will Ferrell playing Janet Reno. Just. Not. Funny. Bring back Mad TV :D

  5. I stopped watching Saturday Night Live back in the 80’s. They stopped being funny when they turned political and the only people they chose to make fun of were conservatives or Republicans. No way they would dare mock their messiah…

  6. Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Laraine Newman,Jane Curtin, John Belushi, Garrett Morris…….despite their problems with drugs, eating disorders and infighting, these were the cast members in the glory days of SNL.
    (Showing my age!)

  7. Presidential impersonator? America ALREADY has had a Presidential Impersonator for almost four years now. Sometimes his name is Barry Soetoro, sometimes Barak Hussein Obama, but always Geyron, the Living Incarnation of Fraud.

  8. I guess the joke was on us, thinking that it might be funny before watching it. Must have been using substitute writers and actors. Where they went off the rails was in trying to suggest that Romney is as goofy as Joe Biden. The stuff they were trying to pin on Romney was real-life Joe. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the same actor who was playing Romney is the one they usually use for Biden. He did not even have to change characters to pull this one off, just make-up. Mailed it in.