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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
Noon || Participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden; private dining room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 11:15 am

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 19, 2012”

  1. The infamous Romney tape has a 2 minute gap. From Legal Insurrection:

    “Update: I found Corn’s email address, and he responded as follows:
    According to the source, the recording device inadvertently turned off. The source noticed this quickly and turned it back one. The source estimates that one to two minutes, maybe less, of recording was missed.”

    lol. Anotherwords, it was edited. Conservatives, you know who you are….Bill Krystal…, owe Mitt an apology.

    1. Think I get it now. Shirley Sherrod is lionized by the left, and Breitbart is beaten up by both sides because he didn’t have the full tape of her racist NAACP speech. When the tables are turned, Jimmah Carter’s ne’er-do-well grandson can selectively edit a tape of our Republican nominee for president at a critical moment and it’s no big deal. Without double standards the left would have no standards at all…

      Wish the establishment Republicans would just keep their negative opinions of the candidate they pushed on us to themselves. Sometimes I wonder if they realize we’re in the fight of our lives in this election.

    2. The Weekly Standard started sending us e-mail updates, but I asked them to stop because of the Kristol post which called Romney ‘arrogant and stupid’.

  2. Boy….sounds like a fun schedule. Meet with “Witch Hazel” (Strega) and then lunch with “Foot In Mouth” Biden…KOFFLER, when are you going to stop “parroting” everything and start reporting some REAL news on the “Obiden” Administration????

  3. Gee, Koffler, we have to “apply” to hear second hand news? You need to start becoming what you “used to be” or soon, you’ll be nothing but “Yesterdays News” as well. You need to stop “tag teaming” the Liberals at Huffington Post and report the TRUTH from the FRONT SEAT

    1. BH – are you 8 years old or are you disguised as an adult, who never got around to learning manners. If you don’t like what you’re reading – go start your own blog.

    2. No one is forcing you to read here, you know. There’s a great big worldwide web out there. Feel free to look around and have some fun somewhere else. Or hey, you could even start your own blog.

    3. BH, slow your roll.
      Mr. Koffler posts information (Obama’s “daily schedule”) and stories that the “main-stream media” (even FoxNews) will dare not report

    4. BH, et al:

      I have had the pleasure of talking (writing to) Keith off forum, and from his and my conversations I feel him to be a man of integrity, honesty, and compassion. But, also one that speaks (writes) his mind, when other “journalists” or “reporters” simply parrot the Newspeak.

      While I don’t agree with everything Keith posts, to do so would be to abdicate my intellectual responsibilities, I do agree with 90+% of what he does write. That being said, I know that we all are passionate to defend our friend, and as all true friends do, we come to his defense when we see him being attacked for what he believes. I hope and pray that when the time of censorship and the loss of free speech and press comes, we will still have the strength to defend and protect not only our friend Keith, but also our Constitution. Keith has on his big boy panties, and can more than aptly handle a flea such as BH.

      As to BH, s/he reminds me of a 12 month old with a dirty diaper. Constantly crying, and full of, well if you’re a parent you can finish the rest.

      Keith, I didn’t get the chance to say it, but L’shanah tovah and G’mar Chatima Tova.

  4. Noon || Participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony

    When’s his participation in the Presidential Complicity to Ambassador Murder by Terrorist Impeachment Ceremony?!?! THAT’S the one I want to see!

  5. Not sure if I’d want to be an Ambassador right now. Although there is an immediate opening…

    2 whole hours of work (that includes lunch cause it’s gotta be painful to eat with Joe). Wish I could do that.

  6. 12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden; private dining room

    FCC non-compliant. What DO you suppose they discuss, though?

    Joe: “You’re looking f%&ing clean today, Chief!”
    Fraud: “Thanks, Joe, now shut the f$%k up.

    Joe: “The food is go%$#am good today! Did you get a new chef? I thought I heard a slight Indian accent!”
    Fraud: “I SAID shut your a$$, Joe!”

    Joe: “Bad mood, Barry? S#@t, guy, don’t take it out on me!”
    Fraud: “NO ONE calls me Barry, jerkoff! Don’t you have some lying to do? I’ll blame YOU personally, along with BUSH and racism, and maybe Rush Limbaugh, if I don’t get back in!”

    OK, maybe this is SOME punishment for the fake President – but not nearly enough. The Lord will deal with this fool in His time and His way, and Harry Reid won’t be there to run interference for him…

      1. I am familiar with Dante, but the “there” I was referring to was before the Throne of Judgement. I’m pretty sure Harry won’t be hanging around that locale very long, and he won’t be able to pocket veto the Almighty’s decree for Obama.

        Now, they may be in the same room at the same time with Minos, if you like Dante, but they will be dispatched swiftly to the lowest circle you mention. It is, after all, reserved for the most traitorous. Even Satan may gag on Bumbles, though…

  7. “Noon || Participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony”

    I hope to God the State Department has their proverbial head out of their huge a$$ when it comes to who the new ambassadors are. From the

    If in fact Stevens was gay, and deliberately sent to an area that is intolerant of the gay lifestyle, then Clinton and Obama should be charged with his murder. It was a reckless indifference to life, quoting from, “‘Recklessness’ refers to a subjective state of culpability greater than simple negligence, which has been described as a ‘deliberate disregard’ of the ‘high degree of probability’ that an injury will occur. Recklessness, unlike negligence, involves more than ‘inadvertence, incompetence, unskillfulness, or a failure to take precautions’ but rather rises to the level of a ‘conscious choice of a course of action . . . with knowledge of the serious danger to others involved in it.’ ” (Delaney v. Baker (1999) 20 Cal.4th 23, 31-32 [82 Cal.Rptr.2d 610, 971 P.2d 986], internal citations omitted.)”

    I would think that a Congressional investigation, or an independent investigation of the credentialing of Stevens and the handling of the entire security issues for the embassies warrants some form of inquiry.

    This feckless administration, with their constant promotion of an agenda that not only insults the citizens of this country, but also enrages the populace of other regions, needs to be held totally and completely responsible for the death of Stevens and all the other personnel that have died due to the administration’s actions or inaction.

    Romney HAS to slam this home over and over! It was an insult to send someone who espouses a lifestyle that is completely contradictory to what Muslim’s hold as sacred. Libya is NOT Californication, and Benghazi is not San Fransisco. The choice of a gay (if it is true) ambassador shows how out of touch Obama et al really are with the real world.

      1. Here’s more info:

        In the afternoon, the President will participate in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony in the Oval Office. At this event, the President will receive the credentials from foreign Ambassadors recently posted in Washington. The presentation of credentials is a traditional ceremony that marks the formal beginning of an Ambassador’s service in Washington. This event is closed press. The following Ambassadors will attend:

        Her Excellency Marie-Louise Cecile Potter, Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles

        His Excellency Kaambi Roubani, Ambassador of the Union of Comoros

        His Excellency Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Tawfik, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

        His Excellency Juan Carlos Pita Alvariza, Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

        His Excellency Jean-Louis Wolzfeld, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

        Her Excellency Sonia Merlyn Johnny, Ambassador of Saint Lucia

        His Excellency Carlos Alfredo Urrutia Valenzuela, Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia

        His Excellency Peter Kmec, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic

        His Excellency Christos Panagopoulos, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic

  8. BHO to HRC: “Regarding that 3:00 a.m. phone call, I just need to confirm the fact that you have indeed shredded all of copies of your intel briefings on the imminent 9/11 attacks. I’m still looking for mine but I can assure you….they will be destroyed as soon as I locate them.”

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