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Yo Yo Yo! You Didn’t Build That!

Good morning. Thought you might enjoy this.

H/T to Politico’s Click.

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  1. At the rate this “election” is going (pro-Obama ‘media’ doing everything it can to bash Romney; re: Romney’s ‘47%’ statement being over-hyped…) I think we all need a laugh…


    Oh man, I have been wondering what it was going to take to wipe the frown off my face after all those protests overseas. Thank you Governor Romney! Thank you for taking the 1%’s cock out of your mouth just long enough to stick your foot in it!

    So, which portion of the 47% do YOU represent today, Kofflerites? Are you on Medicare, and think you are “entitled” to healthcare? Are you on Social Security and think you are “entitled” to food? Are you a wounded warrior who thinks he is “entitled” to a home that is not a cardboard box…?

    And do you still think you’re not ENTITLED to see this prick’s tax returns?

    • Most drink the kool aid from a cup, but if you insist on tilting the whole punchbowl your going to choke on it… and that is a god thing because your drivel isnt needed

      • “Drinking from the punchbowl”? Dude, I am swallowing the punch and the ice cream scoops whole, and I’ve got my sights set on that ice sculpture of a swan on yonder buffet table!

        Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in weeks! But now I’m torn: if Mitt Romney alone can give me this feeling, maybe four years of him wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all!

    • I don’t care for your choice of words, but there’s that First Amendment thing and all.

      Just curious, how will perusing MrRomney’s tax returns make our lives better. Or worse.
      Some of us would like to see MrObama’s school records, but no….that’s something he wants to hide. We’d also like to hear the story of his strange Social Secuity number.
      Wishful thinking on our part, huh?

      • Yes, actually, it is wishful thinking. You had your fun with the birth certificate, and frankly, the press isn’t going to sit up and beg after every crackpot hoax that comes out of a DC think tank.

        And how will seeing Mitt Romney’s tax returns make America better, my 47% friend? Well, for starters, it will reveal how much he profited in those years that Bain Capital was liquidating businesses it had conquered rather than “creating jobs”. Wouldn’t you like to know which was more profitable for Governor McDuck: building businesses or destroying them?

        • MrRomney isn’t running to become the CEO of America, Inc, my 57% friend. Of course, there are some parallels and some benefit to having a President who understands that we can’t keep borrowing money to keep moribound programs afloat.

          Instead of trashing the posters here and using your vast pool of insults, why don’t you tell us why we’re wrong. Tell us why we really should re-elect MrObama.

          • My Dear Lord Srdem65, it would be my most distinct privilege!

            So let’s take this latest revelation about Romney’s real attitude towards the American populace. Here is a man who often invokes Ronald Reagan as his role model. Well, Reagan was not a “50% + 1” strategist. Reagan’s claim to fame was his landslide victory against Carter, because he spoke to Democrats and Republicans. But in the fundraiser video, we are reminded of the kind of leader Romney sees himself as: a man with no cred amongst nearly half the entire population.

            In Romney’s own wors, he is an alien to 150 million people who are hopeless Obama “addicts” because they dare to either draw a benefits check paid for with their own tax contributions (that includes anyone over 65, Srdem65) or because they don’t pay a “fair share” of income tax. And this from a man who A) will never have to worry about poverty due to infirmity and who B) pays a smaller share of his income in taxes than people who actually punch a time-clock instead of running for president for a living

            So this isn’t just bad “optics”. This is the class divide written in bold print. Add to that Romney’s choice of running mate, a man who safely dances on the “third rail of American politics” as though he were made of rubber, and now you can ask yourself an honest question: who is the candidate that is really interested in your material well being?

            Here’s another video clip from that fundraiser (conducted at the house of a zillionaire hedge fund manager, another “average joe”) ( Take a look at the guy pouring the water for all those Peers of the Realm, Lord Srdem65. Looks to me like an older fellow, balding, grey hair… and there he is in the full bloom of seniority, pouring water for millionaires who are openly discussing their contempt for him.

            That guy is one of those “Obama addicts”, because you can bet your ass that if he’s pouring water for a living at his age, he’s gonna need a government check at some point.

            But he is working for a living, and that’s no crime.

          • Avert your eyes from the Middle East. Nothing to see there.
            Why focus on unrest and dead Americans when Romney said something sort of newsworthy at a private event? Truthful as it may be it serves as a distraction for those who will not look at Obama through anything but rose colored glasses.
            On the other hand the administration believes if you tell a lie over and over and over again that it becomes truth. Or at least the 47% will believe it. I’m more offended by “the video made them do it”. We had to hear that from every top level administrator over the weekend.

          • Oh, I must apologize: In Romney’s presser in response to the video, he identified his strategy as winning “The 51 or 50.1 percent that I’d need to become president.”

            Fifty POINT one.

            American Exceptionalism.

  3. China and Japan are at each others’ throats. Russia is about to face civil unrest. Somebody who shall remain nameless may or may not have shut down the electrical systems at Iran’s nuclear sites. Muslims are rallying in cities across the globe burning the American flag and shouting about being pissed off at Barack Obama. And there was this thing about an embassy – or a few- being overrun.

    All of which probably explains why someone dropped a “secret Mitt Romney video” of the candidate giving a fundraising speech at a fundraiser in Mother Jones’ lap this morning. Apparently, America is supposed to be outraged because Mitt Romney is…Republican.

    p.s. The “someone” was none other than Jimmah Carter’s grandson.