As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:10 pm || Welcomes WNBA Champion Minnesoata Lynx to the White House; East Room
2:00 pm || Departs White House
3:10 pm || Arrives New York City
4:00 pm || Sits for interview on the “Late Show with David Letterman”
7:40 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Waldorf Astoria Hotel
9:45 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; 40/40 Club
11:05 pm || Departs New York City
12:15 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 11:15 am

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 18, 2012

  1. Could he please stop fooling around and tell the American public what’s going on with our embassies around the globe? Is that too much to ask?Tell us if our people are safe, tell us what’s being done to protect them.

    Can we have some official Presidentin’ for a change, please?

  2. Welcome back to the twilight zone, Keith. Today I caught a couple of minutes of Obama on the trail in Ohio. Started to hyperventilate when he said: ” I promised to end the war in Iraq – and I kept my promise!” Mush-brained teeny boppers responded on cue. Not once has he ever given credit to the person who negotiated the terms of withdrawal in Iraq! When briefly referencing the ‘events’ of last week in Benghazi he said we have to ‘remain vigilant’. As if he was ‘vigilant’ on 9/11….or any other day in the last 4 years. I would love to see him give these stump speeches to a group of Fortune 500 CEO’s!

  3. As the world is afire, we have an AWOL Prez once again. Meeting with the Minnesota Lynx (Huh? -never heard of them), Letterman, then campaigning and fundraising the rest of the day. Romney could clean this guy’s clock if he would just come out with a PLAN and speak from his heart. Never again in our lifetime will there be such an easy Liberal target.

  4. This document was acquired by a reporter at The Washington Post and forwarded to me:

    “RNC- Policy A7 Program- Highly Confidential

    (Tom says: Read and delete as soon as you finish reading. Click DELETE. Then go to your TRASH
    folder and EMPTY TRASH. Close your email program and restart it and check to make sure
    this email is actually deleted.)

    * We need to get this campaign back on track. The following points are key:
    * We are a business and every voter is a consumer. Politics is entirely about business and controlling our revenue interests. There is no place in this year’s campaign for “humanism”-based agenda’s like the Democrats.
    * In the handling of Democrats in the audience rather than refer to the opponent as the ‘Democratic Party’ or ‘Democrat Administration’ refer to the Candidate by name only.
    * Use only our internal newspaper wire service, it will send out a political clipsheet every week, to thousands of “thought leaders,” and cartoons, editorials, and articles to 200,000 newspapers. Rural newspapers are so desperate for copy that many will print whatever our Service sends them, including documents that are basically press releases disguised as editorials endorsing whatever political position we advance.
    * Pretend that you are the Voice of the People. Use radio ads, sponsored by a false-front group with the word “Citizens” or “taxpayers” in the name.
    * Attack, attack, attack. You can’t wage a defensive campaign and win!
    * Keep it simple. Rhyming’s good. The low intellect voter’s love rhymes. Never explain anything. The more you have to explain the more difficult it is to win support.
    * Say the same thing over and over again. We have to get a voter’s attention seven times per slogan to control their intentions. Anybody that hears the same thing seven times is programmed to it for life.
    * Subtlety is your enemy. Words that lean on the mind are no good. They must dent it. Simplify, simplify, simplify. A wall goes up when you try to make Mr. and Mrs. Average American Citizen work or think.
    * Fan flames. We need more partisanship in this country. Never shy from controversy; instead, win the controversy. The average American doesn’t want to be educated; he doesn’t want to improve his mind; he doesn’t even want to work, consciously, at being a good citizen, But there are two ways you can interest him in a campaign, and only two that we have ever found successful. You can put on a fight or you can put on a Show. So if you can’t fight, PUT ON A SHOW! And if you put on a good show, Mr. and Mrs. America will turn out to see it.
    * Winner takes all. If you launch a campaign for a new car, your client doesn’t expect you to lead the field necessarily in the first year, or even the tenth year, But in politics, they don’t pay off for PLACE OR SHOW! You have to win, if you want to stay in business.”
    * This must be a campaign that makes people hear the beat of drums and the thunder of bombs. . . . This must be A CALL TO ARMS IN DEFENSE AMERICA!
    * Where the men go, the women will follow. Focus on male trigger slogans first.
    * Always and only use our prescreened 15 minute talking script. Try not to speak for more than fifteen minutes—people get bored—and never for more than half an hour.
    * Reject any health care issues that affect our supporters ability to make money. Say often: You can’t beat something with nothing,” and: “Political medicine is bad medicine.”
    * Lobby your local newspaper editors. Have your staff make in-person drop-by’s to every newspaper office to persuade editors to change their positions. Many of these newspapers do a vast amount of advertising business with us and received hundreds of words of free copy, each week, from our news services. They will not risk losing our advertising dollars when the internet is killing their business. We can cut out all of the newspapers supporting Obamacare in 70 days if we stay on our goal. This is a top 6 issue and we now have the budget to spend 10 dollars against every individual dollar the Obama campaign spends to push it.
    * Mention “Politically-Controlled Medicine.” often.
    * In private conversations with Senators, use this talking point:
    “Please vote against all Compulsory Health Insurance Bills pending before the Legislature. We have enough regimentation in this country now. Certainly we don’t want to be forced to go to “A State doctor,” or to pay for such a doctor whether we use him or not. That system was born in Nazi Germany—and is part and parcel of what our boys are fighting overseas to stop. Let’s not adopt it here.”
    * This must be a campaign to arouse and alert the American people in every walk of life, until it generates a great public crusade and a fundamental fight for freedom, any other plan of action, in view of the drift toward socialization and despotism all over the world, would invite disaster.
    * Our counter-measures campaign has now been distributed, by the hundreds of thousands, to reporters and editors, among others, and to every member of Congress.
    * A Top 6 immediate objective is the defeat of the compulsory health insurance program. The long-term objective is to put a permanent stop to the agitation for socialized medicine in this country by (a) awakening the people to the danger of a politically-controlled, government-regulated health system; (b) convincing the people, through a Nation wide campaign of education, of the superior advantages of private medicine, as practiced in America, over the State-dominated medical systems of other countries; (c) stimulating the growth of voluntary health insurance systems to take the economic shock out of illness and increase the availability of medical care to the American people. Our backers in the health business are looking at a trillion dollar loss if this Obamacare reaches fruition. Basically, the issue is whether we are to remain a free Nation, in which the individual can work out his own destiny, or whether we are to take one of the final steps toward becoming a Socialist or Communist State. We have to paint the picture, in vivid verbiage that no one can misunderstand, of Germany, Russia—and finally, England. KEEP POLITICS OUT OF MEDICINE.” Always call Obamacare: “socialized medicine.”
    * We must educate every doctor, nurse, and druggist in the United States about the dangers of socialized medicine.
    * Hitler and Stalin and the socialist government of Great Britain all have used the opiate of socialized medicine to deaden the pain of lost liberty and lull the people into non-resistance. Old World contagion of compulsory health insurance, if allowed to spread to our New World, will mark the beginning of the end of free institutions in America. It will only be a question of time until the railroads, the steel mills, the power industry, the banks and the farming industry are nationalized. We must stop these Democrats on the front line before they take this to our porches.
    * The DNC, via unions and tree-huggers, own a national company called Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. which puts people on the streets of every major city with clipboards to collect money and distribute propaganda. Encourage your staff to engage them in long-winded conversations to cut down their through-put
    * The A.M.A. in its campaign is carrying its case to the people of America in a grass roots crusade which we hope, with your help, and the help of tens of thousands of others, will reach every corner of this country. We have over 40 million dollars booked on this grass-roots effort. We WILL turn the President’s sensible, popular, and urgently needed legislative reform into a bogeyman so scary that, no American will want it.
    * The great need is to go on the offensive—and to attack, Best to forget “the liberal Democrats who wouldn’t vote for Mitt if he received the joint personal endorsement of Jesus Christ and Karl Marx via a séance with Eleanor Roosevelt
    * Politics is just like show business. . . . You begin with a hell of an opening, you coast for a while, and you end with a hell of a closing. We have a great closing!
    * Voters are basically lazy, basically uninterested in making an effort to understand what we’re talking about, Reason requires a higher degree of discipline, of concentration; impression is easier, Reason pushes the viewer back, it assaults him, it demands that he agree or disagree; impression can envelop him, invite him in, without making an intellectual demand. . . . When we argue with him we demand that he make the effort of replying. We seek to engage his intellect, and for most people this is the most difficult work of all. The emotions are more easily roused, closer to the surface, more malleable. Voters are, simply, idiots. Treat them as such and keep them amused by the shiny object.
    * We are leading men’s minds, this is the reason Washington must be in the hands of the most ethical, principled people—people with real concern for the world around them, for people around them: The RNC, or else it will erode into the hands of people who have no regard for the world around them: The Democrats.


    (Tom says: Read and delete as soon as you finish reading. Click DELETE. Then go to your TRASH
    folder and EMPTY TRASH. Close your email program and restart it and check to make sure
    this email is actually deleted.)

    • Huh? You decided to post a “supposed highly classified document” to the internet with a name attached to it?

      If you worked for me, you’d be fired in a New York second.

      Next time you feel the urge to “plant” something – I suggest seedlings in the ground early Spring.

      • Does Romney have a clue about the headwinds that the media are providing each time they get a chance?

        Tonight, NBC in Chicago characterized this issue as a “major controversy”. Given that many TV stations gave this major coverage (Brian Williams spent 5 minutes on the story), it’s almost as if the Obama campaign is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes.

        This will go away, since it’s not “major” at all, but Romney will have wasted a few more days dealing with yet another distraction, while the media ignores all the questions about the middle east and the “unplanned demonstrations”.

  5. Romney stepped in it again with a hastily called Press Conference this evening to defend remarks he made at a FLA fundraiser re Obama’s 47% base of govt. dependents. He is becoming the gift that just keeps on giving to Obama. If he insists on going on the defensive, maybe he should think about doing a carefully worded written statement rather than these awkward press conferences.. He also needs to come out with a PLAN as to how he is going to put everyone back to work and make them independent of govt. assisted programs. Sheesh!

    • I agree. I watched some of the press conference, but quickly had to turn it off. This should suck the oxygen out of the news cycle for another few days, while Barry goes blissfully along. Mitt just can’t get it together right now and there aren’t many days left to turn things around.

      I really believe he’s got a poor campaign staff…that may be the epitaph on why they lost a very winnable election.

      • Actually it is better to get ahead of the story. In PR the worst thing you can do is have something like that, leaked by an unfriendly source, out there unattended. This is small ball. And personally I don’t have a problem with what Romney said. As long as he does not sleep through the night while an Ambassador is missing and being murdered and embassys are being attacked and US flags burned I’m good. I am also good if he does not continue to lie to the American people about some film being the cause of an international uprising against the US on 9/15 I’m good. And if he doesn’t intend to have Hillary (who should have resigned on 9/11) as SOS or outlaw PB&J as racist I am good. As a matter of fact I am good with whatever Romney needs to do to defeat Barack Obama and safeguard this country. In the end it’s about our country.

    • What did he say that was wrong? Welfare was not meant to fund GENERATIONS of the same family. I have spent my time on disability trying to find something that I can do to support myself and get off disability. Ditto the few months decades ago that I received Food Stamps. Romney is right — there are people who have adapted to or grown up in the entitlement world and they do not know how to help themselves. Some see their checks as reparations — is that going to lead to them ever getting off the dole?

      And as for latinos — since AfAms vote lockstep for Obama, yeah, if latinos become racialized to this extent it’s going to be a problem for whichever party isn’t seen as pandering to their gene pool.

      Romney — stop pretending to be Obama-lite or Obama-cleancut or whatever it is that you think that you’re doing to woo the Independents. People are going to choose the familiar loser over the unfamiliar one — that means Obama wins — Romney has got to offer a clear and confident alternative.

  6. Re Romney. I’d rather have a lousy campaigner and a good president than the other way around. I don’t pay much attention to the ins and outs of the campaign. I watch the anti-Obama videos from the the RNC and Romney and like them in general but I think they’ve made a huge error which may cost them the election and us our country. I wish they would do away with focus groups. The people of this country aren’t well-informed so you have to lead.

    I’m hoping for an October surprise….maybe a more credible Larry Sinclair, or his KGB minder, or his real birth certificate or his real social security number, or Bill Ayres fesses up to writing Dreams. I guess we’re out of luck.

    • I watched all the snippets of the video and it made me like Mitt Romney even more. The only people who will be offended by what he said are those who wouldn’t have voted for him anyway. He was only stating facts – we do have a problem with the entitlement society and it grows larger each day Obama remains in office.

  7. I see that Romneys Florida remarks are reported as a great gaffe by the MSM . It´s probably a diversion from the Mid East events and by the way, he is absolutely right. He just needs to state it a “little more elegantly” as he said afterwards. The problems with ever expanding social welfare are unfortunately too well known in Europe and in my country too, of course. The non-socialist coalition ( still rules ) won the election in Sweden 2006 on strong promises to get people off the dole. They argued that people on the dole are victims, that is what Romney says as well. Entitlement thinking ( even more prevalent in the US, I believe ) is hurtful both for the individual and for the society. So, if Romney refines his argument he may have a winning formula there. The working voters will listen and those who are on social benefits and want a better life for their children will listen too, I am sure.

  8. Not all of the 47% of those on the public dole are there because they feel ‘entitled’. Romney’s remarks were not very nuanced. He is simply writing off this huge swath of the population that he believes are Obama supporters. He came right out and said he is only appealing to that small group of undecideds to reach his winning victory margin of 51%. He would have been better off saying nothing. I have tried my best to warm up to Romney but I feel there is something missing – I don’t feel the love. I will downplay my personal emotions and be the first in line to vote for him…because the alternative is unthinkable.

    • Agree, the remarks were not nuanced but he addressed a private group that probably was pretty clear about what he meant. Also, he said this in May and it´s leaked now when the White House is in a mess…..
      Everybody needs help many times in their lives, old people, sick people, people who lost their job, and society must of course provide such support. But Romney talks about dependency. If dependent groups are too big the society tips into socialism ( because they will always vote for more ) and it takes a long time to reset such a society. Romney ought to stress, in careful wording, that dependency is bad while the opposite is good. That´s how the coalition here broke the social democrats reign.

    • Well – 10 how much of that “huge swath” vote?

      In addition, many who do not pay taxes, are not really aware that they don’t. That’s how they feed the politics of envy – many who want the rich to pay their fair share, don’t really understand that they pay nothing.

      • That’s right.
        Fair share ?
        How about they pay 5%.
        Benjamin Franklin stated, (paraphrased), ‘The best way to get people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable while in it.’

    • You can count on it. Tonight’s the big Jay-Z and Beyonce shindig. Preezy croons a tune with his buds, while muslims chant “Death to America” all around the world…

  9. Some people, including Hillary Clinton, or worried about what Obama would do when he got the 3 AM phone call. Who knew he would not be there to answer the phone?