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Obama is in Seclusion

President Obama is in an unusual state of seclusion this weekend, holding no official events, staying off the campaign trail, and not even venturing out to play basketball or golf.

And of course, as usual, Obama skipped church.

The reason for the isolation is unclear, though it would make sense for the president to be mapping out strategy for the remainder of the campaign before embarking on what will probably be nearly nonstop campaigning during the weeks leading up to Election Day. Obama also faces an anti-America uproar in the Middle East that is endangering America diplomats overseas, and he may be focusing on this as well.

The president has come up with no significant proposals this year to improve the economy, so it’s unlikely he is working on anything of this sort.

Or, the president, who skipped his annual summer vacation to avoid the annual criticism that he preaches to the poor but vacations with the rich, may be on the couch in front of a big screen TV with a bag of Doritos.

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  1. It’s just like when a bunch of idiots commit a crime and feel like getting close to getting caught so they all huddle up in some alley to get their story straight. That’s what this is. And just hiding out to avoid the tough questions! What a disgrace! Even Nero is shaking his head in disbelief!

  2. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so I’m surprised he’s not out on the golf course. Nothing else has stopped him from playing, so why should the deaths of an Ambassador and three other Americans do that.

    • Actually, the Obama gang come off more like Baghdad Bob than Tokyo Rose (who at least knew what music our troops enjoyed, Obamanistas are tin-eared in everything they do and help the troops less besides), but you’re point’s well taken…

    • I’m with you. he Libya attack WASN’T premeditated?????? Now there are reports Obama knew about possible attacks but didn’t inform the now deceased ambassador to Libya?? And The Post-Testicular President still HAS an approval rating??? Let alone a pretty decent one!!!!! How can that BE?????????????????????

  3. Pretty sure it’s the last paragraph, Keith…his minions are busy doing the plotting and planning.

    Another depressing week…with the Middle East on fire, all I’ve heard about it is how Romney was out of line, “jumped the gun” and all that garbage. Even some of the pundits on FOX this morning said he was “clumsy” in the way he handled his press conference.

    I’m beginning to think it’s a no-win situation for the governor at this point…with the MSM squarely and intensely against him, it’s an uphill battle, and I’m not sure his campaign team has the necessary chops to fight through it all.

    • Our stupid Gannett paper (I am still getting it–guess they can’t believe some people would not pay) had a badly drawn cartoon of Romney criticizing Obama for honoring the Libyan dead. This is all so orchestrated, it is sickening. I don’t even call myself a reporter anymore.

  4. I magine he is celebrating his successful week, putting the final nail in the coffin of the American economy with QE3 and managing almost single-handedly to blow up the mideast AFTER ALL THAT, HE NEEDS HIS REST!

  5. “….on the couch in front of a big screen TV with a bag of Doritos.”

    Hmm….the “big cheese” having a melt-down with a bag of Doritos or he’s
    packing a few items and following Jesse, Jr. to the Mayo Clinic.

    My wishes aside, my guess is the admin. is trying to work on a coherent plausible message that doesn’t conflict with reality.

    • …while singing

      Just knock three times and whisper low
      That you and I were sent by Joe
      Then strike a match and you will know
      That you’re in Hernando’s Hideaway…

      Oh just knock three times and whisper low
      That you and I were sent by Joe
      Then strike a match and you will know
      That you’re in Hernando’s Hideaway.

  6. For the appearance of being ‘Presidential’ he’s in so far over his head it’s scary. Someone must have grounded him for the weekend and I doubt he’s
    doing anything more than TV and junk food. The time for looking like a serious
    leader ended when he jumped on a plane to Vegas.

  7. Perhaps it is better that Obama is at Hernando’s Hideaway this weekend. It will keep him from making disastrous decisions for our nation. I cannot
    believe that he and his minions are using the video as an excuse for the uprising in Arab land. Perhaps he should look in the mirror instead.

  8. Supposedly Richard Nixon went into seclusion shortly before his resignation. If memory serves the press delighted in telling the story about Nixon drunkenly wandering the halls of the White House talking to the pictures of past presidents. I’m hoping this fraud is having a come to Jesus moment, but I doubt it. Even if he did, the press would never report it.

    • He thinks he is Jesus how many come to Jesus moments have past him by since Jan ’09? I guess if he doesn’t absorb it in the PDB forget it they may have to write that IN ALL CAPS!

    • i remember the story of Nixon drunkenly wandering the halls of the WH in the middle of the night talking to the portraits of past presidents. What a crazy loon! Let’s hope Dubya is getting under the thin-skin of Obama – his portrait was strategically hung in the Grand Foyer – the formal entrance of the WH. No way Obama can miss looking at George every day unless he uses the servant’s entrance and exit. It’s Montezuma’s revenge!

  9. I’d like to think that the O’s are perusing available real estate for their next residence. The internet is a handy place to start. Maybe getting bids from moving companies or home decorators, you can do that at home, too.

    ahhhh, wishful thinking on my part…….

  10. I hopes he’s not preparing to make another gutsy call. I’m not sure how that would play electionwise, but people will rally around the flag/Obama so they’ve probably polled for it and something will happen.

    I live near Westover AFB (It’s not a real base anymore). It’s where the C5As take off from. Today I saw something I’ve never seen before, four Air Force fighter jets in formation. I thought to myself, Middle East.

    • Granny J&JK. That fits with scary version. What is Obama going to do to ensure a crisis doesn’t go to waste. He has no problem spending other peoples money. Why should we think he would have issues spending other people’s blood? Desperate gamblers don’t leave the table when they still have chips. He will go “all in” before loosing gracefully.

  11. Keith, thanks for keeping us informed. Whatever sandman is doing will be no good for the U-S. Read D;Sousa’s “Roots of Obama’s Rage” last week. Very sociopathic mindset for U-S.

  12. It’s becoming apparent to me that it doesn’t matter what Obama does, or doesn’t do: there are so many Americans dependent on big government that have locked in their vote and would vote democrat no matter how many times Obama spits on the Constitution; no matter how bad the economy is; no matter how weak and pathetic his foreign policy is; no matter how tyrannical Obamacare is; no matter how much the price of gas is; no matter how many businesses are regulated into oblivion; no matter how many illegal immigrants cross the border. It just doesn’t matter to all the Americans dependent on big government.

    • Pre-WWII Germany was in terrible economic condition from WWI – and yet …they voted for the SOB.
      Never underestimate the gullibility of the masses, no matter what language they speak.

    • It’s not apparent to me. Yes, there is a government dependent class who will vote to keep the gravy train rolling no matter what, but there are also millions who have been forced to take government aid because they can’t provide for their families in Obama’s America. They are many good people who love America as founded and want nothing more than to be able to work for a living. They know that will never happen as long as Obama is president. I choose to believe there are more patriots in this country than there are takers. Confidence in my fellow Americans and Chronicles II 7:14 are what helps me keep the faith.

      • I hope you’re right Susan. I’m just feeling beaten down today by all the spin coming from the media, the left, and even from listening to a partisan hack traitor like Susan Rice, for example.

        How is a busy working family, or the politically less informed voter going to be able sort out the lies and spin from the truth? Then you toss in all the government workers (local, state, and federal), the government dependents, blacks and Latinos, the gullible youth, a majority of women, the Hollywood crowd and their fans, the people who will always vote democrat no matter what like it’s still 1960, gays, etc. etc. etc., and it seems like a steep climb for Constitutional loving Americans; but, as I mentioned, I hope and pray that I’m wrong, and that I’m underestimating the American people.

        • Like Clint Eastwood said – ‘Not everyone in Hollywood is on the left’. I can also assure you that not everybody who works or worked for the government is on the left.

          Keep the faith, Jeff. Don’t let the TV talking heads or the MSM get you down. They are trying everything they can to deflate our spirit, and we can’t afford to fall in their trap. I truly believe there are more of us Constitution-loving Americans than there are of them.

    • Uh, Shelley, isn’t Romney the one who has been campaigning on policy and the Democrats who have been doing ‘personal digs’? Or is my irony meter out of whack and you are just being snarky?

  13. All these polls showing Obammy leading Mitt is the biggest con job
    since that whatzname artist that painted giant Coke cans. Coke cans!

    The only – ONLY – dependable poll is Rassmussen, period. And he’s
    had Romney consistantly leading since the conventions, from two to
    five points.

    And, the Bradley Effect, a real and actual element, will take away
    another four or five points from Obammy. Count on it!

    So Romney’s in fact leading and has been leading by about half a
    dozen points, and that lead will only grow as we get closer to Nov. 6.

    The American people are now wide awake. And very, very pissed at
    what the Magic Negro and his bootlickers are doing to our country.

    Romney: 54
    Obama: 42

    Gonna be a fun night…

    Jim Whittaker
    Hemet, CA


    • Jim, I heard Rassmussen on FOX last night – he said the ONLY way Romney can win is with both Florida and Ohio. I trust his opinion. Obama is up 7 points in Ohio and 5 points in FLA. We’ll see what the tracking shows next week – after the enormity of the ME fiasco sets in. Obama is a disaster!

      • But haven’t these polls been overloaded with democrats? I heard not too long ago that when you poll 1 dem to 1 repub, Romney is leading, and his lead with independents is above the margin of error. Look at how every news cast this weekend has told us that the violence in the ME was a result of the short you tube video ~ even the Libyan President has said it was in the planning stages for some time. They want our side to be discouraged and at the same time try to shore up the lib base. Just remember two things…(1) the 2010 elections, and (2) Chick-Fil-A day on August 1st.

        • I heard that the MSM polls are conducted as if the democrat turnout is going to be the same as 2008. I’m not sure how that works or what it means as far as polling, but I do know it’s impossible for any sane person, whatever their persuasion, to be enthusiastic about four more years of Obama.

  14. Of course he skipped “church” as he always has….He had to almost be “forced” to salute our flag or wear the “pin” on his suit collar. Selclusion means that he’s praying to ALLAH, his true “master”…..

  15. Saw Pope Benedict say Mass before 1000s in the open air near the sea in Beirut Lebanon. A sea of white hats, chairs etc. Not a black flag in sight. Quite a contrast to the rest of the Middle East. Perhaps BO was watching this. Not.

  16. He is in seclusion – as the poop is about to hit the fan with all the embassy mess – we have deployed 3 hugh aircraft carriers…Stay Tuned in the next couple days….it’s election time, he must finally look presidential!

  17. Don’t be distracted by the staged terrorist outbreak in the middle east. That is what this administration wants. He wants you to look past the facts of no Jobs, failing ecomomy, Another downgrade, high Gas prices, High food prices and all rising, More tax(21 new taxes) and regulation coming with Obamacare. ruination of our Medicare, more people on welfare than in histroy.Welfare up 60% in 4 yrs. 6 trillion spent in 31/2 yrs . Feds printing money to give a false ecomony boost for the re-election of Obama. Barnanke printing money to save his job and Obama’s. It only devalues the dollar AGAIN!. Obama is deminishing our nation. Sending billions to the muslims. Sending jobs overseas. Chevy volt cost to build 80 thousand now on sale for 40 thousand. Solyndra gone to the tune of 2 billion dollars of TAX payer money. billions to Finland to build the electric cars. Billions to Brazil to drill for oil to ship back and sell to american at high prices. Voting starts in 2 weeks .. Keep focused and do not allow him to distract you with his smoke screens… Vote Mitt and Ryan To get America up and running for americans again. Remember the freebies to illegals also…

    • This election is beginning to look like a race to the bottom. Obama has proved himself to be an abject failure in both domestic and foreign policies. Rommey has still not given the country a reason to vote for him except as a referendum on Obama. The fact that he is a great husband, father, grandfather, successful business man and philanthrophist is not going to get the undecideds off the couch. Please, Gov. Rommey – we need to hear your vision for America! Specifics, please! We need to know that you really want the job! Don’t be coy!