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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 17, 2012

President Obama is travelling today to Cincinatti and Columbus, Ohio for campaign events.

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        • Not in Cincinnati. Our Police Chief is not even a Police Man. He refused to take the test required of every other patrol officer in the ENTIRE STATE, and our Democrat mayor and Democrat city manager are OK with that, even though he can’t arrest anybody.

          He won’t follow the law, and yet he expects every one else to. Sound Familiar?

          It was the first time Cincinnati went out of their own department to get a Chief. There were many other well qualified candidates, some of which actually ARE legally police officers in the state of Ohio. This one, though, had the added qualification of a bit more apparent melanin than the others. It seemed to trump everything else. There was never any doubt, once he entered the selection process, that he was “the one”.
          Sound Familiar?

          No wonder Hopey is comfortable here. No, even if Public Nusiance were a crime, no arrest for him here. Maybe for the few surviving Republicans, though…

  1. Born in Ohio, now in Virginia…. how do I keep ending up in these battle ground states? Ryan was in town Friday night, however, I didn’t have the $10Gs to enjoy dinner with him.

    Both sides, these amounts are insane!

    Did find out something interesting in VA. I noted I see VERY little Obama signs in yards (4 years ago, it was every time you turned around) The Head of the VA Dem Party “deemed” it wise that any yard signs for Obama would have to be purchased for $5. I have personally seen 3 signs in a 30 mile radius.

    Personally, I am OK with no Obama signs. As a political strategy, I think it is really stupid. Bless their hearts!

    • “I didn’t have the $10Gs to enjoy dinner with him.

      Both sides, these amounts are insane!”

      I agree-I thought campaign funding was capped, maybe I am not keeping up with the news…

      so how did they get around it? superpacs or did someone repeal the cap?

      sometimes ignorance is bliss-

      I may put that in a note on my fridge-will save me a lot of agita ;)

    • I’m at Ground Zero in the suburbs of So. CA….and I have only seen one Obama bumper sticker and no yard signs. The bad news is – I have seen NO Romney signs, sigh…..

  2. From Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Tomorrow, Pres Obama back on campaign trail: a day trip to key swing state of Ohio. His 12th visit this year, his 28th since taking office.

    Pres. Obama does campaign rallies tomorrow at 1225pm in Cincinnati and at 420pm in Columbus.

    Also tomorrow, VP Biden begins 2-day swing through swing state of Iowa with an afternoon rally in Burlington. Mrs Obama has 2 rallies in FL.

  3. I live in NY so I’m spared all the campaigning. NY is in the tank for Obama, nobody wastes their time here. Could those of you who live in the swing states report on the crowds at these events? My friend in Florida tried to attend what was supposed to be an intimate event with Ann Romney and she couldn’t get near the place. Also had a report from a cousin in Ohio who said the same thing happened at a Paul Ryan event. What’s the Attendence like for the Obama/ Biden events?

    • Here in AZ, where it’s assumed that Romney will win, nothing…no signs, no bumper stickers. A few televised ads.

      Just curious; why would Obama politicos think that he can win Ohio if he gives speeched there every week? Or, lose Ohio if he only goes there once or twice. Are Ohioians uncertain about who they should vote for in November or is this just an excuse to get BO out of the WhiteHouse? questions……………

  4. Cincinnati? Yep. Comes here a lot. It’s been run by Democrats for awhile, mostly into the toilet, hence the nickname “Detroit South”.

    And any time Obama comes to Cincinnati, he makes sure he spends time with the Mayor here. Mayor Mark Mallory is a rather slightly built man, and not real confident in the ability of his own police force to protect him, as he is the only Cincinnati mayor to have ever hired (at taxpayer expense, natch) his own body guard. He’s not married, doesn’t seem to be dating, and has led the Gay Pride parade in past years. The mayor was also very much on board with an LGBT movement to repeal a city charter amendment, Article 12, that simply prohibited the city from granting “protected status” for sexual orientation.

    Obama stood with him when promoting his “stimulus”, citing a bridge in the background (The Brent Spence) as an example of the need. This would have made more sense if the bridge belonged to Cincinnati, or even Ohio, but it’s actually Kentucky’s bridge, so I guess he just wanted a frendly face to hang with…

    Mallory also has a “little Ceasar” complex, with the local issue being he is going to tear the City apart because he wants a streetcar, even to the extent of selling off a vibrant, City-run airport to get money for it after the state and regional taxpayers refused to finance it. He also hired a Police Chief from another state without requiring him to obey Ohio’s law that EVERY police officer in the STATE take the SAME TEST. It’s a rare “police chief” who is supposed to enforce the law, but refuses to obey it himself. This is just trickle down from the head of the Democrat party, I suppose. The children are looking a lot like the father.

    Point being, when he comes here, he panders to the LGBT community, the (very large) dependant class in Cincinnati, AND the “government is the answer” Occupy crowd, just by hanging with his freind and fellow Democrat tyrant Mallory. What a loving reception! And Michelle is never around for these tete a tetes. Mallory is also very, eh, “metrosexual” in apperance, just like Hopey. They are both very well dressed, well spoken, spindly, effeminite Black men (Mallory once threw an opening day pitch 1/4 of the way to the plate) who share the same Socialist dreams, so one wonders if we won’t see a “romance” flower here, AFTER the election, when the Mayor is term limited out and the President has more “flexibility”…

    Maybe THIS is the driver for the whole “evolved” position. Obama did not meet Mallory until after he was President, so maybe the sparks flew and they started thinking about the future together.

    After all, they have a lot in common, including the fact that neither of them ever actually held a job outside of politics, and a love for self-promotion (Mayor M did an embarassing turn on “Undercover Boss” that is not to be missed by fans of the downfall of Western civilization), and an unshakable knowledge that he knows what’s best for everybody, facts be da*ned!

    Just think. The first same sex, eh, FLOTUS. What would that be anyway, GLOTUS (Gay Lover Of The U.S)? There’s a “deep throat” pun in there somewhere…

    Why not. It would be another historical “first” for this Prezzy, and Lord knows he likes making history, especially when he does it by getting what he wants anyway, no matter the cost to us.

    • Much of what the writer says is true, sadly. (Writer forgot to mention how many times Mayor Mallory has been on taxpayer-paid or other junkets to “promote the city.” Sure. FREE VACATIONS!) Downtown is going through a bit of a rejuvenation — and why the city needs a taxpayer-funded streetcar to travel a few blocks in a little circle, and more taxes to pay for moving all the utility lines to make way for it, and hoping that people want to pay $5 for a $10 ride to go to businesses that aren’t build yet, etc. — but it’s a facade. Like the Mayor. Ugh. Glad I live in the suburbs and no longer pay city payroll taxes!

      • Greetings CAR, fellow Cincinnatian! I’m sorry you had to live there, but with God’s help we will prevail!

        I didn’t get into ALL of MMM’s foibles just because I didn’t want to turn this into a local blog that only 2% of Mr. Koffler’s bloggers would know or care about. The examples I used were just to kind of show in relief how Mr. Mayor, Hope Jr., is Hope Sr.’s Mini-Me, and how the Democrat fish is indeed rotting from the head until it permeates down to the local level. But, since you brought a little more local color to the blog, it may also be worth mentioning that, along with the crippling payroll taxes, Cincinnati also has the worst property taxes, plus building codes so Byzantine that nothing new gets built unless it’s a streetcar, a moochy “Freedom Center” that seems to promote hatred instead of helping ameliorate it, or a restrauter who has defaulted on several other loans before, but brings “diversity” to the local restaurant scene.

        P.J. O’rourke once said he asked his father about the difference between Democrats and Republicans. His father replied, “Democrats Rent”.

        This is precisely because the City does so much to discourage home ownership and, in many cases, people with job from renting. The preferred rental seems to be Section 8 (athough the City is getting generous with that, what with bulldozing the Projects, suing outlying communities to accept more Section 8, and building the CityLink poverty center where it can maximize damage to an area already struggling to survive.

        Renters of this sort have no roots, no reason to take care of anything, no interest in community – in short, no “skin in the game”, so they just let things slide, then move. But how they howled when asked to pay for a tiny slice of the City’s garbage collection bill!

        Cincinnati has been run by Democrats so long, its forgotten how to work. This makes it a micosm of where Obama’s Utopia will plunge the rest of the country, if we’re not careful, there and points south. We will pass through being like Cincinnati to being like Detroit, and ultimately to being like Chicago or LA.

        This is why Presidents matter. Change out this one November 6th.

  5. Is there any truth to the rumor that this will be a major policy speech to try to settle down the hostilities in the Middle East; that Obama will be joined on the dais by Joe Biden, John Kerry and Susan Rice?

    First, Susan Rice will explain how a low budget film trailer, that has been available on YouTube since June, incited all this violence on 9/11 and that we are really beloved by all the Muslims in the world because of this administration’s policies.

    Next, John Kerry will exhort the crowd, “Ask Osam bin Laden if he is beter off today than he was four years ago.”

    Then, Joe Biden, will spit all over the lectern, while screaming at the top of his lungs, “BIN LADEN IS DEAD AND GM IS ALIVE!”

    An finally, President Obama will announce that he is pressuring Sony Pictures to release the film immediately that depicts how HE personally was responsible for the murder of Osam bin Laden.

    Certainly, all of this will have a very calming affect.

    • Via The Blaze:
      The U.S. State Department is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told TheBlaze.
      Glenn Beck revealed the controversial news on his show Monday.
      The negotiations are allegedly part of the ongoing discussions with the Egyptian government to resolve the crisis plaguing the Middle East, the source told TheBlaze. Calls to the State Department for comment referred us to the Department of Justice, and nothing has been confirmed.
      The Blind Sheikh is serving a life sentence in American prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His release has been called one of the top priorities of the new Islamist administration in Egypt.