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So When Does the Investigation Begin?

See, this is the difference in how the press covers Republicans and Democrats.

If George W. Bush were president, you’d be reading bracing articles and urgent commentary about HOW IN THE WORLD could our ambassador to Libya have possibly been killed by these thugs??

Instead of, you know, endless discussion about the timing of his opponent’s criticism.

The talk of course would center on whether on the anniversary of 9/11 there was sufficient security in place to protect our people. This would be supplemented by demands for Congressional investigations. And the press would conduct its very own investigation.

And finally, erudite Middle East scholars would be dragged out of their Ivy League offices to question whether it was such a hot idea in the first place to erase Qaddafi and remove the lid from this tribal hornet’s nest of a country.

That’s why the Obama administration is so insistent on the storyline that these people were protesting the movie that insulted Mohammed, not the the United States.

Because if they were after the United States, then September 11 would not be a coincidence, and someone might wonder if we were fully ready on the day an attack would be most likely to occur. Worse perhaps, a planned attack targeting the United States undermines the legitimacy of President Obama’s neo-appeasement program toward our enemies, who seem to hate us as much as ever despite being flattered by The One.

Is there really anybody that believes, even if this was spontaneous anger, that the fury didn’t contain a significant element of anti-Americanism. I mean, they did kill the American ambassador, not the ambassador from YouTube.

The administration’s storyline is being contradicted from Capitol Hill to Tripoli by suggestions that the military operation that killed our ambassador was in fact pre-planned.

So now the administration’s tale is changing a little bit, with UN Ambassador Susan Rice saying today that although better organized types may have joined the fray, they were spurred to so only after spontaneous protests had begun.

Even if somehow it is a coincidence that the attacks occurred on Sept. 11, beefed up security for that day might have serendipitously prevented the deaths.

Even if the killers meant to attack the French Consulate, someone needs to probe whether, in a hostile region in disarray, the United States was sufficiently on alert to danger.

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    • Team Romney (or someone with some smarts) NEEDS to make that into a campaign ad ASAP!

      (use some of the original “3 AM” ad & cut-in footage from the Embassy attacks…)

      • Obama is a very intelligent man. He has a stunningly developed brain with a pulsating brain stem. He is ready for impulsive and cognitive action. He is ready to take a leap out of my skull and onto the pavement. Soon, I believe, he will be squirming down the street, through the gutter and then fall down into a drainage hole or in other words, a storm drain.

        It is a common fact that dumping trash down storm drains puts long pins covered in poison into the back of the man, otherwise known as John Boehner, who in charge of the sewage treatment plant, for he knows and only he knows that it is impossible for him to clean this water and free it of the contaminants that are polluting the air, trees and flowers of the universe, amusement park, time zone and zip code.

        One day, Mr. Walrus took a walk down the street and he never came back again. As the world swirled around him, the trees filled the air, and his hair came over his face. It was time. It was time for him to let loose and lay an egg. It was time for him to equilibrate his brain, and let loose – let all of the world fall over him like a warm shower of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

        There have been many organ virtuosos throughout the span of Western culture. Perhaps the greatest of all Italian organists is Girolamo Frescobaldi who lived from 1583 to 1644.

        I am banana. I am walk. I am mellifluous. But does this matter? Let me juxtapose this important informative piece: I state, and therefore commend that this is time for the biggest Odwalla bean to catapult off the spoon of my neck, land in some long island clam chowder soup in a bread bowl constructed out of concrete and spin into a whirlwind of black clouds and hairy gorillas.

        There once was a boy named Trombone and he had a rainbow baboon that filled the cups of my train with golden tree stumps. Forever and ever more he did yearn for a normal spasm of his right knee and the history of the human genome as a whole. Therefore, and without a doubt, this was more or less the condition of what was in fact the otherwise normal prairie elephant and red sunset filled sky bird combination.

        The somewhat sloppy testing method, such as the use of Styrofoam cups and slightly inaccurate thermometers will make there be a slight difference. At the end of it, human error will most likely be the cause of this trend.

        There are numerous ways in which a penny can be transformed into a fragrant floor fish but this is not a gamble that should be undertaken by a human animal of generous capacity for compassion and overall bombastic bombardment. There is a cat that once lived up the ally, and its name was goldfish.

        After living many years on the bottom of the deep blue, yellowish, greenish algae infested pine comb, there is only one statement that can be made with the sentiment that any grown man of intellectual means should be able to deride from the basic underpinnings of molecular composition.

        As man first walked on the moon, and as I proudly, pompously and embarrassingly walk through the dredges of book ends, I can say, without a cent of a million of a cent, that the car has left the new car store so that it can be driven around the block and sold for half the price it was originally eaten for.

        But enough of this jolly enjambment of the index finger upon your cranium, or as I like to say every now and again, so to speak. I will never give up my fight for independence from dreadful dictatorship; however, I will never reach my goal of outraging oranges and perfect, animalistic dandelions that eat the soul of your microwave.

        I will never climb up the fruit bowl and reach the top of my potato skin. I will never eat the golden french-fry and gaily slide down the golden arches of that once wonderful, but now disease causing, death causing company which wants nothing more than to make the paint of our houses fade at an even faster rate and force the support beams of our roofs to crumble with dry rot that cannot be stopped, even with total domination of the chess board and beyond.

        So, as I end my lamentations of a true gentleman’s soul, I must warn of and fervently compare the ramifications of upper thought and the comforting pillow of ignorance to a slight rip in a piece of interlocking tree chunks, otherwise known as toilet paper or binder pieces of paper. It is obvious the elephant is afraid of mice. Jumbo Dumbo, flap your wings, or dare I say, ears.

          • Thank you for the advice, but you certainly don’t have to worry about me showing up at the polls with my family and friends. All the mocking in the world will not get me to stop sharing my thoughts. Keith gives us the freedom to speak our mind here on his blog. In my opinion, his articles and our posts are reaching many more people than I ever could ever reach from podunk Texas.

          • Susan, that’s great!!….I was just “picking and poking” to see if anyone was really awake. Koffler is a good man and we all know that. Lots of us live in Podunk….Ours is SC and we’re ready to vote against this Little Muslim and his horde of rapists and imcompetents

  1. Yes, I too saw the ambassador to the UN this morning on Fox, and she was not to be believed. She was, of course, blaming the whole thing on that video
    on Utube. It is too bad these people in the administration are not on their game. Such disappointment.

  2. The indictment:
    “My information is that Stevens was lured to Benghazi by Libya officials and betrayed to jihadist elements who are fully employed an a private army and as Cyrenaica security forces. You recall that Cyrenaica Province was the launch point of the rebellion that overthrew and killed Quadhaffi in the summer of 2011. Also, Cyrenaica was long the cauldron of jihadist fighters who traveled to Iraq to fight America in 2004-8. This is well known. What is also known is that the Tripoli government employs Cyrenaica jihadists — grouped in an alphabet soup of units including the rebel militia LIHJ — to police Libya from pro-Quadhafi elements and in general. This means the US endirses these cutthroats as native troops. Did State and the Obama administration know this? Yes. Did State know that there was an alert out for several months that Al Qaeda was going to revenge the drone killing of Yahya al-Libi, the senior Al Q lieutenant to the Egyptian al-Zawahiri? Yes. Did State know that al-Libi’s older brother is a senior commander in the Cyrenaica jihadist militia? Yes. Could State put all this together and refuse the Libyan authorities invitation to Stevens to visit Benghazi on 9-11? Yes. Did State have enough information to arrange that Stevens escort was an armored convoy and full ambassadorial security, including advance teams, aircraft, bomb detecting units, waves of bodyguards, even snipers? Yes. ”

    From John Batchelor, the johnbatchelorshow dot com

  3. Obama didn’t take the call. He went to bed while the ambassador was missing and reports of mob attacks in progress. He didn’t bother with the 3am call.

    Morsi called for Obama to take action and he did. He had the “movie producer” arrested in the middle of the night! What happened to his oath to defend liberty!

    Please let’s vote him out of office. Obama is weakening us economically and militarily.

  4. I’m sure the investigation into Bush and Cheney’s complicity in these attacks has already begun. It would have started even sooner if Holder wasn’t so busy making sure nobody needs Identification to vote. Gee, did the sarcasm seep through there?

  5. One of the three body guards of Ambassador Stevens reportedly messaged a friend early in the morning and said things were not looking good. He said: “I hope I don’t die today!”

    Regardless of the motivation behind the attacks, there is undeniable evidence that the State Dept. had prior knowledge of impending trouble. Hillary and Obama were AWOL! Heads need to roll! Obama is an epic FAIL – too smart for his intel briefings! Impeach him!

  6. What you’re seeing here is a weakened country and made so by our Muslim In Chief Obama and his “Weasel Pack” using a documentary movie as an excuse for what has happened to our people in the Middle East and why?….BECAUSE HE’S LEADING US THERE!!!!. What about “Nitwit Mitt”?? He does nothing but keep playing the “fool” because he has no suitable folks working with him. He’ll probably lose this election because Obama will just “promise” more Gubment “Cheese” to the 47M odd folks on food stamps and welfare to keep the ball “rolling” and the “can” will go on being kicked down the street until he “sells” us off to his Muslim backers

  7. Let the games begin.

    Will Obama throw Hilary under the bus for this, thereby dashing her not-so-secret hopes of a run for the presidency in 2012? Or will Hilary point out that the buck stops at the empty chair of the Resolute desk to cost Obama the 2012 election and hope we all forget about this by 2016?

  8. you know what I noticed today, watching the news? (other than to admire the way Susan Rice lies so smoothly.)

    I noticed that suddenly you must say “The Prophet” Mohamed. not just Mohamed. at least on Fox.

    did anyone else catch this? granted, Fox is owned by Saudi prince al-Walid or whatever his name is, and at least they’re not adding “Peace be upon him” like Obama does, but still…

  9. Keith,how about going into a little detail about the “reporters” who were organizing the game plan for Romney’s press conference.I understand the male was from PBS and the female was either from CBS or ABC.I realise you may not be invited to the next cocktail party but please give us the names just this once.

  10. Spontaneous demonstration, eh?

    Someone today asked when the last time someone had an rpg (rocket propelled grenade) at a “spontaneous demonstration”?

  11. Keith, you have access to jake tapper and the rest of the MSM, what do they say about this disaster? Why won’t they write about it honestly and INVESTIGATE? They cannot be buying the bs from the Obama white house.

    • Why not??…because they’re all “mainstream” media and afraid of losing their precious jobs. Why, would you tell the truth even when the US is going down the “drain” with our “Muslim In Chief”??…To PROTECT THEIR 100K+ a year jobs…..

  12. Let me make this clear (as Obama always says). Obama and his Communist, Islam-loving thugs don’t care one twit about anything important. Their only priorities are to win another election, confiscate more of the wealth of people who by some miracle still have some, reward their corrupt and anti-America friends, and keep the momentum going for the ultimate destruction of the country.

  13. The attack WAS pre-planned! Their plan was printed in the Jerusalem newspaper! Go ahead and verify then amend this critical information to your column/article!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Of course our mainstream media wouldn’t report any of this. They’re just “toadies” for our “Punk In Chief” C’mon Koffler…pull a “coup” out of your bag of tricks

  14. “UN Ambassador Susan Rice saying today that although better organized types may have joined the fray, they were spurred to so only after spontaneous protests had begun.”

    Do they seriously think we are stupid enough to buy this line of bull? The blood of those 4 men are on the hands of this administration and it’s State Dept. If they didn’t know, then they were not paying attention. Obama should suspend his campaign until the facts are settled. Maybe a week of the campaign trail will sober him up some.