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Behind the Scenes in Charlotte

This is Obama campaign propaganda, but it’s a well made film with some interesting behind the scenes and cinéma vérité video of the Democratic convention.

The Obama campaign is sending it around today.

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    • You got here before me. I was thinking the same thing -Russian fleet and C-Span.

      And in other news:
      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S., Ali Aujali, celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the State Department on Thursday.

      The Eid ul-Fitr reception was held almost a month after the official end of the month on Aug. 19, delayed, officials say, because of Clinton’s travel schedule.

      • Did Hillary wear a burkha at the Ramadan reception??? This is so appalling. Not only is the host country responsible for security…Hillary had 48 hours advance notice of an attack on Benghazi…and didn’t do a damn thing! Ironically, Hill and Bill were the ones who started the ‘cherished tradition’ of holding Ramadan dinners! The Libyan ambassador should have been minding the store in his own country – what was he doing in Washington after the attacks? Partying with Hillary! Disgusting!

        • Hil in a burqua? Actually, covering her face and cankles may not be a bad idea (snark), but good luck getting her to shut up while the men talk!

        • This whole country has become disgusting….Obama is nothing but a Socialist “feeding” on what he can give away to the lazy rabble. HE’S NOT A BUILDER….He’s a TAKER

      • How totally lacking in empathy or emotion she is to ‘celebrate’ with the counterpart of Ambassador Stevens so soon after his murder. He represents the very people who murdered four innocent Americans in cold blood.

        I don’t understand how any person in their right mind can vote to give these America-hating people four more years to destroy 236 years of liberty and freedom. Lord, please deliver us from this evil.

        • @Susan – Geez, what a logical and well constructed post. The first three words of your second paragraph tell the story.

          “America-hating”? Really? I mean, really? May the good Lord also deliver us from ignorance, and He has a lot of work to do – everywhere.

          • Yeah, really. I believe the people currently in control of our government, hate America as founded and I’m not afraid to say it. Go do a little research on the background of these statists, or better yet go watch ‘2016 Obama’s America’ before you start accusing others of being ignorant, pal.

          • If you liked America even a little, would you announce an agenda of “fundamentally transforming” it?

            That’s what BarryO did. And he went around the world saying that America was the bully on the block but he was going to cut it down to size.

            Would someone who likes America tell Putin’s lackey to be patient because he’ll have more “flexibility” after the election — i.e., that he plans to make concessions on national security that he dosen’t want voters to know about? Hmmm?

            If you liked America even a little, would your spiritual father be someone who screams “God d**n America!” right after thousands of American citizens were slaughtered without provocation?

            BarryO said he couldn’t possibly disown such a noxious demagogue, until it seemed politically expedient to do so.

            If you liked America even a little, would you declare that America is “a downright mean country” with “a hole in our soul”? Would you say you were never proud of America until you saw that you were being vaulted to the very top of the power structure )?

            That is what Mechelle said.

            Try educating yourself a little on the malignant people that BarryO has surrounded himself with all his life. And try thinking seriously about why he is piling on massive debt, devaluing our currency (through his pal Ben), suppressing our energy resources, downsizing our national defense, and trampling on our Constitution with wanton abandon.

            I.e., you need to deliver yourself from your own ignorance.

          • Agreed Cooper. Makes my point, which was apparently either out of Susan’s intellectual grasp or maybe I was misunderstood… Enjoyed the minor pile on though In brief hope to learn something new – nothing there except perhaps the depth of hatred toward folks who are working hard to serve our country apparently as no boundery.

          • @RT – What will be the tipping point for you to realize that some of these people care more for “power” than for the country they are to serve? What more needs to happen before your eyes are opened to their apathy? Who else needs to die?
            Just where do you draw the line? They have already crossed the line, multiple times, and I could care less about political correctness anymore. I hope that by the time you are enlightened, the consequences aren’t too dire.

        • Susan, Hillary made my permanent sh*t list with her head covered kissing Suha Arafat. during the “heady” (sp?) ‘daze’ of the Oslo Accords (1993) when Bubba was in the WH. I was living in Tel Aviv at the time and by 1994 I nearly was blown to bits. Only by the grace of G-d and a few minutes window shopping, the blast that blew out the windows of a three-story mall leaving 22 dead and 50 severely injured … you can read the rest at wiki on the 1994 bombing on Dizengoff Street.

        • As Secretary of State she signs off on embassy and consular office security. The last place she should be is at a party. Hopefully her deplorable amoral handling of these murders kills any chance for 2016. Like the Kennedys the Clintons believe they are entitled.

          Justice would be Barrack and Hillary reaching for the same bedside phone at 3am.

    • Right on Star. Heaven knows, if you actually made an effort to understand the enemy, some of the, um, some of the you know what might rub off on you… The result of being more informed comes with many burdens… Not the least of which is less ignorance…

      Go on… Give it a try.

        • @Susan – First, thank you for the blessings. Propaganda-filled intellect? Is there any other kind? You are spot on in the common sense department. As Albert Einstein famously quoted, “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” to that end, I am on a life-long journey to make your barb on common sense accurate.

          @Sadie – thank you for sharing. My reply to Star implied that understanding the enemy is a sound course of action that reaps benefits for those with an open mind, which was sheepishly implied.

          I totalling get the comic book retort – ya know, when in doubt, insult. When threatened, insult. When frustrated, insult. When outwitted and out gunned, insult. An expected, but sorry to have experienced result.

          I am not sure where you are going with the “Revisionist History” thing – I assume you actually understand the terms. I could attempt to provide insight, but alas, doing so would not likely garner any measurable positive results provided “recent history”…lol…

          That said, consider reading what the Durants, or Churchill, or Voltaire, or Bierce had to say about history in the larger context. If that is too daunting a task, I like what good ole Mark Twain had to say, and so might you. “The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice”.  ~ Mark Twain.

      • Funny how the people who preach to others about “understanding” the enemy (enemy? isn’t that a mean word?) so often end up surprised at how barbaric the enemy is. Hillary just couldn’t understand why anybody in Libya would be mean to our ambassador — even though she’s got Huma to tell her all about what a great religion Islam is!

        In left-speak, “understanding” the enemy means: “Tell us what we did to make you mad, and we’ll bend over again and again and again for you ….”

        On the other hand, the people who have actually studied the long bloody history of Islam and its hate-filled doctrines are reviled as “Islamophobes.” Yet they’re the people who aren’t surprised when Muslims act according to their own core doctrines.

        So, tell us again who is ignorant …

      • ‘The result of being more informed comes with many burdens’.

        Right you are Boogsie, the more informed we are of what the true agenda is of the socialist democrat party and Obama the more we try to get the word out. I don’t see you tools as the enemy, just brainwashed fools who think government is the cure for everything and everyone.

        • Yes Cooper, you and those that think like you are the keepers of the faith and are in sole possession of the truth? Sorry, but that is simply not the case. I extend this line of reasoning to left-leaning Bush haters who were in a self-inducing rage for 8 years. Same basic issue and they earn the same designation.

          To my point, which you help establish, I have become “Boossie, am a tool, and a fool”, all in one swipe. Geez, Cooper, name calling bundled with gross stereotyping – the hallmark of childlike discourse.

          Have a good day Cooper. Good luck in November.


      • Stats show conservatives tend to view both sides, liberals less so. I think that Maddox woman said she had never even watched Fox. A lot of the NYT people condemn it without watching–they just “know” it’s not for them. I cover both sides–I listen to NPR, read Wapo, etc. My point was–and you missed it–that this admin declared Fox the enemy but is now chucking over money for ads because so many Ams watch it. I don’t what “um” is you want rubbing off on me, I guess you mean your enlightened POV, but it sounds kinda distasteful. Pass.

        • I have an elderly neighbor who often plays the TV so loud I can hear it through his open door when I’m puttering outside. It’s always MSNBC, as far as I can tell. One day, I heard him frothing at the mouth that “Fox is nothing but propaganda!” I wondered how he would know, since I’ve never heard a Fox program through that open door.

        • The pill we need is a giant suppository of a Romney electoral victory. It gets inserted by the electorate into the White House on November 6th, resulting in all that bad stuff in there spewing out into the sewers where it belongs, to be forever flushed from the annals of history. THAT is the only cure for THIS sort of infection! Only then can the American Body Politic begin to heal.

  1. Very well done. Nothing specific, full of fluff.

    I particularly liked the look Mr. O gave Mr. Biden at the very end. He looked a bit annoyed, put off, or something with Mr. Biden. Wonder why?!

  2. I am sick of all this obama propaganda. Disgusted with the press prostitutes. Absolutely appalled at this man’s abuse of the rights of American citizens -sending the military (Dempsey) to intervene with a civilian- calling upon a business to remove a video from the public market-sending law enforcement to strong arm a private film maker-thereby endangering his safety from the crazy Ass islamists who murdered 4americans and 2marines. Embassys in the middle east flying the black flag and the imperial insufferable barack obama leans on American citizens -with the full force of the military-the WH-and law enforcement. You might think he’s looking for a scapegoat . I suspect he’s just pissed off that he wasn’t asked to star in the film. Dirt.

    • grace, just have to share this with you and everybody here.

      A reader’s rant:

      I don’t think Obama’s particularly bright: for all we know he was last in his class in every class he was ever in. Obviously there were no white-shoe law firms lined up to sign him on for a truckload of money when he graduated. Who gets a JD from Harvard and goes to work as a “community organizer?” You know perfectly well if he was at the top of his class – anywhere, any class – those transcripts would be out there for all the world to see, and for the press to brag about. They wouldn’t be sequestered. GREs and LSATs are both acceptable proxies for admission to MENSA, and if he did well enough for that, and qualified as a member he’d be one – and you know we’d know it. He loves himself far too much not to brag – if he has any reason. Real or imagined. Maybe there’d still be some people still alive if he could have refrained from telling the world – over and over and over – what a tough guy he is, killing bin Laden and all. Keep on spiking the football, eventually Islam calls a penalty.

      This is a guy who’s gone through life voting “present.” If he has any actual abilities he hasn’t shown them, at least where I could see them. He certainly is not a great speaker, take him off the teleprompter and he’s the village idiot. Even his so-called signature legislation, he didn’t build that. (He’s just one of the many who hasn’t read it.) It’s much more proper to call it “Pelosicare,” because she’s the dingbat who wrote it – which explains with perfect clarity why it’s such a pork-laden mess. He wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to sell it, either – which is why it passed the only way it could have: in a democrat-dominated congress. That may be evidence of many things, mostly about democrats – but it’s hard to see where any of them equates to brains on his part.

      Now, maybe it’s smart of him to – in his own mind – avoid all responsibility. On fiscal matters, Larry Summers has been quoted as remarking to the rest of the team that “we’re on our own out here (on this limb), there’s no adult in charge.” This sounds minimally smart to me, but then, I’m a cynic. It also sounds childish. If he thinks he can avoid responsibility by having Pelosi write healthcare, Summers, Bernanke and Geithner screw up the economy, and the Clinton idiot (not the rapist, the other one) louse up relations with practically every country on the planet, he’s sadly mistaken before the bar of history. (It’s the Obama administration, knothead, and while it may strike your tiny rat brain as really bright to have other people out front so they can get blamed and nothing’s your fault, it’s still the Obama administration. Pop quiz, bozo: name Herbert Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury.)

      I don’t think he’s smart at all, and as the world explodes around us because of the startling level of ineptitude he and Madame Fat-Ass, Secretary of State display, I begin to conclude he’s not only not very smart, he’s outright dumb. “Not very smart” would be a step up from he is, in foreign policy terms. Like most mopes, he’s surrounded himself with “advisers” who apparently know less than he does, and it’s coming back to bite a sizable proportion of the earth’s surface. Where it ends, he hasn’t a clue.

      And the really sad thing is, he’s not even clever enough to pretend he genuinely cares. Those overnight private numbers day before yesterday must have scared the hell out of him, to get him off the campaigning/fundraising trail yesterday and back to Andrews. Though note how careful he was to make sure Madame was present, and working overtime to sell the party line that free speech is somehow at fault.

      At least that is, I suppose I have to grant, evidence of intelligence. Of a rudimentary sort, anyway. Rodents do eventually learn to stop eating the poison.

      • Sadie thanks for this. In many ways I agree although I have never thought Obama to be smart. He was a marketable tool. But his supporters seriously overestimated this guy.

        What concerns me is the mess we are seeing as a result of the poorly planned poorly executed wishful thinking policy of disengagement. And beyond the oh look there’s a shiny film there is no plan. There are sporadic embassy closings or something-rumors of armadas and fleets-
        no coordination-no plan-no strategy-no leadership. At best we are
        reacting. Obama went for international transformation and domestic transformation- change with nothing more than hope as a plan. He created an international and a domestic vacuum. And we all kno
        w nature abhors a vacuum. And look at the swill that is rising to the top here and the Mipo

        • Sadie sorry I am on an alternate device and it is difficult to comment.

          Meant to say look at the swill that is rising to fill the vacuum both here and the ME. This is one hot mess and it is all because of BO.

          He is a disaster and he has brought disaster upon us. Those who
          thought he was so smart also thought he had a plan.

          Sorry for the rant-thanks for your thoughts
          ess. We agree. NObama.

          Imagine being in the sit room-looking at map of the ME-changing the pins and try to come up with a plan.

          • So true, grace. My bedroom on occasion is a mess. This is a disaster. I hope the majority of voters have connected all the dots and realize it’s the “dolt” in the WH, who helped create the chaos. Hillary Clinton does not have clean hands either and in her globull role (not a spelling error) has contributed to the fires.

          • Sadie — globull — true that. Wanted to share with you something that most tv viewers will not see. I watched Pope Benedict this morning say mass before 1000s in Beirut, Lebanon the old Paris of the Middle East. It was a sea of white — hats, chairs, clothing etc. — not a black flag in site –and it was held outdoors with the sea in full view. Lebanon had a tradition of coexistence. The Pope was doing his job fearlessly and earnestly in a dangerous region. This event was in stark contrastt to what was going on elsewhere — and it was productive, peaceful and helpful. BO could have chosen this inclusive approach instead of dividing this nation with warfare — class, race, economic, political, ideological etc. And he could have chosen a similar path in his foreign policy, remembering our friends and not enabling our enemies. But he did not. And this nation is paying a heavy price for his vain indulgences and clear incompetence. Thanks for the back and forth.

  3. And we’re only treated to “links” and all the other crap?…..Koffler, get off your butt for once and be a real JOURNALIST for once in your life!!

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