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Ryan Pick Forces Obama to Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin is now officially in play as a presidential battleground state, as the Obama campaign has decided to devote its most precious resource of all – President Obama’s time – to the state.

For the first time this campaign, Obama will make his way to Wisconsin, traveling there next Saturday for a rally in Milwaukee and a fundraiser.

Vice President Biden has already been to Wisconsin twice this month, and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius campaigned there Friday. The Obama campaign also announced this week that it will begin advertising in the state.

Obama was leading Romney in Wisconsin by about six to eight points before Romney tapped Wisconsin native Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, and the state had been considered relatively safe for the president. But the latest RealCearPolitics average shows a dead heat, with Romney within a point or two of Obama.

The president swept Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008.

Wisconsinites are fanatical about their state, guaranteeing that the impact on polls of picking a native son from there would be greater than for other states.

Romney and Ryan have both already campaigned in Wisconsin, and the Romney campaign is running ads there as well.

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  1. FYI.
    Obama is scheduled to appear in Ohio on Monday to speak in Schiller Park, outside of German Village, which is just south of Columbus.
    German Village has a large gay community.
    Columbus, Ohio has one of the largest gay communities outside of San Francisco.
    I wonder what his underlying topic will be ?

    • AFVET,

      Any time he comes to Cincinnati, he makes sure he spends time with the Mayor here. Mayor Mallory is a rather slightly built man, and not real confident in the ability of his own police force to protect him, as he is the only Cincinnati mayor to have ever hired (at taxpayer expense, natch) his own body guard. He’s not married, doesn’t seem to be dating, and has led the Gay Pride parade in past years. The mayor was also very much on board with an LGBT movement to repeal a city charter amendment, Article 12, that simply prohibited the city from granting “protected status” for sexual orientation.

      Obama stood with him when promoting his “stimulus”, citing a bridge in the background (The Brent Spence) as an example of the need. This would have made more sense if the bridge belonged to Cincinnati, or even Ohio, but it’s actually Kentucky’s bridge, so I guess he just wanted a frendly face to hang with…

      Mallory also has a “little Ceasar” complex, with the local issue being he is going to tear the City apart because he wants a streetcar, even to the extent of selling off a City airport to get money for it. He also hired a Police Chief from another state without requiring him to obey Ohio’s law that EVERY police officer in the STATE take the SAME TEST. It’s a rare “police chief” who is supposed to enforce the law, but refuses to obey it himself. This is just trickle down from the head of the Democrat party, I suppose. The children are looking a lot like the father.

      Point being, when he comes here, he panders to the LGBT community just by hanging with his freind and fellow Democrat tyrant Mallory. And Michelle is never around for these tete a tetes. Mallory is also very, eh, “metrosexual” in apperance, just like Hopey. They are both very well dressed, well spoken, spindly, effeminite Black men (Mallory once threw an opening day pitch 1/4 of the way to the plate) who share the same Socialist dreams, so one wonders if we won’t see a “romance” flower here, AFTER the election, when the Mayor is term limited out and the President has more “flexibility”…

      Maybe THIS is the driver for the whole “evolved” position. Obama did not meet Mallory until after he was President, so maybe the sparks flew and they started thinking about the future together.

      Just think. The first same sex, eh, FLOTUS. What would that be anyway, GLOTUS (Gay Lover Of The U.S)? There’s a “deep throat” pun in there somewhere…

      Why not. It would be another historical “first” for this Prezzy, and Lord knows he likes making history, especially when he does it by getting what he wants anyway, no matter the cost to us.

      • This is the most important election of our lifetimes.
        The desperation on display by this administration should be obvious to anybody that is paying attention.
        They are bleeding voters,…those that can now see through the facade the MSM incessantly displays before US.
        The common sense of enough people will hopefully resign this president to the dustbins of the history of the American People’s mistakes in electing candidates that have no history to allow them to become POTUS.

        Jefferson said that the people will make mistakes, and that they will correct them.
        Let’s correct this one in November.

      • I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. The very concept of THIS president actually defending the Constitution is just ludicrous on its face. It’s hilarious that you would even suggest the possibility, but its sad that we have come to a point where we expect the Prezzy to circumvent the Constitution at every turn to further his own agenda, which apparently includes the complete destruction of rule of law in America.

        Some say he’d obey Sharia, but I don’t know. He’s kinda a wannabe Muslim, but he’s dominated by his wife, seems attracted to other men when he’s attracted to anything outside of himself at all, and it might make his freind Jay-Z angry if Obama told him he’d have to drape Beyonce in the front hall rug before bringing her over to the Situation Room for pictures. So really, I suspect he’d consider obedience to ANY law as beneath him, Sharia included.

        It’s good to be the Messiah. Or Mahdi, if you prefer. He’d be OK with either form of address, as long as a credit card number is included.

        • LMAO true. He has become a parody of the cable TV ads at 3am. “And if you call now, etc etc” Promise them anything as long as they pay the Shipping and Handling. Thats what Air Force One and the Secret Service have become in this fool’s eyes.

  2. I haven’t seen any media outlets mention the Rasmussen polls the last few days, they’re all announcing how far ahead Obama is in several states and overall. Rasmussen doesn’t agree.
    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns 46% of the vote. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided. See daily tracking history.

    When “leaners” are included, the race is tied at 48%. Leaners are those who are initially uncommitted to the two leading candidates but lean towards one of them when asked a follow-up question.

  3. The pro-Obama polling tends to get me down, but we (I) must resist it. Yesterday the NYT had a poll that showed that Obama had surpassed Romney on the economy so I went to the Rasmussen daily tracking poll and found that on the economy 50% of the public trusted Romney over 43 % for Obama. I also just incidentally found out that Romney leads Obama in North Carolina 5l% to 45%. Internet sites do not post this, though. They, including conservative sites, focused on VA, FL and Ohio All this is a preamble, Keith, to saying Obama is in more serious trouble that the MSM would have us believe, and your post on Wisconsin is another proof.

    • Ohio’s very similar. Obama does great in the cities where the populations are already wards of the Federal Government, but there are no votes for him in the whole rest of Ohio – except for the graveyards.

    • How obtuse are his followers? Hard to believe they going to forgive him for giving them nothing more than a tip of the wing of AF1 and a tweet of support as he flew over Wisconsin on the eve of their historic recall election…

      • Strange to say considering his appeal to the anti-religion crowd, but Obama is a divine right ruler to them. He is King, and the King can do no wrong.

        I wonder, who DOES an atheist “occupy” protestor think chose the Chosen One to lead them?

        I’ve never been able to figure out how Commies and Socialist pick their leaders, considering how everyone is absoluetely equal and there is no Almighty to do the picking for them. In the Democrat Utopia, there would also be no “contests” or any sort of testing at all, because it would inevitably be “culturally biased” and “unfair”, and the whole concept of “winning” and “losing” stands in antithesis to them.

        Best to run someone unopposed, but how do you get to who gets the nod? Consensus? How well did THAT work for them on the “God” and “Jerusalem” thing? In the kingdom of the blind, who is King? Even then, wouldn’t the Democrat response typically be to put out the one working eye, just to make everything “fair”? It’s a mystery!

        Somehow, though, it always seems to be about who has the most money – or most guns – to them in the end, and no one ever seems willing to obey them unless they use trickery or force. Guess that Utopia thing needs more work…

        Oh, well. It’s George Bush’s fault.

  4. people really need to look at the data behind polls better. Most of these polls give dems a 8 point or more advantage over reps; one poll recently only had 2% independent voters; some are using the same % of black voters that voted in 2008 which was the highest % of the vote ever. Some stats head took a recent poll that had obama ahead of romney by about 8 and found it was skewed 9 points in favor of obama and redid the poll with a more realistic breakdown of the vote stratification and it showed romney ahead by four.

    Or, I just take any poll by a university or major news network and subtract 4 or 5 from the democratic candidate and add 3 or 4 to the republican candidate and it’s been a pretty dang accurate system for many elections

    • The Weekly Standard says both Biden and Obama are taking the weekend off, but DR. Biden is on the campaign trail. I imagine Barry doesn’t want to take any questions about the Middle East, nor does he want Joey the Clown Biden making any comments either.

      • Under the old “normal” silence would be the better part of valor. In the new twisted “normal” – hide Biteme for a few days and el presidente “O” cannot get to his golf bunker fast enough.

        Two and half weeks until October 3 – first debate. You just gotta know that the zero is hoping for a change in the ME between now and then. My best guess, he’s working the phone lines, making promises. “Lay low guys, I am just weeks away from being crowned”.

        “This is my last election,” Mr. Obama said. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”

        The Russian leader responded, “I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.”

        • Speaking of yard sales. Saw a spot about the “Yard Sale for Obama” schtick on Fox and Friends this morning. Tucker Carlson was one of the guest hosts. He made a comment that if Obama wanted his followers to move to Guyana and start an agrarian coop they’d do it – it’s a cult. The comparison he made to Jim Jones and the People’s Temple is exactly what Sadie said a few days ago. Good to know we’re not the only ones who see Obots for what they really are.

          • Watching DavidGregory on NBC “interview” (if that’s what it could be called) PMNetanyahu; over and over MrNetanyahu had to state that he wasn’t going to get involved in American politics. MrGregory pushed, prodded and looked like he was going to cry because he didn’t get the “right” answers he wanted from the PM.
            He actually asked the question “do you think that MrObama threw Israel under the bus?”. He wanted to know if the PM felt “snubbed” by not having a face-to-face with the Prez.
            It was a shameful and rude interview.

            The PM went to great lengths to make the point that Israel and the USA are friends, allies, and to make the case for supporting Israel against the threat of attacks by Iran.
            MrGregory obviously wasn’t interested in anything other than getting a ‘gotcha’ headline for Obama’s campaign.

  5. What a week. The Brits are enthralled that they can finally get a peek at Prince William’s wife’s breasts. The Royals are not amused.
    The MiddleEast is on fire, India has a riot, Australia joins in the melee and the Germans are totally confused how they can be part of this. Our Ambassador is brutally murdered, dragged through the streets (on his way to the hospital) and the MSM is furious with MrRomney for stating the obvious. MrObama has nothing much to say on this firestorm he caused.
    The Taliban or alQueda or some other fanatic is taking responsibility for everything, and the Libyian leaders claim that “foreigners” are responsible for the whole tragedy.

    We said goodbye to our favorite astronaut and to a man who served his country as a foreign diplomat with televised eulogies and great praise. Our soldiers who were killed in the never-ending war are just statistics.

    What are we doing, who are we? Can a President go off to a fund-raiser in LasVegas while our embassies are under attack and the only thing the MSM can say is that MrRomney should keep his mouth shut. The government intimidates private citizens for saying something unpolitic and the country is silent. Who have we become?

    • Sadly, I think this is the “new normal” across the board. I’m frustrated by the lack of outrage among the general public in regard to this week’s events.

      November 6th truly worries me.

    • I agree, srdem65. This is confusing to say the least. Is this happening in the mighty US , land of the free, the dreamland for the oppressed ? An alleged filmmaker is brought to interrogation by 6-8 policemen because of some film ??!! I just checked in on Politico and, after a violent week like this, the main article is a hit job on Romney because of his statements on China. What ???! The White House seems to have been warned about possible attacks in this region but did nothing. There you have a big brewing scandal. Good heavens, this ought to break Obama. However, as the US has turned into Obamaland, instead I ask myself, will he get a free pass again ? Well, the media can spin and distort in whatever way but it is plain for anyone with eyes to see that Obama looks like a loser right now. The world is not fooled anymore.

      • Great questions SL. We can only hope that the informed electorate will make the right decison on 6 Nov. If not I’m afraid that the days of the U.S. leading the free world will be over.

    • Sad but true, srdem. I have hope that we will defeat these usurpers in November. So many people are awake and are extremely angry at what these people are doing to our country. You don’t see it in the articles written by MSM or spoken by their talking heads on TV, because they are part of the cabal. The comments section tells a different story…a story of a populous that is awake, aware, and pissed off.

      Remember the Chick-fil-A boycott and how millions of people all over the country stood in line to make their support of American values known? I believe we’ll see something similar at the polls in November. I pray to God we do.

  6. The president gets his intelligence briefings off of his iPhone while he is running around raising money so he can get reelected. He is doing this while the world is in turmoil. This man not only lacks a conscience, he is the most incompetent president we have ever had! Cares nothing about the lives lost and the Americans still in danger in the Middle East.

    • You are absolutely correct on everything except the iPhone, Joe. The quisling doesn’t know how to use an iPhone, because Soros only taught him how to use a BlackBerry.

  7. On FOX NEWS SUNDAY with Chris Wallace, the communist Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, stated emphatically that “this (attack) is not an expression of hostility toward the U.S. or U.S. policy”. It’s all about the obscure video. Rumors have been floating around for the last 3 years that Rice will be the next SOS – God help us all!