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The White House Goes Wobbly on Free Speech

I would like you to review what you had for lunch.

I’m not asking you to change your eating habits. Just to review them.

Because I happen to know what you had for lunch. Give it some thought.

Now what does that sound like? It sounds like I think there’s something wrong with what you’re eating.

Of course, I don’t care what you had for lunch. I mean, sure, I want you to be healthy, but really, it’s your business.

I wrote the above just to drive home that when the White House says it was merely asking YouTube to “review” the video that has sparked outrage in the Arab Street, it’s really trying to get YouTube to remove the offending work.

From the Washington Post:

Tommy Vietor, spokesman for the National Security Council, said the White House has “reached out to YouTube to call the video to their attention and ask them to review whether it violates their terms of use.”

However, the video remained on the site as of Friday afternoon, and it is posted many other places on the Internet.

Messages to YouTube, and Google, which owns the site, were not immediately returned Friday. On Wednesday, a YouTube spokesperson said the video “is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube.”

President Obama and his aides in recent days have been making pious comments about America’s commitment to the First Amendment. At today’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters, “We cannot and will not squelch freedom of expression in this country.”

So the White House decided to signal its displeasure – that is, suppress speech – without seeming to suppress speech. A message from the White House evincing concern is a very intimidating thing to a large company like Google that could so easily be adversely affected by the federal government. Google, of course, owns YouTube.

Obama should stay out of Americans’ speech.

And I’ll stay out of your lunch.

74 Responses to The White House Goes Wobbly on Free Speech

    • You are on the money, Knothead! But there is a way to fight this that is even stronger than just waving the flag above the First Amendment, and that is to actually watch the movie (The Innocence of Muslims) on YouTube and have a discussion about its merits as a work of art!

      I’ll start! My favorite part about the Innocence of Muslims? The way it inspired the Arab street to rise up and start killing our Obama-appointed ambassadors overseas!

      Can I get a what-what?

      • Please DR…nobody watched the stupid movie, especially the illiterate heathens who are causing all the murder and mayhem. Obama and Clinton are using the movie as an excuse, because they know what really made these monsters mad was their spiking the ball on the killings of Osama and Gadaffi. Don’t you remember the cackling Hillary…’We came, we saw, he died”? Just in case you missed it…

        • Gosh, I certainly haven’t seen any coverage that shows Muslim mobs chanting “We are mad that you spiked the ball over Osama and Ghadaffi”. They all seem to be pissed over that movie (although, granted, the movie is merely today’s excuse for a deeper issue, though not the one you indicated).

          But are we then agreed that the movie is a piece of shit created by an agent provocateur from Egypt who is now hiding behind America’s skirts, and that we don’t have to go rushing around screaming “First Amendment!” in the author’s defense, because the author doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about our values?

  1. This is as bad as Obama tweeting about fall weather and having sweatshirts for sale as the coffins bring the Ambassador and three former military home. Both are wrong, but great examples of what’s wrong with this administration. Failure to enforce, uphold the Constitution and complete lack of respect for the office of POTUS.

  2. If memory serves me correctly, Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO) and Larry Page (founder and current Google CEO) have both been big Obama supporters. Are they not feeling pressure from the administration to do what they are told to do? OR, are they starting to realize that, if Obama and his DOJ and other agencies have their way, free expression, free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion etc. will be a thing of the past?

    After all the bomb and terror threats across the country today, UT, Valpo, NDSU, Kansas, and the Brownsburg (IN) Community Schools website being hacked and the message “Coming, soon you will hear voices of our swords” I would have to think that there is something coming to an America near you.

    The attacks in the Middle East and north Africa against the US, despite what Carney says, is just the beginning of an all out assault on this country. Terrorist actions do not have to be just bombs and killing. It can also be a concerted effort to disrupt and demoralize the population targeted. The evacuation of the universities today in response to threats disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of students and faculty, along with tying up massive amounts of law enforcement resources. The next time there may not be any warning, and it may be actual bombs. The best way to know how people will respond is to do a test run, and that may have been what today in the US was all about.

    • Outstanding post, Shofar. We have to battle terror threats and “compliance demands” from our own government. Hate to say it but the chatter about Obama declaring some executive fiat regarding the suspending of the election is starting to look not just possible but likely. I hope the Congress has the xxxxx to put a stop to it.

      • Congress? Good luck getting the Senate to go along with not allowing Lord Farquaad to suspend the elections. Lots of them will lose their seats if the elections go, eh, “forward”, and Prince Harry would not enjoy losing the ability to prevent the country from healing with his pocket veto powers.

      • Congress will NEVER do a thing. I am a female and I have more of the required body parts to stand up to this evil man than they do. I have been saying it for a year that I would be surprised if we get to vote in Nov. My advice is to say you are for Obama and the dems when the polls call. If he thinks he will win, he may allow the vote. He thinks we are stupid, let’s show him how stupid we REALLY ARE! This is war and we must win. Nov is the final battle, if we lose this one, we lose the war. Our country as we knew it will be gone and we will NEVER get him out.

      • Too bad those few who would love to destroy this country have their hands on the controls of government. The US just got another credit downgrade because of Uncle Ben’s decision to fire up the printing presses again.

  3. “Obama should stay out of Americans’ speech.”

    Edit: Obama should stay out of America.

    Of course, he’s asking to remove the video. It’s on the UN agenda to outlaw anything and everything that offends *Islamic sensabilities*. By all means, give him a hand and he’ll take an arm – he’s gone rogue.

    While I detest many youtube videos, I do something really silly – I don’t watch them and don’t share them. In fact, I ignore them. Imagine that.

  4. So, I guess that when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called the preacher to “ask” him not to promote this video, it was just a , what, neighborly chit chat? No way was the call to be interpreted as the head of our military trying to intimidate anyone. And, of course, the call to check the appropriateness of the video in no way was to be seen as censorship.

    Oh, bull cookies. They want this video to go away, and they’re not afraid to call in the military or anyone else to do the job. The riots and terrorism are not about a stupid video that mostly no one had seen, it’s about MrObama and MrBiden bragging that “Bin Laden is Dead”…yipeee.

    The crowds aren’t calling out the video, they’re chanting “Obama, Obama, one and a half billion Osamas live”.

  5. What? Piety coming from THIS White House? C’mon.

    From Moochelle telling me not only what I can eat but also pressuring the places I go to get my lunch how many french fries they can put on my plate and how many ounces my Pepsi can be, to Ubama telling me what the thermostat in my house should be, to limiting the number of car options based on fuel mileage and not only that but to which dealerships are actually open for my (shrinking) business, these jackholes have YET to mind their own business and would rather meddle in mine and the expense of MANAGING THE BUSINESS WE PAY THEM to attend to. You know, like improving the freaking economy or fighting wars to actually WIN them, or making sure our diplomats aren’t dragged through the streets by mobs in third world port-a-potties that are called countries by the rest of the world. This White House has done nothing but tinker with our individual freedoms at the expense of the larger matters facing the country.

    I keep calling these people clowns but I’m afraid I’m offending competent circus workers everywhere.

    • Obama is no clown, he means to ruin our economy AND our military. Did you see 2016 The Movie? This is NOT incompetence, this is his plan! I am starting to believe he is the anti-christ. I pray multiple times every single day for Jesus to help us. People think I am nuts but our freedom is on the line. Remember what Reagan said, “Freedom is just one generation away.” We might be it. The question is, can the silent majority rise up and yell loudly with our vote. That is what I pray for.

  6. I hope google does not pull the video from YT. But I will not be surprised if they do. Unfortunately for Obama pulllng the video which is a smokescreens will not solve Obama’s dilemma. The administration and the media palace guard spin a steady whirl of lies and cover ups. Four good men slpaughtered and now two marines dead as well in an attack on camp leatherneck.

    Suspend all visas and financial aid to the offending countries.

    May God watch over this country and Israel.


      • Not to worry! Once your stuff is sold to buy Obama more “flexibility”, he’ll be happy to reward you – with someone ELSE’S “stuff”!

        Just ask the folks at Solyndra how that works…

    • How long until we have to apply for a license to have a yard sale ?
      Some states have busted kids for putting up a lemonade stand without the ‘proper papers’.
      Where has America gone ?

    • BEyond OMG. I thought you were linking us to a GJ spoof.

      What are these people? Did they dream this up while under the influence of a hallucinogenic mushrooms?

    • Back in 1975 one of my brothers got involved with Scientology in California. He and his ex-wife became members when their marriage started falling apart. He sold everything he owned – car, furniture, everything – and gave the money to them. Evidently that wasn’t enough so they had him call us in Okinawa, where we were stationed at the time, asking for money. The “church” leaders listened in on the phone line but never said a word to us. When we refused to send them money, they were coaching him to beg us. It was a terrible thing to do to a person’s soul. Thankfully, he escaped before they destroyed him.

      I know Obama is a Marxist and not a Scientologist, but his Obots are true believers just like their followers are. They will sell the shirt off their back if they think it will help him win this election. This ‘Yard Sales for Obama’ schtick makes me sick. Obama is preying on his own people. He is the epitome of pure evil in my opinion.

      • Nice post. Barack uses Jedi Mind Tricks to have power over these people. I can’t think of any other explanation.

        There actually was some talk that Obama used hypnotic techniques in his speeches to win over the crowd. I’ve listen to a lot of his speeches so I had to install a special protective shield. The tricks don’t work on me yet :).

        • Not so sure about the Jedi Mind Tricks but they are pretty good at fear mongering. The video starts out with the Obot claiming “control of our country is being snatched up by a small handful of powerful companies and wealthy Republicans.” Mix the cult of personality with a little fear of Republicans snatching “control of our country” from the Won, add a pinch of hate the rich mentality, and it creates a toxic mix.

          Think I need to get myself one of those contraptions that you and Sadie have. These people are driving me batty and the tin foil hat isn’t working any longer.

          • Can I suggest a full-length tin foil body suit – age and body weight appropriate, of course.

            My lingering question/comment is: Why are “we” outraged? Where is the outrage and anger from our elected conservatives. We should have seen and heard Col. Allen West at the RNC – did we. HELL NO. And why not? And why have the most out-spoken been ignored, shunned or neutered by silence? Kinda makes me wonder about the entire lot of them.

  7. So frustrated tonight. A good chunk of the world is protesting my country, in a ruthless and coordinated manner. And I am being told by my President and his Secretary of State that the reason for this is a YouTube clip. Good Americans have been butchered, sodomized, and otherwise assaulted and their answer is to have the clip removed from YouTube. My President partied with Beyonce and Jay Z in Vegas while this was going on. My President didn’t bother interrupting his sleep the other night to even pretend to deal with this. We have information that my government had advanced info that these attacks were coming days before they happened, and my President was talking about Nicky Minaj to someone called “The Pimp with the Limp”. Good US Marines aren’t allowed to carry live ammunition, even though they work in the most dangerous place in the world. And the free press in my country decides that the real news is whether or not a political candidate expressed his opinion on these matters prematurely. Where is the outrage people? I’ll say it again, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Is the country better off internationally right now? Are we safer as a nation? Are we better off economically? Do our leaders even respect the Constitution? This President needs to be replaced!!!!!!

  8. Hang in there, man. Let the Muslims destroy anything they want in their own countries, let them show the world just how violently insane they are.
    They shine a light on the most inane, unsophisticated foreign policy ever designed by an American President. He bowed, he apologized, he threw money at them and they hate him, they hate the man that set them free because, well, because he danced on BinLadin’s grave and kills their own with his magic drones.

    The outrage you’re looking for in Ameicans is there, under the surface. We’re mad, angry and frustrated by the nimcompoops we’ve elected to run our country. We’re the ones without the jobs, we’re the ones who lost our business or our home, they’re just fine and living well. They send our sons to war and don’t allow them to win the war. Our sons come home broken and beaten, get a pat on the head, and then the nimcompoops forget about them.
    Keep your chin up. They can only burn our flag once. Even if MrObama is reelected, we’ll survive it. It won’t be easy and it won’t be nice, but we have to believe that our countrymen will come to their senses. Sooner would be great, but later won’t be the end of us.

  9. Guess what Obummer did this afternoon after the Transfer of Remains Ceremony at Joint Base Andrews? According to Mark Knoller’s tweet:

    Pres Obama at Democratic National Committee HQ for campaign strategy talks.

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Our embassies are being breached and set on fire, and he’s having campaign strategy meetings?! Conveniently left off the schedule, of course. The fundraiser was on his schedule for this evening, though.

    So, in the midst of this escalating crisis, after his photo op with the four CASKETS, he had to rush off to campaign strategy meetings, and then a fundraiser! Sorry, I have to say it – BARACK OBAMA IS A SCUMBAG!!!!!

    • More tweets from Mark Knoller:

      Pres. Obama to attend $1.4-million campaign fundraiser this evening: 35 supporters paying $40,000 each.

      It’s Pres Obama’s first fundraiser since Aug 22, his 138th fundraiser this year, and 205th since declaring for re-election April 4, 2011.

      No public appearances on Pres Obama’s schedule this weekend. Back on the campaign trail Monday in Ohio: rallies in Cincinnati & Columbus.

      Pres Obama also has campaign travel next week to NY, Florida and Virginia. He appears on Letterman on Tuesday.

      VP Biden also has the weekend off – but returns to campaigning Monday and Tuesday in Iowa and New Hampshire on Friday.

      While VP Biden home in Wilmington, Dr Jill Biden has three campaign events tomorrow in Michigan: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo & Battle Creek.

      Also, I read this at Newsmax:

      President Obama and the first lady will travel to Florida next week. The first lady plans to speak to grass-roots supporters in Gainesville and Tallahassee, according to the Naples Daily News. On Thursday, President Obama will travel to Miami and Tampa for campaign events.

      Yep, rallies in Ohio yet again on Monday. Tuesday is NYC to tape Letterman and then attend the Beyonce/Jay-Z fundraiser. Campaigning in Florida on Thursday. I guess VA will be Wednesday or Friday. Gee, hope that situation surrounding over twenty of our embassies in the Middle East doesn’t take up too much of his time next week!

  10. They want the video to go away because they pressured the guy to make it. He was a snitch. So, the government WAS involved in the movie. I can’t believe they lied to us. Look for movie guy to turn up dead. Maybe just missing.

    Martial Law coming soon to a town near you.

  11. Did I just read that the State Department will take no further questions regarding the Benghazi murders, because the o has turned “the investigation” over to Holder?

  12. Suppression of speech? It all follows the course of what is acceptable behavior in the new republic as defined by the left. Be it how much soda you can drink in NYC to what is allowable nutrition for school children. Slowly (perhaps accelerating) but surely the left uses tax code, and the legal system to dictate what is acceptable behavior all reinforced with appropriate “Social Media”. It is the most insidious form of liberal action.

    Is this any different than the transition from Weimar republic to the Third Reich? Besides war reparations, after the crash 1929, these and other events lead to the election Hitler as Chancellor and control by the Nazi party. They immediately started to deconstruct and replace the constitution or flat out ignore the Weimar constitution in early 1933. (Sound familiar to anyone?) Germany entered a period called Gleichschaltung, or coordination, so the Nazis could pass legislation against the constitution. While it has been over 15 years since I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, there used to be a panel showing all the seemingly simple laws that were passed in this critical time period that set the stage for domination by the Nazi party.

    There is a reason the First Amendment of our constitution lays out the protection of (among other things) free speech and that the Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms (which shall not be infringed). Because free speech is elemental to a free republic must be protected. If there is one thing we have learned from history…with regret…it’s that we didn’t learn a damn thing.

    • Why is no one talking about how GREAT this movie is? Come on people! Our embassies are burning because of this! Now are we coming to pull together to get The Innocence of Muslims an Oscar nod or what??

      • No, troll, our embassies are not burning “because of this movie”. Our embassies are burning because we tolerate this behavior from jihadist who are told that there is nothing you can’t do to defend their Prophet.

        There have been many movies that have depicted Christ in a blasphemous way, but I don’t remember wild packs of Methodists killing random people and burning down other countries property over them. Maybe you don’t remember “Piss Christ”? This work of “art” was PAID FOR by the US government, and yet Episcopalians were able to restrain themselves from sacking Social Security offices everywhere, go figure!

        Ever seen a Simpsons episode where “Apu” is featured? Ever notice how the Hindu faith is trashed up one side and down the other when they do? But we don’t have Sihks jamming knives in Matt Groening’s chest with diatrabes attached to them, do we?

        Even Satanist, who don’t seem to have much of a doctrine of love, somehow don’t go ballistic on uninvolved third parties every time their belief system is held up to ridicule, as it tends to be every October 31st at the very least.

        Nope, only practitioners of “The Religion of Peace” behave in this fashion. And what kind of religious bigot are you that you actually EXPECT them to have no self-control, anyway? I don’t notice that the Saudis murdered their US ambassador, or that the U.S Counsulate was burned in Ankara, now, was it?

        No, this is NOT because of a “movie”. It is terrorism, pure and simple. Only the fact that the world acts as an enabler permits it to continue.

  13. Why would Obama stay out of our speech? They haven’t stayed out of anything else. If he gets reelected, this priviledge will go along with our second ammendment rights and every other right they have stomped on.

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