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Time-Strapped Obama Spends an Hour with Olympians

President Obama today spent an hour greeting America’s Olympians, a questionable use of precious presidential time coming just days after the White House said scheduling problems would prevent Obama from meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu later this month.

At a White House event honoring the Olympians, First Lady Michelle Obama proclaimed that her husband intended to greet every Olympian and Paralympian in attendance “even if it breaks his schedule,” and she meant it.

The event began at 10:10 am when Obama, Michelle, and Vice President Biden emerged from the White House strode onto the South Lawn.

“I’m the fan in chief,” Obama declared. After finishing his remarks at about 10:25 am, Obama spent the next 45 minutes shaking hands, schmoozing, and taking photos with the assembled athletes.

Obama finally reentered the White House at 11:10 am. Most presidential events honoring athletes take no more than 15 minutes or so.

Obama’s Olympic distraction occurred even as he seeks to balance a busy campaign schedule with his official duties and faces a growing international crisis in the Middle East featuring virulent – and deadly – anti-American protests.

Netanyahu, who has grown increasingly frustrated with what he sees as U.S. inaction with respect to Iran, will be in the United States for the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. Netanyahu reportedly asked to meet with Obama but was refused, with the White House citing conflicting schedules.

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  1. How naive, to expect the POTUS to be sequestered in the Situation Room gathering intel and opinions on how to address the attacks on our embassies and what it means for the future of our relations in the MiddleEast. Why would he want to spend time listening to drones from the CIA, NSA, or the Pentagon, when he can bask in the glow given off by our athletes who competed in the Olympics. Why he even ‘allowed’ some of them to put their hard-earned medals around his neck as if he shared in their efforts and accomplishments.

    How can we be shocked or dismayed that this sorry excuse for a President would rather be flying off to receive some more cash for his reelection and feel loved by his adoring crowds, than spend time with a leader of another country that is smarter, more astute and more respected in political arenas than MrObama. .
    PMNetanyahu should have had his people request a meeting with the real powers in the WhiteHouse, ValarieJarrett and MichelleObama.

  2. FLOTUS ordered POTUS to attend today, for the FULL event. this will also be used as a campaign ad, with Dear Leader doing something “presidential”. No disrespect to these great men and women but……more pressing matters today.

  3. Keith do you know if Obama has changed his plans to meet the remains of the fallen Ambassador and the other murdered Americans? I heard Hillary will be there. Is it possable this idiot won’t be there? He’d have to miss a fundraiser.

  4. Obviously, the idol-in-chief has his priorities and they don’t include leadership of any kind. So what if the humanity-hating Muslim barbarians set the whole Middle East aflame so Israel doesn’t have to nuke them. These issues are way beyond his pay grade.

  5. Everyone has his priorities. We’re just seeing what his are now.

    The Middle East is under siege, so first he jets off to Vegas to campaign, and now he’s doing fluff stuff like this. Of course, our olympians are important, but this could have been rescheduled two days ago.

    The dissing of Netanyahu is a disgrace, particularly with the Letterman situation.

  6. FYI,I’m attending the AARP convention in New Orleans next week. Paul Ryan will be there live,the Prezzy will be broadcasring via satalite. (thank God,I couldn’t take the lovefest live). I will not be watching the satelite broadcast. Generally they have a booth with free wine samples, I’ll visit there. The lines will be short at the wine booth at that time as AARP is in love with Obama. I expect poor attendence for Ryan,but good for me,better seat.

  7. He strode in at 10:10 then wrapped up his remarks at 10:25. So does that mean he talked for about 10-15 minutes? That is an eternity for something like this. The occasion probably only needed a paragraph or two.

    • He reads whatever they put up on the teleprompter for him to read. At his Nevada campaign speech, he took a moment at the beginning to look sincerely sober and solemn in acknowledging the tragedy of events. But in watching him, you see his head gaze switch back and forth between the two teleprompters at his sides. Even in that solemn moment, he couldn’t speak from the heart, but instead read words from a screen written by someone else.

  8. On the rare occasion when he is in Washington, it seems like Tweedle-Dum (Obama) is spending all of his time with Tweedle-Dee (Biden). Biden was in the Olympian assembly line this a.m. – which was followed by another intimate lunch for two. Nothing on the schedule until the 7:00 fundraiser. My guess is crazy Joe is now the shadow POTUS! Obama really is looking like the guy who should be serving coffee to the elder members of the Senate.

      • She blamed it all on the video again. Looks like she’s trying to capitalize on their deaths by signing US on to some UN blasphemy law. Never let a crisis go to waste, right Hillary?

        She and her boss hold the greatest responsibility for the deaths of the ambassador and three members of his staff. He for not taking a security briefing since 5 September, and she for not taking seriously the threats she was warned about 48 hours before the massacre took place. Radical muslims have been so emboldened by their weak-kneed response that they’re shutting down university’s all over America with bomb threats. I sure hope we make it to November with these maniacal people in charge.

        • Yup, she keeps blaming the video because otherwise they’d have to admit that Barry’s politically correct overly-apologetic “leading from behind” Arab Spring nonsense is literally going up in flames before our eyes.

    • Looking at his schedule today, I didn’t realize Obama was going to Andrews. It was the right thing to do in spite of all the furor this week. The ceremony was so very sad and moving – I don’t know how he has the heart to go to a fundraiser tonight. It’s a sad day for America – in more ways than one.

  9. I truly hope that this Obama caused crisis helps sink his re-election. If he is re-elected in spite of his horrendous record, then we got the government we deserved and the scum of this country prevailed.

  10. Obama fiddles while our people burn! The facts will come out whether the media like it or not. And what is going to happen is the finger will point at Obama, Hillary and the Jarrett woman. These people have blood on their hands and you can tell how affected the feckless president is. Disgusting, Disgraceful people sat back and let good men be murdered.

  11. It’s hard to picture someone who, knowing that he is going to pick up four assassinated bodies in a couple of hours, can laugh it up with the athletes with that in the back of his mind. Maybe it wasn’t in the back of his mind, however. I don’t think Romney would have handled it this way or have gone campaigning in Nevada the day of the murders. Maybe it was too late to cancel, but he could have left his wife in charge. Obama’s mind is chilling to me.

    • I read your comment and it really got to me. I feel exactly the same way. It makes me sick when I think of Obama going to Vegas for a fundraiser right after four FOUR!! Americans were assassinated and tortured too! And today with the bodies coming home, he still goes to more fundraisers and the athletes and smiling too! He has no heart, no soul either that or he’s on drugs and you know what? His eyes look dead, maybe he is either drunk on beer or high on something. I don’t know but my heart is broken for the Ambassador and the two seals and one American. Obama couldn’t date miss a fundraiser to get money from people. He never spends his own money either, he spends taxpayer money and campaign money. He’s an ugly dog. Just wanted to tell you that when I read your comment, it said exactly how I feel. I do hope he isn’t re-elected but if he is re-elected, he’s finished anyway. I don’t know him personally but I hate him so much for all he’s done and not done. A real creep, he is.