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Romney Made an Important Point

Lost amid the political gaming of Gov. Mitt Romney’s criticism of the Egyptian Embassy statement is the significant foreign policy declaration he made: That the United States is projecting pusillanimity around the globe, and that he will have none of it.

Once the Beltway crowd gets done agonizing over the Obama campaign-inspired question of whether Romney misstepped by wading into a crisis before a crisis was done, people in America will perceive and appreciate the contrast Romney was trying to draw with President Obama.

That is, this whole thing is a win for Romney.

I don’t think Romney acted too soon Tuesday night by criticizing the embassy statement, released earlier in the day, which sought to appease Egyptian protestors by sympathizing with their “hurt . . . religious feelings.”

The statement was a live issue, and needed to be addressed. It showed U.S. weakness in the face of danger, and even posited limits on free speech by criticizing those “who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Abuse the right of free speech? Well, if something is being abused, then the abuse must stop! We can only take this First Amendment stuff so far, you know.

Did Romney in some way interfere with the administration’s response to the crisis? Please, ask a serious question.

And I have news for the Obama campaign and the White House, which they may not be aware of: THE CRISIS IS IS STILL GOING ON. Protests continued today in Egypt and new ones broke out in Yemen. American diplomatic posts are endangered everywhere lunatics are in charge or tolerated, which is a growing number of places.


The protest by the White House that the embassy statement is some matter untethered from Obama, hovering by its lonely self out there somewhere in Egypt, rings false.

As the great Harry Truman once said, “The buck stops here.” And as the . . . not-as-great . . . Michael Dukakis once said, “The fish rots from the head.”

I don’t think the embassy would have put out such an obsequious statement, even under threat, were Ronald Reagan president. It just wouldn’t fit with the reigning gestalt in the administration.

But it sure fits Obama’s.

From his pandering Cairo speech in 2009 – which proclaimed Muslims the inventors of Algebra, and so forth – to his drawdown in Afghanistan, his military abandonment of Iraq, his failure to draw “red lines” with Iran, his desperation to negotiate with its bloodthirsty leaders, his many slights toward Israel – I’m getting exhausted here, so I’ll stop – Obama has sent a message of weakness to jackals who prey on weakness.

His own solicitude toward those who only understand toughness set the stage for the embassy statement. That was Romney’s point when he said: “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

Romney put out word that the United States would seek respect, not accommodation, with those who have America’s destruction on their minds. And voters will ultimately understand this, even as the mainstream media spins itself up over political timing.

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  1. The statement was a live issue that needed to be addressed in a political campaign? Give me a break. An abuse of free speech — yes, as in shouting fire in a theater. There are limits. Ask yourself how Romney would have responded if the film had been anti semitic?

  2. The Media is working overtime (and together) in doing anything they can to paint Mitt as bad and Obama as worthy of being re-elected and a great president. They will defend him totally.

    We cannot give up and give in to their propaganda. And that’s all it is … a big “BOO!” by the Mainstream Media hoping those who support Romney will just give up, thinking the election is over.

    It’s not. We must fight for our country and our freedom.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!

    1. Amen Beth! It is ALL ABOUT a conspiracy – a well executed, all out, everyone thinking the same collective, socialist-like thoughts that weaken America kind of conspiracy – the ‘mainstream media”. It is “THEM / THEY” and we need to stand together for our country and our freedoms before they all disappear. Go Mitt!

  3. The big question is that since it was 9/11 and there had been rumblings for some time, why weren’t all US Embassies, etc. put on high alert if not locked down?

    Surely the CIA, NSA, etc. must have known that trouble was brewing. Sure, I know that Obama didn’t even bother to attend security briefings (I guess they get in the way of campaigning – or golf) but surely some of the lower-level minions could have at least warned the diplomats??

    Sounds like they dropped the ball big-time if you ask me and as a result 4 of our people paid with their lives.

    1. @LukeJohn – Right you are! Obama is putting all of us at risk while he tends to getting reelected and telling lies about Mitt. I am not sure how, but as Commander in Chief he is somehow manipulating and ensuring that ALL the patriots serving in the Armed Forces and all of our THREE Letter agencies are in on the scam. Of course, the Main Stream Media will keep it all under-wraps…

      Shame on him!

  4. Regarding Romney’s denunciation of the administration’s statement regarding the provocative anti-Islamic film:

    I think Romney, by jumping in so early and by attacking the US administration immediately, has done some considerable damage to his campaign.

    At a time when Americans are under attack, he’s given the impression of being small-minded and opportunistic.

    Quite frankly, it would have been smarter for him first to express 100% support for the Americans in the Embassy, at least for the first day, when the information was not settled down; he could have gone negative when the facts were in, when there might be some clear reason to criticize. By attacking the administration at once, he’s shown himself to be hasty and out for his own advantage, rather than looking out for the interests of the US.

    When the team has taken a hit, the first thing you do is to reinforce the team; then you look for lessons to be learned; and only then would you criticize the coach. As a manager, I would have expected Romney to know that.

    Maybe the reason he doesn’t think this way: Romney doesn’t regard the US as his team. He regards it as a take-over target.

  5. As seen from outside the USA, from the relatively friendly but different drummer country of Canada, Mr. Koffler, I don’t think your masthead mission statement is going to preserving much freedom in USA or anywhere else.

    The current Republican Party cabal of teavangelical extremists,misogynists, and anti-equality old white rich men, ignorant wacko religionists and far right ideologues, who have led Romney by a nose ring to his present avatar of a hopelessly unprincipled economic, social, and political chimera of vulture fused with dinosaur and with late decline of Roman Empire autocrat is just that — an empty and useless vessel with no collective idea and no nominee idea either of how to bring back the USA from the abyss of ignorance, arrogance and lost ingenuity. Romney has no clue how to work with other cultures and traditions, nor even the British or other advanced democratic states, let along people of intelligence within your own country. He is a caricature of what it would be to be Presidential, pretty much a walking lampoon of himself. And eminently qualified to lead America into the abyss, a new dark age of theocracy, poverty and ignorance.

    1. “Republican Party cabal of teavangelical extremists,misogynists, and anti-equality old white rich men, ignorant wacko religionists and far right ideologues,”

      Wow! Stereotypes or what. I would invite you to attend ANY Tea Party rally or even look at tapes of the RNC and tell me how many people you find there to match your list.

      Since you are not in America and obviously get all your information from manipulative, leftist media and even more obviously, know NOTHING about this great country and its people, I would suggest that you just go away, far, far away, before you embarass yourself further.

      1. Nice LukeJohn! Ole canuck was caught with his / her pants down using all those big words and stereotypes!!! Nice catch!!!

        At least you did not go mean and dirty and employ the same nasty / illogical / stale arguments that employ sweeping generalizations and stereotypes!

        Well done!

      2. Well thanks for the mention, LukeJohn, and I wonder what MatthewMark’s viewpoint is on all of this. (hehe. just a little frivolity.) First you invite me to attend TeaParty rallies and then to stay far far away! Now I am confused!

        I’d guess that up here in the Great White North, we are a lot more aware of what goes on in the USA than you guys are aware of what happens up here.

        As far as the ‘stereotypes’ of the RNC and the GOP go, unfortunately they are pretty much true, which is rather tragic for your country.

        As for the Democrats in the US, whom you guys hate so much, most of the folks up here see them as being to the right of anything we have here in Canada. And you know what ? — we are doing fine up here with universal single payer health care, multiple parties representing a spectrum of opinion, often minority governments and with the real recognition of equality of all citizens. Also people up here are not allowed to run around in public with loaded guns although some get smuggled in. Then again we don’t really have an NRA up here either. Yes there are some shootings here on occasion, but not the epidemic that is almost a weekly or monthly problem going on south of the border.

        So the problem of the blind person is that they cannot see reality, sort of like being trapped forever in Plato’s cave, with reflections of a flickering unseen fire projected on a shadowy wall, far away from the brilliance of the sun which is the true reality.

        Sure the USA is a great country in so many ways and New York City is pretty awesome and so is San Francisco and Boston and Seattle and Chicago and many other places — and you have many great and creative citizens. But on average, Americans know little of the world beyond their own borders, which is kind of a shame. And of all your citizens who are closed minded, and narrow and prone to bigotry and ideology before pragmatism, and who are deaf to reason, science and compassion, even of the enlightened self-interest variety, it is the hard core Republican community. Your GOP house reps. and senators are mostly there to line their own pockets and suck money from lobbyists, rather than serve their constituents. Sad but true.

        Today’s Republican party is not fit to govern, and their legacy is the primary reason for your 16 trillion dollar deficit. Cutting taxes on the super rich does not lead to increasing GDP, and a nation without a fair taxation system cannot sustain “civilisation”. Taxes are the price that peoples pay to maintain democracy and civilisation. Of course the followers of Ayn Rand only believe in Darwinian struggle to the death, but I don’t think that defines “greatness”. America is more powerful than it is great, something, (true greatness) that is in many ways elusive. I don’t mean to be demeaning or anything, but it is hard for any of us in this life to look at our own image and beliefs in the mirror without prejudice.

        1. We may still be smarting form 1812… ;) I, for one, will not let the fact that the average Canadian can name more States than the average American get in the way a decent read of your post. Stereotypes are based upon, oops, stereotypes, which are largely based upon a bunch of truths, but limit debate, discourse, and thus effective ongoing change. I digress.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts canuck. The needle just, wait, wait,… maybe…nope, the needle did not move, but nice try…

  6. Democrats own the Muslim problem – they make up a significant part of their party now. They also own the drug users, the pornographers, the convicted felons, and the abortion clinics they staff. They own the atheists, the Occupy anarachists, the illegal aliens, and all the other freaks of our society.

    Yes, we can absolutely blame this Muslim president for the death of Americans. But we can take solace in the fact that the ambassador was a Democrat, most of those in the Twin Towers (downtown Manhattan) were Democrats, and that they place most of their abortion clinics in black neighborhoods (94% Democrat). So, at the end of the day, it’s death to Democrats, and do I really care?

    1. You’re do deluded, I don’t even know where to begin.”Muslim problem”? “Muslim President” All the hateful espousals?

      Get some help.

    2. <– atheist/agnostic, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage yet fiscally conservative future Romney voter, here.

      Did I forget to mention I'm a recreational cannabis user again?

      Maybe those stereotypes, as defined by the DNC, just never fit to begin with?

  7. This article shows how desperate conservatives are to pin their completely baseless badge of weakness on Obama. Our Commander and Chief has show his metal time and time again, from giving the order for the Somalia pirates to be taken out by Navy Seal snipers, to surging in Afghanistan, you know the place where our enemies operated from and your president Bush ignored in favor of his personal vendetta against Sadam Husein and his Father’s unfinished business, and refocusing the pursuit of Bin Laden, after Bush said he didn’t care where Bin Laden was. Obama cared and he brought that bastard to justice in a ballsy special forces attack, Romney would never have the guts to make that call, he can’t decide what side of the street to walk on. Not to mention the gutsy call to save and liberate Millions of Libyans and project America’s democratic values. No one’s free speech has been infringed upon, the the bogus movie trailer is still up. Because you allow reprehensible speech doesn’t mean you can’t condemn it. Calling the condemnation of an ugly video by a Ambassador who’s job it is to be understanding of his hosts country’s cultural sensitivities, is such a silly stretch. I’m confident that our Commander in Chief, the man who had the guts to order the raid on the Bin Laden compound, will also bring to justice those who attacked our Embassy in Libya, Romney would be too busy putting his finger in the air and giving himself and his rich friends a tax break while raising taxes on the middle class and cutting benefits to the elderly.

    1. Well since you seem to be one of the few leftists who are all in on the show of strength and use of force you must be positively giddy with fact that more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan under Obama’s command than during the whole of engagement there prior. Nobel peace prize – heh. Leave your bullets at the door guys we got drones. So cool.

    2. Kinda like he “brought to justice” Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood Islamic extremist who opened fire on fellow soldiers while shouting “Allah Akbar”? He’s still sitting in a Texas prison almost 3 years after the massacre. His trial is on indefinite hold while they determine whether or not he can be forced to shave his beard. Yep, that’s some “big stick” the petty little tyrant is wielding…

      And now we hear the State Dept had 48 hours advance notice of embassy attacks. Too bad nobody warned Ambassador Stevens and his staff. The fraud in chief hasn’t taken one security briefing for the past week…too busy campaigning and schmoozing with the “pimp with the limp” to worry about the health and welfare of Americans. He is an evil, despicable man who cares only about himself, yet he still has trolls, more than likely paid with our tax dollars, who try to defend his pompous ass.

  8. Let’s see if I got this straight…

    Romney criticizes Obama for reacting to the bombing by issuing a comment that was akin apology. Except the comments in question were made BEFORE the embassy attacks and were therefore not a reaction to them. And they were made in the form of an unauthorized tweet from the US embassy in Cairo, not from the WH as Romney suggested. And they were not akin to an apology

    Other than that, he is exactly right.

    This from a man who would be the President. It is great when the leader of the free world shoots his mouth off before he has all the facts.

    Ready, Fire, Aim!!

    1. eddhead – Right on BROTHER! What’s a little flag burning and unrest in the Middle East. Mitt was out early and strong with feedback that has NOTHING to do with politics. He was just calling ’em as he sees ’em.

      You can never get people like Chris to “get it’. They still can’t get over having ole George in the office for 8 years… Chris may have most of the facts right, but let’s not let that get in the way of our agenda!

      Go MITT!

  9. The media is using misdirection to shift the attention away from Obama and his disastrous Mideast policies. They ignore the elephant in the room.. and worry about the mouse. But I personally feel Romney was absolutely on target. Now one could dispute whether it is appropriate to raise this while the fight is hot so to speak… but no one ever challenged Obama and his comments about Bush back in the day…. and Obama keeps ignoring precedent himself… so why should Romney honor some ‘rule’. It was clear after his speech in Cairo that this policy was going to end badly…. who knew that it would begin to unravel just before the election.

    1. YES!!!! jj! You are spot on! The good news, is that “we” get it. We know there is an elephant in the room and we are just trying to get the majority of Americans to fall into line – all they have to do is open their eyes.

      Listen you know what you are talking about and we can expect more bad things to go down in the Middle East due to the fact that we are winding down two wars – and Obama got that all wrong – timetables and everything. You can not Project Manage a WAR! You just got to get in there and fight – LIBERAL PRESS and all.

      And, don’t get me started on defense spending!

      Thanks jj! You help get the truth out there.

  10. Good, but you don’t get to the half of it:

    For example: why send the navy and marines in AFTER the attack, forgetting the lesson of Beirut, Tehran, and just about every other violent place — this administration not merely sent diplomats into harms way, it was grossly negligent in seeing to their safety.

    For example: Is this not the second time a Clinton has completely underestimated the radically opportunistic nature of conservative Islam… What is wrong in the Clinton mind set….of conservative Islam, is radically opportunistic, and has nothing to do with alliances (its is the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact on steroids)…. and just exactly do they think is going on between Assad and Ahmadinejad? (attacking Iran is a stupid, looser of an idea, but getting to Israels real problem makes sense; letting Israel drop one if its nukes on Iran makes even less sense).

    For example: Bush on 9/11, dropped everything, rushed back to the crisis room – and was still castigated by the so-called “news agents” for taking prudent precautions not knowing the full nature or scope of attack.

    For example: the very first effort to get administration investigative attention involves (one more effort in a long series) to repeal the First Amendment right of free speech — the very right the US embassy official in Cairo failed to defend. (Of course, the First Amendment does not mean much to this administration – built on enemies lists, intimation tactics, and flat out efforts to over-ride it and most other parts of the constitution — as long as it suits its agenda)

    For example: within hours the far left wing media (NY Times et al.) was so all over… Romney’s statement that actual coverage of unfolding events was suppressed for the sake of supposed political gain. One can only wonder, why they loose their utility to the current regime, how will they fair… do don’t suppose, , for example, the might fear the administration giving them the Fox treatment and cut them off, if they don’t tow the party line?

    Romney is completely correct, in fact rather restrained.

    1. RIGHT ON!! Mitt needs to keep this pressing attach and others up if he wants to win in November. Mitt cares deeply about America and no matter what he says, it will be considered “political” by the well coordinated left wing liberal press. Fortunately, we can see right through the smoke and need to work diligently to get the word out to those who can not see or don’t know the truth.

  11. “Obama has sent a message of weakness to jackals who prey on weakness.”

    Substitute today’s “Islamofacists” for yesterdays “communists” in thhe statement below to understand that human nature never changes!

    “For while Communists make full use of liberals and their solicitudes, and sometimes flatter them to their faces, in private they treat them with that sneering contempt that the strong and predatory almost invariably feel for victims who volunteer to help in their own victimization” -From “Witness”- by Whittaker Chambers. 

  12. Look, sure, the US is imperfect; it has blood on its hands, it is evil, it’s all about the oil, blah, blah, blah. I get that. But I, for one, am tired of apologizing and appeasing, then getting our teeth kicked in. Some of you aren’t getting it. “They don’t respect us, and they don’t fear us.” (Debra Saunders in her article “Arab Spring, American Winter”)

    I am glad *someone* spoke up. That person was not Obama or SecState Clinton. It was Romney. Obama did not take the lead to speak up and speak out. It was Romney. Obama did not break out of campaign mode to speak to Americans. It was Romney.

  13. Who could have guessed that helping radical Muslims such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda seize control of a country (countries) go badly? Jimmy Carter only led to a radical Iran. Obama and Hillary Clinton are helping radicalize the entire middle east. The west will be paying for this incompetance for decades.

  14. Umm…Muslims DID invent algebra. Words that starts with “al” without a second “L” are often Arabic in origin. Like “alcohol.” And “Al-Jazeera.” Why are you criticizing Obama for telling the truth and giving credit where credit is due?

  15. Yes, please just stop. I am severely disappointed about having clicked this link from RCP, and will not be returning. I generally appreciate getting a cross section of political thought, but you have exposed yourself as a non-serious commentator and a GOP shill.

  16. this is just repubs nuts on here. we have one president at the time . i know u guys hate the fact to see a black man in the oval office. too bad, u will have todeal wt it for 4 more years . you hopelless presidential cand. mit flip flop romney is not ready for prime time wait till after the debates u will see the truth. i am a midle class vet. i rather have the present potus still seated a trillion times over mittens. mittens deosnt have anythg new to offer, just a white rich man who will pay, say, do what ever to be president

    1. You are the racist if you judge the President by the color of his/her skin. No one cares what color his skin is . . . we do care about his incompetence. He is an embarrassment. The sooner we get him out of the White House the better. We will not survive another 4 years of this idiot.

  17. Obama and Hillary Clinton own this mess. It is all their’s.

    Here’s to celebrating President-Elect Romney on 11/7. We will not survive another 4 years of these children coming out of the White House. All they do is make a mess.

  18. Hey, I think I’ll exercise some free speech and make a “movie” with some gay male porn stars, then dub in dialog that has Jesus having gay sex with Mathew, Luke, and John, with the crucifixion being bondage gone bad when Jesus was having sex with Pilot. After releasing trailers on youtube, and claim to be an Israeli Mormon living in Mitt’s California vacation home.

    Ain’t free speech wonderful!

    And Christians thought Last Temptation of Christ was offensive…

  19. Isn’t the irony rich? It took attacks on embassies (and Mitt Romney) to peel an afirmation of tfreedom of sppech out of President Obama. That freedom has most been under attack by the Administation (attacks coordinated with non-profits to take down opposition press, Tricky Dick like attacks on opposition donors, and the FCC Fairness Doctrine). Yes, the first ammendment has to be broken to bring about the necessary transformation of the US. And here President Obama is reluctantly forced into affirming it!

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  21. So, the thick plottens regarding how this movie lit the fuse it did, and it looks like radical Muslims and radical Christians are in bed together on this. I’d recommend you all read this Time article:

    Apparently an ally of the film’s creator, an Egyptian Copt named Morris Sadek, posted clips from the film on his website, where they were picked up by Sheik Khaled Abdalla, an Egyptian television host (he sounds like Egypt’s Glenn Beck) and given wide distribution on his show.

    With so many people collaborating together to give birth to this mess, even people who genuinely hate each other, one almost feels sympathy for the mob.

    1. I have no sympathy of any Islamist. NEVER!

      Please do not put Christians and this video together. Just because one pastor supports it does not mean all of us do.

      I do not respect Islam because I believe it is supremely evil, but I also do not think a video like this one does any good.

  22. Imagine if this were happening under Bush….the media would be foaming at the mouth to critize him and his administration. Also, the crap that Holder gets away with would not be tolerated under Bush…I have given up watching the media presentations…they report what Obama says and critique what Romeny says…this is reporting?

  23. This had nothing to do with the movie. It was posted on YouTube 6 months ago. Smoke and mirrors. This was a planned attack ON 9/11. I’m sick of the administration putting the blame where it doesn’t belong.
    Yes, the guy who made the video wanted to provoke, but the attacks were well planned FOR 9/11.

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