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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 14, 2012

9:25 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:05 am || Welcomes the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams to the White House; South Lawn
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
7:00 pm || Attends a fundraiser

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 11:15 am

46 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, September 14, 2012

  1. Is part of his schedule missing??? If not, this is a joke, right??
    His day doesn’t start until 9:30?? We’re in a crisis, and this is his schedule??
    PATHETHIC!!!!! WHAT A G-D LOSER!!!! BTW, you forgot to list his mat time!

    • My thoughts exactly!!!! Heads need to roll after reading about how they were warned of the attacks 48 hours before they happened! And what’s Zero doing..campaigning. Keith…I’m getting my fill of this muslim loser..don’t know if I can’t make it to the election…seriously.

    • Rusty, you just don’t understand, Obama “evolves” in the afternoon. 9:25 a.m. PDB – it’s the crack of dawn for him. Gees, doncha know community organizers don’t rise at dawn. Oops, I don’t think vampires do either. ; )

    • I think there are a number of open secrets in DC about BHO. Even conservatives keep a lid on these secrets and I’m not talking about his birth certificate:
      He’s not that bright and Bill Ayres DID assist him in writing Dreams. There are probably other secrets but they aren’t politically correct so NO one goes there except a very few.

      • BHO’s pea-sized intellect is self-evident. So why are the D.C. insiders keeping it under their hat??? He should have been frog-marched out of the WH 3 years ago! Does everyone ‘in the know’ hate this country so much they are willing to let this fraud bring down the country? Bill Clinton is guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal!

        • Spot on. I dont understand why people (re: conservatives) will not call out Barack Hussein Obama on his many, many failures…

          We, the readers of WhiteHouseDossier, can easily & readily call out Obama… so why wont the Beltway hoi polloi ?!!!

    • Between Obama’s CT Social Security Number and the anomalies with his Selective Service registration, there appears to be enough to potential scandal to remove this POTUS from office now.

      At a minimum Congress should investigate these issues, if he’s innocent then Democrats should welcome the opportunity to clear Obama’s name with respect to these accusations.

  2. Actually, 9:30 is a very early start for him. Obummer RARELY starts his day this early.

    Plus, he added a PDB just to try to look good after all the criticism for skipping more than half of the PDB’s, especially in the weeks surrounding 9/11.

  3. By the way, Keith, I would really LOVE to see this one additional fact get some attention. Obummer has been deservedly criticized for taking off to Vegas to campaign Wednesday on the same day that our Ambassador and diplomats were murdered.

    But, did you know how he spent Thursday morning in Colorado before his rally in Golden, CO? Getting briefed about the escalating situation surrounding our embassies? Nope, guess what this JACKASS did Thursday morning, (according to Mark Knoller’s tweet):

    In Denver, Pres Obama spent about 40 minute working out at local firehouse before his campaign rally later today in Golden.

    WTF?!?!?! Priorities?? It is absolutely despicable how the lame stream media is covering his ass even though they know what an incompetent lazy moron he is!!

    • Working out in the local firehouse??? I’m speechless! There’s a definite ‘ick’ factor about this unseemly behavior that could be.associated with a certain men’s establishment in Chicago!

    • Snark, please. The man was working out to tune his already chiseled body to an even higher level of efficiency so he can personally lead multiple SEAL teams in action soon. (“SEAL Commander to all Teams: Let him go first, Guys……Roger that, Boss!”)

  4. I heard yesterday that Obama “reads” the PDR’s instead of attending meetings because he thinks he understands the material better than those discssuing it with him. I goes along with the statements he has made about being smarter about how to run an campaign than his advisors, that he is smarter than the economists that advise him about the economy, etc.
    So, is he going to actually sit down with the PDR personel or is he going to read it? I doubt that he really did read those PDR’s in the past as this was a lame excuse to try to cover him for his lack of attending to the affairs of the country.

    I’m counting the days until November 7th so that I can wake up and see the long sad faces.

  5. “I…uh…think its important….uh that we project an…uh….appearance of normalcy during this…uh….really bad thing that happened. To be clear, I….uh….have instructed my…uh…staff to not change my calendar for today. But I want…uh…my fellow Americans to understand that…uh….I am focused like a …uh….laser on this crisis. Thank you very much!”

    (Bush and Chaney would be locked away with the Joint Chiefs, Cabinet etc at this point trying to develop a response. This yo yo is having a Chef’s salad with Biden. Unbelievable!)

    • Well done, RickW. I think a really devastating political ad would include a split-screen of Obama campaigning in Las Vegas as the mobs attack our embassies all over the Middle East. Talk about fiddling as Rome burns…

      • Thanks, Susan. Obama is putting Romney’s ad developers out of business. He hands them visuals, scripts. Hmmmm so Obama is responsible for even MORE job losses? Sheesh!

  6. Observation:
    I don’t think Obama has ever received a PDB. Washington, DC – a town known for acronyms (FBI, NSA, TSA, EPA) confused PDBs with PB&J.

    I think the press needs to start asking some hard-hitting questions –
    What brand of peanut butter and what flavor of jelly.

  7. Looks like you’re wrong on this one….Obama was at Andrews AFB receiving the bodies of the members of our diplomatic corps who were murdered. I know it’s true because I saw it on FOX News. Don’t know where you’re getting your info but it does not match up with what is posted at either…..Do you just make this stuff up as you go along?

    • No, Keith doesn’t make up the President’s Daily Schedule. The WH makes the schedule and distributes it to the press. The ceremony at Andrews was NOT on BHO’s official schedule Friday and was most likely added in the night before or that morning.

      They also left off from the schedule that immediately after the ceremony BHO went to the DNC headquarters for campaign strategy talks.

      19 Sep 2012, 4:50 PM PDT
      New information reveals President Barack Obama conducted interviews with entertainment magazines and posed for a photo spread last Friday as American embassies burned and 21 countries erupted into anti-American protests.

      Instead of spending precious time dealing with the developing crisis in the Mid East and with his foreign policy scheme in a total freefall, on Friday morning, September 14, Obama was giving an interview to the entertainment magazine People en Español and participating in a photo session with photographer Omar Cruz.

      This interview was not on his public schedule and was hidden from the public.

      Friday, September 14th was the same day that four flag-draped coffins of those killed at the U.S. Libyan embassy arrived at Andrews Air Force base.

      The interview came to public attention when individuals who work for the magazine tweeted about their visit after the event was over.