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UPDATE: Romney Defends Free Speech, Not Obama

Speaking this morning at a press conference, Gov. Mitt Romney defended freedom of speech as part of his criticism of the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic posts in Egypt and Libya and the killing of our ambassodor to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

He didn’t directly relate the right to free speech to the attacks, which were waged in response to a movie desecrating Mohammed, but at least he mentioned it – something the president failed to do in his own remarks this morning.

America will not tolerate attacks against our citizens and against our embassies. We’ll defend also our constitutional rights of speech and assembly and religion.

Earlier today, before Romney’s press conference, I wrote that neither Obama nor Romney had defended free speech, which is the crux of the issue for Americans. As has been said, the right of free speech is meant to guarantee expression we find offensive, not that which we don’t.

Romney also doubled down on his criticism from last night of the Obama administration’s initial reaction – a statement out of the Egyptian embassy condemning not the violence, but the movie.

Here’s the a video of Romney’s remarks and press conference. Apologies, the sound wasn’t great.

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  1. Let’s see… One Mideastern Diplomat is dead along with his marine attachement personnel. Andrea Mitchell conveniently leaves out the details of the “the last time a US Ambassador was killed was in 1979.”
    What? No pictures of a casual-dressed Prezzy hunched forward looking somberly into a TV screen in the “Situation Room”?
    Romney IS the President this morning.

    1. Yesssss! Romney is IT, there is no other choice, there is no other way. bo may want to pretend he’s already had a victory, so let us
      be certain and REJOICE that Romney is our President…no pretending. His voice and words are what America needs now.
      Sick of the b.s. and lies from muslim bo.

  2. I think Romney generally did a fine job, and he was VERY presidential.

    I didn’t appreciate when he mentioned “Arab Spring” as if such a thing actually exists.

    I was struck by how aggressive and probing the press were. I’ve never seen Obama bombarded like that.

    1. I watched that in disbelief myself. I thought Romney handled it all very well, and looked very Presidential. The only questions from the press were all about Romney “jumping the gun” with his statement last night. WTH? The emabassy did make that apologetic statement last night, and Romney reacted appropriately. Rush is talking about it now, how the lamestream media are going after Romney precisiely because he is coming off Preisdential, and they will do anything to save Obummer. It’s apalling that wimpy Obummer refused to take any questions today.

      1. For the MSM, “jumping the gun” means you didn’t allow time for the initial statement, retraction, assignment of blame for initial statement, second statement, possible third statement, and all related “clarifications” and “walk-backs.”

        In other words, standard operating procedure for this administration.

  3. The two statements couldn’t have been more stark; MrRomney sounding like every American who is outraged at the events on American soil and MrObama sounding bored and disinterested in what he characterized as some kind of rogue attack by criminals who will be ‘brought to justice’ by the Libyian government.

    MrRomney spoke to what most Americans are saying and thinking about the murder of Americans and the destruction of our embassy. We don’t care what Muslims think or if their delicate feelings were mussed.

    I’m sick and tired of seeing our flag burned, trampled and destroyed by those who have no idea how much it means to real Americans and how many sacrificed to keep it flying.

      1. Exactly. There is NO government, NO real military, NO real structure. All I’m hearing from O is: “It’s a Libyan problem, not an American issue”, as if this is some sort of Chicago street crime that the local authorities will handle, instead of an international incident. But if he admits that, then he has to admit how poorly his administration has dealt with the middle east, and how he ignored so many earlier signs that culminated into this horrific event.

  4. The speech I would like to hear come from the leader of the free world.

    Yesterday, September 11, 2012 the embassies in Egypt and Libya were violently and illegally attacked by mobs under the guise of “moral outrage” at a film. No film, writing, cartoon, speech or other form of communication justifies the use of violence in any form.

    In Benghazi, Libya, our ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and several of his staff were killed as a direct result of the violence directed at some perceived offense. In a civilized world this type of violence must be met with swift justice.

    Today, we, the people of the United States of America, were attacked. When you attack any embassy or consulate, you attack the sovereignty of the nation it represents. The murder of Americans on American soil by this mob requires a swift and determined reaction. As such, I am informing the Libyan and Egyptian governments that they have one week to locate, and capture those individuals that are directly responsible for the attacks on our embassies. The people responsible are to be handed over to the United States to face trial in our country for their crimes against our people and our sovereignty. Failure to do so will force me to come before Congress and ask for a Declaration of War against both nations.

    This will be a swift, accurate, and deadly response, and we will leave no stone standing in either country until the perpetrators of this act of aggression against the United States are handed over to us for trial. I would also like to advise our partners in the Mid-East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and around the world, that this action is not an assault on any belief system or religion, but rather a response to the violation of US sovereignty. Any attempt to interfere with our goals of capturing and bringing to justice the leaders and perpetrators of this crime will be seen as an act of aggression against the interests of the United States, and will be dealt with accordingly.

    God Bless the United States, and God rest those that have given everything to further the US commitment overseas.

    1. I’d like to hear that, as well, especially the “Declaration of War”. We haven’t been in a “war” as defined by the laws of our land in many, many years.

    2. With a few changes I could see the Sec. of Defense Allen West saying this while boring holes into the camera lenses as he feels the eyes of traitors and murders watching him!! Oh I wish!!

      1. O Bumma and his whole administration are nothing but a bunch of cast-off curs…Did you see his speech today with “Witch Hazel” Clinton standing there like a petulant little dog?…He’s so afraid of offending people that he offends us all as citizens of the USA…Where was the “zeal” that he BSes all of his followers with?…Maybe he’ll try another “handshake” and try to buy off Libya and Egypt with some “Gubment Cheese”…We already “lent” Egypt 1.5 billion last week, maybe a REAL businessman would demand that back. And Hillary as Secretary of State???….No Middle Eastern country respects women…she’s just another political “pork barrel” appointee….Talk about “All The Kings Men”…..Obama is the evil incarnate revival of Willie Stark which was based on Huey P. Long, the Louisiana “Kingfish” who was the most corrupt governor that a state ever saw excpet the Majority gave him the “Big Seat”. Truth be told, he’s nothing but a “Closet Muslim” which is why he won’t meet with Netanyahu who by the way had a lot of military experience before he was elected PM of Israel….what did Obama have? (from what we know) 22 months as a junior senator from “Crook County” Illinois…..MR OBAMA, YOU ARE A DISGRACE

    1. I saw that report as well. THIS is why the mainstream media, such as it is, can jump on Romney – they know they have each other’s backs. I do not watch any of the network nightly news shows, I double-check everything – including the sports stories – in our local paper, and I understand that everyone – right and left and center – has a bias that creeps into their work, even when they work very hard to be balanced and fair. Thank God we have many, many sources for news, both foreign and domestic, and that some of the international outlets do such in-depth reporting that covers all sides of an issue or at least give me a different perspective.

      1. It won’t make any difference. There are so many stupid people out there that only watch the LSM. It is like nonstop ads for Obama’s reelection. The LSM could care less what happens to this country or its people. It is a sad day for America. I am coming to realize we are on the losing end and we might as well live in a communist country because the media is in DIRECT coordination with Obama’s administration. You might as well say the government controls the media.

  5. To echo all of the previous commentors, I was also little shocked at the TONE of the questioners. The questioners (inquisitors?) seems to want to paint Romney as some guy who just shot his mouth off. He redirected them back to Obama very skillfully. I liked his Foreign policy answer. This guy is the real deal.

  6. You are ABSOLUTELY free to say how much you love OBAMA!

    You are ABSOLUTELY free to vote for OBAMA!

    You are ABSOLUTELY free to donate your gifts to OBAMA!

    You are ABSOLUTELY free to work without profit so OBAMA can get re-elected!

    Now, who says you don’t have any freedom?

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  8. Enough of this P.C. “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” B.S. statements…

    Two US Embassies were attacked and a US Ambassador MURDERED!
    US Sovergnity was VIOLATED!!! These were TERRORIST ATTACKS!!!

    What The F— is “Pres.” Obama going to do?!?!

    1. So bo is going to vegas. disgusting but what else is new, better he go, he’s
      destructive in the oval office.

      p.s. if muslim psychopath fraud bo can call himself president then for sure we can proudly say PRESIDENT ROMNEY (all is fair in love and war & this is war)

      1. I was so disgusted by this. Just utterly disgusted. There was an act of war against the US, and instead of being with/communicating with the families, questioning officials about getting Americans out and asking about coordination efforts to do so, discussing what our next move should be, getting on the phone and demanding answers from whatever Libyan leaders might be in charge, and talking to military brass and getting the lay of the land in Libya – in other words, acting like an actual President – he’s jetting off to fund raise. Honestly? Ugh, I think I just made myself sick again thinking about it.

        At least Romney had the steel to stand up, make a strong statement, then firmly and deftly handle the liberal sharks that call themselves the press. “Next up on NBC, see the beautiful pictures of our Glorious Leader while he plays the one armed bandits and grifts for more money.”

    2. Langley,

      It’s the same crap as ’79. And the same level of backbone we had in ’79. Inaction is only going to open up ALL US embassies and consulates to being targets. Sending 50 extra Marines is not going to stop the problem.

      Bomb their military infrastructure into the ground, then work on the civilian portion piece by piece. Start with the electrical grid, then gas, then highways, then if they still haven’t gotten the message their water supply. Once there is nothing left to use or operate anything in the country, walk away. They want to run things like it’s the 14th century, then I have always been of the mind to help them get back there.

      Call me a war mongering right-wing nut if you will, but I am fed up with having to put up with all the crap overseas and here in this country. The US has never been a “colonial power” that was the Brits, French, Spanish, Italians, Germans, etc. This country has done more to free more people than any other country in the world, and all we do is get spit on and called the Big Satan. If that’s the way they feel, then maybe it’s time to feel the real power of “Satan” and send them all to hell.

      1. Oh, and BTW. This maybe the turning point in the election. IF the “ONE” does nothing, as will probably be the case, then there are a lot of people in this country that will come out and vote against him because they will see exactly what he is. A COWARD! Unable to make the really hard decisions when they count.

        1. Shofar, Id like this to be a “turning point” (Foreign Policy fiasco on Obama’s so-called watch) but with the ‘main-stream media’ spewing pro-Obama propaganda 24/7… Im afraid these TERRORIST ATTACKS will just be explained away by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, WashPost, NYTimes, etc etc.

          1. Maybe not this time….Seems like he’s really put his foot in his mouth with his little weakling showing with the petulant Hillary next to him….Laurel and Hardy

  9. The more I read about the corrupt press ganging up on MrRomney in concert, the more disgusted I am with their unholy bias against him.
    They were caught on an open mic discussing how they should all ask him if he ‘jumped the gun’ if he takes questions. The concerted and disloyal attempts by the leftist MSM to make MrObama look good and MrRomney look bad is sickening.

    What ever happened to fair and honest reporting by the press? What great event caused them to lose their balance, their search for the truth?

  10. Obama skipped Intel briefings the week before the Embassy attacks! Too busy campaigning! Honestly, he looked like a zombie in the Rose Garden today. Imagine,turning on his heels and taking no questions as the press corpse bombarded Romney as though he was the second coming of Sadaam Hussein! It looked like Romney was going to be pelted with rocks as he left his press conference! Empty suit, empty chair!

  11. Let’s see. The “enlightened” people, worshipping their own false god(s) under the guise of man-made “freedom of speech” which the one true God has never endorsed nor never would endorse get up in arms when worshipper’s of a different false, mad-made god act in defense of their god.

  12. If I may make an analogy to an earlier period, Romney, in standing by Israel and in his defense of the Constitution, is a Churchill. At best, Obama is a Chamberlin, and at worst, as someone suggested earlier this morning, a Quisling. One of the points of D’Souza movie is that Obama is the enemy within.

    1. Julie, an excellent analogy. Excellent. I did see 2016 and D’Souza’s point that you made above is correct. It is a documentary that should not be missed.

      I was so grateful to hear Romney today. Unlike Obama, he acted presidential but is taking so much heat for it, especially from the MSM. If we don’t get out the vote for Romney, I’m afraid Obama has the majority of voters fooled and the outcome of this election will affect the generations to come.

    1. Susan, I did hear Mark Levin earlier and he was on the mark. How do you think we can get the MSM to fairly treat Obama’s opponent? My guess is that they are frightened of Romney because he is so strong.

      1. Obama’s stenographers won’t ever treat Romney fairly. They are firmly in the tank for Obama. They were caught with their pants down in that interview session with Romney, yet they act like it never happened. Romney actually did a very good job responding to their idiotic questions. Thanks to blogs like Keith’s and new media, Romney was able to go around the press to talk to the American people this morning. That is something Reagan was quite skilled at doing and he didn’t have the internet. He was despised by the RINOs, Democrats, and the leftist press yet he was elected by the people in a landslide.

  13. Kieth, thank you for this post. I probably would not have seen this otherwise. Requisite sympathies to the families on their loss. My worry here is what will Obama do to ensure he doesn’t let this crisis go to waste. Because of his feckless actions on protecting the integrity of the United States this might only be the beginning.

  14. Mitt beats Obama to the punch again. (Louisiana floods)

    Mitt’s fast. I want to see him do it again and again and again…
    It’s lkind of ike watching “Rocky” I.

  15. “It needs but one foe to breed a war, and those who have not swords can still die upon them.”

    -JRR Tolken

    The 9/11 commision echoed this in the wake of 9/11/01 by saying that “We were not at war with them, but they were at war with us.”

    Such has been the condition of the War on Terro- oh, wait, the “kinetic activity to obviate man-caused disasters.”


    Either Obama does not get this, or its all about the taqiyya as he defends his Sunni brethren. You know it was a Sunni group that dragged the Ambassador through the streets. You know Obama’s dad, stepdad, and upbringing were Sunni. You may have noticed that the few times he does war on Muslims, they are Shiite.

    So, AFTER seeing the US ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets, AMERICAN SOVEREIGN TERRITORY invaded and destroyed, the US Flag ripped down and replaced with an Islamist motto over a US Embassy ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11, what action does our mufti-in-chief take?

    A “strongly” worded statement.

    “While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants.” – B. Hussein Quisling

    Let’s see, start the statement by blaming the US. Toothlessly and faintly “oppose” the action. Offer no corrective “kinetic action”. Finish by calling American Citizens, including one that legally is the embodiment of the US in a foreign country – and your colleage – “Servants”.


    Reagan put a F-111 smackdown on Lybia for a less direct attack on the majesty of the US, and it straightened those folks out towards us for DECADES! They do NOT respect weakness, and will ONLY respond to a display of military strength. As a Muslim, Dear Leader, you are well aware of that.

    Maybe you can’t, because they’re fellow Sunnis? The Umma would not approve? Is that also why you can’t meet with that Jewish leader on the eve of Armageddon, Hopey?

    And some people still think he’s a good Prezzy? SHEESH!

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  19. Whenever I see a criticism of Romney these days, it usually means he is doing something right. The childish tactics of this administration is easy to decipher. Jealousy tends to create a need to attack because they know they should have been the one’s to react as Romney has.
    As far as the ardent followers, I don’t think finding Obama guilty on multiple charges of corruption or treason would alter their adoration. They just cannot come to terms with the possibility he may have flaws. To do so would destroy their perfect little picture. You are never going to talk these people into believing anything negative about Obama. Any criticism of Obama is akin to a personal attack on them, that is how invested they are in him. He is the culmination of their hopes and dreams. I liken this to scales on their eyes. They just have no ability to see beyond what they want.
    For those individuals who are ardent Democrats because their family has always been Democrats, there is hope. This isn’t the America they are familiar with either. Over the past several weeks Obama has been “coming undone”. This process, no matter how the media spins it, is not going unnoticed. Though these Democrats may not support all the Republican party stands for, they do support America first. I have faith in these types of individuals. Social justice sounds great, but not at the expense of our great country. They aren’t comfortable with the current environment. I think we will see even more defectors before Election Day.

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