As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 13, 2012

11:10 am MT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Lions Park, Golden, Colorado
1:50 pm MT || Departs Golden
7:05 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 13, 2012

    • This administrations foreign policy can be summed up in two words: “wishful thinking”. Too naive to see things the way they really are. It was predicted 18 months ago that this is what the “Arab spring” would evolve into….and they were right. This result is similar to the former Yugoslavia. When the dictator leaves; the population will return to their tribal alliances. North Africa and the Mideast will be screwed up for 50-100 years as a result.

  1. What kind of Presidentin’ is he practicing? Our embassies are under attack, war ships are heading to the Middle East, and he’s still on the campaign trail like it’s none of his concern.
    He’s not my favorite for re-election and I’ll be voting for MrRomney, but until January he’s still the POTUS and we expect him to act like it, not pretend that he’s running against some ghostly incumbent or GWBush who instigated this disasterous foreign mess.

    JimmyCarter was a great disappointment and the recipient of some really bad advice, but he tried. He was at the WhiteHouse holding intel meetings, trying to defuse a horrrible situation, as he should have been.

    President Obama needs to show some leadership, get his skinny butt back to the WhiteHouse and start Presidentin’.

    • And another thing;
      MrObama is so worried about what his opponent is saying that he can’t imagine what the public is saying about him jumping on AF1 to get to LasVegas to speak in front of a bunch of screaming coeds, rather than staying at the WhiteHouse and showing all of us that “big stick” that ol’ Joe claims he has.

      We’re all watching a live feed from Cairo of the mob throwing things at our embassy, setting fires and generally acting in a menacing way. What the sam hill is Obama watching tonight? Reruns of MrRomney’s speeches? or is he directing the military from the high-roller suite at Circus-Circus?

      • reports that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called the wacky preacher Jones and “asked” him to quit promoting a film that is causing, I don’t know, Muslims to have hurt feelings.

        Since when does our military call a private citizen and “ask” them to give up their freedom of speech and no one in the MSM or in Congress or anywhere consider that an illegal act and violation of Comme Comitatus.? Is our government now using our military to act against a lawful citizen of the United States?
        Has there been a military coup of our govenment that we don’t know about? Where are our leaders?

      • I’m waiting for the day when we see live feed of outraged citizens throwing things at Breezy Preezy when he disrupts their city for the 20th time! What chutzpah! Looks like Dirty Harry is going to shut down the government til after the election to accomodate the traveling snake-oil salesman! It’s time to throw them all out with or without an election!

  2. Hey, give th Preezy a break….at least he called the families of the assassinated diplomats while on Air Force One en route to Vegas. Hmm, seems like he was quicker to call Sandra Fluke over the “outrage” that Rush hurt her feelings.

  3. Keith, any comments on this interesting construction at the WH:

    I had noticed on Monday morning that Marc Knoller tweeted about construction finally being wrapped up:

    The WH North Lawn looks especially verdant in the bright sun. First time in 2 years no tractors on the driveway.

  4. Obama while campaigning in LV–“we had a tough day.” No. The people who were murdered in Libya and their families and loved ones had a tough day. You had a posh flight on Air Force One. So disrespectful. Since there was no pause in campaigning assume situation normal. Is the MB still embraced and welcome in the WH? Is the meeting with Morsi still on? I am outraged.

  5. Well guess he’s off to get his Rocky Mountain high I’m sure a stop by the
    Coor’s plant will be in order. Gosh what else is going on? Terror murder
    riots against American citizens nothing to skip campaigning for pitiful excuse
    for a President those scenes reminded me of the last day in Vietnam and I
    thought I’d never see them again what has he done to our country?

  6. Major International Incident (attacks on US Embassies)… and the “Pres.” WILL NOT TAKE QUESTIONS from the “media”. WTF!

    Keith could you ask why the “President” WILL NOT take any questions at the “Daily Brief/propaganda event”.

    • Au contraire, Langdon…..Obama is doing a full sit-down interview in Las Vegas with Spanish broadcaster Telemundo to be aired Sept. 16. He will take questions and discuss Libya! I do hope he will discuss the fact that Las Vegas has the highest unemployment rate in the country – 22%. During the Great Depression, the highest unemployment rate at any one given time was 25%! CA and NV are almost there! When he gives full amnesty to everyone in his next term, the whole country will be there.

    • LS, he could not take questions because Axelrod had not developed a spin script for him yet. This leader of the free world could not find his butt with two hands in a men’s room stall without someone to tell him what to do.

  7. This morning a true American hero is being remembered at the National Cathedral in D.C. while two anti-American interlopers are blazing the campaign trail – begging for another 4 years. In all likelihood they were not invited to attend the Memorial for Neil Armstrong, but their absence speaks volumes. Of all Obama’s dastardly deeds, cancelling the space shuttle and his ‘Muslim outreach’ ranks right up at the top! On Nov. 6, I am voting for the American!

  8. Just about daily I start the day thinking, what is the poser going to do today to piss me off…and just about daily I’m rewarded with something like him jetting off to Vegas while ROME burns……Everyday I think that I can’t get any more disgusted…and everyday he proves me wrong.

  9. There are not enough words in Websters dictionary for me to explain my utter disgust for obamma and his pitiful attempt or non attempt at running our, not his, country. God bless America and please make it quick.