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Quote of the Day || September 12, 2012

“While I am not personally available to meet with Mr. Netanyahu, one of my top advisers on Negev Desert sustainable development does have an opening and will be happy to sit down with the prime minister.”

– Barack obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

8 Responses to Quote of the Day || September 12, 2012

  1. Such a complete an utter failure this 4 years has become, with the absent minded professor minding the chair..Im not sure whats worse, how disgusting it is, or how dangerous…

  2. Top 10 Reasons Why Obama won’t meet with Netanyahu:

    10. Doesn’t want to step on Letterman’s material before taping.
    9. Busy plucking or coloring 50 shades of gray on his head.
    8. Soles of his shoes need shining.
    7. Has to be home to help Sasha and Malia with their homework.
    6. He’s waiting by the phone for a call from Morsi for permission.
    5. He’s evolving.
    4. Bibi didn’t donate to the campaign.
    3. WH kitchen ran out of hummus.
    2. Obama’s got a photo shoot with GQ-AQ in the Peninsula.
    1. Heard that Netanyahu wanted to do the “hora” in Washington and Obama being Obama thought it was all about Michelle.

    • Funny! The homework one is probably the one given… though they made it sound more important: “Sasha has a project due on the solar system and I have to help making mercury.”

      If I may add some more:
      10. The President is invited to a Rosh Hashana meal at the Spielbergs.
      9. Golfing with Ahmadinejad and Reggie Love.
      8. Helping his friend Clooney move into his new yacht.
      7. Harvest time in Michelle’s Garden.
      6. What’s a Bibi?
      5. Too busy Apologizing to Dictators and Terrorists.
      4. Lil Wayne and Big Sean concert.
      3. Meeting with Jobs Committee…Ha! Just kidding.
      2. Shaking down Millionaires and Billionaires until they are worth less than $250,000
      1. Pizza Guy hasn’t put Obama down yet.

      • Love the list Scottso!

        C’mon readers – give us another Top 10 or Top 5 or 3 or 2 . LOL, it reads like spam mail from the campaign…donate, $5, $3, or $2 dollars.

  3. I really wish Mr. Netanyahu would tell Barack Hussein Obama where to put that blackberry of his. . .only we all know that Mr. Netanyahu has much more class than that and wouldn’t say that. Too bad!

  4. According to PJ Media, Romney released a statement regarding the attacks in Egypt and Libya where he said that he is outraged by the attacks and that it is disgraceful that Obama did not condemn but instead sympathized with those who waged the attcks. Yes, right.
    These attacks on the very day of 9/11 are most likely coordinated intended to scorn a weakened US. Obamas response, to apologize for making Muslims angry, is beyond words. So please Romney, step up and go Reagan now !