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Biden Offers a Moving Tribute to the Victims

Yes, Biden.

You may remember that Vice President Biden suffered his own horrifying loss in 1972 when his wife and year-old daughter were killed in a car crash. His son Beau, who along with brother Hunter survived the crash, served a few years ago in Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard.

Biden refers to the deaths of his wife and daughter during the remarks, which are excerpted below.

14 Responses to Biden Offers a Moving Tribute to the Victims

  1. Oh, please. It’s always about ‘them’, their pain is just like your pain.
    A wife and mother, a beloved child die in an automobile accident and while the event is tragic, it does not equal the murder of dozens of innocents by radical terrorists bent on destroying America.
    Who among us has not suffered tragic loss of a loved one, a friend by natural death, or accident. If you live long enough, funerals are a part of life and loss is accepted.
    What isn’t accepted is murder, a deliberate taking of a loved one’s life to further a political agenda.

    VPBiden would be forgiven if he would shake his fist at God for taking his family, but the survivors of the murderous terrorists can curse them and the day they were born. A big difference.

  2. I’m gonna give Joe a pass on this one. I thought his words were sincere. Unless you’ve buried a child you can’t understand how it changes your life and gives you empathy. It’s unlike a parent, friend, or spouse(I’ve done that too). Every person who died on that day was someone’s child.