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Romney Campaign Cleans Up Romney’s Health Mess

At first I thought it was the Etch-a-Sketch in action.

You remember the Etch-a-Sketch comment, in which a Romney adviser said Romney could simply redo his positions after the primaries were over, right?

Well, Romney said on Meet the Press Sunday that he was cool with some aspects of Obamacare, WHICH HE HAD PREVIOUSLY VOWED TO SCRAP, including the guarantee of coverage for pre-existing conditions


Forcing insurers to cover pre-existing conditions sounds wonderful until you think about it, which is true of many Obama proposals. The problem with it is that consumers, being rational actors, will wait until they are seriously sick to purchase coverage.

And then drop it if they get better!

That’s where the Obamacare individual mandate comes in. You have to make everyone buy insurance to increase insurers’ bottom line so that people don’t “cheat” the system.

So Romney woud have to support the individual mandate too, or hire an accountant with a creative imagination to run the numbers.

The Romney campaign later told several news outlets, including National Review, that Romney meant to say he would only guarantee coverage for people who already have insurance but are switching companies when, for example, they change jobs.

In reference to pre-existing conditions, a Romney aide responds, “Governor Romney will ensure that discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions who maintain continuous coverage is prohibited.”

Wouldn’t rule out, with the scramble for independents on, that Romney did this intentionally to give people the wrong idea. Hope not.

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  1. Keith – you got some typos here. There’s really nothing new here. Romney has long said he would Repeal and Replace Obamacare and has said that he would keep the best elements of it.

  2. Forcing insurers to cover preexisting conditions is like buying auto insurance after you have an accident and the insurer has to cover it. Insurance rates will necessarily sky-rocket! I hope Gov Romney misspoke.

    • Exactly. Whenever people demand we should have coverage for pre-existing conditions, I use that example and also homeowner’s insurance. It would be like never purchasing homeowner’s insurance and then when your house burns down, sign up for coverage, simply pay the premium, and stick the insurance company with the bill. It drives me nuts that so many people do not understand this very simple point.

    • You may be right, 65. For sure, it cost him two months of my time volunteering and right now he doesn’t have my vote, either.

      The ONLY chance we have of getting rid of Obamacare is this November and the man we seem to be depending on to do it has feet of clay.

      Good goin’, Mittens.

  3. In my inbox this morning from theTea Party Nation Newsletter:

    If Romney is elected and simply pursues the Republican big government agenda, a lot of conservatives are going to start looking at their options.
    The Democrats are on the ropes. Their party is imploding. If Mitt Romney is going to go moderate, the Republicans may end up the same way.
    2016 could end up causing a seismic shift in American politics, with the possibility that Democrats and Republicans both make the endangered species list.

    Sadie here with message to Romney: Straighten up and fly “right”.

  4. Romney has maintained all along it was about continuous coverage and not a rubber stamp of pre-existing conditions contained in ObamaCare. I hardly think it’s Romney’s fault that the media can’t keep things straight.

      • Etch a sketch Dem style: Today MrCarney says that “Jerusalem is and should be the capital of Israel”.
        Well, well. The Dems must have gotten some push-back to move them from their previous postition. And, then golly gee, changed their mind on a pressing foreign policy issue..

        This President is just a jolly flip-flopper.

  5. MrRomney has always said that he would “repeal and replace” the Obamacare act.

    When MrObama states that he’s against raising taxes one year, then says he wants to raise taxes the next year, he also is guilty of changing his mind.
    When MrObama claimed, over and over, that Obamacare was not a “tax”, but it really was, he is guilty of deliberately lying to the American public.
    When MrObama claimed that insurance costs would lower when Obamacare was enacted, he was just fooling with the public.

    Let’s be fair here. MrObama has given us no “specifics” about his plans for the next four years if he wins re-election. OK, he did say he wants to raise taxes on rich people, but unless the Constitution has been changed, he can’t raise or lower any tax on anybody.

  6. I don’t recall Romney saying he would not keep the pre-existing condition contained in ObamaCare….at least in recent memory. That said, he is prone to flip-flopping. I was shocked when he said he would let ‘children’ stay on their parent’s policies for as long as they like! As long as they like? Like 40-50 years old?

    As far as ‘pre-existing’ is concerned, as many as 82M Americans with employer-based coverage have pre-existing conditions ranging from life threatening illnesses like cancer to chronic conditions like high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and heart disease. They cannot become self-insured if they have ever taken medication for hypertension or diabetes, for instance. I have family members who have been denied individual coverage simply because they took high blood pressure meds 15 years ago! This cannot stand! There are high-risk pools for pre-existing but the cost is exhorbitant. We need to fix the system. ObamaCare may cover all pre-existing….but at what cost? There is no such thing as a free lunch!

    Romney and Ryan both looked like weaklings on the Sunday morning shows. They are both virtually void of specifics – refusing to give one single example of which tax loopholes they would eliminate for the wealthy. I was embarrassed for both of them. They need a miracle now!

    • As parents being forced by the government to keep our 20-something adult “child” on our policy, we say to keeping that provision–HELL NO!

      If our adult child is old enough to go to war; if our adult child is old enough to vote, drive, buy cigarettes/alcohol; make life choices without “mommy and daddy’s” consent. . .then they are darn well old enough to get their own health insurance.

      This may sound harsh, but we didn’t spend our lives raising a
      child to be “DEPENDENT ON US OR ON THE GOVERNMENT”. . .we raised our child to think and do for them self and by the time they turn 21, that’s exactly what they need to be doing.

      We will always be here for them in an “emergency”, but if they want to live and act like an “adult” in all the other aspects of their life, then they can do the “adult” thing and get their own health care insurance. . .period!

  7. The establishment Republicans don’t know how to fight. Rather than tucking their tails and running away from their own candidate, for once in their lives they need to take a stand. They are the ones that destroyed every conservative candidate in the primaries. They got the candidate they wanted, now they need to stop being pansies and fight for him.

    The left NEVER abandons their own. Heck, they gave an impeached pervert a prime time speaking slot at the DNC, and honored ‘The Swimmer’ like he was some kind of saint. What do the RINOs do? They desert an important senate seat in Missouri because the candidate made a politically incorrect statement about abortion, and run around like their hair is on fire because of something Romney said about health insurance coverage.

    Romney promised to repeal Obamacare. That is all that matters to me. Obamacare will destroy America. Romney can wish and hope about everything he wants covered but he knows he has to get those policies through Congress. Obama doesn’t need Congress any longer. He rules by fiat. If the establishment Republicans don’t wake the hell up and see we’re not dealing with a “nice guy” who is just misdirected, this country will be lost. I, for one, will not allow a bunch of beltway sissies to destroy my country. Either lead or get out of the way RINOs.

    • Yeah–I agree–my last issue of the AZ Republic this AM (paywall) was all AP and USA Today on how great Obama did in the convention, the polls–the recipe book for the next 2 mos of adulation. If this site is going to peck at this ticket, I will abstain on those threads from now on. I absolutely would not live through 4 more yrs of this man! Or if I kept breathing, I would not call it living. Incidentally on that keeping kids on your plan–that costs. Your kid is young and healthy and may be able to get a cheaper plan by his or herself for less than the increased cost–mine did some yrs ago.

  8. His idea of covering people with pre-existing conditions if you have continual coverage is exactly what my state uses. It has been that way a long time here. And it works. It really doesn’t matter how long you have had the insurance as long as you have been covered.

    I think it would work for people. It isn’t really a mandate. It is your decision.

    • I should say it continues even if you change policies as long as you are continually covered. If you haven’t been covered, you have to wait 6 months for coverage of pre-existing conditions. Obamacare would have been better if it had followed my state’s model.

  9. In all due respect, I really don’t think this was an Etch a Sketch moment. Sure, Romney could have stated his answers better but David Gregory kept digging, hoping to find a “gotcha” and Romney had literally seconds to form a reply. It reminded me just how much I miss Tim Russert.

  10. KISS principle – Romney keeps it simple, throws out Obamacare in its entirety and Congress starts over AFTER we make some progress on our economic issues. Failure to do that, he loses trust, confidence. I think he needs to be able to say “I told you I would do this and I did it” upfront.

  11. Yes, Romney is a RINO. Sigh.

    Yes, Romney is imperfect. Sigh.

    Yes, Romney waffles. Sigh.

    I want to live in a perfect world too, but I’m afraid that will not attain on this side of Heaven. While we’re here, all we can do is minimize the evil in our time in what ways we can.

    No matter his faults, and there are many, Romney is truly the lesser of two evils.

    Let me say this as clearly as possible to all the purist groups within and without the Republican party and the Conservative movement.

    You Will Never Have A Perfect Candidate.

    Whether talking about Libertarians, Evangelicals, Ron Paul Supporters, or any other of the disunited enemies of the left, if any of you got your “dream” candidate, it would be a flaming electoral defeat in any general election that would simply empower the liberal elete to interpret the “shellacing” as a mandate for pure socialism.

    Please, please, don’t assist this very misguided, very unqualified excuse for a President we are currently cursed with in completeing the destruction of our country in our time just to make an ill timed political point that will be lost in the downfall of America anyway. Such actions are worse than useless, they are futile, and we will all reap bitter rewards if we cannot stand together.

    • I consider myself a Tea Party conservative. My candidate didn’t win the nomination, but I’ve tried to stand together with the establishment Republicans to elect Mitt Romney since his nomination became inevitable. I was near delirious when he chose Paul Ryan as VP. Unfortunately, it is the establishment Republicans who don’t want to stand together with us. The Ron Paul supporters are young and naive but they are starting to come around to the gravity of their predicament. The establishment Republicans just keep doing everything they can to drive off the Tea Party influence. Just look at the power grab they staged at the convention for their idea of kumbaya. They are trying to hold on to the power they have had ever since Ronald Reagan left office. To them, retaining the reins of power over the Republican Party is more important than the future of America.

      What we must do to win this election is just go around the establishment like we did in the 2010 midterms. The Republican establishment had nothing to do with electing Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, or Mike Lee to the Senate. We The People did it…and we’re going to do it again in 2012.

      • Very well said Susan, especially. . .”Unfortunately, it is the establishment Republicans who don’t want to stand together with us”

        I too am a Tea Party conservative (“Conservatism Lives”) and Romney was not my first choice either, but I will hold my nose when I go to vote and pull the lever for him for the simple reason that he is NOT Barack Hussein Obama.

        I’m not listening to the polls/pollsters/media. . .I know in my heart that a majority of Americans will vote for Romney this fall and we will begin to turn our country around and. . .if he, along with the “establishment” GOP don’t start listening to “We the People”, they’ll be out next time around as well.

        As a wise man recently said:

        “We — we own it. It is not you owning it, and not
        politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.”
        Read more:

        ALL politicos better start remembering that they work for us and we will have the final say come hell or high water IMO!!!

      • Your point is very well written, and very truly taken. I was also shocked and disgusted with the way that Ron Paul delegates were treated by the Republican establishment, and the scripted voice vote at the convention that was fully worthy of Chairman Obama’s tactics. The old line RINOs are very slow on the uptake as to the acendancy of Tea Party conservatism, and do seem to veiw them more as a threat than an ally. You will note, however, that they are moving in the right direction, even if reluctantly, and even if forced to by surprising primary results. The selection of Paul Ryan is just the most visible change.

        The point is, the Republican party is huge and old, and like anything that large, there’s a lot of momentum, much of it in the wrong direction. It’s going to take a lot of energy to change the trajectory of the Republican party, which is currently towards becoming Democrats The Sequel, but at least – thanks in no small part to the Tea Party – the shift has already started. There is no chance of saving the Democrat party, it has been too long steeped in deviancy and socalist thinking, and is far too beholden to influences that are not even in this country. The only way they survive is by keeping us apart.

        There is a chance we can save the Republican party from itself, and this is why we must do so, but in a manner that does not destroy it. We must also accept, unlike the Democrat party, that a true President must be President of the ENTIRE county, not a freind of his party and an enemy of the other party. You see where that got us in the last four years. As such, he must have some appeal to the other side, and some ability to reach out. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the accumulated errors of the social welfare state be cured in one.

        I am in no way suggesting the status quo be accepted in the Republican party! I’m in Ohio, and I saw in the person of Govenor Taft years ago what a mess a RINO is capable of making, and I don’t like it. I do accept, however, that changing it from within, as painful and insulting as it may be at times, is infinitely better than taking my vote and going home, and simply allowing Obama the unopposed election he so craves.

        I’ve posted this before, but sorry, I’m a Tolken fan (somewhat rare for a non-hippie), and believe he wove many truths about the human condition into his works. Such as these two;

        “In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

        “We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.”

        You could easily make this contemporary by insering “Obama” in the first sentence, and “Chicago” in the second. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of dealing with the clear and present danger currently in the White House first. We can then tend to our wounded, but only once the victory is secured.