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Did You Hear? Obama’s Going to Win!

Obama isn’t winning. Obama is spinning.

If you’ve been reading or listening to the media the last day or two, you’d get the sense that President Obama spanked Gov. Mitt Romney so hard with his convention that the race is nearly over because the Republican side can’t sit or stand up.

Obama may have gotten a bit more of a bounce out of his convention than Romney did. But that’s all that happened.

Political junkies, ever in need of fixes, focus on the latest thing that occurred and treat like some timeless Talmudic truth. All we have here is an Obama bounce that followed a little less of a Romney bounce. That’s it. It’s hardly Judgement Day for Romney.

Let’s start with the national polls. The political world is in an uproar because both the Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls put Obama five points ahead of Romney.

What’s been forgotten is that right after the Republican convention, Rasmussen showed a six-point surge for Romney, putting him ahead of Obama by several points. Now, in the days after the Democratic convention, Rasmussen has Obama ahead. The lead will probably narrow in the next several days as the bounce evaporates and people get a look at the latest employment numbers.

And then there are a couple of polls in a couple of states – Ohio and North Carolina – by a Public Policy Polling, a DEMOCRATIC polling firm, showing a post-convention Obama bounce.

And everyone’s talking about Obama being in the drivers seat. But he’s really just riding shotgun off a minor convention bounce.

The Obama people are spinning this to disenchant Republicans. Some Republicans seem to be falling apart.

But absolutely nothing significant has happened.

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    • Me, too. My son “Liked” Obama on Facebook today. So irritated right now. Glad he lives out of town. God love him — his birthday is today — and please give me strength to change his mind!

      • Just ask him this. Is he satisfied with what he has today and is it all all he ever wants from life? If yes, Obama’s his man. If no, wake up and smell the Socialism!!!

        • Stupid computer.

          Anyway, as I was saying, you have to forgive him on two grounds;

          1) The Left took over education long ago (NEA, anyone?), and has turned the schools all the way through the University level into indoctrination centers. He can’t help but have been warped by that.

          2) The young are sucked into Socialism because they actually believe the altruistic lies they are told. They sound SO good and SO fair, that it MUST be possible to all be able to sing “We Are The World” together and actually heal the planet! It’s only later, when you actually have to LIVE in the world, do you accumulate enough wisdom to understand why this will never work, and that those that promote it are just using it for their own cynical ends and to increase their own power income.

          There’s an old saying that’s been attributed to so many people that it’s hard to tell now where it came from, but it’s no less true for that.

          “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

          Take heart, and pray for and love your son. Time and life will heal his thinking.

          I only pray that those like him do not have sufficent sway to elect this error a second time, or the time may not be available for him to discover the truth.

    • Hope you’re in the western part. I was in NC in October 2008 and was saddened and stunned to see the signs on the front yards that dominated The Great Smokey area.

  1. how can Obama not win? He’s already promised free healthcare for life, solar energy lighting up everyone’s home, banishment of the rich to Bogeyland, seasonal passes to George Clooney’s Italian villa, the destruction of corporations (except for the NBA and Miramax Films), the slowing of oceans, freedom from tornados, freedom from religion, freedom from congress)

    • ..And JOBS, don’t forget the JOBS!

      “…I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth. This was the moment — this was the time — when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.” — Barack Obama

      • I didn’t vote for Obama because I didn’t think he was qualified to be president with a one page, mostly padded, resume. When I heard this speech, I realized he was not only unqualified, but out of his mind. Nothing has occurred to change my mind on either of those opinions.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Keith. We should all be prepared for the onslaught. The conventions are over, now the gloves come off. It’s going to be a real roller coaster ride from here on out. We just need to keep our eyes on the prize – saving America as we know it.

  3. Where are the pollisters going? College campuses? SEIU breakrooms? Opium Dens? (oops those sound kinda redundant)
    I greet every patient I see with “You are the most dangerous man (or woman in America right now!” After a moment, I explain to them that if they are working and they plan to vote this November, THEY ARE DANGEROUS to this current administration. A working man or woman can not be sold on the dream that it necessary to work hard so that others can eat free. To the working man or woman the polls are irrelevant.

    • Quintis – what a charming greeting. I like “brain food”.

      Maybe an ad from “most interesting man in world would …

      “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis” tweaked to:

      ” I don’t always drink, but when I do, I prefer Dos RR’s”

  4. Thanks for the uplift Keith – I was telling myself all of this. I knew PPP was a democratic polling group and I do follow Rasmussen (but don’t subscribe) so I saw the change over the weekend. One can read too much into stuff. I guess most of us fretting a bit saw the unemployment data on Friday and simply could not understand how Obama could get a post. Additionally, we must remember that Romney could not spend a good deal of money until he was actually nominated. I watched all the ads he has started in the battleground states and they are succinct and to the point – you know you can’t waste too long saying anything in an ad on television. They will follow it up.

  5. I don’t think so. First of all, since Gallup is being sued by the justice department, you can pretty well bet most polling places are going to be skewing their polls for obama. I usually take most pollers and subtract 5 from the dem and add 3 for the republican and it usually comes out pretty accurate.

    But more important, there were a series of stories how Penny Pritzke is helping raise money to buy a home in hawaii for the prez, family, etc to move to in January. So if they are buying a home, well, having a 35 million dollar home bought for them, to move into in January, they must not think they have much of a chance.

  6. Keith, you and Rush are on the same page today. Had a chance to listen to him this a.m. for a minute or two – he was all over this.

    Also heard one of the boys at POLITICO this a.m. .talking about the Romney camp’s own internal polling showing Romney down as much as 9 points in Ohio.

    As for me, I guess I’m one of those nervous nellies who’s falling apart at the seams. Not because of the polling per se, but my own observations. As much as I loathe Obama and sincerely believe Romney will do a more than adequate job of attacking the problems of this country, I don’t see him connecting with the voters. I know, I know – he is dignified and reserved; he is an honest, good, decent man; he’s smart, Presidential looking…all of the above. But he said something yesterday that bothered me. In response to questioning as to his lack of ‘specific’s’, he said he didn’t want to divulge his plans because the other side would spin and rip anything he says apart. Same response he had about his tax returns. While I understand where he’s coming from, I feel that others will think he either has no plan…or he is hiding something.

    Hopefully the debates will bring out the alpha male that must be lurking just beneath the surface! I still have hope!

    • Great points, Girly1. I agree, I think they are being wimps not to lay more of their plans on the table. Everyone’s always afraid some conservative ideas will scare people away.

      On the connection part, remember, Richard Nixon got elected twice and almost beat Jack Kennedy. Some say he did beat Jack Kennedy. Then again, he won against Hubert Humphrey, not exactly Mr. Charisma either.

  7. Last week I was at a DC dinner party with some government employees who all agreed they are better off today than they were four years ago. Of course, none has had a job outside government in a number of years,, with the excepton of 2 college professors. But where I live, upstate New York, people whisper to each other how much they oppose Obama.I hope the New Yorkers are a true indication of how the vote will come out.

    • You are not alone. Not all of us whisper in upstate NY. But we are in upstate New York. Home of some the highest taxes in the union and home of some of the best fed unions.

      • “home of some of the best fed unions.”

        Tell you’re neighbors, they’re “organic” and should be disposed of by November 6th.- expiration date.; )

      • Fellow upstate Nyer here. I don’t see alot of support for Obama here. Nobody really says much,I think they are afraid to be called racist.
        As for the polls,the battle cry should be” Remember Wisconsin”. Most of the polls showed Walker losing and look what happened. At the time,I would go to all the major Wisconsin newspapers and read the comment section and knew Walker was going to win. If you want to see which way an election is probably going to swing,read the comments. People who are energized and most likely to vote,are taking time to be informed and comment. Even in the most liberal papers,most of the comments are pro Romney.

  8. August’s report on Obama:

    96,000 jobs created.
    370,000 people gave up looking for a job.
    22,000 businesses ceased to exist.
    176,000 new food stamp moochers.
    32,000 new SSDI approvals.

    The country cannot take too many more Obama Augusts. The majority of Americans know this too.

    In a corrupt democrat machine city with a currupt democrat machine union,why do you think the Chitago teachers strike is number 1 in the news cycle?

  9. Take no comfort now,Romney can easly lose to Obam. Romney has purchased his position,And Obama is the kept man, Of billionaire’s.Fate shall finsh her play over the next sixty days,It as always wil be the story of a nation and people that redeem themselve’s, Or a Tragedy comparable to Rome’s.The three of us have talked to a lot of voters over the past year and two of us have lied,And a liar would not bring this to your attention.

    Edgar A. Lawson Write-in Presidential candidate 2012

    • The Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll gives a breakdown of religion along with other demographic groups.
      They have Obama at 2 pts. up. Not what I would call a bounce considering the DNC ran the festivities like a “revival meeting”.

  10. Your great article had no effect on the morning news anchors. They have all been reporting, with glee I might add, that Obama’s numbers are way up since the convention.

    Libtard Norah O’Donnell at CBS This Morning couldn’t contain herself to announce the numbers. And she was on cloud nine doing some mean Bush Bashing interviewing a NYT columnist who has written a book about what Bush knew about Afghanistan and didn’t act on. Norah is one of the worst anchors around, in my opinion, as she revels in putting emphasis on the words that reflect her political opinion. I used to like watching CBS with Charlie Rose. Now it’s the Norah O’Donnell show, with a word in edgewise from Charlie.