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Quote of the Day || September 9, 2012

“I think another way to look at this is that 91.9 percent of the country is employed.”

– White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. The polls must be wrong. I have decided to believe that. It´s simply impossible to believe that Obama is leading given the new dire statistics on the unemployment and his weak performance at the convent..

    • I’m not surprised at the poll numbers. Given how the O Team has been bullying so many different groups and organizations it makes sense for them to crunch the numbers in a way that is positive for Obama. Math can’t lie, but mathematicians can. I am betting that the WH is looking at the polls and thinking that they need the numbers to bolster the campaign and its image, therefore bully and threaten pollsters with the DOJ until the numbers are the way Obama wants them.

      The real poll numbers, the ones that will count, are the ones in November. I would look for a massive recalculating of how unemployment is figured next month. The problem will be idiots who cannot think for themselves, and will believe whatever lies come out of the mouths of these people.

      My biggest fear is the “October Surprise” and I think it will be Israel taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran has already said that if that happens, there will be hell to pay in the US and Europe. I have no doubts that there are scores of Iranian sleeper cells in the US, and if Israel does bomb, they will be activated to disrupt as much of the US as is possible. Same in Europe. Then there is an excuse to suspend the elections and Obama stays right where he is.

      This isn’t paranoia, it’s being a student of history, and having studied how so many governments and countries have fallen over the past 5000 years.

        • It has nothing to do with helping Obama, but their own survival. If they think Iran is going to target them, they are going to hit them first, no matter what month it is.

        • Bibi doesn’t want to help Obama, but he cannot allow Iran to reach the critical 20% enrichment level. That is when there is sufficient fissionable material to create a nuclear bomb, and Iran is nearly there, if they haven’t reached it already. Israel will have to act unilaterally, since we have a president and SOS that have continually said there is no deadline with Iran.

          Once Israel does act, that is going to push Iran and its overseas agents to act against the West. You have to remember that during the Cold War, the thought of using nukes was deterred by the theory of mutually assured destruction (MAD). Imanutjob and the mullahs are twelvers, and therefore think that by bringing about the apocalypse it will usher in the time of the Mahdi. They don’t worry about being blow to bits, because it goes hand in hand with their eschatology.

          This is the problem with Western thinking. We cannot wrap our heads around the thought that any country would be willing to start world war four (I look at the war on terror as WW3) just to bring about some sort of religious event. People in the West are critical of Christian zealots, and Christian fundamentalist, especially the media, but there have been few, if any cases in modern history, where Christians or Jews have deliberately gone about trying to destroy the world in order to bring the Messiah.

          Until the majority of Western civilization starts to understand what exactly Islam is about and its eschatology we will not be able to defend and protect our form of civilization. Not all Muslims are crazed fundamentalist, but in a religion/political ideology that has 1 billion adherents, it would be easy to find ten percent, or even five percent that believe the most radical form of Islam. If you crunch the numbers, that equals 100,000,000 or 50,000,000 radicals world wide. Even at one percent, that still equals ten million radical Islamist world wide. That would be enough to destabilize and destroy virtually every government that does not fall in line with their brand of Islam.

          If I was Obama I would call Putin and Hu and tell them to pull their people out ASAP because the US was going to bomb the crap out of the Iranian nuclear facilities, and this will allow the Russians and Chinese to start all over again in building Iran new nuke plants. It would be a win-win for everyone. Iran loses its nuke ability for years, the Russians and Chinese get to make a fortune again in rebuilding, and the world is safe for another 10 or 15 years. Iran gets close again, and we repeat the process.

      • While I agree that Iran would love to see Obama remain in power as the most effective way of neutralizing the US, there is one problem with the theory that they will work together at any distance.

        Obama has always come in on the Sunni side of Muslim conflicts. His dad was Sunni. His stepfather was a Sunni. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the builder of the celebratory mosque masquerading as an “Islmaic Center” near Ground Zero, who was wholeheartedly supported by Obama, is a Sunni.

        In short, Obama’s actions suggest he is a Sunni. Iran is a Shiite nation. Shiites consider Sunnis heritical. While they may consider “the enemy of my enemy is my freind”, they would not ultimately “support” Obama because he is, at best, a heritical Sunni.

        Leaving aside religion, they are certainly politically aware that he is a VERY weak leader, just as they knew about Carter, and as such would probably not jeapordize Iranian “sleeper cells” to protect an attack that it is very unlikely we would oppose in the first place. Iran has a free hand any time as it is, Obama won’t hinder them at all.

        As to the future, Obama has done sufficient damage to this country that it will take many years to repair it, even if we start on January 20th without him. Assuming he actually, peacefully yields power. There will also be Democrats gleefully standing in the way, and a bitter media quick to criticize anything Romney does, and will whip out the Yellow Journalisim in the event of any military activity by Romney.

        No, Obama has achieved his goal, come what may. The US is too weak and divided to interfere with Jihad for a very long time. Why risk good Muslims to accomplish what has already been achieved just to support a heretic?

        • Shofar and cincycinco

          Well done, both of you. A thorough fisking of facts.

          Obama may be a Sunni but he acts like piece of shi’ite (creative spelling enhanced).

        • This is one of the major things I love about Keith’s forum. There can be an intellectual discussion without it devolving into name calling, and other liberal claptrap bias.

          If you ask five people for an opinion on a topic, you most likely will get eight different answers and opinions. If a lefty gets involved in the discussion, it will end up being more of the same old garbage – IT”S BUSH’S FAULT, GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL, THE RICH DON’T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, etc.

          I get filled with pride when Keith makes the Drudge report, but also filled with dread. I know that is when the left will crawl out from mom’s basement and start spreading their vitriol.

          Cincy, I see your points, and they are valid. I don’t fully agree with you for the simple reason that just like Catholics, Protestants and Jews will join together on an issue, I think the Sunni and Shia will put aside their own internal differences in the name of a worldwide caliphate. The major sticking point for me is that the Shia, are by and large Persian and not Arab, and that tribal/ethnic difference maybe the only thing keeping them from making a united front/force against the West.

          Thank God we did not have that type of divisiveness during WWII during the fight against the Axis powers. The West and East came together to take down Hitler and Hirohito. Benito was more of a joke than a threat.

          • Unfortunately, you’re most likely correct in that they can agree to hate us, but who runs the “worldwide caliphate” thing is where they themselves have irreconcileable differences. Looking at Muslim history, we have been well blessed by the fact that Major Mo did not leave a clear successor behind.

            Not only have they split over the obvious Sunni-Shiite sucession issue, but the previous caliphate attempts always resulted in division and internecine warfare, as with the Rashidun, Umayyad, Fatimid, and Ottoman Caliphates. If you want to pick a fight to the death with fellow Muslims, history suggests that there is no better way than to proclaim you know best who should succeed the Prophet.

            God works in mysterious ways, this is but one. While you note correctly that we should never count on the fractuousness of nations who want to kill us, this has been the one reliable constant that has always kept Jihad from overrunning the civilized world. There is little defense against someone who cares nothing for his own life in furtherance of his political/religious aims (as I’m sure the Secret Service can attest), but it is helpful if his suicidal rage can be diverted against those similarly dispositioned against us.

    • Of all the negative news around Obama and the DNC I too cannot believe polls. I think that Obama and the Dems now and then put on a big push to try to manipulate the stituation and strong-arm public opinion, but I posted a day or two ago that I don’t think they can sustain it. There will be new economic figures coming out before the election with no convention hoopla to mitigate or obfuscate them. And then there are the debates which I think both Romney and Ryan will take.

      Either this, Swedish Lady, or I will be an old fogey who will finally have to admit that her America has disappeared.

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you could have a link to just the “Obama’s schedule” posts so everyone could see how little work is actually being done at the White House. You’re the only one I know who’s been doing this, but how many times and how far back this self indulgent single focused work ethic goes.

  3. Piggy backing on Keith’s “quote” this snip from Chicago (via Drudge)

    Seventy-nine percent of the 8th graders in the Chicago Public Schools are not grade-level proficient in reading, according to the U.S. Department of Education, and 80 percent are not grade-level proficient in math.

    …which makes Chicago students more than over qualified to run as future politicians in the state.