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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 10, 2012

No publicly scheduled events

Live stream for Carney briefing at 12:30
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      • Thanks for the link, Sadie. I did miss that, as I took about a 24 hour break from politics after my head almost exploded when I saw Keith’s post about Carney saying the American people aren’t paying attention to the unemployment stats. Newsflash, Carney – people ARE paying attention, especially when they’re filing for unemployment benefits each week instead of driving to work.

          • I had to break my day of rest when a friend sent me the photos of BO being lifted off of the floor by some brute in a pizza parlor and the photo of JoeBiden with a biker girl sitting on his lap in a biker bar.

            Since the photos were from the MSM sites, I’m assuming they weren’t fake. And, we have to assume that the photos were staged because no one gets that close to the ‘dynamic duo’ on their own.

          • I needed a break also today. Except, I did watch Romney on Meet the Press. I’m just getting caught up tonight. I did see that ridiculous photo, and read an article on Yahoo. Get this – it was an “unscheduled” stop (yeah right, as usual), and this small business owner pizza shop guy just happens to be Republican, voted for Obummer last time, and plans to vote for him this time. Why what a coincidence! By the way, I have a bridge that I’m selling, anyone interested?


            Damn it, I need some duct tape again.

        • I assumed everyone saw it. I won’t take a break from politics until November 6th. If Obama wins I’m quitting in disgust. If Romney wins I’ll still be disgusted by the sudden return of homelessness, joblessness and everything else Obama gets a pass on.

          I sat out the whole Bush era and didn’t get interested again until I first read about Obama on January 2008. I hope at least I get to sit out the Romney era. I guess I’m more of a reactionary than a real politico.

          • I turned off the TV in disgust yesterday, so unhappy with Romney’s interview on MTP. I heard, but didn’t see, that Norah O’Donnell from CBS lit into Ryan about something he voted for. Norah loves to mock her interviewees, she keeps a snarky smile on her face while going in for the kill.
            Every Monday, Donald Trump is on Fox & Friends. Just now he said he was sorely disappointed in Romney, that Romney, like McCain, is being way too nice to Obama and that Obama is smartly taking advantage of it. Trump also said the DNC ran a much better campaign, had far more relevant speakers. If Donald is worried, man alive, we all need to be worried.

          • I support Romney 100% because I want Obama defeated. You can critize him all you want after the election but now I refuse to read negativity. I’m working around the clock thinking of ways to get him elected. I’m doing the same with Sen Brown.

            Living in MA , the only vote of mine that counts is in the presidential election every 4 years until Brown came along, I’m not too fussy about any Republican. Romney and Brown are not rinos, at least, and are a notch up from McCain who also had my full support.

          • Don’t misunderstand me. I’m a huge supporter of Romney’s – in both $$ and time. I want Obama defeated too and I work tirelessly in New York (a state he has no chance of winning) to get people to vote for Romney. It’s just hard when the candidate you want to win can’t seem to rise above the fray, to elevate the conversation, to shout from the rooftops all the Obama has done wrong.

          • I heard that Trump interview and to me it sounded like sour grapes because he wasn’t a special snowflake during the RNC. The DNC was a disaster as far as speakers (abortionpalooza!) and inspiration for re-electing Obama.

            I like Trump, but it’s always about him when he speaks or interviews.

  1. Yep, we called it. After the DNC last week and campaigning all weekend, he’s taking the day off….before he hits the road to campaign some more.

  2. When Barry is on the campaign trail, atleast we know what he is doing. With ‘nothing” scheduled I get worried because we can’t see him or know what he up too.

  3. If Obama wins I hope someone will come up with a micro-chip similar to the V-Chip to ban everything Obama from my TV screen. I never want to look at him or listen to him again…ever, ever!
    The only thing that will entice me back into the world of politics will be the distant drums of impeachment! I will be on the front lines!