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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama will be traveling in New Hampshire and Iowa today with First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, and Dr. Jill Biden

10:00 am || Departs Charlotte, North Carolina
11:45 am || Arrives Portsmouth, New Hampshire
12:20 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Strawberry Banke Field, Portsmouth
2:30 pm || Departs Portsmouth
4:45 pm CT || Arrives Cedar Rapids, Iowa
5:30 pm CT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
7:35 pm CT || Departs Cedar Rapids
11:45 am || Arrives St. Petersburg, Florida

All times Eastern except as noted

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  1. Will he be talking about the job’s report? If it had been good I think he would have hinted at it in the speech.

    I lived in Portsmouth, NH then moved to outside of Durham in the late 60s. It was the only time I lived outside of Massachusetts except for my time in Ann Arbor, MI. Do you know I was in Bill Ayres’ class at U of Michigan? lol

    • I didn’t watch BHO’ speech, and only saw the opening of Biden’s speech with the silly, mushy remarks to his wife. But, I read about both speeches and watched the talking heads on Fox. I didn’t hear anything about BHO giving any hints about Friday’s jobs report for August. However, I did read that in his speech Biden said, “We’ve turned a corner”. Uh oh, did big mouth Joe let it slip that tomorrow’s report will be good??

      I don’t care how “good” it is, they’ve declared things were getting better several times now and look where we are (still). What worries me is that when the jobs numbers briefly improved the first two or three months of this year, BHO’s job approval numbers went up, as did consumer confidence. I’m hoping and praying that even if we have two “good” reports this month and next, that enough people will be smart enough to realize the economy still sucks, millions are unemployed and underemployed, GDP is pathetic, we have inflationary prices in food and gas even if the feds refuse to acknowledge that, and the future is still looking extremely bleak if people are foolish enough to renew this loser’s contract for four more years. Ugh, this is why I don’t sleep much these days.

      • It WASN’T good but will the Obamabots focus on the additional 368+k that dropped out of the work force that caused the unemployment rate to drop .2 points? Or the 88+ million, yes MILLION, that have dropped out of the workforce? NO! They will say “LOOK EVERYBODY! IT DROPPED TO 8.1!”


    • I was born and raised in Ann Arbor JG. The late sixties were wild times. The Weather Underground and the like were crazy and out of control. I’m still baffled by the fact that any of them survived and why the ones that did (e.g. Ayers) aren’t in prison.

    • Michigan is huge. I never knowingly ran into him. I read that he was already community organizing at local black schools.

      He must have majored in Marx and minored in engineering. Wasn’t he the bombmaker?

      • Interesting, Jan. Yes, Ayers likes bombs. From Wiki (I’m typically not one to quote them as a source, but this is already info that I’ve heard of and read about many times, and it’s just to save me the typing):

        In 1969 he co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

  2. I am glad that the Hallelujah meeting is over. I appreciated Keiths fact-checking article on Mrs Obamas speech but I guess it is Mission Impossible to even try fact- checking Mr Clinton and Mr Obama.
    Anyhow, I find it interesting that Polish freedomfighter Lech Walesa endorses Romney while Putin endorses Obama. I guess that Putin recognizes a Napoleon ( of the Orwellian animal kind ) when he sees one.

    • Keith, I apologize for the length of this.

      While I have not had the time to read through Obama’s speech, I have read and listened to Uncle Billy’s, and I would like to take some time to point out a few (many) inconsistencies and out and out fabrications. My points come from personal experience vs. having some encyclopedic memory of issues or multiple research points from which to quote.
      Let’s start with his “keeping score” of various agenda items. I find it humorous that Clinton should be the one keeping score on anything, but he always was the master of “scoring” whether it is by consent or not. (Sorry for the snark)
      Community colleges, the new bulwark of education, and one that is needed to fill the gaps in our education continuum, are touted as being the bastion of educational opportunity, and an inexpensive way for people to advance their opportunities. While I agree that the community college system is a highly underused educational resource, the expansion of Pell Grants has made the community college nothing more than a “cash cow” for individuals that are looking to game the system. As with any “free money” there are those that will figure out a way to get as much as they can with as little effort as possible.
      Case in point. I have a close friend, who at nearly forty, has decided to attend college in order to further her employment opportunities. She has been a highly successful, professional hair stylist for over twenty years, but time is beginning to take its toll, and she now suffers from severe carpel tunnel and has growing problems with her legs and feet from years of standing and cutting hair. The next rung up the ladder for her is management or ownership, but without a degree and basic understanding of how business works she is at a loss, hence the desire to pursue at least an associate’s degree in business.
      She is now in her third semester at the local community college, and while it has been 20+ years since she has sat in a classroom, she is somewhat enjoying the challenges that academia is providing. We were discussing her classes, and she told me how the majority of her fellow students are in their late teens and early twenties. Nearly all are attending on Pell Grants, she included. On the first day of class, there will be between 20 and 30 students, by the fourth or fifth week, approximately the same time that any unused grant monies are credited to the student’s account the numbers begin to drop appreciably. One class she took had 25 students at the beginning of the semester, and by the time finals were given, there were eight. Her biggest complaint about her fellow students wasn’t their age, their lack of maturity, their insufferable texting in class, or the occasional suck-up that answers all the instructors questions before anyone else has a chance. Her biggest complaint is the bragging on the part of some students on how they are going to spend their “free money” once it is available. So, a program that was designed to enable students to attend college and increase their earning potential has become another money scam by thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people.
      Clinton spoke of not wanting to see students graduating with mountains of debt, and not be able to pay off their loans. He put forth the idea that these debts would be adjusted to the income of the recent college graduate, thereby enabling students that are heading to “lower paying” professions: teachers, police officers, etc., to be able to pursue their vocations without having to go bankrupt. My daughter graduated university 7(?) years ago. She has a degree in biology, and decided late in her junior year that she wanted to be a teacher. We are a family that strongly believes that this country has done much for our family since our arrival on Ellis Island one hundred years ago, and it is our responsibility to give back to our community and country. I spent the majority of my adult life working in law enforcement and investigations, and my daughter has followed my example, wanting to give back for all the opportunities afforded our family. She has become a teacher in an inner city, public high school, teaching biology. When she graduated, she was recruited by several biotech companies, but turned down jobs that would have paid her in the high five or low six figure incomes.
      When she graduated, she had $20K worth of student loans (the cost of the private university she attended). She did her research, and discovered there was a program that would forgive a portion of her student loans as long as she was willing to commit to teaching in an inner city school. Since that was her desire anyway, she applied for the program, and has now had over half her loan obligation eliminated. Her school has been a challenge, she was stabbed in the hand by a student during her first year as a teacher. To her credit, she despises the NEA, and how they protect teachers that have no place in the classroom.
      Clinton talked about the monstrosity known as Obamacare. I have seen and experienced what this monster is and will do to out once great healthcare system. Several years ago, I became ill with a combination of central nervous system disorders, along with other complications. This combination of problems has made it impossible for me to work, and I am now on disability and Medicare. I firmly believe that my conditions are the result of years of abusing my body professionally, multiple injuries, concussions, and assorted other issues. When I became sick, I was working in the private sector, having given up government work to follow the money. When my employer was informed of my problems I was told my “services were no longer needed.” Set adrift without insurance, who can honestly afford the $1200 per month COBRA payment when there is no income, I started to receive my medical care at the local public hospital. If the way things are now, without the full implementation of Obamacare is any indication of what the future holds for our healthcare system, we are in serious trouble. Appointments take weeks, if not months to get. Tests are the same way. I was recently involved in an altercation were I was seriously hurt, and after spending the majority of the day in the ER was sent home with instructions to follow-up with my PCP (primary care physician). The problem was that she was on vacation, and would not be back for two weeks. The advice given to me by the staff at the clinic, “Go to the ER.” I called my neurologist since many of my injuries were blunt force trauma to my head, and was told that it would be at least two months before I could see my neuro, even though I was having blackouts, cognitive problems and my ever present tremors had increased 100 fold. When I asked what to do, the answer was the same, “Go to the ER.” Obamacare is not the answer to our healthcare “crisis” it is becoming the crisis.
      Clinton waxed prosaic, as he is want to do, about how inflation is only four percent. Obviously, he is a part of the 1%ers, and has not personally bought gas, milk, eggs, meat or anything else since he left office. The government has manipulated the inflation index so often, and so thoroughly that it in no way represents the true cost of things in America. This manipulation is not just a Democrat tactic, but has been done across party lines for years. In listening and reading his speech, I could not help but wonder if he was running for reelection himself.
      As I stated in the beginning, I don’t have facts or figures to refute Clinton’s statements, rather I have real life experiences to share with Keith’s readers. Twain is credited with saying there are, “lies, damned lies and statistics.” The “fact checkers” will use, twist and obfuscate the truth to protect the people they want. If you want to know the truth about how things really are, talk to your neighbors, friends, family, and others, and listen to their stories. As they used to say on The X-Files, “The truth is out there.”

  3. As far as tonight’s Obummer speech, DR. Krauthammer was not impressed:

    Funny how it lacked any specifics, only empty promises just as in 2008. I recall that Axelrod and the other morons were all shouting during and after the RNC last week that Romney had “no specifics”. They repeated that over and over again, and then Obummer himself delivers no specifics at all, just lofty dreams.

    • I’m pretty sure he put numbers in there. He thinks those are “specifics.” You know is said 100,000 somewhere in his speech or 1 million somewhere else. You can’t get more “specific” than that can you?

      Excuse me for this long post but this needs to be said.

      Romney laid out 5 things to just start the economy rolling back again. Now many are so unable to think for themselves that they need to have it explained to the tiny detail. This what we have come down to. I’ll explain ONE of them. This is the example in the course on “How to Think for Yourself.”

      Become energy independent by 2020. Now class, how does that help our economy?
      1. The immediate jobs created is just the beginning. There will be thousands and thousands of good paying non-college jobs (you could even say union jobs) created by opening up new drilling both on and off shore.
      2. That drilling will need equipment to perform the tasks. This will create manufacturing jobs to create the equipment. Once again non-college jobs and maybe even UNION ones to boot. Stay with me here…
      3. There will be materials need to make that equipment. This will create, once again, good paying non-college, possibly union jobs to supply the steel, wiring, and components needed to make the equipment to perform the drilling.
      4. There will need to be people who manage the workflow, research the drilling, manage the payroll, etc. These are BOTH non-college AND college jobs. Ok, we’re getting warmer now…
      5. Once the drilling is complete you need people to oversee the production of the resources.
      6. There will be additional infrastructure needed to support the new drilling and transportation of the goods and people.
      7. People will be able to afford housing because they are collecting a paycheck instead of unemployment and food stamps.
      8. Taxes are being paid to the government creating more makers and less takers.
      9. The amount of money for welfare programs go down because there will more makers and less takers. OK, let’s bring it home now…
      10. The country relies less on foriegn oil that is currently used to hurt our economy when we don’t “bow” to their leaders.
      11. Personal pride returns to many Americans that WANT to take care of themselves.
      12. The cost of gasoline is reduced.

      Ok, I’m done. You get the point. This is JUST one part of this ONE topic. There is still natural gas, coal, etc. With the vast monetary resources created, REAL research can be done on clean energy for our future instead of blindly throwing money at an industry that is neither cost effective OR efficient.

      Nobody TOLD ME what this point meant! No one has explained to ME the nitty gritty of how this helps the country. Why? Because I continue to use the brain that God gave me and critically think about what is being said. I don’t NEED someone to take me by the hand and help me from cradle to grave, like Julia. They need to dust off and spark up those brain cells again. They wouldn’t believe how GOOD it feels when they can think for themselves!

  4. Iowa is under attack….again!!! What is this – 5 trips to Iowa in 10 days? I can’t keep track. Didn’t he just finish saying he is the “President’ – not just a candidate? Presidents do not spend their time and taxpayer $$$ stalking farmers. Unlike Obama, these people have work to do – let them alone!

    • When Obummer went to VA for a rally the day before leaving for the convention in Charlotte, Mark Knoller of CBS tweeted that since May, it was his 49th rally, ninth time in Virginia. He also said that BHO has only been to two other sates more than VA: Iowa 12, Ohio 11.

      So, today is his 13th rally in Iowa since May.

      Knoller also tweeted last night that BHO:

      Continues strategy of campaigning only in swing states. So far, Pres Obama has only campaigned in IA, OH, VA, CO, FL, NH, NV and PA.

    • We just canceled a trip to Cedar Rapids today for a gun show. No way we’re going to fight the traffic tie-ups for Barry-O.

      I wish the polls would start showing a big Romney advantage in Iowa. Maybe then the Prevaricator-in-Chief would go somewhere else.

      OTOH, maybe Iowans deserve it for foisting this jerk off on the rest of the country in 2008.

  5. Keith, correct me if I am wrong but there will be 2 more jobs reports before the election. October’s release of September jobs and November’s release of October’s jobs. I bet unemployment dips below 8% as more people leave the labor force, thus allowing Obama to create a false narrative of success.

      • Because of the timing this year as far as what day of the week November 1st falls on (a Thursday), we will have one last jobs report only days before the election. The first Friday in November comes before the election this year. October’s report should be out on Friday, November 2nd.

  6. Dr. Jill Biden…give me a break..she has a PHD. If you are willing to spend the money and the time, frankly, anyone can get a PHD in education. It is not like it was in physics, metallurgical engineering, or somethiing hard. All you need to do with your thesis is to come up with some other hairbrained idea to waste OUR money making our educational system worse than it already is.

  7. You know if a sitting President has done his job, then there would be no need for them to campaign for re-erection every dad gum day of the week. Guess BObama has been a failure if he still has to beg for votes.

    • Agreed, but the less time he spends in DC and in the Oval Office, the better off we are. I hope he spends the next sixty days completely absent and doing nothing but campaigning, which is pretty much what he’s done the last two plus months.

      • You mean 3 1/2 plus years…absent, I mean. He only showed up to sign into law the garbage produced by Nancy and Harry. He truly is an “empty chair.” And head for that matter…

  8. If this bum didn’t have a teleprompter and if the community colleges would quit letting him shut down their campus to speak to brain dead lib kids he would not be able to go anywhere but the west wing, 18th hole green, and air force 1. Such an empty suit and a disaster of 4 years it makes you realize how much we have disgraced every previous president!! To think Lincoln sat in the same chair behind the same desk and in the same room as this man is a mark of shame our country (no matter how much longer we are able to sustain this city on a hill!) will never be forgiven. Our great-grandchildren will look at us with a mix of shame, anger and disappointment that we allowed these 4 years of destruction to occur!! For shame!!

    • The Oval Office didn’t exist during Lincoln’s administration and the desk wasn’t given until 1880. So Lincoln didn’t sit there and didn’t use the desk. The chair seems to be of modern origin. Other than that, you are correct.