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Live Stream || President Obama Convention Speech

Here’s the video in case you missed it.

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  1. I’d make a comment, but I didn’t make that comment. Not without this internet invented by the government, for the government and of the government.

    Any comment made here would be racist.

    Any comment here would ignore all the ways he cares about us.

    Any comment here would be a felony, and would only support the millionaires and billionaires. Not to mention the trillionaires we owe as a nation.

    Any comment here would be fattening.

  2. Barack Obama’s Most Egotistical Moments

    While making this video another Obamism I could have used popped up from Bob Woodward’s new book. There will probably be enough after tonight to make a part two but I’ll pass on it.

    I know the RNC won’t go after Obama personally because focus groups have given him high marks. I say baloney. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it… Anotherwords, they haven’t even tried. Why are using Obama’s OWN words a personal attack?

  3. I just went to google something – and there is a link for the Obama speech on the front page. Does google usually put ads on the page BEFORE you search? Did the Obama reelection team pay to put this up there or is it a freebie? It’s blocked for me – does anyone know where the link takes you? Wherever it does, I’m willing to bet there’s a donate button there somewhere.

  4. I got “spam” from Debbie today – never let a crisis ……even if you exploit your own for $5 bucks. Amazing how many lies can be squeezed into a couple of paragraphs.

    In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And in 2008, right before the Democratic convention, I had one of seven surgeries I’d have in that year.

    Today, I’m a survivor — but like every survivor, I now have a pre-existing condition. And although I fought and won the toughest battle of my life to beat breast cancer, I could have been denied insurance coverage because of that battle. Now, thanks to Obamacare, millions of Americans like me won’t have to worry about going without care because of a pre-existing condition. We can focus on staying healthy.

    All this week at our convention, elected officials and everyday Americans have been standing up and sharing how President Obama’s policies have profoundly affected their lives. If we don’t double down on our efforts to win on Election Day, the other side has made it their mission to roll it all back.

    Chip in $5 or more today to support Democrats and protect Obamacare and everything else we’ve fought for.

    • I hate people that talk about their cancer as a badge of honor. I hated the calls I got from breast cancer organizations that got my name from the hospital where I was treated. Where is the American rugged individualism I grew up with?

      I regret mentioning this but if I criticized people about this they would say I never walked in their shoes.

    • Thanks for linking to the DNC and the speeches, but I’m watching on c-SPAN. No commenters, no ads to avoid.
      They actually do a good job by scanning around the room and not just focusing on the podium. They cover the event from opening to the end.

      • Star, that’s what made these words, “I could have been denied insurance coverage” so additionally appalling. She’s so on my *PSL
        Personally, lack of insurance is not the problem – it’s the rising cost. Since dear leader pushed through his agenda, it’s jumped 24%.

        *Permanent Sh** List

        • I was thinking the same thing, it’s not the healthcare, now it’s the insurance costs. Our family COBRA is $1300 a month, and that’s still a high deductible plan. It kind of stinks when you’re income is gone and your expenses go up. I love the people who try to say we’re better off now than 4 years ago.

  5. Any one’s guess on how many times the Network feed shows Moochelle?
    My guess is more times than the Pressintent (sic) looks us straight in the eyes on camera.

  6. I watched Caroline Kennedy and got a chuckle out of the fact that she said that Obama has inspired her! LOL!!!! OMG! Her standards have certainly dropped.

  7. Yikes…just caught a glimpse of John Kerry on the podium. Is it Halloween already? We owe Dubya a debt gratitide for saving us from that phony….

  8. Here’s is the speech in a compact version:

    Infrastructure-Roads, Bridges, etc
    College for all
    Green Energy
    A few throw ins of God and Israel
    Gay marriage
    Need 4 more years to get the job done

  9. I think Biden believes that Obama is Wyatt Earp and he’s Doc Holliday and this is the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

    Two minutes in and he’s lying about Stanley Dunham. She never had to fight for her health insurance – she had insurance, it was disability that she wanted.

  10. My husband can’t stand to watch this farse. How a crock from all of them. And now…….the BIG MAMA is SO PROUD to introduce the love of her life. She looks like a street walker in that dress as usual….

  11. Did we see Mitchell screw up her face and move her mouth to the side when Boo tried to kiss her at the podium? I’m sure I did. “The love of my life” her ass.
    And she sure wasn’t smiling when she was giving him his final instructions. They shouldn’t use those close up cameras.
    She doesn’t want his lips to touch hers.

    • I saw that and immediately noticed how odd it was. Obummer had a great big embrace for and from Bubba the night before. Tonight, it was kind of awkward and frosty when Moochellle hit the stage. How odd. She just stood next to him and he tried to put an arm around her, then he gave her a small peck on the cheek. Later, when Jill Biden went up to him, she reached out with both arms to give him a hug. Gee, I guess Moochelle just isn’t that into old Barry.

  12. I can already see that Romney’s speech was better-hope he can keep his momentum until the debates

    Empty promises and lame jokes do not a president make

    Hope and Change-nope, Rope and Chains

    -you can use that keith :)

  13. So far, Barack isn’t very impressive but I’m not the most objective observer. He sounds like he’s reading along with breathy emphasis every now and then.

    • yep and you can see his head go back and forth to the teleprompters

      Couldn’t he make the effort to at least memorize THIS speech?

      also Michelle and girls are eerily emotionless

  14. Obama: “You didn’t elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth”.

    Well, Barack, I’m still waiting for you to tell the truth. Actions speak stronger than empty words.

    • ya 2 times more efficiency at $4 a gallon aint no improvement-pathetic

      here comes education now (with financial aid paid by us btw) – so stupid if there are no jobs-It is so sad to listen to this

      roads and bridges will come around soon

      • Plus, don’t forget that by forcing the auto industry to produce more “fuel efficient” cars, WE will be the ones paying for it as the price of cars goes up dramatically. I’m just fine with the mileage we get on our two SUV’s. I just need the government to stay the hell out of it.

  15. OMG this guy (and the audience) is delusional!

    wow is all I can say-well I can also say I am scared as hell if he wins-maybe we should move out-I would love to check out Australia

    • “I would love to check out Australia”

      Can’t – Australia has VERY STRICT immigration requirements – you have to prove that you would be an asset and would be filling professional professions that they deem as advancing the nation. I could be technically wrong about this but my British husband told me this is the case when I suggested “checking out Australia” once. I have been there though – so very beautiful!

      Funny how other nations can have super strict immigration laws and they are not considered racist…

  16. This speech will absolutely sink the Preezy. Telling everybody else what they need to do — teachers, parents, kids,communities — but nothing what he will do. America please wake up.

  17. Well, we always knew the media was in the tank for Obama (present company/owner of this site excluded of course). . .here’s more proof!

    “Reporters Using ‘Fake Names’ to Buy Obama Campaign Merchandise at the DNC”

    Members of the media have apparently been using “fake” names to buy official Obama gear and contribute to the Obama campaign. . .Politicker spotted a souvenir stand in one of the press stands selling T-shirts and buttons supporting President Barack Obama, “Democrats Are Hot” bumper stickers and other official Obama merchandise.

    The souvenir stand was in a secure area only accessible to those with a media credential and buying campaign gear means contributing to the campaign, so we asked the woman working the cash register whether anyone at the press stand had been making purchases. Her answers were quite surprising.

    The woman working at the souvenir stand told us she hadn’t been “too busy” during the day, but had seen business pick up in the past half hour or so. She then asked us whether we wanted to buy anything. When we informed her that our status as a reporter means we don’t buy campaign gear, she suggested a strategy other members of the media have apparently used to pick up their Obama swag.

    “Have you ever thought of making up a fake name? That’s what the other guys do,” she said.

    Buying official merchandise at the DNC means making a donation the Obama campaign, an activity that is generally frowned upon for members of the media. The Obama campaign website specifically informs shoppers that purchases amount to donations in its “Frequently Asked Questions” section where one of the queries is, “Can I receive merchandise without making a donation?”

    “The only way to receive items from the 2012 store is by contributing through the official store site at,” the site says.

  18. OMG….they are trying SO hard to be the Romneys!! “Let me introduce you to the love of my life” ! BARF! “I love you so much”!

    It’s time for another scotch!

    • Sadie, he did the same exact thing at his inauguration speech – “We are a nation of Christians, Muslims, Jews…” I think he also added “non-believers”. I remember then thinking “WTF??” I had never heard a president say anything other than “Christians and Jews”, let alone put the Muslims ahead of Jews.

      • Snark – Put it in the another “first” for America column. He was forced into putting Jerusalem and G-d back into the DNC platform. I’ll save my breath here and take my comments to Atlas Shugs (Pam Geller).
        Creeping sharia has arrived on our doorstep.

  19. “cindy lou September 6, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Here’s is the speech in a compact version:

    Infrastructure-Roads, Bridges, etc
    College for all
    Green Energy
    A few throw ins of God and Israel
    Gay marriage
    Need 4 more years to get the job done

    He has hit most of these is the first half hour-betting he will hit them all

    now that is transparency!

    • Obama has insulted the Queen himself so it surprised me that he made that remark. Although nothing that man does should ever really surprise me. Remember when he toasted the Queen instead of standing at attention as they played God Save the Queen as she entered the room. Later he said he thought it was like a voice over or something in the movies.

  20. seems Mos Hair Sty;ist touched up Os hair for this empty speech

    For a party that yells “Forward”, they sure do call on aton of people from the past. Also sick of his little “stories” that we later learn are lies.

  21. Oh, yes indeed: give me four more years so that I can have 4 more years playing golf and flying around AF-1 while you all struggle, then re-elect me. Vote FOR ME – ME – ME – ME – ME. WHAT A HUGE FARSE. Still hasn’t said what he’s going to do…..all B U L L S H I T………..

  22. BarackObama and MittRomney are standing at the bar drinking a brewsky.
    Barack tells Mitt “My supporters carried me to the bar and gave me their money to buy all the drinks I want.”
    Mitt says “I own the bar”.

    It’s been a grand two weeks of speeches, surprises and mind numbing tedium. On to the debates and then the election.

  23. I’m late to this conversation and I’ve not read all 151 comments so if I duplicate someone’s thoughts, sorry but I couldn’t help but get as a take-away that Obama has very quickly forgotten how during the campaign of 2008, Hillary hammered home that Obama had zero foreign policy knowledge. Remember the 3am phone call ads? Seems utterly disingenuous now for Obama to be calling Romney inexperienced.

  24. What about the comment he made regarding college students turning to their parents for help with tuition? I didn’t know that was a bad thing. Also, when did going to college become synonymous with borrowing money and going in debt. Scholarships are infinitely easier to get these days, throw in a little money from working and you can get through four years without going in debt. I have two that have graduated without debt and my daughter was able to stash $15,000 in the bank from sholarships that she didn’t have to spend.