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What the Clinton Speech was Really All About

Bill Clinton is a vestige of what Democrats once were. A relic taken down from the attic by the Obama campaign and put out on display for the house party they are holding in Charlotte.

Clinton recalls a time when Democrats considered doing entitlement reform, agreed to welfare reform, were willing to cap spending, and believed in free trade. Some of them, anyway.

That’s why Clinton’s appearance was an exercise in subterfuge. It was an appeal wholly to independents and the critical few undecided voters Obama must win over to be reelected. It was an attempt to say, “Ignore the radicalism you are seeing played out at the convention, the partisanship, the leftism of President Obama. You, independents, have a home here in Charlotte too.”

While performing on a big stage to a big crowd, Clinton was mainly talking only to those watching at home who fancy themselves free thinkers and politically unaligned. And, already pre-endeared to Democrats, he is the only one who can sell the 2012 Democratic ticket to moderates without alienating the Party’s liberal base.

Clinton, you may have noticed, barely mentioned any social issues. The terms “abortion” and “gay marriage” were not uttered, and that was on purpose.

Instead, he talked about things the things the anodyne independent mind likes to grapple with, reciting what normally would be a mind numbing litany of statistics to “prove” Obama’s case.

But in Clinton’s hands, as always, numbers were magic.

The man who once said some kind of statistical chart was deeply moving to him is the only politician I’ve ever seen who can site statistics while still enrapturing a crowd. He appeals to their intellect – something they’re not used to but appreciate – and translates the numbers into moving examples and zinging political points to which people can relate.

With his unmatchable delivery and that down-home cadence suggesting he’s known you all his life, he made economics sound like the Sermon on the Mount. Independents crave a little passion in their politics, because their politics are not about passion. He gave it to them.

Clinton appeared to be using reason, even if, you know, some of what he said was inaccurate, some of it pablum, and all of it political opinion.

And reason is what independents like. They like to think someone is talking sense to them, because they believe sense is exactly what they possess, as opposed to the emotion-driven irrationality of the extremes.

Clinton spoke of “fact checkers,” “arithmetic,” and “cooperation,” words that send tears streaming down the faces of those determinedly in the middle.

He spoke kindly of George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and he invoked Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican president moderates can love.

He spoke appreciatively of the military, which some independents want to keep around to ward off the extremists in other countries until the day independent thinkers run those nations too. Because independents do at least understand there are crazy people in the world who can’t be swayed by their reason.

And then Obama emerged to embrace Clinton, the president who seeks to move the country irrevocably to the left wrapping his arms around the man who had spent nearly his entire political life trying to push Democrats to the center.

The crowd erupted. And at that point, if everything went according to plan, independents took leave of their senses.

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  1. Except the whole performance was a LIE! If the independents are TRUE critical thinkers, they will see this as what it was, a LIE! Once again the democratic party has showed what they think of the American public. They think we are stupid and will react to an hour long SQUIRREL! speech. If they buy this, we are all doomed.

    What is so stupid about that speech is when he said even HE could not have turned the economy around in these 3 1/2 years. Well, I guess that depends on what “HE” means.

    Would Clinton have sicked his EPA on the coal industry causing our electricity costs to double and the coal industry to collapse? No!
    Would Clinton have focused on Dodd-Frank and Obamacare a head of jobs? No!
    Would Clinton have stopped the Keystone pipeline when so many good paying union jobs would be created? No!
    Would Clinton have attacked businesses calling them “fat cats” and out for themselves? No!
    Would Clinton have extended the tax cuts for all for one more year to help the certainty for the businesses? Yes, of course, he already answered that one himself on tape and then walked it back.
    Would Clinton have announce the exit date for the Afganistan War? No! Well maybe. He had a chance to get OBL during his admin and didn’t do it. Thus 9/11. Thanks Bill.
    Would Clinton have pushed for the Bowles-Simpson plan for dealing with the debt? Yes! As a matter of fact, he would have NOT needed the commission, he would have done it himself by working across the aisle to come to an agreement.

    I could go on and on but I am so sick of the democrats lies that my head will explode if I continue!

    Please people, don’t fall the for the democrats strategy of…


  2. Clinton is a lier and a desecrater of the oval office. Kennedy may have been a womanizer but he did not bring them into the oval office of OUR WHITE HOUSE!

  3. I’ve never understood Clinton’s appeal. When he opens his mouth all I hear is USED CAR SALESMAN!!!!! And I disagree that he tried to push his party to the center. HE moved reluctantly to the center when it became obvious that the country wanted no part of the far left. Clinton was concerned mainly with his “LEGACY”. And unrestrained sexual activity.

    • Clinton put his ego and hunger for popularity above ideology when they were in conflict. Obama is even more of a narcissist, and so he can’t imagine that his ideology and his agenda could ever be truly unpopular; he just needs to “tell a story to the American people.”

  4. Clintons excuses cannot explain away the abject failures of BHO policies! The Heritage Foundation and Citizen Link sites expose the arbitrary and illegal edict of the BHO Adm to waive the seeking meaningful employment/work provisions of the Welfare to Work provisions. That is the job of Congress! Does that concern BHO? Does that INSULT the sensibilities of job seekers?

    Is that proof that BHO has not and cannot figure out how to CREATE jobs? Is it a move to place more and more power in the hands of government?

    Additionally, under Clinton’s watch between 1995-2000, the Wall Street investors disastrous expanding “” bubble created an artificial boost in the economy only to BURST in May of 2000. That was historically one of the largest crashes that lost billions to Americans and Europeans. The claims of a gov’t surplus from Clinton’s watch were fiction!

    Clinton is a dinosaur dem who has become a useful fool for BHO and his re-election team. BHO’s re-election will establish history’s largest tax-increase job-killing federal healthcare mandate and concentration of power in the government. The division of powers in the Constitution will be meaningless and the DOJ will continue to repress freedom of speech and on and on! jb

  5. Bottom line — Clinton is NOT up for re-election, although he could probably take the nomination away from Obama if he chose. Too bad his wife an dhealth won’t let him. Maybe even with Clinton’s election,, this country would stand a chance.

  6. I was a Clinton Democrat, and that Clinton “performance” last night was not the Clinton I knew and loved. What good it may have done was send the AP fact checkers to their stations and point out the embellishments and exaggerations of his words. He may have hurt Obama more than helped him.

    Independents don’t drink kool aid, I’ll give them more credit than having their socks knocked off. I know, I’m one of them now :D

    • Did you love the way Clinton treated women? (e.g. Juanita Broderick) Did you love his handing of nuclear technology to the ChiComs in exchange for (illegal) campaign cash?

      Knowing about the colossal mess that arose from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, do you love the way Clinton put the Community Reinvestment Act on steroids and coerced mortgage lenders to make subprime loans? And now he says it’s all Bush’s fault?

      Bush inherited a recession from Clinton after the bubble burst, and then he got 9/11, but average unemployment under Bush was 5.3.

      Obama “inherited” the banking crisis — which he actually had directly contributed to (as a senator, and as a lawyer for Acorn) — and he’s given us the worst economy since the Great Depression. He has broken the historical pattern of deep recessions being followed by rapid recovery, and has given us stagnation and catastrophic levels of debt.

      Are independents capable of understanding that? Are they capable of understanding that Romney has a long record of turning failing enterprises into successful ones, whereas Obama’s record is one of conspicuous failure?

    • DeniseVB, you nailed it. I, too, am a longtime Clinton fan. That speech was no more illustrative of Bill Clinton’s speaking skills than a nursery rhyme.

      In fact, halfway through Clinton’s speech (just before I’d had enough and went to bed) I said to mr. creeper, “This is crazy. There’s something wrong with Bill.” All the preachifying, all the rabble-rousing couldn’t summon up the old Clinton magic.

      This morning I figured it out. Clinton’s delivery was so lackluster because he didn’t believe a word coming out of his own mouth.

    • I’m just glad you two chose the “right” side DeniseVB and creeper. The only way we are going to win this fight is to encourage other open-minded independents like you to see the light.

  7. The democrats “dessert first, dinner later” approach will always play well with those who don’t have the ambition or commitment to pay attention to facts. Personally, I have always held some degree of loathing for the “independent voters” who really can’t tell the difference between socialism and capitalism, between fiscal responsibility and fiscal irresponsibility, between truth and, um, the obfuscation of what most people call the facts. If the ignoble independent voters really buy the garbage that the original philandering, self-indulgent, self-serving oaf Bill Clinton is selling, then I have even less faith in the staying power of this republic.

    • By now, every American, especially those who call themselves ‘independents’ should get off the proverbial FENCE, and start supporting somebody!

      Nobody can convince me that BHO & Company are going to spend four more years accomplishing anything excep their stated goals:

      1.Gov’t/IRS run healthcare – the record-breaking job-killing tax-increase of the century!
      2. Executive Branch concentrated power take-over from Congress of the Constitutionally defined duties of the three branches!
      3. Continuation of Class Warfare – the first rule of Saul Alinsky!
      4. Secularization of America – another Alinsky goal!

      With the Media in the BHO Camp, informed voters will NOT be going to the polls. As hard as I have been working to inform others, I am, at this moment, very discouraged. Anybody with a PLAN or IDEA about restoring America’s Judeo-Christian values and principles?

      Wm Federer’s book, ‘hree Secular Reasons American Should Remain Under God’ can be located at the site: It is a very important book! jb

  8. Five blind men and the elephant could best describe the differing opinions on MrClinton’s speech last night.

    I heard a ‘Bless his heart, he really isn’t any better than the men who came before him and they wouldn’t be able to fix this mess either’ slam against the man for whom he has no respect as a leader.
    The tales of MrClinton’s collaborations with Repub Presidents was a jab at MrObama’s refusal to reach out for advice or to reach across the aisle for assistance.
    He’s a slick one for sure. He managed to slap down the President while extolling the Dems to vote for him.

    • Let’s see, Five blind men, and elephant, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama walk into a bar. There’s GOT to be a GREAT punchline out there yearning to breathe free!!!

  9. Clinton didn’t do Obama any favors last night, After keeping him waiting backstage for an hour, Clinton totally overshadowed the little wimp when he finally made his appearance. Obama was as relevant as a flea on an elephant’s back. No one noticed him.

    Last night reminded me of that humiliating day back in December, 2010, when the little punk, Obama, called on Bubba to sell the Bush tax cut extensions after he had just taken a shellacking at the mid-terms. He was invisible standing next to the big dawg in the briefing room.

    This was the first time in history that a former President has ever been called upon to introduce the incumbent POTUS. It shows how desperate this little twit really is. He had the same sheepish look on his face that he had in December, 2010, when the WH press corpse went wild over Clinton in the briefing room. The standing ovations last night were for Bubba, not Obama. Obama knows it. Independents know it.

      • Is it me or is this conventrion kind of a mess? USAIR is going to let people go home a day early without a penalty. That vote with pole-axed-looking chairman standing there. Some gal calling for govt-paid sex change. Condoms. Clinton saying sure I was last century, but this guy is a bridge…wait that was last time out.At least Little Debbie washed her hair. Megyn Kelly was playing the 2008 speech with the columns over and over on my lunch hour and I was still able to eat but wondered why–part of Fox’s FAIR AND WAY OVERBALANCED deal or what?

        • PS Almost forgot the small shoes and dumpster diving. How could I? I have both eaten off an ironing board and gotten stuff from dumpsters (little tables etc–one time I needed a small table the the universe coughed up so many in DC I could not carry them home). By the way, dumpsters are high–the stuff has to be on top. That is probably how he snagged it.

  10. To paraphrase Hot Lips from the original M.A.S.H. movie when they pulled down the shower…..”This is not a political convention, its an insane asylum!” Even with Romney’s prolific fund raising, they may still run out of money building an ad campaign based on the events of this week. Too many possible subjects!

  11. Moving on from the Clinton set up to the sitting president. There is an excellent article in wapo today by George will. Obama, the real radical. Consider the obama presidency and his speech tonight with this article in mind. Not normally a gw fan but this is succinct. I think it is a commentary to a claremont college piece. Off site so I cannot link. Nothing reassuring for America coming out of this convention.

  12. Romney needs to remind voters that Obama’s record stinks and that Romney is running against Obama not Clinton.

    Geez, it’s like Barry had to have his mommy come out on stage and say:
    “Barry’s a good boy; really he is.”

  13. Oh please. Anyone who cannot see the truth that the Democratic (sic) Party is simply a modern version of the Communist party by now is a hopeless case. Of course, there are many who would love to see America transformed into a country where millions are eliminated or sent to the gulag if they disagree the state is god and the Democratic (sic) Party has the right to micromanage everyone’s lives.

  14. Didn’t watch Clinton’s speech…opted for football and Seinfeld reruns instead.

    By the way, isn’t it grand how King Barry had the football game moved up from Thursday so it wouldn’t interfere with his speech? I could only imagine the MSM outrage if George W even slightly considered such a request of the NFL…there would be cries of “Dictator!” as far as the ears could hear!

    With King Barry, though? Crickets.

  15. Sick Willie is a womanizer, a proven liar, and a disgrace to his hillbilly clan.
    A true BIG FAT PHONY.
    President Obama is a man intent on bringing America to its knees, literally. He is an evil person and needs to be imprisoned for his crimes against the Constitution. He will do or say anything to keep power, anything.
    R and R 2012, vote sensibly,

  16. Friends, if you have not found a way to help drive Obama from office, please check out the OUST OBAMA COALITION (Google). We can do this, but it will take a true army – all we ask is a little bit of your time. You don’t even need to leave your home to help. Please join us, it is now or never.