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Poll Suggests Johnson Could Hand Election to Obama

A new Zogby poll suggests that Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson could throw the presidential election to President Obama, with the anti-government candidate taking enough votes from Gov. Mitt Romney to give Obama a narrow edge.

In a survey of 798 likely voters conducted August 31 through September 3, Zogby found that if Johnson’s name was not mentioned, Obama and Romney were basically tied, with Obama receiving 43.8 percent of the vote, Romney getting 43.5 percent, and 12.7 percent undecided.


But throw Johnson’s name in and the numbers shift toward Obama is a way that could swing what is expected to be one of the closest elections ever.

Obama now gets 42.7 percent of the vote compared to 41 percent for Romney, with 4.3 percent backing Johnson and 12 percent unsure.

Libertarians are one of the core Republicans groups and among the most likely to stick with their preferred candidate on the basis of principle. Support among Libertarians for Libertarian hero and Republican presidential primary candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has an almost religious cast to it. Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who ran also unsuccessfully in the GOP primaries, is clearly targeting the Paul vote.

A video that pops up upon accessing Johnson’s campaign website sounds more like a plug for Ron Paul than Gary Johnson.

“His efforts have changed America,” Johnson says of Paul. “Ron Paul is right.”

Johnson suggests it’s okay to use his candidacy as a protest vote, saying, “together we’ll send the unmistakable message Ron Paul’s revolutions isn’t a fluke, it’s the future.”

Johnson could play a role similar to that of Ralph Nader in 2000, when the Green Party candidate may have taken enough votes in Florida from Al Gore to hand George W. Bush the state and the election.

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  1. This is precisely why the GOP is trying to remove Johnson’s name from ballots. So far in the GOP or surrogates have challenged his ballot status in six states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oklahoma, Ohio (dropped) and Virginia. All this after the “Johnson Rule” really paints a pretty picture of the GOP. Of course, if there’s 1 thing that would ensure Romney loses it would be a fair election.

    1. That’s a lie coward and you know it’s a lie. All candidates play under the same rules and each state must enforce those rules. Johnson’s people are sour grapes with not qualifying in some states because they failed to meet very clear requirements. Sorry, no special rules just because you don’t like the rules!

      1. its not a lie. johnson campaign typically submits twice the required signatures. romney campaign challenges them solely to tie up the LPs money in legal fights.

        and not all play under the same rules. the dem and republican parties are given special treatment. thats why the LP had to submit names and signatures before the Ds and Rs even picked candidates.

      2. Kevin… You are a moron. The stragey is to challenge 3rd party ballot access whereever possible to cost the Party’s money that they cannot spare. Johnson will be on all 50 ballots but his pockets will be lighter because of the games that the Republicans and Democrats play on the 3rd parties that supposedly steal votes from them. The rules were written by the Democrats and Republicans to do just that. The same thing goes for debate access. The game is rigged for the establishment parties. You are an A**clown.

        There are a number of news stories highlighting this tactic. Please read one before opening your mouth again.

      3. Kevin you’re funny, here in PA Republicans need 2000 signatures, democrats need 2000 signatures, libertarians need over 20,000 signatures. No special treatment? And you’ll probably notice the republicans and democrats dont get sued in every state everytime they properly submit their signatures. No special treatment? You should be a comedian

      4. No sour grapes, failed to keep him off anywhere.
        Talk about a sense of entitlements.
        Do republicans think they had my vote and Gary Johnson is stealing “their” vote? Idiots.
        I am a struggling middle class citizen. My taxes will go up, medical care will cost more, and unchecked crap on wall street has gutted my 401k.
        Lowering taxes above me or giving benifits below, just continue the status quo.
        The tsa job program makes all of my travel a reminder or government waste all the while stealing Americans liberty.
        The patriot act has gutted the bill if rights and is an abomination.

        Now tell me who I should vote for again.

      1. that is never gonna happen. its funny. paul and his followers were very explicit that they were not going to fall in line behind another neocon this year. did you all not believe them?

      2. Folks shouldnt be gullable Sheeple and vote for a criminal just because he is the GOP Go To Guy, put there to RE ELECT the Incumbant?

        Can you say Baaa baaa? Good sheep.

        Voting for Romney is voting for Obama!

      3. If the Ron Paul supporters just fall in line and vote for Romney, what possible reason would the RNC have to treat them differently in the future?

      4. Actually, since Gary’s appearance on ballots is going to cost Romney the election, and because the Liberty Movement people aren’t going to give up and meekly vote for Romney, it seems to me that the obvious solution here is for ordinary Republicans to vote for Gary Johnson in the hopes of winning. What we don’t want is for Romney to cost Gary the election.

  2. My first thought was ‘who the heck is he’ and why would he be on the Presidential ballot. There will be many names on that ballot, from the Green party candidate to the communist hoping for a vote or two.

    The poll, in it’s different questions, makes one thing clear; the undecideds stay at the same number. If they truly are “likely” voters, it means that they decided not to vote for the sitting President, not that they can’t make up their mind who to vote for. The only unknown is MrRomney and they’re waiting to see if he is worthy of their vote.

    1. He is not. he has proven that over the last decade already.

      Gary Johnson on the other hand, has proven he is far better than either Romnbama or Obamney…

      The Republicants cut their own throats and committed suicide when they willing fell on the Romnbama Sword.

    1. My daughter, unfortunately, a college educated Libertarian.

      Just this weekend, my husband and I talked to her about how voting for a third party candidate historically throws the election to the incumbent. Her response : I have to vote my conscience.

          1. you are booth addicted to the coolaid….

            have you even Looked at your Party Candidate? they Are the same with minor differences.

            You Romney voters can rest assured your guy will get into office. The Incumbent is who you vote for when you vote for Romney.

        1. Anyone who votes in these farcical popularity contests we call elections forfeits the right to complain. It is these elections which are the basis for the government’s so-called legitimacy. By voting, you implicitly accept whatever the contest’s outcome may be. And thereby, you affirm the right of the state to steal your money, mind-rape your children, shoot your dog, and murder foreigners in their own countries.

      1. Dear MarjoJimbo, bummer on the conscientious libertarian voter in your midst. As a cyclist, the principle thing can be carried too far. It’s like the aggressive biker whose tombstone says “but he had the right of way”. In this example being right, standing on principle doesn’t matter. They are still DEAD. So much for principle. It’s the same thing with the 3rd party people. They can be right meanwhile we’ll all be one foot in the grave.

        Time does change some things. I have an uber liberal sister (3 actually) but one admitted recently, Pres Oboutme might not be good. Small victory…

      2. I’m all for having convictions, but in politics, those convictions aren’t going to help you find a job or pay the bills or ensure you don’t see more unconstitutional mandates rammed down our throats or upheld by a liberal stacked SCOTUS.

        I don’t get it why these 3rd party supporters can’t get it through their thick head? Do they just not care what happens to our country if we have another four years of this President?? I have a 10yr old and 13yr old and I DO care. Romney wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he is a hell of a lot better than Obama. At least I don’t have to worry about the SCOTUS becoming a stack of liberals for the next 30 years.

        1. if you really care about your childrens future, you would realize the Demoncraps and Republicants both work to keep you and your children slaves.

          Go ahead, vote Romney and keep Obama in office. Even if Romney does get the office, it is still going to be Obama. They have BOTH VOTED the same way. Only significant Difference? your children wont have the option of what prison camp they want to go to. Under Obama, they ll atleast be allowed to be in the Prison Camp you yourself is in.

          Wake up or you VOTE to enslave your children, not those of us that Vote for our Country and children by voting for a Candidate that has our values of Liberty and Freedom for YOU and YOUR Children, as well as Ours.

          1. Are you serious, “Really!?” ?? So, I guess you’re okay with keeping the healthcare mandate aka Obamacare? You can argue all of the other issues, but that one alone is worth taking a chance with Romney. That is the only chance we have of getting it repealed. And paulbots seem to be okay with keeping it – weird too since they claim to be constitutionalists.

          2. Thank you for the paulbot talking points. I guess I’ll just blame you when Obama wins and the country goes even further down the crapper and we have mandated healthcare and a snowball’s chance in hell to get any reforms.

            You can argue that Romney won’t cut spending, but there is a better shot with him than with Obama. Ron Paul would be lucky to get 10% of the popular vote and probably wouldn’t carry any states if he ran against Obama. Johnson would do even worse.

        2. Stefan, are you serious? Take the biggest issues and match up Romney and Obama and you’ll find that they are almost exactly the same. The country’s going down with either of them.

        3. Stefan, you have a valid point regarding The Supreme Court. If we had a court which upheld The Constitution, the madate which was rammed down the throats of conservatives and libertarians would have fallen.

          Now take a moment to think about this please.. The deciding vote to uphold that mandate was made by whom? And by whom was that man appointed to The Supreme Court? So how exactly did our failure to vote for our convictions help us here? Now you want us to once again set aside our convictions and vote for a man who is even less conservative than GWB. A man who, by the way, just happens to have visited the same tyranny upon Massachussetts that we so strongly object to on a national level.

          That, my friend, is why “these 3rd party supporters can’t get it through their thick heads” We bought the party line, and the party showed us that it cares as little about The Constitution as The Democrat Party.

          Now, what will it take before you “get it through your thick head”, that many of us recognize liberty as THE primary issue, and that we want to pass that liberty on to our posterity… not more of the same red-vs-blue BS which brings us nothing but more debt and more tyranny?

        4. Um, I think the 3rd Party supporters are exactly the ones who care about our country. That’s why they can’t stomach being whipsawed between the two old parties – a practice that’s got everyone in this mess to start with. Anyone who sells out the country just to participate in a horse-race between competitors who both are part of the problem, can’t care much about the country.

      1. Two party hacks say this every election! If you dont vote for *our* guy then *their* guy will destroy the country as we know it. Ugh, so predictable.

    2. Libertarians think they’re the most rational and more purely principled people around. But they don’t give much thought to the likely consequences of their actions.

      I heard one libertarian try to explain why a vote for a libertarian candidate who’s polling in the low single digits is not (in his view) a wasted vote — by saying it’s just like demanding more choices of ice cream flavors at your local ice cream parlor! The analogy is wrong on so many levels, starting with the fact that we already have a choice to vote libertarian or green, etc., and going on to the fact that you can’t make a presidential choice for your own private use, since we all have only one president at a time.

      Libertarians think they’re smarter than the rest of us. They’re not.

      1. its called threat-bargaining. we libertarians are going to keep costing republicans elections until they get back to their libertarian roots. remember reagan: the heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.

        but the republican party has steadily become neocon. we couldnt convince them to repent this time around, so now we have to keep bloodying their nose until they have their come-to-jesus moment. until then, we all suffer. but for some of us, the suffering will be worth it.

        and that is why a vote for johnson is not wasted.

        1. We have the far-left running the country now. They didn’t get there by running under the banner of “Socialist Party” or whatever. They realized it would be far, far more effective to worm themselves into the Democrat Party and take it over.

          When libertarian-leaning conservatives keep voting for a candidate with no chance of winning, thinking it will “send a message” to the Republican Party, they don’t consider some basic facts:

          * It’s voters, not the party leadership, that selects candidates through the primaries. If you don’t appeal to the majority of voters, your “message” is useless. (That’s a point the ice cream analogy misses.)

          * What’s the “message” that people get when libertarians say “We’re going to keep bloodying the noses” of Republicans so they lose to the Dems? The messages is that THE VOTERS PREFERRED the leftist Dems.

          * What’s the consequence? The country moves further and further into left-wing statism while libertarians keep throwing their little tantrums, trying to teach someone (whom?) a lesson. That’s not very smart.

          Reagan was not exactly a libertarian. Neither are the majority of the voters. For the foreseeable future, you have a choice of keeping the Marxists in power or turning in a somewhat more sane direction. Or running for office yourself. Or doing a pouty protest vote.

          1. you do realize the Republican Party was infiltrated by the SS Nazi Party dont you?

            I know you remember the pediphile George H.W. Bush. But do you know his Daddy? Prescott Bush. or was it Mr Scherff of the Nazi SS? Hmm Both were HUGE Nazi Party Members……

            think im crazy. Look int the history of Prescott Bush. If you Really want to know some truths?

            You understand the Mormon Church and their Political Agenda? DO you? I agree, the Socialist Obama has to go but putting in a Fascist like Romney is not the answer as the Nazis still win the round….

      2. That because you haven’t politically grown up and learned to put aside the Kool-Aid.

        We libetarians actually do give plenty of thought to the likely consequences of our actions–and of yours too, and that’s why we’re libertarians and advocate more freedom and personal repsonsibility and not more central-planning statism. We know the latter always fails. It’s also why we tend to be correct on thee issues about 90% of the time. The real problem is that most people can’t handle freedom, and those in charge fear it.

          1. Ok Stefan your going off topic and shouting insults how childish of you, catch more flies with sugar remember? Oh and donkey should ha e played fair if he wanted our time votes. You sound so angry at libertarians, but want us to vote for mandated health care writer Romney

          2. Lunatics, hiding in the bunkers, who could be “kingmakers” in the coming election . . . apparently, given the Rs fear and loathing and panic about how the libertarians will vote.

    1. may the wrath of god descend on you for rejecting gary johnson and ron paul in the primaries. silly uninformed voters. if you didnt know this was going to happen when you picked romney, you either werent paying attention, or you didnt believe us.

      sometimes, when you believe your party is going the wrong way and you dont have the people to change it from within, it becomes necessary to leave the coalition as a show of force. neocons have been running roughshod over the libertarian ideals of the republican party. its time they learn they wont win without us.

      will obama win because of this? probably. but if the republican party continues to lose its soul just to gain power, then in the long run republican rule is just as bad.

  3. I think that the republican voters are going to turn out in huge numbers, so much so that I think they will mask anything Johnson will get. Johnson may get a little more than Rosanne Barr. Yes, folks, that Rosanne Barr is running on the Peace and Freedom Party.

    1. I think you’re right about the GOP voter turnout. As Ralph Nader said, when he was blamed by the Dems for Gore’s loss in 2000, third parties don’t make a difference in landslides.

      Johnson is no Nader or Perot who got votes from both sides of the disaffected party members.

      And Zogby ? Meh.

    2. I gotta say that the turn out yesterday for Paul Ryan was unbelievable. There wasn’t enough space in the first building, so we were sent to another place to watch his presentation on closed circuit TV. Even still, there were people who could not get seated and waited outside. Mr. Ryan took extra time to speak with both the outside folks and those who watched on TV. He really engaged the crowd. The crowds were animated and excited to hear him. If this overflow crowd is an example of November Republican voters, we have a real chance.

    3. Don’t bet on it, because a third of the GOP base isn’t voting for him.

      And your Barr prediction is hogwash as she’s only on 2 states and Johnson is on 43 and heading for 50.

  4. 798 likely voters! Why is Obama wasting our money campaigning when Zogby shows he”s a winner.
    I say if you’re gonna ask one likely voter, then you must ask all. Which is impossible. So big deal Ziggy.

  5. “We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.”

    J.R.R. Tolkein, “The Two Towers”

  6. “Gary Johnson” = WHO THE H#LL IS THAT?!?

    And why do I care…???

    If “he” “hands the ‘Election’ to Obama” I hope he rots in H*LL.

    1. I always find it hilarious when people proclaim their ignorance by saying something like “Gary Who?”, as if it’s something to be proud of.

    2. You should care if you want the best person for the job instead of a statist idiot in over his head, whether that idiot is Romney or Obama.

      Johnson was elected twice as a Republican in a 2-1 Democratic state.

      Johnson took a billion-dollar deficit and turned it into a billion-dollar surplus, while cutting taxes 14 times.

      Johnson took a single-person handyman business (himself) and gerw it into a multi-million-dollar construction firm.

      Johnson has more government executive experience than Obama OR Romney.

      Ask the people of New Mexico how he did. According to them, he did rather well.

  7. Voting one’s conscience in this most important election of our lifetime isn’t going to be worth a hill of beans if Obama gets re-elected. So sad to see young people who are so strident in their ideology that they refuse to see the big picture. If Obama is re-elected, America as we know it will cease to exist. Their future will be one of financial slavery to the federal government. They can never pay off the debt once Obamacare kicks in.

    A vote for Johnson, writing in another name, or not voting at all is a vote for tyranny. Romney/Ryan must win this election for liberty and freedom to survive. I know my ancestors didn’t fight and die to protect our freedoms, for this current generation to just give it all up without a fight. Sam Adams gave a fine speech to his fellow countrymen when the time came to choose between fighting for liberty and freedom or continuing their subjugation to tyranny.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

      1. You’re not a dumb parent, MarjoJimbo. You’ve impressed on your daughter the importance of this election, and if she still chooses to waste her vote on her ideology, then it is all on her. If she is old enough to cast her vote, she’s adult enough to take responsibility for her action. Unfortunately, there are too many out there following the cult of personality, Ron Paul. They can’t see the forest for the trees…

        1. The forest has pine-bark-beetle disease. We see that; you don’t.

          If you think voting is about winning and losing, then go to the track and cast your vote with $5 on your pick to win the 5th race. Leave the political voting to those of us who actually understand what it is all about.

      2. Tell your daughter that feeling good about her vote isn’t worth much if her vote helps deliver all of us into the clutches of the worst, by far, of the only two candidates with any chance of winning. The president in 2013-2017 will be either Romney or (heaven forfend) Obama. Your daughter’s vote will affect which direction the scale tips.

        How will her conscience feel if her vote allows the Marxist to win, when it could have helped a far preferable candidate?

    1. Our debt is skyrocketing, medicare and social security are underfunded and about to blow up, the major university in our state costs 20k a year and there are few jobs. What do my two young kids have to look forward to in 5 – 10 years from now??

      These 3rd party supporters talk about their principles – but they don’t even have a chance to make changes if they can’t even get in the game. At least you have some chance by voting for Romney/Ryan. More of a chance than they would with Obama.

      They need to pull their heads out of the sand. Sure, they’ll be able to say they voted their principles, as our country goes down the crapper.

      Yay!!! Awesome!!!! Country is going down the crapper, but I voted my principles and voted for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson!!! Yay!!!

        1. The only rube I see in the room, is you Brad. But, you keep on going with your moonbat diatribe. You seem like a johnson or paulbot that’s a little butt hurt because your moonbat candidate can’t get enough votes to be elected dog catcher. I’ll just thank you now for the socialized healthcare system and liberal SCOTUS – you can just say “welcome” and be on your moonbat way.

    2. Please. Obama’s re-election is not the shelling of Ft. Sumpter or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. America will survive even another 4 years of Obama. And Bush, the last R to hold the office presided over 2 new wars, a doubling of the national debt, the creation of a huge new bureaucracy called Homeland Security, and a totally crashed economy. Romney might well do no better. Politics is a long-term business of building coalitions and changing minds about policy. If you love Liberty, vote for the candidate who is carrying the Liberty Movement at the time – Gary Johnson.

    3. the big picture is that republicans are losing their soul to the neocons. the big picture is the next four presidential elections. we need a pro-peace, pro-sound-money, pro-free-market, fiscally responsible, pro-limited-government republican party. right now we just have a party that talks about those things. if it takes four more years of obama to twist their arms to become that party so be it. we will lose a battle to win a war.

    4. Susan, you are FOS. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, because they both are for tyranny. You’re just thinking that Obama’s tyranny is worse than Romney’s. It isn’t.

      A vote for Johnson is a vote for Freedom.

    5. so.. wait.. you quote Samuel Adams, berating those who are not willing to fight for their freedom, as a way of telling us that we should just give up our fight for liberty, acquiesce and vote for a candidate we don’t believe in, and who is not interested in the cause of liberty.

      You Repubs preaching the literal END OF AMURRICA if that scary scary guy with the funny name gets re-elected seem to forget that aside from the abomination that is Obamacare, he pretty much took Bush’s ball and ran with it. “PATRIOT” Act, NDAA, bailouts and crony capitalism, the failed and costly “War on Drugs” that creates a black market and provides the environment for Mexican drug cartels to thrive and clogs our courts and jails with non-violent offenders.

      You scream of the sky falling, and WE’RE the lunatics…? Yeah, OK.

      I for one will not let FEAR dictate my vote. I’m sorry that you live such a terrified life.

    6. Susan, you talk about how all these idealistic “young people” will give this election to Obama. Are you old enough to remember the 1976 Republican Convention? (I’m not. I was 5 at the time, but I still wouldn’t describe myself as “young” any more).

      When Ford defeated Reagan at that convention, rather than trying to marginalize the conservatives within the party, he gave Reagan a speaking role.. a speech before which Ford personally gave Reagan’s introduction. By doing so, Ford kept the party united.

      Even though I’d already pretty much made up my mind that I was voting for Johnson, I watched much of the RNC this year. I wanted to see something like ’76. I wanted Republicans and Romney to give me SOME reason to believe that what they offer is not just statism of a different color. I wanted to see that the establishment would still embrace the conservatives and libertarians within the party.

      Instead, I saw rules changes designed to keep future conventions free of any grass roots activism whatsoever. I saw voice votes on these changes for which the results were already predetermined, and on the teleprompter for Boehner to read before the nay’s even spoke. And on Thursday, instead of talk of conservatism, I saw vague promises, and ridiculous pandering – with every speaker evidently required to include one line in Spanish in his or her speech.

      If the “idealistic youth” go to Johnson and bring Obama victory, don’t look to blame them.. look at your own party and how it has marginalized and assaulted those who love liberty. I can’t speak for the rest of Johnson’s supporters, but I *do not want* to be supporting a candidtate with virtually no chance of victory. I don’t want it, but the establishment has forced me there.. and at this year’s convention they told me in no uncertain terms that I am NOT welcome here any more.. “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out” is what I got from them this year.

      If Romney loses Paul supporters to Johnson, you should be blaming Romney, for chasing them away. Not blaming “the idealistic youth” for their idealism and willingness to actually stand up for what they believe.

      If you must find someone other than Romney to blame, then look to establishment Republicans, who promised us in 2010 to get serious about the debt, and then did precisely nothing. Point your finger at the hundreds of our Republican “representatives” and senators who voted to give the Federal govt the power to arrest you and detain you indefinitely without trial or representation, via the 2012 NDAA… There are plenty of people you can blame if Romney loses, but blaming those who were chased out of the party by Romney and company is just silly.

      1. Actually, the person to blame for the election of a statist are the Romney supporters. If Romney supporters really believe Gary Johnson will cost Romney the election, then they should immediately vote for Gary, thus helping to defeat Obama, turning away from a candidate who can’t win, and at the same time, voting for someone that truly supports the Liberty Movement.

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  9. Johnson is trying to buy himself another cushy post in what he hopes is the next Obama administration. He’ll only campaign in critical Republican swing states to try and pull some of the Ron Paul crowd and since the Repubs.

    1. What previous “cushy” post did Johnson hold, pray tell? Which states is he campaigning in?

      Have you seriously not heard that old adage about keeping your mouth shut and being thought a fool rather than opening it and removing all doubt?

      You besmirch the good name “Rick” and I demand that you change your name. Maybe if I can amass a fortune I can buy a law that does that.

  10. If we get stuck with Obama, I will be sure to blame this jerk.

    He (along with Paul) have ZERO chance of winning. There is no reason for him to be on any ballot.

    I hope he grows a brain soon!

    1. in a paul vs obama election, paul would have won. in a johnson vs obama election, johnson would have won. we all told you that romney would lose. we even told you why (we would defect to a third party candidate). not our fault you werent listening.

    2. You’re the one who needs to grow a brain. Go look at Johnson’s record and tell us why he’s not qualified, because he’s more qualified than Romney and Obama put together.

    3. If having a chance to win is the standard for being on a ballot, and if Gary Johnson is going to cost Romney the election, then I guess Romney’s name should be removed from the ballot.

  11. Your premise is a little flawed. In most national elections the ‘late undecideds’ (the 12% above) typically go mostly to the challenger. If it happens again this November, you could have a landslide for Romney.

    1. Obviously political science isn’t your strong suit. Undecided voters tend to stick with the devil they know. Romney landslide: keep dreaming.

  12. Mr. Romney picked a fight over state delegates rather than playing by the rules that were in place…… Mr. Romney needs to lead not rule. This is our party not his and his actions can cost the election……… The GOP country club crowd has little regard for rules as long as they are in power.

  13. You have to be naive not to see that Ron Paul is voting for Gary Johnson. Johnson could tip the election, but that’s an understatement as far as where the future of the Libertarian party is headed.

  14. I agree, Gov. Johnson could be the spoiler and we may be in for a surprise. After the rotten treatment Romney and the GOP gave Dr. Paul, what better way for him to give them the F@#k U bird than to endorse Gary Johnson? Have you heard Dr. Paul utter one word of praise for Romney? Stay tuned. Ron Paul will vote for Gary Johnson.

    1. paul has already said that johnson was a wonderful candidate and that people should look at him. i think he is avoiding a direct endorsement to protect his followers within the gop. but the nudge-nudge-wink-wink to his fans is: vote johnson, but stay in the gop to continue the libertarian take-over.

  15. I prefer to think that Al Gore took enough voted to cause Nader’s loss and that Romney’s sad campaign may cause Gary Johnson to be denied a term as President.

  16. Wow so many people incapable of free thought or belittling those who dare get out of line. Or even yet, the hypocrisy of daring to call yourselves conservatives while chastising the only true conservative in the race.

    That traitor Romney can suck it! He’s no better than that traitor Obama or the traitor Ryan. They all support while Obama and Ryan actually voted for the bills that striped us of our true liberties.

    I’ll gladly fight my losing battle with the one trying to free me than the ones who want to enslave me. The rest of you can stay happy being the dog at the edge of the table begging for scraps arguing over who’s going to give you those scraps.

    1. Your post is so full of rhetoric that its just laughable. You sound like a butt hurt paulbot. Go vote for obama – you’ll do well in his camp. Obviously you crave socialized healthcare and a welfare system.

  17. Romney supports Patriot Act and NDAA. He hides his money in offshore accounts. He is out of touch and he is anti-marijuana. The way he treated Paul at the convention…and the way the GOP and he are treating Johnson being on the ballot in a few states…why the hell should I vote for him? Why? I see him no different than Obama, and I honestly am afraid of HIM being in power. Romney WILL attack IRAN if selected President and his VP Paul Ryan..budget plan…balances the budget in 30 years. I voted for Obama in 08…we are screwed with Obama or Romney. I am Libertarian, I am voting for Gary Johnson.

  18. I’d further like to say that if you arrogant SOB’s see that we obviously wont bend because we have just a little to much value in our vote and our liberty, which I will not apologize for. Than maybe you need to get off your high horses, stop being such GD hypocrites, and back Johnson.

  19. if the Diehard GOP voters want to vote for their Criminal, then yes, Obama will win. But the GOP Has no worry, Obama and Romney are the same guy, so they will still get exactly what they are voting for by voting for Romney.

    Ron Paul and or Gary Johnson is the only Vote worth casting. Otherwise, its JPMorgan/Chase/WallStreet Corruption Status Qua.

  20. The bigger issue here is ballot repression, how Romney and the GOP tried one dirty trick after another in states such as Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania to keep Gary Johnson off their ballots. That is un-American.

  21. Should Romney lose to Obama by a small margin, the first cause of this will not have been Gary Johnson, but the way the RNC, along with the Romney campaign, conducted the party’s convention at Tampa.

  22. Would someone kindly explain to the author of this article that a candidate who was elected governor as a Republican in a state that is 2-1 Democrats will not be “taking” votes from Romney but from Obama–that is, if one buys into the baloney that either Romney or Obama were ever entitled to them in the first place.

    1. Perhaps you should start up your own blog all about Johnson. It might be more satisfying and productive for you than leaving a dozen comments on this thread.

  23. If you truly believe that Johnson in the race will cause Romney to lose and if you believe the D’s and R’s are the two sides of the same coin, then the only logical thing to do is for all Romney voters to cast their ballots for Johnson. This way Obama is out and we have a President that is not Obamney.
    See us Libertarians ain’t so dumb.

  24. If the election took the form of approval voting Gary Johnson might well win,
    Libertarian minded Democrats could vote for both Obama and Romney.
    Libertarian minded Republicans could vote for both Romney and Gary Johnson.

    Gary Johnson has a magnificent record. He might stomp them both.

    Alas that is not the system. But if enough people demanded it, it would be eventually.

  25. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Vote your conscience, not strategic establishment mind-games. They want you to believe your vote for Johnson is not worth casting … DO IT ANYWAY.

  26. All the disenfranchised Ron Paul supporters will vote for anybody by Romney, who sent thugs to the state conventions, cheated, stole votes, kicked out delegates .. so, Romney will lose because of this. He has nobody to blame but himself. I think the GOP has self-destructed.

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