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Nimble GOP Operation Running on Offense

Republicans have begun to run consistently on offense, taking advantage of Democratic mistakes to seize the initiative and set the parameters of the campaign debate.

The GOP response to the Democratic gaffes resonates because the mistakes reflect real problems with the case President Obama is making for his reelection.

The most recent error was the failure of several top Obama surrogates, including White House senior adviser David Plouffe, Obama campaign guru David Axelrod, and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley to clearly state on the Sunday news programs that the country is better off than it was four years ago.

O’Malley even answered “no,” pleading, “but that’s not the question of this election.”

Of course, the goal of the Obama presidency hasn’t been to make you better off in four years. It’s been to bring you to The Promised Land of “free” health care, solar paneled buildings, and the transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor.

And that’s why Obama’s advisers HAVEN’T EVEN PREPARED for the question.

The Romney operation wasted no time getting on the case. Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan was in North Carolina Monday declaring, “He can’t tell you that you’re better off.”

The Washington Post ran a story this morning headlined, “‘Are you Better Off’ Question Takes Center Stage,” an indication the issue will interfere with Democratic themes for the convention, which starts today.

The story notes:

Republicans plan to continue to press the “Are you better off?” argument during a counter-convention in NASCAR Plaza in Charlotte that will feature daily news conferences, Web videos and high-profile speakers including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

The “Are you better off debate” being waged on Republican terms comes on the tail end of a Republican convention devoted to President Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” remark.

Obama was probably referring to roads and bridges. But in the context of the speech, in which he asserted that the successful think, “well, it must be because I was just so smart,” and in the wake of other times in which he has showed hostility toward financial success, the phrase struck a nerve and Republicans have been able to capitalize.

Republicans have also been working over the endless stream of material presented by Vice President Joe Biden.

The vice president is a one-man gaffe factory that runs day and night, and the plant manager at Obama headquarter in Chicago doesn’t seem able to turn it off. Biden will continue to provide opportunities for Republicans to run on offense for the rest of the campaign.

19 Responses to Nimble GOP Operation Running on Offense

  1. Frank Luntz, the pollster, was on CBS this morning and questioned about two dozen residents of NC, asking them that very question. The majority in the room said they were NOT better off, despite most of them saying they voted for Obama in 2008. The majority also raised hands that they would be voting for Romney (or perhaps, if truth be told, not voting for Obama might be more accurate had that question been posed). However, and this is critical, Luntz said in the end, no matter how unhappy people are with the economy, he feels Obama will win because people want to give him another chance, that Obama is earnest in his wish to make changes. Oh really??? I hope Luntz is wrong, way wrong.

    • However, and this is critical, Luntz said in the end, no matter how unhappy people are with the economy, he feels Obama will win because people want to give him another chance, that Obama is earnest in his wish to make changes. Oh really???

      Detroit politcs supports this thought. Kwame had already screwed up pretty good in Detroit, and he ran on a “give-me-one-more-chance” platform. When asked, many Detroiters said that they didn’t want to give up on him, etc, and they DID give him an other chance.

      What the heck is wrong with people? You don’t give POLITICIANS another chance. You give your dog another chance. Or your child.

      • As Big Jim Rennie said in Stephen King’s “Under The Dome”,
        “Never give a politician time to pray, son.”

        (I know, I know, obscure reference. He knifed a guy who gave him time to pray during that prayer time, if that helps…)

  2. Agree Keith, good analysis. It’s nice to see the Republicans on the offensive for a change. Keep the Dems on their heels until the election. Watching axeldouche et. al. foundering trying to answer Reagan’s simple question to Carter was hilarious. Like watching amateur hour!

  3. BrianYork of the Washington Examiner makes a case that MrO has never had to run against a robust and determined Repub challenger before, so he finds himself floundering when his own actions and words are used against him. This campaign is as much ‘don’t vote for Obama’ as it is ‘vote for Romney’ where, for once in his political career, MrO has to defend himself, is outspent by his opponent, and pummeled by his own record.

    The Chicago machine has thrown everything except beastiality against the Repub challenger and it hasn’t made a dent in the polls, The only explanation is that the voters have already decided who they’re voting for in November. The polls are missing the truth on a national scale because some don’t want to say publically that they’re not voting for MrO for fear of being though a ‘racist’ or they don’t want to seem un-Patriotic for not supporting the sitting President. We have to remember that polls are not ‘anonymous’ if someone calls your personal phone or approaches the voter in public and pollsters have been known to use the voters name when asking their pointed questions.
    We’ve already seen that the Dems or their union thugs will try to punish those who don’t support their causes or believe opposite to their best interests. For instance, to support tradional marriage is publically denounced as being a bigoted anti-gay hater, or to oppose public-sector unions is un-American both resulting in public distain, boycotting or outright thuggism from the Left.

    There is a fear to speak one’s mind in today’s America that hasn’t been felt since the communist scares of the 1950’s. People are afraid to put a Romney bumper sticker on their vehicle if they live in a mostly Blue part of our country for fear of vandalism by a zealot.

  4. I shake my head at those who want to just go along to get along–don’t look into any of this, spout the platitudes and slogans and memes–because I have to live with their decisions. I hope I won’t be in Watters World, please oh please no.

  5. He was certainly NOT referring to roads and bridges. Honestly, Keith, we need to stop giving this man the benefit of the doubt. He has proved time and again he doesn’t deserve it.

    • And even if he were…it was OUR tax dollars that built those roads and bridges.

      I agree, though, I see too much of it everywhere these days giving him the benefit of the doubt (“I’m sure he didn’t really mean that”…or….”What he meant to say was…”) Enough already! He’s going to get the ultimate benefit of the doubt in winning a second term if we don’t start calling it like it is!