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Live Stream || Michelle Obama Convention Speech

The speech has concluded but please continue to comment if you’d like.

Here’s the videotape.

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  1. I will be watching. I was so offended when Michelle was on Letterman last week and LAUGHED when asked if she watched the RNC convention, Ann Romney specifically. The woman LAUGHED, said no, she didn’t watch but said others should. If that isn’t the Obama’s mantra in a nutshell. Do as I say, not as I do.
    I will not stoop to her level of bashing the other side so yes, I will watch.

  2. What a farce, all these “lawyers” that can’t practice, Michelle disbarred,
    BO disbarred, DNC Chairman Villaraigosa couldn’t pass the law exam four
    times! Let the circus begin.

    • Seriously? Disbarred? Where do you people come up with this stuff? They both had their licenses stopped while in the White House. No need for them there and every past president with a license did the same thing. You people need to look up facts before posting. You sound like Paul Ryan when you don’t.

      • Dictator Hussein was disbarred when he lied about not having assumed other identities (like the dead man’s SSN from Connecticut) and was caught. Dictorette MO was told to relinquish her license when she was charged with extortion. This Villaraigosa couldn’t gain acceptance to a certified law school and failed the bar exam 4 times. Oh yes, facts are important!

  3. I still haven’t decided which of the two I find more difficult to listen to – Moochelle for her preachy sanctimony while vacationing across the globe and eating fancy dinners at my expense or Barack for pure laziness and hollow rhetoric. Both of these leaches need to go – it’s time for serious people to occupy the White House.

  4. 1) Tequila (check)
    2) Ice (check)
    3) Chips (check)
    4) Sharp objects removed from immediate area (check)
    5) Easily thrown objects also removed (check)

    OK Keith, I’m ready. LETS GO MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  5. A commenter on another blog said Obama should have a ‘condom drop’ instead of a balloon drop after his speech on Thursday night. Makes sense to me…

  6. I have toilets that need to be scrubbed tonight….someone please fill me in if I need to tune in to hear ME-chelle Antoinette’s speech!

  7. Love this website; happy to frequent it as often as possible, but tonight, we pull the plug and are shutting down the computer and would rather watch re-runs than the lies being spewed by the DNC!

    Will check back tomorrow when you post something of real importance!

  8. Looking forward to Keith’s post-game comments. I just can’t tune into the DNC, I don’t recognize the party anymore. Even Cory Booker was a major disappointment and he was my favorite Dem!

  9. Oh, gag me! Obama at a rally today: “I’m gonna be at home and I’m gonna be watchin’ it with our girls. I’m gonna try not to let them see their daddy cry….because when Michelle starts talkin’ – I start gettin’ all misty”.

    It make us all cry to think of 4 more years!

  10. Note to self:

    *Don’t watch this.
    Don’t watch this.
    Don’t watch this.
    Don’t watch this.
    Don’t watch this.*

    I know I will and I know I’ll get mad !

  11. Was Bill OReilly tipsy? Sure sounded like it.
    Tammy Duckworth very impressive and a good speaker. God Bless.
    Really, Dems? bringing the late TedKennedy out to trash MrRomney.
    The sound system is amped to make each cheer sound like 60,000 people.
    Abortion, women’s rights, abortion, abortion, men suck, Repubs bad.
    Scanning the delegates; hmmmm, lots of women, Blacks and old White Men.

  12. She has nothing – I repeat – nothing that will ever compare to Romney’s behind the scenes giving that Mitt did with his heart and with his time.

    Moochelle will have to come with times “he did a BBQ for Wright and Ayers”, or the time she “work” late and O’bob fixed a frozen pizza for the chillin’s to eat after their rinsing in the tub.

    These folks time is done. No more blue meth from these enablers. Bye Obamas!

  13. re: san antonio twin

    “OMG look at all the wonderful things Obama has accomplished”

    he left out they were done using YOUR money

    this is so damn silly and infantile-are people this dumb? don’t answer that :)

    sure get an education and then work – where exactly?

  14. MO has had a team of ‘make-over’ artists working around the clock for 4 years now – courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Too bad they won’t show the Mooshelle I saw for 2 years on the campaign trail – militant, angry, racist – the REAL Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama!

  15. Are there really that many still drinking the Kool Aid? Maybe Naher is right — most Americans really are stupid !! Sorry — for political correctness — less than intelligent — How many people really want to just make it to middle class and stay there as they are proposing ?

    • At some point – the words and actions have to match. All of these nice stories…Michelle just said that Barack doesn’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. BS.

      • He doesn’t care if you’re a registered voter, alive or dead, or even aa American citizen — as ;ong as he is returned to his “throne”. All this evidenced by the suits brought against states requiring voter ID while simultaneously requiring ID for the convention and / or any events they plan.

      • brenda a,

        i could not watch but when i heard the sound bite this morning about “barack doesn’t care if….”, i had to yell out loud in the car. of course he doesn’t care, that is why he proclaimed after 2008, “elections have consequences; we won”.

  16. My God you guys hurt my brain. Please stop taking things out of context and just LISTEN for once, objectively, with reason, not in party politics. Disconnect from your partisanship in favor of conscious, CONSTRUCTIVE thought. It should not be so much to ask for logic from the American populace, but it is, so I do.

    • Ha. That’s rich. This party has lied about every single position the conservative party has taken, and you want us to listen objectively?

      Yea, I want to listen objectively to the DNC tell me that 1) I hate the poor, 2) I want to force women into breeding against their will, 3) BUSH BUSH BUSH.

      Obama ran as a post-partisan president, but has NOTHING but ostracize the right. Bitter clingers. The 1%ers. Giving gifts to the unions.

      Try again.

  17. I made it through the whole speech, and all the speeches before it. Can I go on Disability now? I claim pain and suffering succotash at the blathering.

    Michelle can speak well, I give her that, but does she actually want us to believe that she doesn’t love every second of the riches that come with being First Lady? And I don’t mean the riches of meeting good people every day. She was sanctimonious, at best.

    • I don’t know how anyone listened to her speech, and was able to get out of their mind the excess with which she’s lived the last four years.

      How she LIVES goes against everything she says.

      It’s called hypocrisy.

  18. Wait a minute, Michelle. Barack attended private schools, then on to Ivy League colleges, got a law degree, passed the bar, sued the banks for a big payday, and then went dumpster diving for furniture? Did you live in a house or an apartment, you said both. Your folks were married, Dad worked hard despite a debilitating condition, Mom was a stay-at-home Mom, and it was a happy home, and you believe that Barack had the same upbringing as you and your brother? For pete’s sake, they met while working for a prestigous law firm in Chicago. .

    Whatever. She delivered the speech in a professional manner, was easy to listen to. The crowd loved it and her.

    • Most did not register that when she spoke of jobs, the only ones she referenced are government or union jobs, not individuals or small businesses.

      The speakers have been following the party talking points. It is as if they have the mind of a collective and no independent thought at all. The Castros spoke well — however, they repeated over and over as did MO reaching and staying in the middle class –sharing the wealth —
      She spoke of the military and all O has done — exactly – veterans benefits have been cut — the 30 families of the helicopter attack received form letters with an auto pen signature. Surely signing 30 letters, even form letters, is not to taxing to show respect.
      Once more we subjected to videos of MO trashing the peoples’ house.
      DWS at the opening said this would be the most transparent, accessible convention ever — but IDs required — not on C-Span — conservative venues are “managed”.
      Actions speak louder than words. She stated O did not see Democrat, republican , etc — she is right — they both see “subjects & inferiors ” .A look into their charity giving before entereing politics shows his true depth of character. She said he was the result of his upbringing — again — correct — he is a lazy, uncaring, former drug addict who uses the same tactics today he did then.Only now his addiction is power and subjugation of others.

  19. This is a thread full of bigoted racists. Sorry, but it had to be said. Don’t hate the man (or woman) just because they embody the civil rights DREAM your kind tried to destroy back in the 60s. The Obamas prove your supremist agenda FAILED then, and this country will NOT GO BACK now! OBAMA 2012!!!

    • Too bad that your public school education has so miserably failed you. Perhaps if you worked harder in school, you would be able to discern valid criticisms and rationally argue your points against them. Nah, it’s just easier to cry “Raaaaaacists!”

    • You don’t know anything about us except what your own bigotry tells you. Many of us are Jewish and were once Democrats. Thankfully, we grew up. I even drive a Volvo and shop at Whole Foods. So much for YOUR stereotyping.

      I live in one of the most liberal towns in the country, Amherst, MA. It would be funny to put my Romney sticker on my Volvo but I can’t because I have a $1000 deductable. That says a lot about liberalism.

    • How the heck does anyone get ‘racist’ out of our comments?
      I’m so sick and tired of the same complaint by Obama supporters that anything not adoring or complimentary is by definition ‘racist’.

      As for what happened in the 60’s; I was there. It was the Democrats that were anti-Black, and they were very vocal about it. GovWallace stood in front of the school door to prevent a young Black girl from entering. One of the honored USSenators, Strom Thurman, was a leader of the KluKluxKlan. They voted against the Civil Rights Act that the Repubs presented to right so many wrongs.
      To all the Obama name-callers;
      THE DEMOCRATS WERE (and still are) THE RACISTS.

      • srdem – save your breath and strength. The Dems will only say, “it’s so last century, black and white tv, rabbit ears…blah blah blah. To be a true Democrat – you never deal with facts, just emotions to provoke the masses. Thinking logically is out of the question. There will be no bridging of facts with reality – it’s not a “shovel ready” job and even harder if you don’t know the difference between a shovel and a sieve.

    • Your right, I am a racist. I didn’t vote for the big dummy, therefore I am as you Libidiots say a racist. I don’t hate them, I just don’t want to see or hear of their arrogance and lies ANYMORE.

    • It’s really not the look in DC–when I see that gal on COVERT AFFAIRS (the boss) wearing a swimsuit like top, I just shake my head. Also the Fox women are also pretty hootchy, many of them. Maybe things changed since I left 16 yrs ago for the Wild West, but I doubt it.