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Dems No Longer Declaring Jerusalem Israel’s Capital

Language in the 2008 Democratic platform calling Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel has been stripped from this year’s document, reflecting the current White House stance that Jerusalem’s status must be determined by negotiation, according to The Lid.

“Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel,” the 2008 platform declared. But four years later, the phrase is gone.

According to the blog, other pro-Israel aspects of the 2008 platform have been watered down as well.

The revelation comes as Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren released a statement denying a claim by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz that he had said “what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.”

Oren all but asserted Wasserman Schultz was lying.

“I categorically deny that I ever characterized Republican policies as harmful to Israel,” Oren said. “Bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for Israel, and we have great friends on both sides of the aisle.”

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    • One would think they would collapse under their own ‘inclusive and diverse’ weight. They have in the past but soon the leftists will run off any moderates (is there still such a thing?). Maybe someone then will have the balls to call it what it really is, the socialist democrat party.

      • I use to respect & listen to “conservative” and “blue dog” Dems…

        You are correct; todays “Democrats” = ‘Socialist Democratic’

  1. Wasserman-Schultz (she of the ‘angry perm’) was “lying”?!? -GASP!!!

    Good thing the “Main-Stream Media” will NOT ‘report’ this!

    And NO ONE in the “White House Press Corps” will mention this.

  2. No big effing deal (as Joey Plugs is fond of saying) for the dems to make these assertions then get caught. They do it all the time. Throw the mud to see if any sticks and then if caught, make a carefully worded ‘apology’. That’s how the CA dem chairman Burton gets away with equating remarks made by Ryan about Medicare as a big lie akin to Goebbels and by extrapalation Nazism. The last 3 and half years has been a joke, one big whopper after another out of Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Clyburn, Schumer, Hoyer, DWS, etc. The party of racism, socialism, obstructionists, elitists, hypocrits, phony celebrities, freeloaders, and other assorted misfits.

  3. Most Jews I know are liberal Democrats,but the one thing they will not tolerate is someone who is blatently anti Israeli. Is the DNC stupid? Any Jew who votes for Obama is out of their mind.

      • There are three groups that are staunchly Democrats-blacks, Jews, and women. For the life of me, these are the three groups common sense would tell you would be the least amenable to slavery of mind, body, and soul, which is necessary for anyone to be a Democrat. There is only one explanation for this insanity and it is a rejection of the One who is The Truth, The Way, and The Life-Jesus Christ. Even those blacks who claim to be Christian but are Democrats are simply modern day Judases or so uniformed about who Jesus really is and the truth of the Bible that they support King Herod(s) who care nothing about them and merely want to be left alone to sin. Women, those poor souls who have been brainwashed into believing they are “empowered” by becoming willing prostitutes while shedding their maternal instincts for a false sense of equality and power, are a modern tragedy, unspeakable in the demonic influences they support. Jews of course don’t believe in Christ so that is all that can be said about them.

        • Elaine – that was one of the most hate-filled rants about Jews I’ve read in awhile. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have betrayed the Christian values you seem intent on sharing with us.

          ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

          p.s. We, are not the “them”. We, the Jewish people gave the world the first set of written laws from G-d to Moses.


  4. Not just that change. The Brody File at reports this rather awful change:

    “Guess what? God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform.

    This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform:

    “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

    Now the words “God-given” have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured to say this:

    “We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth – the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

  5. In 2008 Obamao and his minions suckered Jewish voters by making them believe Obamao would formally declare Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Guess the lying libetards figure the Jewish folks are still stupid and safely suckered.

    • I don’t believe most of the Jews in America support Israel personally anyway. Most of them have abandoned the true Jewish religion, as Catholics and Protestant’s, and made up religions that make them feel good about themselves, perfectly matching modern man’s rejection of objective truth and in fact, reality.

  6. Christians and Jews will become an endangered species if Obama is re-elected!

    On the campaign trail in ’08 Obama said Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, but the issue should be settled through negotiation. U.S. should not dictate:

    Pseudo-Christian Obama removes “Creator” from Declaration of Independence – Congressional Hispanic Caucus speech:

    He also ordered all religious symbols to be removed from Georgetown University where he gave an economic speech in April, ’09.

  7. DWS said the Dems own this economy, that Obama owns it yet MSN never mentions it now. Its either Bushs fault or his children since he wanted to spend time with them…. She is a piece of work, her voice is like finger nails on a blackboard.
    Obama and his buddies are anti Israel and have been from the start. If he gets 2nd term there is no telling what he will do.

  8. O is preparing to give Palestine their desires. Israel will be reduced to stamp size. Anyone who has not been able to see this coming has not been watching.

  9. The Old Testament book of Daniel, chapter 11, saw this coming.

    “20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

    21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

    22 And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.

    23 And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.

    24 He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.”

    This is as apt a description of the ’92 election where Clinton came to power as any I’ve ever seen…

    “26 Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain.

    27 And both of these kings’ hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed.”

    The GW years, war in Iratransitioning power to the Democrats after the ’04 elections…

  10. “36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

    37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

    38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

    39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.”

    Oh look! Obama! Talk about “dividing the land for gain”…

  11. Anyway, not to flatter Hopey further, but he may well be a character of Biblical proportions. This is not necessarily a good thing, so were Judas and Satan.

    God has a way of showing His power. Perhaps the US is meant to abandon Israel, so that God can AGAIN demonstrate it is HIS power and no other that defends Israel.

    As for Obama? He’s our King Saul. You guys want a king? OK, but I don’t think you’ll liiike it…

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