As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, September 3, 2012

12:30 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Scott High School, Toledo, Ohio
3:00 pm || Departs Toledo
4:25 pm CT || Arrives New Orleans to meet with local officials a view the response to Hurricane Isaac

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22 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, September 3, 2012

  1. Moving downstream to high school students – probably was getting too many tough questions from college kids! Or, maybe he’s just using a public high school for the venue – amazing communities allow that…

    • No doubt there will be some high school students at the rally, but it’s mainly a campaign speech for the UAW in Toledo Ohio. The UAW has been issuing tickets to the speech and is encouraging it’s members to be there.
      MrO is going to tell them how HE singlehandedly ‘saved’ the auto industry without mentioning the money came from the taxpayers.
      They’ll cheer with delight because they got theirs and the rest of us can suck an egg.

      • I am confused about the auto bail-outs with GM and Chrysler. Why didn’t they just go through bankruptcy courts? The court would have allowed them to continue to operate while they re-organized.The way the Dems tell it the doors would have closed and one million workers would have be thrown out of work. Look at today American Airline is in bankruptcy yet they are still flying.

        As in the case of Chrysler Fiat owns 59% and the UAW owns 34%. What do you think is going to happen when the new labor contract comes up for renewal and have the UAW sitting on both sides of the negotiating. table?

        I read taxpayers lost over one billion when the government sold it’s ownership to Fiat. 60 Minutes had a program about Chrysler last night..It was all rosy. There was not mention about UAW’s ownership or the loss to Fiat.

        I read GM is losing money on it’s Opel unit in Europe and they have temporarily stopped making the Volt due to poor sales.

        • The bailout was simply payback to the UAW for their support during his campaign. A bankruptcy would have forced the union to renegotiate their contract. Private investors lost all their money, and thousands of people lost automotive jobs across the country.

        • Only $1 billion loss to “us” – a bargain, compared to the $16 trillion loaded to the banks here and in Europe at 0% and none of the money has been returned. The first audit of the Fed. Reserve in a 100 years and no media coverage, other than on the financial pages. A final and possible more “public” report due in mid-October…in plenty of time to whitewash it before the November election.

      • Schools are ideal venues for politicians; they’re closed to the general public and can accomodate large groups of people. They have on-site parking, large bathroom facilities, and relatively small seating arenas.
        An ‘open’ rally is just to anyone, has parking issues, no public restrooms or access to water, and can’t be easily controlled to protect against protesters..

  2. Well campaigning before a fleeting moment at the end of the day guess there’s
    not enough suffering now that it’s been almost a week! There’s a word for him
    but I wont say

    • Excellent! Paraphrasing one comment I saw on Twitter – Clint Eastwood should be named as the Honorary CHAIRman of the First National Empty Chair Day.

      Not much traffic in our neighborhood out in the Texas Hill Country, but we put a chair right under our American flag with a sign “Gone Golfing”.

      • Clint will smile at his attackers, and say bring it !
        He’s the real deal, he means what he says and he says what he means.
        If John Wayne was still here, I feel he would have agreed.

  3. One can see where the NOLA visit is on the president’s priority list. Couldn’t even move a high school campaign visit out of the way (not to mention the entire week-end). Of course, Romney forced his hand on this anyway.

    So he arrives in NOLA at 4:25. He’ll be gone no later than 7, so he’s back at the White House in time to spend some time with the girls.