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Sunday Smorgasbord

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of a few interesting articles today.

Six point convention bounce for Romney . . . Rasmussen
Obama a huge Eastwood fan, not offended by sketch
. . . USA Today
Bush brand making a comeback . . . Washington Post
Valerie Jarrett’s West Wing clout . . . New York Times
The Obamas sit for an interview . . . Parade
Axelrod won’t say if we’re better off . . . Hot Air

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35 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Today’s Boston Globe highlights a predictive model that has picked the winner in 14 out of the last 16 elections. That model says Obama will get 45% of the vote. In other words: a Romney landslide.

    Linked at my blog.

    • I am guessing it’s the Berry/Bicker professors from Co. The story ran 8/22.

      Considering the introduction of the net and 24/7/365 news cycle all models are subject to change. The models date back to 1980. Who did they call it for beginning 1996 (the last four elections)?

  2. WARNING: Reading the Parade interview may cause your teeth to fall out. All the “sweet” talk and answers are nothing short of eating 100 pounds of cotton candy.

  3. First it was the ‘Kiss Cam’….now it’s all ‘Pretty in Pink” on the cover of Parade. It should be called “Catching up with the Romneys”! The only difference is….the love the Romney’s have for each other is REAL! Unless one lived in a tree for the last 3 years, it’s impossible not to recall the anger and hostility between these two hypocrites. Loving marriage, my foot!

    O/T…but there is another blockbuster coming out tomorrow (Monday). A documentary on CNN: ” Obama’s Fatherhood Index.” It’s all part of Obama’s latest campaign promise for ‘bipartisanship’ in his next term,
    along with his ‘excuse’ for not building bridges with Congress and Washington insiders for the past 3.5 years. It’s because of the kids, don’t you know? This takes the cake!

  4. I’m not sure the NYT is doing Obama a favor with that article on Jarrett. What are her qualifications to be a special adviser to the President other than being a slum landlord to her own people? Daniel Patrick Moynihan she is not, not even a David Gergen. And the photo of the Obamas: augh (how do you spell it?) how cute, NOT. I’m glad the Romneys and Ryans are more reserved.

    • Now for moment of clarity…but not really. This guy is a walking talking diffinition of “blather”. I’ve started watching the hallmark channel because I was getting hoarse yellling at the tv so much. This is why the empty chair skit could be dramatically effective.

      Nice add GJ!

  5. Great, just great! It’s costing us $180K per hour for this dope to ‘decompress’ on AF One by playing poker! Has anyone sent in the sniffer dogs yet?

    When he’s’on the ground he spends all of his time practicing for the PGA tour (h/t Karl Rove).

    This creep has a terminal case of ‘arrested development’! How many time a day does VJ change his Huggies?