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GOP Plans to Crash the Democratic Convention

Republicans plan to stage a “counter-convention” in Charlotte to draw attention away from the proceedings at the Democratic convention next week, ABC News reports.

As many as 50 “communicators” will travel straight from the Republican convention, which wrapped up Tuesday in Tampa, up to Charlotte, where Democrats kick off their convention in earnest on Tuesday, according to a plan provided to ABC News.

Primetime speakers from the Republican event who will travel up to Charlotte include RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, and Govs. Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma. They’ll hone in on a theme – “Obama Isn’t Working” – and offer rapid response, daily videos to counter the Democrats’ message.

This is a pretty good tactic by the GOP. Reporters at conventions quickly get bored with the drivel they’re spoon fed by any convention. So they’ll be up for some counter-drivel from the other side.

Look at all the attention Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got down in Tampa. Then again, DWS is a little bit better than most of the Republicans at making a spectacle of herself.

20 Responses to GOP Plans to Crash the Democratic Convention

    • I dunno, I would let them have their little confab–don’t we think their shrill gals and predictable points and cadences–accompanied by Matthews, Robinson, Alter and the usual posse–will fall of their own weight?

  1. It’s not a tactic that I’d recommend, but, what the hey. The Dems are heading to an implosion all on their own and don’t need any outside help.
    We’ll have MrsO giving child-rearing advice, MsFluke giving advice on how not to have children, MrsPelosi complaining that enormously wealthy people like herself don’t pay enough taxes, and a bunch of race-baiters spewing hatred to White Americans. And, that’s in addition to the OWS, the LBGT folks, the CAIR liars, the commie unionists, and the rabid abortionists who wil present their dancing vulgar costumettes to the mix.

    If the Repub elite were smart, they wouldn’t be caught within 500 miles of that, whatever it is the Dems are producing.

    • We’ll have MrsO giving child-rearing advice, MsFluke giving advice on how not to have children, and the presidents of NARAL and PlannedBarrenhood telling us how to kill children if the little buggers show up as a punishment.

      • DWS is the “chair” another empty [one] of the DNC. If she didn’t have her job in Florida, she’d be dressed as a vagina and marching with code pink.

  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not a spectacle…she is a brain-fried, blathering liberal twit. I’ve never heard her allow any facts to get in the way of her strident, baseless prattle. In November, she will join the ranks of the unemployed that her Master has failed to do anything about. Of course, running the USA from the golf course is difficult…even for a “community organizer.”

  3. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I think it is a great idea. When Bush was in office, his political advisers (I’m looking at you Rove) allowed the left to run roughshod over him. They never, ever fought back. Finally, they are punching back. You go patriots!

  4. DWS is running neck and neck with Pelosi for the dumbest woman on the planet award.. ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth is either a lie or spin in relation to another lie. She talks down to everyone like they are 8 or ignorant, when she is the ignorant one,I cant stand her. Gonna suck for her when she dont get a free ride when she is out of a job very soon..Carney also better start applying at fast food joints and quick..

  5. Quick question about the conventions: does the incumbent’s party always have the last of the two conventions or is there a toss of a coin? And is there an polling bounce bounce to the party whose convention is last? Curious.

  6. Some lady showed up at my door a little bit ago and said she was from the Obama campaign and wanted to know where I was leaning in the election. I’m glad the Lord has a hold on my tongue. I just said I was all out for Romney and Obama was a socialist. She swallowed hard, smiled then thanked me.

  7. The woman (Karen Harrington) who is running against DWS in FL is a solid conservative, a small business owner and a nice person; kind of everything that DWS isn’t.

  8. Perplexed they got a good bounce and the trip to NOLA was a win why temp
    fate or the LSM? Let the Liberal media snooze and drool through this for all to see. I’d give it a pass and a wide berth to let them look foolish and bitter.


    “The Demorats Gather for Convention”

    Let us shout, Hallelujah, “THE WON’S” comin’ to town
    Our convention’s about to begin.
    So put on “happy faces”. Turn those frowns upside down,
    And pretend FEARLESS LEADER will win!

    We have done all we could to keep hidden the truth–
    (CORRUPT MEDIA was his whore from the start).
    ‘Tho its influence is dying; and its concept of “proof”,
    Made the worst of “Three Stooges” look smart.

    Still, we’ll muddle along; “It’s all part of the show!”
    Doesn’t Barry look, “So hip these days”?
    “His ears never looked better, and his golf scores, you know,
    Are deserving of the public’s best praise!

    Our elites will be here; pray the rabble won’t swoon,
    By the “great ones’ high-tech/high-def glow!
    Presidenta Jarrett will command the whole room,
    Even Godfather Rahm plans to show!

    We will bravely ignore those unflattering facts,
    Which our Media Whores may not shroud–
    (So many of the “faithful” shall be missing “all acts”—
    They will lose if they’re seen in our crowd!)

    Make the Kool-Aid more potent! Triple pork all around!
    We can spend like we’re “Kings for a Day”!
    So what if we lose; when THE WON’S lost His crown,
    We’ve still BILLIONS safe hidden away!

    No rights reserved – copy; send; improvise; share the fun!