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Obama’s Campaign Bliss

President Obama today travelled to Fort Bliss, Texas. The question is, exactly why?

It’s the second anniversary of the end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq, which Obama marked back then during an appearance at the same Fort Bliss. Since then, of course, Obama has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq.

Today, he gave credit to the troops for their work. But you don’t have to read too far between the lines to see whom else he’s giving credit to.

And no, he’s not crediting George W. Bush with this one. The end of the Iraq War, which occurred under President Obama’s watch but not because of President Obama’s policies, is a major plank in Obama’s reelection campaign.

From today’s remarks:

Obama: And so, two years ago, I was able to come here to Bliss and mark the end of our combat mission.  And that night I told the American people that all our troops would be out of Iraq by the end of the following year.  At the time, I know some folks didn’t believe me.  They were skeptical.  Some thought the end of combat was just word games and semantics, but I meant what I said.

Audience: Hooah!

Thursday, Mark Knoller of CBS, who’s seen a thing or two in his time, asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney why the trip shouldn’t “be seen as a campaign visit?”

MR. CARNEY: Well, it’s an official visit, Mark.

Q I know that.

MR. CARNEY: And the fact is he does talk about his record.

Yes, he did.

52 Responses to Obama’s Campaign Bliss

  1. It is nice to know BHO can sandwich a visit to NOLA between taking credit for something to which has doesn’t realty have a legitimate claim(to speak to a group of men and women who are far more admirable than he can ever hope to be and whom he detests) and his desperate fund raising efforts.

  2. The impropriety appears to be getting under Knoller’s skin, who tweeted:

    “Pres meets troops after “official” speech at Fort Bliss that included plenty of political outreach to military.”

    One by one the press awakens.

      • Still true, but there are those who are showing signs of defecting:

        – Wolf Blitzer
        – Anderson Cooper (during an interview with the always-annoying Debbie Wasserman Schlitz (sic))

        But the MSNBC crew is tried and true (and incredibly foolish)

    • I say this as a compliment to Knoller – he’s an an MSM reporter whom I’ve worked with at the White House for 15 years, and I have no idea of what his politics are. He really is a professional.

      But I think you’re onto something Martha. What gets under his skin is BS, and after so many years in the WH briefing room, his detector is pretty good.

    • I don’t know why Obama didn’t hand out uniforms to anyone they could scare up, the way he did with doctor’s lab coats when he was hustling Obamacare.

      • Know what Koffler??….You have to stop being a snipping little dog at the “heels” of the little “WEED” Obama and start doing something….White House Dossier, MY ASS!!!…..You won’t be able to do anything to remove our little “Liar in Chief”…..YOU ARE A HAS BEEN AND A NEVER WILL BE ANYMORE UNLESS YOU “GROW A SET” AND GET BACK OUT THERE AND STOP CRAWLING AROUND ON THIS CHICKEN CRAP BLOG OF YOURS……GROW UP!!!!!!

  3. Not such much marking our exit from Iraq, but deflecting away from other facts.

    As of Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012, at least 1,971 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan as a result of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to an Associated Press count.
    The AP count is nine less than the Defense Department’s tally, last updated Tuesday at 10 a.m. EDT.

      • Clint Eastwood told the empty chair he should have asked Russia how the 10 years they spent in Afghanistan worked out. Also loved how he asked the empty chair if he’s going to announce our withdrawal date, why not bring the troops home tomorrow. Our military members are getting picked off like sitting ducks for what? A bunch of Medieval goat herders who don’t even want us there? We need to bring them home tomorrow, not 2014.

  4. There seems to be an ongoing theme to MrO’s campaign appearances this year; the military commanded to attend, the college students who are on the premises, and the obligitory visit to a working plant or factory to talk to the day shift.. He doesn’t seem to attract a sponteneous gathering of surpporters anymore.

    I know a few military families and they’re not Obama supporters. At all.

  5. Boy….our little Liar in Chief does get around. Guess nobody has told the truth about Medicare. We’re being fed a “line of crap” about it being broke in 15 years??…..HELLO, it’s already “broke” but if anyone came out and admitted it…all of our elected officals would tarred, feathered and ridden out of DC on a pole…..ALso, Obama has not only promoted “race hate” but class “Hate” as well….We have a percentage of hard core unemployed who should be forced off their butts instead of “collecting” on the “dime”….Jealous useless people. If you “took” all of Bill Gates money away from him, would it make these “leeches” more employable?…..Don’t think so

  6. Obama is a coward. He takes credit for what others accomplished, and blames others for his own failures! He voted to defund the Iraq war, he voted against the surge, and now he continues to take credit for the withdrawal framework that Bush initiated.

    He told 60 minutes that Afghanistan was the ‘important’ war – now it is in shambles. He he sweeps it under the carpet. Steve Kroft asked him in ’09 if we could refer to Afghanistan as ‘Obama’s War’. Obama snapped back – ‘No, it’s America’s war’! Meanwhile, deployments continue.

    Oh, did he mention the $400B in military defense cuts?

    He is unfit to serve!

    • “He is unfit to serve!” Including WH beer.

      Don’t get me wound-up and started on the topic. Annoucing surges, announcing withdrawal dates, Islamic PC manuals for soldiers and the WH and State Dept. have until September 6 to decide if the Haqanni network are terrorists. Holy Crap – they have to think about it! Is there a chance they’ll be confused with good samaritans!

      • Well we all talk and “pose” here with our comments like dogs acting foattention…Can we “rise”above the Little Weed in “Chief” and toss him out of office?…GET A SET People…..

        • Bless your heart, the only poser seeking attention here is you. We conservatives do things the right way. November 6th we’ll be delivering the eviction notice, and on January 21st we’ll pay for their plane ride back to Chicago.

          • And the ride won’t be on AF-1, Obama’s “spiffy ride”. That will be reserved for Romney. I am sure the Air Force crews that service AF-1 will be relieved that Romney will be President. He won’t spend all his time, and theirs, joyriding all over the US in AF-1. The crews on AF-1 must be exhausted after flying for almost three straight years.

  7. Here’s the entire video including after the speech from a TX tv station.

    Neil Munroe didn’t mention how robotic and flat Obama’s delivery was. It is numbing to listen to…he is speaking sooooo slowwwwly. very weird.
    He obviously doesn’t want to be there.

    I suspect that he was upset at Clint Eastwood’s performance and Romney’s beating him to New Orleans. We might get to see the inevitable Obama crack-up.

    • It’s easy to see that he really didn’t want to be there. He took a thumping and a thorough shellacking this week. People laughed at him, ridiculed him, made him sound foolish, so he’s got a lot of wounds to lick.

      I’d take a guess that Clint Eastwood’s routine was the mercy killing and MrRomney’s speech was MrObama’s eulogy.

      • Beautifully said.
        I told my husband about my writing of the inevitable Obama crack-up and he just laughed at me. It’s good to have someone to put you in your place. That’s really Obama’s problem. He never had anyone say to him, “yeah, right”.

    • It’s all a joke…Obamas “Hired guns” will “spin” all of the crap theat Koffler spews to their advantage…..And Koffler has no “teeth”…..

    • What a joke…unless we get “serious” about this Obama will “slide” back in like the snake he is…send all the websites you want, but you’re all just poking and picking like the “has been” Koffler….Rise up and get a “SET”….

      • I was just wondering this morning where Jesse Lee (if I was remembering his “name” correctly) had been hiding out. It appears our troll is back. I used to get mad at Susan for deigning (sp?) to reply to him. If bruce H is the reincarnation of Jesse, let’s just leave him alone in his basement in the Big White. Don’t bother to reply to his hate, I am going to save a lot of money on my electricity bill this month by NOT watching the DNC partee. Also, my bp’s meds should be lower

        • A commenter on another blog said this: ‘the DNC convention is going to look like the bar scene in Star Wars’.

          He/she was referring to the published lineup of speakers that includes a spokesperson from every fringe group and the usual suspects from the Dem establishment.
          So, stock up on refreshments, a bag of cheetos or chips and enjoy.

        • There was a time when I would turn the other cheek to the left’s lies and rhetoric, Boo. Not any longer. I won’t apologize for speaking my piece, because that is the only way we are going to defeat these zealots.

          Like srdem, I’ll be watching the DNC convention. I believe it is good to know your enemy, and I want to see how they squirm around discussion of the $16 trillion in debt and our economy sliding into another depression. The bar scene in Star Wars is a good analogy. Already have a stockpile of raspberry Two if By Tea, and the dips and chips are lined up.

      • For one thing, Brucie dear, many of us don’t want a “set” as you so charmingly put it–we are women. Why insult Keith–this is a pretty open place–bring up an interesting subject. The worst thing is to bore us. You won’t find too many setless Obama lovers here–so let’s talk about something interesting.

        I’ll start–we are in the blush of the energetic convention, the intensity. Then the other side will have the focus with all the gooey BS the press can bring to it–then the “surprises,” October and otherwise. These people will stop at nothing. Gird your set if you’ve got one!

  8. When was the last time Obama wore a suit and tie on the campaign trail? Especially with the troops. He usually looks like an unmade bed with his ‘casual attire’. If you ask me, he is trying to look ‘Romney-esque’ today – replete with the red tie and lapel flag pin. Romney is drop-dead gorgeous and looked so Presidential last night – it must be playing over and over in Obama’s head. Eat your heart out, Barry!

  9. What record travel log of all the Stuckey’s he’s been to in the 57 non aligned
    states telling that old yarn I mean his record. Wonder if more than one or two
    of the media will reach BS overload?

  10. Every time I see any of the Obama cabal around the military I think of Barbara
    Boxer. When she berated Brigidier General Walsh because he called her
    ma’am as the military are required to do.. I was 18 and in a military wedding
    my husband was in Vietnam so I was given a Military Cadet Escort. He was only 3 years older than me but he called me ma’am and treated me like a queen. Not demeaning it’s called respect something Ms Boxer is devoid of!!!

  11. A 3 day weekend/pass and these poor troops were ordered to be on base all day Friday waiting for the Dear Leader to show up and use them as props for some campaign photos.

  12. I am no Romney fan, but it was a smart move for him to go to Louisiana because it forced Obama to cancel his political campaign trip to also travel to Louisiana. What a sad reputation Obama has brought to the long, noble list of those who served as president in American history.