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Obama to Travel to Louisiana Monday

President Obama will travel to Louisiana Monday to inspect damage from Hurricane Isaac, the White House just announced.

Obama is in Texas today.

Romney is headed to the state today, beating Obama to the photo op.

35 Responses to Obama to Travel to Louisiana Monday

  1. He can’t get there before Monday. He has tee times all weekend.

    Except for those campaign appearances and fundraisers.

    Thank dog he’s not doing what he thinks is his job. We’re better off if he does nothing for the next four months.

  2. It’s Dubya’s fault he hasn’t gotten there yet. Don’t forget that!

    Seriously, with all the warning that people had, why did ANYONE stay in an area that is so likely to be flooded in such a weather event?

  3. “the president” would not have gone if Romney hadn’t gone there first!! Hope he is reduced to following Mitt around most of the time. . .

  4. Wait, what? He’s willing to give this to Romney? He’s leaving Texas today and according to airline schedules, it would take 2 hours, 45 minutes to fly from El Paso to DFW and then another 4 hours, more or less (depends on the flight) to fly from DFW to BWI, which is a bit further north of Andrews (maybe 20 miles?), including all the time zone changes. WHY would he not divert and stop in NOLA today, get his photo ops so Romney doesn’t beat him to the punch, and then either fly back really late or stay overnight somewhere (I don’t know where – Atlanta?) Yes, the secret service needs to do some advance planning/vetting, but they seemed to have been able to do that for Mitt.

    I can only hope that Obama is stupid enough to go golfing tomorrow and/or Sunday, depending on the weather. It will be a nice contrast.

  5. Mitt totally outfoxed Obama. He was supposed to meet Paul Ryan in VA today but there was a sudden ‘change’ in plans. As soon as the WH discovered Romney would be in LA today, they made the Obama announcement. Too funny! Obama obviously is not a chess player.

    • Brilliant move ! Romney may be forcing Obama to work.

      I honestly believe Romney is truly concerned about those victims, as he’s lived his life helping others.

      On the other hand, Obama needs the “concerned President” photo op.

    • Makes him look weak,in my opinion. So is he going to be standing in line waiting for Jindal and Romney to land after the fly over,saying,”my turn” ? He’s going to have to do something different. Is there a 2nd line he can join in on Bourbon Street?

    • Well he’s got to get the photo op with the troops out of the way you
      know but he was out foxed by a professional business man:) See he
      will be first just like in making jobs and money!:)

  6. Agree its a win for Romney’s staff but…….It does make Obama and his crew look like bloody fools and I find that sad (OK maybe part of me is smirking). This was such a obvious issue my Lab could have figured it out. If these bozos can’t handle this, what the He$$ can they handle? We still have to have them in office until January!

  7. Now “Pres.” Obama is making an “offical visit” to the troops at Ft. Bliss.
    Feel sorry for the troops who were ordered to hang around all day, at the start of a three-day weekend/pass, waiting for Obama to show up and talk some empty lines about how HE ‘won’ (retreated) from Iraq… at least Obama will get some campaign pics “with the troops” he can use.

    • Seriously! No, no, we were first, but the Secret Service had to make plans and all that you know we don’t control it don’t blame us – waa, waa, waa!

      Uh, dude, Romney has Secret Service protection too and apparently THEY were able to figure this all out.

      • Kind of like their juvenile chair tweet (from Barry’s Twitter account, no less) – “This seat’s taken” – complete with lame photo.

        Not for long, pal – and it’s not your seat anyway, it’s ours.

  8. Romney isn’t beating Obama to the photo op. Romney made plans well ahead of President Kardashian to visit Louisiana. After listening to the personal stories of his warmth and compassion for his fellow man, I can’t imagine Mitt is going there for a photo op either. He genuinely cares about the people who are suffering after Isaac hit shore.

    Obama had no interest in going to Louisiana until he learned Romney was going. He was scheduled to fly back to Ohio for another money grab. Lucky Clevelanders are spared another tortuous bloviating speech, but those poor Cajun’s will be used like extras on some movie set. I’m sure he’ll get his Hollywood pals to snap to and create a good piece of propaganda to run during the Democrat convention.

    • remember that vile lefty comment about ‘RNC having a party while black people drowned in LA’…?
      have you noticed in the hard-hit flooded areas of LA its mostly ‘white people’ you see in the reports?

    • The only good thing about Obama showing up now ,is it lessens the chances of him going there in 3 weeks when I’m there. I’m attending the AARP convention and the usually packed schedule is sorta sparse this year. I figured they were going to spring a surprise campaign stop there.(in 2007,Hillary and Mike Huckabee showed up during primary season) It kills me to give this organization any money,but its an excuse to go away with my friends and get alot of free stuff!! Whenever there is a Hollywood type person there,no matter what,they have to get a jab in about Republicans or go nuts over Obama.It is definitley a partisan organization I would love to see Ann Romney there,but I doubt it,highly.

  9. Well, it’s business as usual for Koffler…tell us something we don’t already know….Romney is there and Obama on his heels…But who will make the biggest “splash”?? Romney with his non tooting horn and the Kid “Ryan” or the windbag liar in chief Obama…..The Republican Party needs to shed it’s penny loafer and blue blazer attitude and get to work!!!!….Gloves off, Mitt or you’re just going to be another “Dog and Pony” show like McCain and Palin. And stop depending on the “heel nippers” like Keith Koffler and the rest of the “blog slobs”….GROW A SET and get out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!