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Obama Schedule || Friday, August 31, 2012

9:30 am ET || Departs the White House
12:15 pm MT || Participates in a roundtable discussion with service-members and military families; Fort Bliss
1:00 pm MT || Delivers remarks to the troops
2:10 pm MT || Departs El Paso, Texas
8:00 pm ET || Arrives White House

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    1. That reminds me of what he told his handlers after the Inauguration. He said he didn’t want to be stuck in the WH – he wanted to be out amongst the people. He wasn’t joking! He just loves his private jet, the grease paint, and the roar of the crowd. Every day is ‘Lights, Camera, Action’!

      1. He’s a real “show stopper”. Wonder if Michelle sings…

        Isn’t it rich? Are we a pair?
        Me here at last on the ground and you in mid-air
        Send in the clowns

  1. As I pointed out in another post earlier today, the advance schedule for the week had only “meetings at the WH” scheduled for Thursday and Friday. They added this trip in for one reason and one only. This small, petty little POTUS just wants to make some news tomorrow and step on some of the coverage that Romney will be getting all day. He’s just using the military yet again.

  2. All the “talk” seems to be about Eastwood.

    President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign says Clint Eastwood’s eccentric speech to the Republican National Convention was, well, surreal.

    “Referring all questions on this to Salvador Dalí,” spokesman Ben LaBolt said by email.

    Leave it to the Dems to even outsource this one. LOL

    1. I’d bet that more Americans were more interested in hearing from Clint Eastwood tonight than from Sandra Fluke at next week’s DNC screeching about how her $8/month birth control should be “free”.

      1. It’s a “girls nite out” at the DNC.

        Partial list includes Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin; Georgetown student Sandra Fluke; Caroline Kennedy; Lilly Ledbetter; Eva Longoria, a co-chair of the Obama campaign; former Assistant Veterans Affairs Secretary Tammy Duckworth; Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Charlie Crist. The regulars will be there too, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelousy.

      2. How much can you say about demanding every American pay for her
        BC pills? She can do the same time honored way men/boys off to the
        drug store and put in your wallet. Nowadays girls keep some in your
        nightstand drawer. As for your prescriptions you’re on your own. You
        don’t hear the elderly who must decide food or heart pills demanding
        to have their’s paid for what a pathetic example for young women.

    2. Oh, I enjoyed Clint Eastwoods little speech.
      It was moving to see this old movie icon make his effort for a change in the White House. He was stumbling, yes, but it made him even more genuine, humane. He is 82 years old and dares to go unscripted ! I think that is great. He said that there are more conservatives in Hollywood than it looks like but unfortunately they do not speak out. Pity they are not brave like Clint Eastwood. I am so sick and tired of the grinning George Clooney and his Obama worshiping Hollywood posse. Clint Eastwood made my day !
      Mitt Romneys speech was of course solid and very good. As a matter of fact I am glad that he is not such a rousing speaker. He is calm, competent, trustworthy. Good enough. With Ryan by his side it will be a perfect team.

      1. I totally agree. It was refreshing to hear someone speak without a teleprompter. I wish everyone had taken it to Obama and then some.

  3. According to Ari Fleisher, Eastwood had a script – but decided to do ‘improv’. Actually, I kinda like the idea of the stool…Obama being ‘schooled’ by Dirty Harry. Would be a good SNL skit.

    1. I’m sure the DNC is working feverishly to come up with some sarcastic skit mocking Clint. The fact that THEIR candidate could not speak without a teleprompter would be conveniently forgotten. Maybe they could have a ventriloquist use Biden as his dummy?

        1. Sure they weren’t watching coverage of the Republican convention. I can just see him throwing a hissy fit and screaming at Clint and the rest of us to go do something unnatural to ourselves. The empty chair was a fitting tribute to the empty suit occupying our White House.

  4. August numbers for Obama travel et al.

    August AF1 miles = 18,308
    August cost = (18,308 /550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $6,050,165

    YTD miles: 98,765 domestic 35,110 international = 133,875 miles
    (133,875/ 550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $44,241,306

    August fundraisers either 11 or 13 by my count. The discrepancy is due to the Saturday, August 18th trip to NH. No one has said if it was a fundraiser or simply a campaign stop. If it was a fundraiser, then 13, if just a campaign stop then 11.

    Total August Campaign stops = 23 or 25 – same problem as the August 18th NH trip.

    NOTE: Travel costs are for AF1 only, and do NOT include any support aircraft, ground travel or other travel related expenses. Operating costs p/hr are based on USA Today and UK Daily Mirror reports from DoD in 2010.

    1. …its a 3 day weekend-pass and the troops have to be on post all day waiting for “Pres.” Obama to show-up, read a teleprompter, be ordered to cheer the “CINC” and get used as a campaign photo background.

  5. Michael Walsh in the NY Post. I must steal this paragraph:

    It would marginalize the party as a group of arugula-munching, latte-sipping elites who enjoy their ocean views and heedlessly live off the fat of the land (many on the taxpayers’ dime) as lawyers, journalists, college professors, government employees and entitlement recipients — while the rest of the interior labors to pay the bill and suffers the “regulation” of distant, unaccountable bureaucrats.

  6. Brilliant: Romney is going to LA today to visit the storm areas with Bobby Jindal, beating out Obama if the latter ever intended to go down there. Who is more caring of all the people of the United States and not just those who would vote for him?

    1. The spinners are at it more than ever–NPR nitpic…-fact checked the Bain years–turns out those investors risked their money to make money… Our paper insisted this was all for the GOP faithful in all heads and stories. One reporter here said the speakers “sought” to depict Obama’s policies as such and so…I would say they were pretty clear–not seeking to do something. Little stuff.

  7. Keith, this schedule leaves me to believe he’ll be going to the Hurricane devastated regions for an hour or two.
    What else can it mean if he leaves El Paso at 4 ET and arrives in Washington at 8 PM?

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