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Martinez and Rice: The GOP’s Future is Now

Last night, the Republican Party used the convention to make serious appeals to women and minorities, with inspirational but also no-nonsense appearances by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

It’s no secret that the GOP needs to attract more minorities and improve its standing with women in order to survive. But it also has to do so without compromising its principles. That’s why these two speeches Wednesday night were so important.

Unlike Ann Romney’s vacuous and pandering “I love you, women” presentation Tuesday night, Martinez and Rice presented stirring stories of women who had overcome hardship and discrimination to rise to the highest rungs of the ladder of success.

Without having to even say so, they told the vast TV audience that the Republican Party is a place where women can thrive, and that the Party possesses a philosophy that benefits women just as much as it does men.

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, who has made great strides to revive the Party from the moribund days of Michael Steele, was smart to make sure Martinez’s entire speech was seen during the 10:00 pm ET hour, when the networks finally tune in. Condi began before 10:00 pm.

Everyone already knows Condi, and Republicans are simply not going to pick up many black votes with an African American running for reelection against them.

Martinez offered up a powerful speech that showed why she was considered a possible vice presidential pick this year.

Martinez and Condi broadcast the message Republicans must make voters understand: That opportunity, not government, is what carries minorities to success.

And putting these two extraordinary ladies on as the warm up to Paul Ryan said “I love you, women” in the loudest manner possible, whether the woman be a homemaker, a career woman, or just someone clinging to a job, trying to make sure their family survives.

17 thoughts on “Martinez and Rice: The GOP’s Future is Now”

  1. I would hardly consider Rice a typical woman or even a typical career woman. I do admire what she has accomplished and her range of interests. I am put off by the word “vacuous” to describe Ann Romney.

    1. I’m almost at a loss for words vacuous for Ann Romney? Can we do what Mom’s everywhere said if you can’t say anything nice… can we just all agree to disagree about Mrs Romney’s speech we are not all
      natures orators.

  2. I agree that ‘vacuous’ is definitely wrong when describing Ann Romney. Let it go Keith.
    I love it when Gov. Susana Martinez said in a moment of enlightenment: “damn, we’re Republicans”….awesome.

  3. I felt so fortunate that Condi Rice was willing to give a speech at the convention. Her speech was full to over-flowing with substance. I thought it was well thought out and presented. She is a treasure and I found myself hoping that there would be a place for her in the new administration. What a role model for women.

    Poor Susana Martinez had to follow a sensational speech. She didn’t seem intimidated and did well.

    The GOP hates women? Blacks? Hispanics? Really? Those two competent women appeared to be thriving.

    And my two cents: I don’t think vacuous accurately describes Ann Romney’s speech.

    1. I too am an admirer of Condi Rice her speeches come from her heart
      and her unbelievable family story. No bitterness about the segregation
      she indured and I think gave her strength of character. She said the reason she was a Republican was when her father went to vote the
      Democrats wouldn’t register him but the Republicans did and that’s
      one of the best decisions ever cause we have Condi what an inspiration
      like Mia Love:)

    2. When the left talks about racism, it’s always facinating that their own doesn’t count. Follow this link if you have the stomach for vile racist comments and cartoons – all done from the left, all because a strong black woman wouldn’t stay on the liberal plantation.

      These are some of the TAMER ones, I won’t link to the majority of the disgusting racism on display from the party of love…

      Her story is amazing, and refutes every last liberal shibboleth about how success and race work in this country. This may be why they hate her so much.

      It’s always amazing, isn’t it, how the only time you hear naked racist hate go unchallenged is when it comes from a Liberal orifice? It’s almost like they have to restrain themselves from letting out their true beliefs most of the time, so they truly relish the opportuity to vent their foul little spleens from the racist bile that bubbles up where their soul should be whenever they feel someone surrendered their “Black” card by becoming Republican…

      1. One of the things I admire about Ms. Rice is that she didn’t major in any branch of racialist studies or one of the softer disciplines, but instead chose Russian history, which required learning a difficult language. It’s clear that in her view, neither her options nor her interests should be restricted or defined by race.

  4. Last night on TV, a panel of liberal political pundits seemed shocked by the realization that the Repubs have such a diverse and deep “bench” to choose from as speakers or spokespersons. Their conversation was a reproach to the Dems who are planning to showcase a parade of women who have accomplished nothing, and the only elected Dem Latino who could speak on national TV without having to provide sub-titles for his mangled English.

    It seems to always suprise the MSM and the lefties that Repubs elect women and/or minorities to high positions. Arizona has had several women Governors, including the high-priestess of the HSA, Janet Neapolitano, a Dem who was elected in a mostly red state. NewMexico and SouthCarolina elected Repub women, too.

    1. I came of age in the summer of love peace love sex and rock and roll.
      This was also the start of the women’s movement. I got married in 1969
      and bought my own BC pills for $.99 now the thought of expecting someone else to pay for them leaves me perplexed. Next week will be
      a large step backward for women as they will be faux victims and I would be ashamed if my daughter (S Fluke) got up in front of he entire country to demand such freebies. My parents didn’t pay for mine my
      job at a donut shop working from midnight till 6am did.

    2. Hi srdem 65 ..The Republicans have four lady governors..Brewer-AZ, Fallen-OK, Haley-SC and Martinez-AZ

      The Dems have just two. Gregoire-Washington and Perdue-NC

  5. WOW ! From TVbytheNumbers …


    10-11PM Coverage

    FNC: 7,702,578 viewers (2,067,483 in 25-54)

    NBC: 4,149,000 viewers (1,492,694 in 25-54)

    ABC: 2,858,000 viewers (993,941 in 25-54)

    CBS: 2,559,000 viewers (943,519 in 25-54)

    MSNBC: 1,440,882 viewers (402,044 in 25-54)

    CNN: 1,340,129 viewers (451,370 in 25-54)

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