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Carney: I Skipped Ryan and Watched Baseball Instead

The White House is displaying sly contempt for the Republican convention, suggesting the proceedings are too unimportant to take up much of anyone’s time.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said during today’s briefing he hadn’t even bothered to check if President Obama had watched Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech Wednesday night – even though he had to have known the question about whether he did was coming – but noted that he doubted Obama had tuned in.

Wednesday, Carney affirmed that Obama had missed Tuesday night’s proceedings altogether, choosing to get some reading out of the way and tune into some sports.

Carney indicated he himself had been more interested in how the Washington’s baseball team was doing than how Ryan fared.

“The Nationals were on a losing streak, and I needed to make sure they won,” he snickered.

Carney, who acknowledged reading about the speech afterward, refused to even bite on several leading questions he could have hit out of the park about whether he thought Ryan was intentionally making inaccurate statements.

The contempt started last week when it was revealed Vice President Biden was slated to speak in Tampa while the convention was being held in the city. The White House reeled that one back in, though, canceling Biden’s trip and claiming they didn’t want his presence to interfere with local efforts to deal with Hurricane Isaac.

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  1. Did anyone ask him if he watched Ann Romney’s speech? Or MO on Letterman after Ryan’s speech ? OR, if Joe Biden watched Ryan’s speech?

    Not sure why he even held a briefing, Preezy ain’t doin’ nothin’ and Congress is in recess. Bless his heart.

  2. It’s probably just as well that MrCarney and MrO didn’t watch the Repub speeches last night. It might have been terribly upsetting.

  3. These people are beyond contempt – they’re laughingstocks. I suppose when Nov. 7 rolls around and Obama loses by a landslide, they will say they were too busy to watch the returns because they weren’t really interested in spending another 4 years in Washington – they have better things to do.

    Who can forget the infamous Barbara Walters interview the day after the mid-term shellacking:

    Michelle Obama tells Barbara Walters she slept through the shellacking:

    Transcript: Barbara Walters interview

    1. Girly, I think it’s because you have so many links in your post. You probably got a comment that your post was awaiting moderation. It’s happened to me before also. I think the blog is set to do that if your post has more than three links. Some blogs do that because of spammers’ posts with lots of links.

  4. An their “contempt” will be greatly rewarded by around 11:00pm on the evening of November 6th, 2012 when Dear Leader has to make his concession call and Baghdad Bob Carney is looking for work as well.

  5. It’s OK, Jay–I probably will dog your convention–my DVR is getting full. I don’t want to be a know-nothing, but you people have said what you want to say about a million times.

  6. Today’s award for “how not to make friends and influence people you need”
    goes to Debbie WassermanSchultz for calling as reliable as the NationalEnguirer.

    Today’s award for “how to make a fool of yourself” goes to …again….DebbieWassermanSchultz for crashing the Republican Convention for no reason whatsoever.

  7. Obama getting in some reading? He needs to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is the American ones. Not the Kenya versions.

    1. No, he’s quite the reader. Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, Quotations from Chairman Mao (the “little red book”), Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Koran, Sharia Law, even his own ghost written books (for the books on tape, y’know, it was good practice for reading a TelePrompTer)… the list is HUGE, and they are ALL source material for the “remaking of America”. With all these wonderfully Internationalist ideas to draw from, why would he want to read some musty old sheepskin written by a fuddy bunch of crackers?

  8. If you have any extra money burning a hole in your pocket and you’d like to invest it somewhere, I would suggest “underwear futures”, cause after the speeches tonight, (as well as November 6), the dimocrats are going to need to be changing theirs a lot!

    1. LOL. I was really hoping that Palin would be the surprise guest tonight because nobody makes liberal pansy heads explode like Palin does, (especially Chrissy Tingles Matthews who has come close to a total meltdown this week).

      1. We were thinking along the same lines, but since it won’t be Sarah P., I think Clint “Make My Day” Eastwood will help a few heads to spin on the left side of things!

        1. Yes, but I’d still like to see Clint come out, make brief remarks and then stun everyone by introducing Palin. Then after Palin, Rubio, and Romney.

          Some things aren’t adding up, like how Palin posted on Facebook last night that Fox News canceled her appearances last night, even though she was supposed to be on to discuss McCain’s speech. Palin was on Megyn’s show on Fox today, but not on camera, only on the phone with Fox showing a map of Alaska on the screen. She could just be fooling everyone, which we know she loves to do.

          Also, I read today that a “close family friend” of the Romneys “confirmed 100%” that the mystery guest is Eastwood. Well, that doesn’t make sense either. If they were trying to keep it a surprise, why would this guy spill it? Unless of course, he was doing it on behalf of the campaign to throw everyone off.

    2. pianogirl

      You made me laugh (underwear futures) love it. Here’s a few more to the list you inspired. : )

      Fresh underwear

      Lots of tissues

      Speech therapist (SCOAMF)

      Case load of deodorant


          1. Thanks, Sadie ~ with age comes the freedom to say whatever is on your mind, even if you can’t remember the next day what you’ve said! :~)

  9. They’ve been playing this little game all week pretending Obummer and the WH aren’t watching the convention, as if it’s irrelevant to them. As usual, they’re so full of it.

    As Girly1 pointed out in her post, I remember the 2010 midterms very well. Obummer had enjoyed full Democratic control of congress for two years, which allowed him to ram through the non-stimulus/Democrat slush fund and Obamacare, people were loudly protesting in town halls and at Tea Party events, very eager to finally have a say and vote in the midterms, and we were really supposed to believe that Obummer wasn’t even going to tune into television the night of the elections. Sure, right. The Dems think everyone is as stupid and gullible as their average low information voter.

    1. Snark….they are COUNTING on the dumb and ignorant, because that is the only hope they have of retaining any members of Congress at all.

      1. Exactly, PG. And as The Great One (Mark Levin) always says, this November we will find out if the dumb and ignorant outnumber us. I’m hoping and praying we have not reached that point.

  10. By the way, the advance schedule for the week had Obummer “attending WH meetings” today and tomorrow, but I think that’s changed. I didn’t watch Carney’s briefing, so I’m not sure if it came up there today, but I read that Obummer is now going to Texas tomorrow. I suppose for a campaign event and fundraisers? All week, I’ve had the feeling they were waiting for terrible hurricane damage in New Orleans so they could send Obummer there on Friday, you know, to show he “cares”.

    1. Oh sheesh, this answers my question about tomorrow. mark Knoller, CBs, just tweeted:

      Tomorrow: Pres Obama visits Fort Bliss, Texas to meet with troops/military families. Marks anniversary of end of US combat mission in Iraq.
      6:59 PM – 30 Aug 12

      White House says Pres Obama’s visit to Fort Bliss is an official event and not a campaign appearance.
      7:01 PM – 30 Aug 12

      1. That means that We The People will pay for the entire trip rather than having the campaign pick up a bit of the trip ($5-10 worth).

    2. Hurricane Isaac’s damage is estimated to be about $2.3 billion. Interestingly, our ‘caring’ President visited Colorado when we had the forest fires which in total cost far less than 20% of the New Orleans damage.

      The difference is that Colorado is a ‘battleground’ state.

    1. No problem, Girly1. While I’m at it, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to ask if you know that you can just click on “reply” under any comment to have your post show up right under the comment you’re responding to, rather than further down the page. Again, hope you don’t mind, just trying to be helpful.

        1. LOL, you’re welcome, Girly1. I’m glad that I said something about it because I always wondered why your replies to comments were further down the page and not under the comment you were replying to. This just makes it easier to follow the conversations we tend to have here.

  11. These “folks” lie about everything else, who’s to say they aren’t lying now? The malignant narcissist has probably watched every speech given by the conservatives to see if they said something about him. He and Mooch were probably trashing the WH living quarters after Paul Ryan’s speech last night. I know the folks on MESSNBC were apoplectic.

  12. Convention? What convention?

    I heard there was a medical equipment convention in Miami, but I’m unaware of any other going on this week.

    Thanks for wasting our time, Carney. The American people are paying your salary, remember?

  13. I’ll bet Barry was glued to the TV last night. He’s so vain, Obama would watch Romney’s speech just to see if he was mentioned. I sure hope he took in Clint Eastwood’s performance!

  14. Finally the White House admits that Biden would only ‘interfere’ with the local efforts to deal with the Hurricane.

    When will the federal government permanently conclude that interfering with local governments usually ‘harms’ progress and is usually nothing more than a ‘photo-op’ for power hungry politicians.

  15. how blase. nah, we didn’t watch it, we didn’t need to.


    Jay Carney may not have been watching, but you can bet there were a lot of others doing so, watching and probably re-watching the tapes later. they know every single thing that happened at that convention.

    what the American people can see now, after the GOP convention, is the seriousness of one ticket and the pettiness of the other. I’m sensing a good convention bounce for Romney. and paired with the upcoming Democratic convention (where the speaker list reads more like a shareholder meeting than a major political party’s nominating event), I believe Americans are going to realize that it’s Romney they trust with the country.

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