As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Posting Once a Day Until Aug. 30

I am going on vacation until August 30. Until then, in addition to putting President Obama’s schedule up, I plan to post about once a day. I hope you will continue to check in, and I’ll be back full time in less than a week!

Please be nice to each other in the comment section, as I may not be checking this too often. I know you all sometimes get mischievous when I’m away!

Okay, take good care of the website while I’m gone. Have a nice week.


65 Responses to White House Dossier Posting Once a Day Until Aug. 30

    • I ducked out today and went to the movies to see 2016, Dinesh Dsouza’s documentary.
      He doesn’t attack Obama, nor does he question birth certificates or who fathered Obama, he simply looks at the timeline from Hawaii to DC from the ground (literally). Most striking is that he does this through the lens of a man born, the same year as Obama and by using Obama’s voice from “Dreams” the film delivers the message without bruising the viewer.

  1. Don’t sweat it, Keith. Obama has been on one big vacation for the last 3½ years. Go relax and enjoy yourself. At the current ‘campaign-only’ pace, I doubt the President will ‘recieve’ a single PDB during your absence.

  2. Have a great vacation, Keith !
    And I hope the Democrat machine will not be allowed to continue to dominate the media with the Akin story . It´s almost unbelievable. So frustrating . The US faces an economic abyss and the media discusses some marginal politicians odd ideas about rape and conception. I am fully aware of the media biases but please Republicans, take the reins during the Convention, refuse to discuss this issue and start talking unemployment, deficit, Obamacare and Obamas records. Scream and shout about it. Don´´t be polite anymore.

      • I agree…Obama and the MSM have been framing every issue for months, and they’re close to running out the clock with little time left to discuss the substantive issues. Of course, this is Barry’s plan…hold the ball, distract, deflect, and squeak by with a narrow win.

        Anyhow…have a great vacation, Keith!

    • If Akin doesn’t step down by the time of the Democratic convention, I hope the Republican Party of Missouri, and the national party, will announce an independent candidate who will run against McCaskill with their support. I gather the Democrats are building their convention around Akin, and that would be a good time for Akin to drop out or the Republicans to take control of the situation.

  3. Speaking of naked Prince Harry the British press were forbidden to print the pictures they of course were furious. Now they have blown several things on
    Michelle Obama that we would never have seen the light of day over here.
    Freedom of the press should work for everyone and is certainly worth fighting
    for and that should put the MSM media on notice. They can pander to the
    whims of Obama of do their job or there are others who will fill in the blanks or
    these days gaping holes! Citizen journalist will do the job that Obama’s paid
    for lap dogs won’t! Have a nice rest and no naked pictures here I promise:)

  4. Well deserved, Keith. How can we not be nice?
    OK, are all the paint ball guns locked and loaded? Who has the soap powder for the fountain? As soon as all the t-paper is draped across the trees and house, we move in and take over. Hurry, word is that Keith has had the pilot turn the plane around for a return to D.C.

  5. I think Keith just wants to discover where Joey Biden goes on vacation since he seems to have such a good time, and it gives him so many great gaffes when he is released back into public eye.

    Seriously, you do more work than the POtuS, VPOtus, much of Congress, and the alphabets combined, so please enjoy your vacation ~ we’ll all be here when you get back. We are 68 days away from the most important election I can remember in my lifetime, and we need you rested & ready for what is heading our way.

  6. Have a wonderful vacation, Keith! Hope you are spending it in an “Obama-Free Zone”! He is more dangerous to your health than smoking. (Not that you smoke, of course) Just saying.

  7. Have a great, well-deserved vacation Keith. It will be hard for you to go incognito with all your recent national exposure, so don’t be skinny-dipping in the capitol reflecting pool. Big brother sis is watching ;-)

    • If someone could get his password, we could take over the blog ~ pass the thing around to all of the people who post here, let them each write one or two words, see what great stories we could come up with before we hit “post”. That would be fun!

      • …so many of the readers/posters of WhiteHouseDossier need to create election ads for ‘Team Romney’ to defeat (that Socialist)Obama…

  8. Keith, I read all the comments and really cracked up. Obviously your readers do have a since of humor, thank goodness. While you are gone i will try not to
    get ticked off at the republican crazies. They have forgotten the importance
    of getting a Republican senate, and all they care about is blah blah blah.. Further, I wish they would have some Tea Party types speaking at the convention. I guess it is true, they just don’t want really good speakers. Eg:
    Sarah, Newt, etal. In any case Keith, have a wonderful vacation.

  9. Hehehehehehe, Yeah right..
    One post and the schedule!
    Keith you will be my hero if you stick to that. Good wishes and God’s speed on your retreat. We will hold the front line til you return. Enjoy the R and R, we got your back.

  10. Vacation? What’s a vacation??

    Have a great time getting away for a well earned rest. We are going to need you for those months coming up to the election.

  11. Keith, I hope you are enjoying a well deserved vacation. Thanks for all your hard work, and rest up because we’re going to need you in the two months ahead! I promise I’ll try to behave in your semi-absence.

  12. Remember to thank our men in uniform as you rush to catch your flight. Remember too, to address him as Admiral McRaven, not General McRaven.

  13. The Obamas and the Democratic Party really do not want everyone to hit the bullseye: like the Soviet Politburo they want to be the ruling elite with special privileges while everyone not of the ruling class will be ground down to a very basic subsistence level dependent upon them. Obamacare is the first harbinger of this.

  14. I was impressed by the fact that she has been married to the same man, happily, for 42 years. That in itself is no small feat in the culture we live in. She was very confident in speaking about her husband, and there is still more to him than has been revealed. People who serve others do not want credit for their service if they are doing it for altruistic reasons. Even more so if it is for the Love of God. It will be good to no longer have a lawyer in the WH as well as the VP. Those who practice their trade by being wordsmiths, who can argue till the cows come home, but never put anything into action is not what this country needs right now. It needs someone who starts and finishes the job. I think Ann Romney is married to that sort of man. It is good to see someone who is the same at home as he is in public.

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